The bright light sprang to life on the edge of the woodland, shimmering like cut glass. Had the area not been deserted, it would certainly have caused alarm by its sudden

appearance. The shimmering turned to a definite flicker and a man fell through. His brown eyes darted around wildly as if he expected something to pounce on him. When

he ascertained that there was nothing there, he scanned the area trying to get some idea of where he was,... when he was!


Many miles away an alarm sounded. The noise was accompanied by flashing lights, shouting and running feet.

"Connor! Where is it?" Abby asked at his shoulder.

"What we got?" Danny asked loudly as he entered the hub and joined them.

"You're not gonna believe this" Connor muttered.

"What is it?" Sarah asked.

"What's happening?" Lester called from the entrance to the office. "Do we have an anomaly or not?"

"It's the Forest of Dean" Connor stated nervously. Abby and Lester visibly paled and Becker left to prepare.

"What's so bad about that?" Danny asked, before adding with a smirk "Nice day for a trip to the countryside"

Abby and Connor looked at Lester, who nodded his understanding. Then he motioned for them to leave with his hand, not daring to speak. They followed the others who

were already striding along the corridor towards the trucks.

Connor stopped Danny as he went to climb into the driver's seat. "Danny, mate. I think we ought to have back up in on this one"

Danny looked puzzled.

"Already on their way" Becker said with authority, joining them from loading equipment and weapons.

"Whatever. Let's go" Danny climbed in and started the engine.

Becker looked to Abby and Connor, "I know the history of that site. If she's there we'll be ready."

Abby and Connor exchanged a look before climbing in the back beside Sarah.

Abby glanced over at Connor who hadn't spoken since they left the ARC some time ago. She hadn't said anything herself but had stared straight forward out of

the front windscreen.

"You OK?" She asked him quietly.

He pulled his line of sight back inside the car, "Yeah, suppose. You?" He replied in barely more than a whisper.

"It might not be her" She answered avoiding thinking about how she felt. The Forest of Dean held many memories and most of them bad.

Connor squeezed her hand without thinking. "Yeah, it might only be a T rex" He joked leaning in closer.

Abby elbowed him in the ribs making him release her hand.

"So what's the deal with this place?" Danny asked turning off the main road.

"It was where Helen disappeared" Abby informed him.

"It was our first one and where we lost Ryan." Conner expanded.

"And Claudia" Abby added.

"Who?" Danny asked.

"Do you ever read any of the files?" Sarah reprimanded him.

He grinned at her quickly over his shoulder "No need. You'll fill me in on the important bits"

Sarah huffed. She'd like to disagree but she knew he was right.

"If Helen's involved, we need to be ready for anything" Becker spoke up seriously.

His radio crackled to life. "Alpha 1 to Command. Come in"

Becker unhooked his radio from his flak jacket "Alpha Command to Alpha One. Reading you. What's happening? Over"

"We are at site and we have an incursion. Over"

Connor and Abby stiffened as Sarah and Danny sighed in resignation.

"What is it?" Danny asked speeding up.

"Alpha 1, what is it and how many? Over"

"Doing a sweep now and have detained one adult male human. Over"

"We're two minutes away. Over and out." Becker looked over to Danny who glanced back as he raced into the Forest.