Tris POV

I wake up early the next morning. Groaning I contemplate the pros and cons of falling back asleep. Quickly decidinv that getting a shower and breakfast would be smart to do I slip out of my bed. Glancing around the room i notice that everyone is still asleep. I quietly gather all of my supplies before heading to the washroom.

As i stand undrr thr heat of the shower head i decide that i am glad to have gotten up early enough to shower alone. The washroom offers no privacy. As a former Abnegation, I am not used to showing skin or seeing skin shown. I shudder at the thought of hoe uncomfortable it would be to shower in front of the boys.

I finish dressing in a pair of black leggings and tank top. Looking in the mirror I. shocked at how different I look in black. When I wore abnegation grey I used to fade in and my features were lost in the sea of grey. But now, when i look at myself you can clearly see my small bust, slender waost and curvy but. My blond hair is pulled back into a simple pony tailxand my blue eyes stand out against the black fabric. I smile at how confident I look.

My stomach starts to grumble so I turn around and slip my runners on before attempting to find the dining hall.

Uriah POV

I had woken up early and was sitting in the dining hall eating when I noticed Beatrice walk in. I glanced around the dining area and found it to be almost empty. deciding to try to start getimg to know my brothers best friend, I clear my voice and say "hey Tris, over here"

I watch as her head shoots up and eyes land on me. hesitating she walks over and. sots down with me. I sot there for a moment and examine her. She is short and had almost no muscle on her. but her face is beautiful. I realize i haven't introduced myself yet so I clear my throat uncomfortably and open my mouth. " Im Uriah... Uriah Ebon"

I watch as Beatrice gasps and around the muffin she had been working on.

she looks startled as she asks me if im related to Ezekiel at all.

Smiling at the use of his full first name I tell her that i'm his younger brother.

i watch as she absorbs this information. she becomes very shy and i wonder if i said the wrong thing.

Beatrice looks up at me and says that it has b