Well, hello again and welcome to 'Warriors Between Two Worlds' and here is chapter two.

First of, there will be no incest cuz its weird, but Naruko will be making an entrance in chapter three or four.

Second of, Naruto will not be paired with older women, except Yugito, Samui, and Sara.

Third, i will need Kushina in the other parts of the story, cuz eventhough she's hot and sexy as hell, i cant pair her with her own son.

Harem list:



fem. Haku






Koyuki (even though she's an actress)

Sakura (dont worry about the bashing yall be reading now, she'll change)


fem. Sasuke (cuz this one is quite cool)

Karin (still thinking about it)


fem. Kiba





Temari (Shikamaru gets the doctor/scientist girl with the swirly glasses)

I'll think of something.

anyways, there would be slight bashing, an Oc character will take Sasuke's and Itachi's place of clan massacre.

Haku will be a girl even-though on what Kakashi saw (i'm spoiling my own story, shame on me on that part)

Naruto is still badass and God-like cuz he's mentors were god-levels and higher.

Minato, his brother, will be part emo.

Kurenai will be with an OC even though Asuma tries to make a move.





If you dare...

Chapter 2:

Naruto and Minato were so, so-o-o-o-o tired…

Wanna know why?

Why they had been doing quite a lot from the last week!

From stopping (cough-cough- killing- cough-cough) the traitor Mizuki from getting away with the Forbidden Scroll of Sealing, hunting missing-nins close by the village, training to get to their desired level of power, and cleaning the whole Namikaze compound by themselves, with Fu, and then training some more (With the Hokage's permission of course).

And the worst part is that Sasuke still wanted the welcoming spar initiated with her whole clan backing her up.

One thing they know for sure is that she wanted to show off her skills while they go down to her level of power to even up the fight.

Of course the fight always goes with a pair and to make it even, they make one of each siblings pair with the other siblings so it was Uchiha and Namikaze every time.

The spar would always end in a draw as either Minato and Naruto has to even their skills with Sasuke and with Itachi which is hard whenever Naruto is paired with one of the Uchihas, he'd make sure that its unpredictable and always changing to catch one off guard.

Anyway, back to the story…

Naruto and Minato wanted to crawl to their bed and sleep for the next week but it seems that Kami was not in a good mood as they heard Fu smashing her fist in their door yelling their names as loud as she can.


Cracking two pairs of bloodshot eyes, the twins groaned as they rolled off their beds and promptly fell onto the floor further waking them up.

Minato cursed himself for forgetting to shut the blinds last night after he came home after another solo hunting session against an A-ranked missing-nin.

Meanwhile, Naruto cried anime tears (waterfall tears) as he crawled towards the door to open the dammable door to stop the green haired ebony girl from her pain in the ass door-bashing.

He too came in late after he completely annihilated an A-ranked Iwa spy that was trying to run away from Konoha after hearing their return.

The guy definitely wanted to tell their old, midget-of-a kage that their sworn enemy's sons has come back.

No use for him with the valuable info cuz he was roasted to crisp with Naruto's awesome fire and lightning jutsu combos.

Anyway, Naruto has just picked himself up and had just opened the door making Fu stop banging the poor door as she squeaked holding her hands to her chest with a heavy blush coming to her face.

"Thanks for the wake up call, Fu. Anyway… yawn… what is it?" Naruto asked as he leaned at his room's opened door crossing his arms in his chest as his eyes kept of dropping.

"Idiot! Today's team displacement day!" she said as she moved forward and started pushing Naruto and the newly risen Minato to the bathroom not before she grabbed a towel which she proceeded to throw at their faces.

"And we only have twenty minutes so make sure you are done and down by five, because I wont have my well-earned and newly cooked breakfast go to waste or you two will pay, dearly." she said as she cracked her knuckles as she gave them both her death glare making them run inside the bathroom in fear and making her face brighten at her effect on them.

With nothing else to do, she moved to their messy beds and started fixing it up while thinking to herself on why didn't Naruto or his twin took the master's bedroom and settled for the one next to it.

After fixing their beds real quick, she ran downstairs and placed the bowl filled with her own home-made healthy ramen which was as good as the ramen the two Ichirakus make.

With that done, Fu sat down on the left of the table and waited for the twins to get down which wasn't long.

What she saw made her raise an eyebrow.

Minato was wearing the same thing from last week with the exception of hi robes having its sleeves stop under his elbow by black bandages, a katana with black handle and a spear-head end, a crimson circular three-tipped shuriken like guard sheathed in a black sheath in his left, his scary-looking scythe, in his hand, a red tipped traditional long bow with a bandaged middle and the same red tipped patterned quiver filled with arrows and a single seal of Kanji for 'Refill'.

She guessed that it was there so that whenever its empty or nearly there, it would fill back up.

And in his arms were a pair of leather vambrace with a blade underneath and a beautiful insignia on top of it aligned symmetrically.

Then, the older twin, Naruto, was wearing the same thing like yesterday, but had a red tipped bow and quiver.

When they were both at the table, they both greeted Fu and sat down and then giving thanks for the food before stuffing down the food in their throats.

After that, Naruto made a clone to fix up after they leave.

Looking at the clock on the wall, Minato asked, "Uh, what time did you say we have to be in the academy again Fu-san?"

With that, she quickly got in a thinking position with her index under her jaw with her left hand wrapped around under her C-cups breast supporting her other arms and said, "I think it was at 7:30... Why do you ask?"

"Then I think we gotta go now cuz we all have five minutes before we're late." Minato said as he opened the door, letting Fu out first and then his older twin before himself.

Fu abruptly stopped as panic became evident on her face.

But it seemed that Naruto was there to rescue her.

"Don't worry Fu-chan! I'll flash us all there in a second so buckle up!" with that said, Naruto held his brother's left shoulder and wrapped his arms around Fu's waist and pulled her to him making her blush a storm.

And with that, they all disappeared in a flash of yellow and green and was gone.

I probably have to tell ya all what the Namikaze compound looks like, yeah?

Well, at the front, it had a palace-like gates measuring up-to four meters high, a path with two rows of Sakura trees lined from the entrance ending ten meters from the door with a fountain in in the middle.

The house was something to be called a palace.

It was five story tall, with dragon heads on the every floor on the four corners.

It was colored white with the tile-roof being red (the dragons too), maple-colored front doors with swirl designs, a Shinto shrine behind the gates for luck, and brick pathway/road.

There were two identical, but smaller palace-like houses behind the main house, a training ground on the back of the compound, two large gardens and greenhouses, a few narrow pyramid built-like post with four seals for 'Reconstruction, 'Security', 'Balance' and 'Evil Spirit Repulse' seals were etched on its sides were placed surrounding the three houses and close to the walls.

The walls were etched with hundreds of invisible seals from 'Reinforcement', 'Reconstruction', 'Repulse', and 'Absorb' seals…

The compound also had four watch towers with the Namikaze symbol on top like a samurai flag.

The Namikaze symbol was a Jolly Rogers skull and cross-bones covered in fire and colored like the yin and yang symbol. (I'll explain why, later)

Moments later, they arrived at the roof of the academy with the twins thanking their lucky stars (which they had a lot) for having done that with Fu training her with the 'Hiraishin no jutsu' so that she won't throw up a lot or ever.

When that was done, the twins shunshined to the front door of their class with Fu holding on Naruto as Minato shunshined first leaving her with him.

When they entered class, they all quietly made their way in the back and sat down on their chairs as the twins went back to sleep making Fu roll her eyes at their messily done schedule and waited for the displacement from Iruka-sensei.

Moments later, Iruka entered with bandages on his being curtsy of Mizuki's demon shuriken and kunais being thrown at him.

He walked and stopped in front of the class and said, "Today is the day you'll all know your teams and class… I am proud to say that you all did great in the exams and good luck" 'And please don't come back after a day or two.' He mentally added.

"And here it is. Alright, Team 1 consist of…"

Blah blah…

And a bit more blah…

And some more…

Lastly, the last blah…

"And Team 7 consist of Naruto Namikaze, Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, and lastly, Fu under Kakashi Hatake."

These got a smirk from the blonde and the look of confusion from Sasuke and Fu and a cry of despair from the pink banshee about true love failing her and a lot of broken-hearted girls not being on their crush/fantasies group.

"Team 8 consist of Kiba Inuzuka, Hinata Hyuuga, and Shino Aburame under Kurenai Yuhi. Team 9 still up from last year so moving on… Team 10 consist of Ino Yamanaka, Choji Akimichi and Shikamaru Nara under Asuma Sarutobi. And lastly, Team 11, which consist of Minato Namikaze, Yakumo Kurama, and Aizen Sosuke, under Itachi Uchiha."

Minato's eyes twitched as he was paired with the pain in the ass jerk being on with him on the same team but it was okay as a hot chick was on his team too, even though she looks a little bit flunky and his soon to be brother-in-law as his teacher, if his brother and the Uchiha girl get it together soon and pronto.

Aizen just smiled as he heard his fan-girls cry out for not being on his team.

After all, being the last of his clan and the son of the late clan head, he is allowed to take in at least five wives before sixteen.

But his fan-girls are all too weak.

He wanted women with power…

With a killer body…

And with high political prowess.

He wanted someone like Sasuke of the Uchiha clan, Hinata of the Hyuuga, Fu from Takigakure, Yakumo of the Kurama clan, and Ino of the Yamanaka clan.

But it seem to be quite hard for one, all of them likes the stupid blonde assholes.

Two, their fathers doesn't quite like him for his attitude and mannerism.

Screw them, its their lost of not wanting a powerful clan like the Sosuke's.

The one who can use the sword abilities that can make even the current Hokage fall to his knees, or so he thought.

Yet he still needed them to and their clans to achieve his father's ambition…

Conquer and rule over the entire Konoha.

But his older traitorous sister, Akira Sosuke, killed and eradicated his entire clan, with his clan's sacred weapon, Tasonosenshi, and shape shifted it into that blonde asshole's demonic scythe, in a single night four years ago.

Therefore his goal now is to get stronger, kill his sister, get the heiresses into his whim, be Hokage and rule Konoha and bring back his clan.

With that done, Iruka gave them one last encouraging smile and left praying to Kami that they at least pass.

And so the genin-hopefuls sat with their teams and chatted freely thinking after this will all be a walk in the park to fame and power.

With nothing else to do, Naruto advised his team to get a nap while the pink-haired banshee screeched at him for being a lazy-good-for-nothing kind of a shinobi and that he should just quit as her hero/crush/fantasy (Aizen) is the better ninja further fueling the brown haired bastard's ego while getting ignored by Naruto and the other two who's already asleep.

Meanwhile, Minato banged his head on the table as Yakumo gasp worry completely etched on her face as she asked what was the matter.

"Nothing, although I would suggest that you take a nap to make waiting a little faster and bearable. And don't worry, I'll wake you up when their here." getting a nod in response and waited.

And so they waited…

And waited…

And waited some more…

And a few more…

Until Team 7 and Team 11 were all the ones left inside the classroom.

And by the time Itachi and Kakashi arrived expecting cries of joy for being their senseis, they sweat-dropped when they saw all of their students asleep excluding Minato as he had an opened orange book like their own, reading while quietly giggling perversely to himself .

Seeing that, Kakashi eye-smiled as he corrupted another after succeeding from Itachi two years ago adding that to one of his achievements right under his greatest one, ever.

Which was finally getting the balls to ask Rin to marry him after four years of dating although his still stuck in first base making him mentally cry a lot.

Before they could get their attentions (aka= shouting really loud or scaring the crap out of them) Minato thumped his scythe on the wooden floor waking them all up after he placed away his book.

When they were all up and going, Kakashi spoke, "Alright, my first impressions of you all… I hate you."

Hearing this, Sakura adopted a hurt look with Fu looking confused, Sasuke looking sleepy and a bit impassive, and Naruto caressing his naginata's blade as he look at it fondly.

Kakashi sweat dropped as he didn't got his expected reaction so he chose another route to get away from embarrassment.

"… Meet me on the roof." and poof away.

Itachi remained impassive from the outside but he was laughing so hard after Kakashi's plan of being cool backfired.

"You three seems to be an interesting bunch. Meet me at the roof so just follow that four." he said pointing at Naruto's team who was already at the door before disappearing using Shunshin no jutsu.

At the roof

When Itachi arrived, he fell to his knees and busted into laughter as he saw Kakashi crying waterfall in his single visible eye as he wailed loudly about his Ototo following the great ways of coolness while holding on the rails like his life depended on it.

A minute later, Itachi finally caught himself as he straightened himself with Kakashi doing the same and said, "Wanna do it like how Kushina-sensei and Minato-sensei did in the past?"

Kakashi gave him his signature eye-smile and said, "Ohh yeah."

Another minute later, Team Kakashi and Team Itachi finally arrived.

Naruto and his team went to the left and relaxed themselves while Minato went to the right and got comfortable with Yakumo sitting closer than usual.

Besides, who was he to complain when a pretty girl seats closer?

Heck, his brother got a freaking harem as a team!

So anyways, Kakashi clapped his arms and said, "Alright, lets introduce ourselves to each other, our cute little genin-hopefuls. Your names, likes, dislikes, hobbies and dreams for the future."

Itachi nodded from behind crossing his arms and leaning back on the rail.

"Sensei, would it be better if you gave us an example?" Sakura said as Kakashi gave her and eye-smile.

"Eh, okay. My name's Kakashi Hatake. Things my likes are non of your businesses cuz your all to young for it. My dislikes are the same. And I don't have a dream for the future at he moment." he said motioning Itachi to do the same who in return rolled his eye.

"My names Itachi. I like a lot of things. I don't have many things that I don't like. And my dream is a bit mature for your little immature minds to handle." he said in a monotone voice he use in ANBU.

Minato's eyes narrowed while Naruto pointed his naginata's blade to the ground as he sat Indian style crossed-leg making it easy to attack or defend against anything.

The two movements were easily noticed by the two demoted ANBU Captains as they too tensed and waited.

"Try us, sensei…" Minato said as their eyes suddenly morphed into three tomoed sharingan making the two sharingan users gasp quietly.

Naruto gave them a feral grin as his sharingan eyes morphed into its final sharingan state: Mangekyo Sharingan.

But as fast as it came, it disappeared making the two ANBU Captains blink.

Quickly putting themselves back together, Kakashi motioned at Sakura to start.

"Pinky, you go first."

Said pinky twitched but did nothing.

"Okay… My name's Sakura Haruno. My likes…" looks at Aizen, then giggles, " my dreams for the future…, "looks at Aizen again, "my hobbies…" looks at Aizen, again, "and my dislikes…" looks angrily at Naruto and Minato trying to intimidate them but they gave her an even scarier glare and a bit of KI scaring her.

Kakashi sighed while Itachi visibly gave a small smile knowing he at least didn't have a fan-girl in his team.

'What did I do for Kami-sama to give me a useless fan-girl in my team?! Heck! How the hell did she even pass?!' Was his friendly thoughts of his pink haired genin.

On the outside, he only nodded and then he followed up, "Raven, your next."

Sasuke smirked at the better nickname than the pink banshee and said, "Well, my name's Sasuke Uchiha. I like my clan, mostly my mother and my brother, my favorite food: omusubi with okaka and tomatoes, dark blue, white and black, training, and a certain matter that I wish to keep a secret. I hate a few things like the we-are-higher-and-mightier-than-thou clan elders, salty food, girly girls (fan girls included), pink…" she intentionally said that to annoy a certain someone, "and not unlocking my bloodline yet. My hobbies are training, gardening with my mom, learning new things, and getting away from fan-boys. My dream for the future is yet to be decided but I do wish to be a powerful kunoichi but that's only the secondary dream. I still have to decide what's to be my first"

Kakashi nodded with an eye smile and then turned to Fu, "Your turn, Green-bean."

Said Green-bean twitched and spoke gritting her teeth, "Asshole. My name's Fu of Takigakure now Konohagakure. I like people treating me for who I am, not what they hear, sweets, a bit in the insect side, learning a few things, and my cooking. I, too, dislike a few things like: assholes, "cue look at Kakashi who gave her an innocent look with the mask on which was hard to tell, "bus spray, late sleepers, "cue glares at the twins who were innocently whistling while avoiding her gaze, "rapist, bastards, stuck-up brats with an eighty foot pole up their oh-so-mighty asses and the Civilian council. My hobbies are cooking, talking with my best friend, "unconsciously rubs her covered back, "learning new things and a bit of medical jutsu and first aid. My dreams for the future… I dunno yet."

Kakashi gives her an eye smile and thumbs up, then he turns to Naruto and said, "Alright Blonde, your up."

Naruto visibly twitched as he growled at his father's student and said, "Don't worry Scarecrow, I know. My names Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze. don't ask why I wanted my mother's maiden name, its just that. I like ramen, training, learning jutsus, blowing things up, my weapons, making seals and many more. I hate perverts…" cue glares at Kakashi, Itachi, and his brother, "people who judges people so easily, A-holes, and people who waste's my time. My hobbies are taking care of my plants, training, eating ramen, being awesome, and making sure everything's in tip-top shape. My dreams in the future is to be Hokage to make the people I care about proud and have a big family."

Aizen snorted and said, "Hokage? Ye-ah right! That position's only reserved for the strongest!"

The twins glanced at each other and nodded making the others, except Sakura and Aizen, shudder at what they might do.

"And who would that be? You? Please don't joke shit-for-brains." Minato shot back making Aizen flush in anger as he seethed glaring hard at the Namikaze.

"What did you say weakling?" he snapped back.

"I said-" but Naruto chose the right time to interrupt.

"OI! Ghost-whisperer, Airhead, shut your pie-holes. Fighting doesn't would make any difference."

He glanced at Aizen who's hand was inching on his sword and said, "Pull that sword and I will put you six feet under in two seconds."

With that finished, he concentrated and blasted a large amount of chakra, by-passing the seals in a second, dwarfing all the ninjas inside and outside the whole village in a second making the eyes of the people around him to widen, except his brother who looked uninterested.

That shut Aizen's mouth as he was left of any words as he felt the amount of chakra blasted in a second before it disappeared.

"I completely agree with Fishcake over here." Minato said as he too blasted the same amount of chakra making Yakumo suddenly feel hot between her legs as she unconsciously rubbed them with a feeling of inside her stir as she leaned on Minato increasing the feeling tenfold.

Naruto stiffened as he took a whiff of the air and snapped at Yakumo as he grinned at his brother suggesting who looked like he was uninterested but if you took a closer look, you would see that he was as stiff as an ironing flat-board.

Itachi sighed as he face palm while shaking his head and said, "Alright, Yakumo, your up."



"… …"


"… … …"


"Huh? Do you need something, sensei?" she asked innocently making Itachi bang his head on the railings.


Meanwhile, Kakashi and the twins were laughing while Sasuke was stupefied as she never saw her brother shout before.

When Itachi finally got back to himself, he said, "Its your turn."

Yakumo eagerly nodded and said, "Well, my names Yakumo Kurama. "the twins perked up from the last name, "I like a lot of things like painting. I hate a few things like bad luck and sorts. My hobbies are of painting and practicing genjutsu. My dream for the future is to make sure that the Kurama clan is to become prosperous."

"Thank you Yakumo. Aizen, your turn."


"I guess his brain tactically shut itself down for a few hours or a day or two after from that bad information overload. Minato, your up."

"Gotcha. Names Minato Namikaze. I like a few things. I dislike a few things. I do a bit of things sometimes. My dreams are of my own. Thank you." he said as he pulled a Kakashi making Kakashi cry anime tears of joy.

'He's taken after me so much!' he thought as he pulled out his book and begun reading it.

"Oh, and before I forget… all of you aren't genins, yet." he said.

"WHAT!" Sakura boomed.

"Well, to put it in completely, all of you still have to complete the survival test and let me tell you…. Out of all of you, only 66% makes it so there can only be at least ten or eleven genin s from your batch." Kakashi continued letting every word sink into their brains.

"And to make sure you all don't slack tomorrow, its our genin test so we can make sure all of you here are the best batch Hokage-sama has given us. Oh and before I forgot… don't eat breakfast."

"Um… why sensei?" Fu asked nervously.

Kakashi smiled at her and said, "So that you don't vomit all over the place." and with that, he disappeared on a puff of ninja smoke while Itachi used his crow-shunshin.

After they disappeared, Sakura turned to Aizen to ask him to go in a date with only to see him already gone.

She turn to her teammates and saw Minato disappear in a black mist as he walked leaving like a ghost with Yakumo holding his hands hesitantly, Naruto left as white feathers fell from the sky engulfing him, Fu and Sasuke until they were barely visibly and when all the feathers are on the ground, there wasn't any traces that they were ever there.

Even the feathers disappeared!

With her all alone in the roof, she ran home.

'Stupid blondes… stupid bitches…'

With everyone else:

All of them reappeared in front of the ramen shop with a dizzy Yakumo holding tightly at Minato for support.

Upon entering, they were all greeted by Ayame and Teuchi asking for what were they all gonna have.

"I'll have three miso ramen and keep 'em coming, dattebayo!"

"I'll have the same… ttebane…"

Everyone stopped, except Naruto who was happily waiting, at why Minato used a feminine remark rather than a masculine.

Seeing their reactions, Minato grew a tick mark on his head and said gritting his teeth, "Look, I don't know why I have my mother's exact word, but please, STOP. STARING. AT. ME. DAMMIT!"

With that, everyone went back to themselves.

"I'll have tomato flavored ramen please." Sasuke said getting a nod from the cook.

"I'll have a small shrimp ramen, please." Yakumo said.

"I'll have vegetable ramen, please." Fu muttered getting a nod from Ayame who was smiling too sweetly at Naruto the whole time.

Said boy was drooling at the smell of his ramen and was already holding the chopsticks so hard that they almost snapped if it weren't for his brother slapping him in the back of his head.

Naruto snapped his head towards his brother that everyone was scared that he might have broken his neck when he said, "Airhead-piss-stain-of-a-deranged- gay-ass brother. Fuck off will ya!"

Minato stared at his older brother in the corner of his eyes and said, "Shut up, Fishcake."

Everyone face faulted as how calm and easily Minato shot his response back, but it was already over when Naruto yelled.


Sasuke quietly got behind them and raised two cooking pans she got from the cooks and swung.

She expected it to land but when it was only an inch or two away from their faces, their hands shot up and grabbed her's and stared at her making her nervous.

"Why did you try to hit us?" Naruto asked.

"Cuz you two are making a scene." she said with the matter-of-a-fact tone.

Both boys looked at both direction and saw most of the people in the stand glaring at them

So they did what they normally do…

Glare back with a small amount of KI.

The got the all to get back to their businesses.

Snickering to themselves, they steadied themselves and watched as their ramen were placed and with a quick 'Itadakimasu', quickly shot the numbers of bowls to five in ten seconds engulfing it making the girls with them stare at fascination as they inhaled the ramen like water.

After thirty bowls of ramen, they dropped Yakumo at her house and proceeded to the Uchiha compound for the sparring match making Sasuke jump to her feet.

Upon arriving in the compound, they saw that the sparring mat already laid, and most of the Uchihas present and at the accounted for.

With this so many of them, it was weird and a bit exciting on what the events may turn to.

When they were face-to-face with the clan head and his wife, Sasuke greeted her parents with the duo doing the same while Minato blushed as Mikoto flashed him with her angelic smile.

Itachi frowned as he saw his student-to-be show signs of a person being infatuated with another person.

In his case, his mother.

Fugaku led them to the sparring mat and cleared his throat getting the attention of all present.

After getting their attentions, he spoke, "Everyone, today's second annual clan games starts…" cue cheers from them, "but with a twist… today, it will be Uchiha vs. Namikaze. And the winner gets a free favour from the entire clan."

With that, a band behind then started striking their o-taikos.


With the music flowing into their ears, the duo started feeling energy fill their bodies as adrenaline rushed in their veins like mad.

The duo then walked towards the mat and saw five genins, three girls and two boys, do the same and knowing their power level, they'd do this quick.

The mat was more of a bold ground free of grass measuring at least ten meters from one side till the middle.

An Uchiha instructor wearing a jounin uniform walked forward and raised his right arm as he stared at both parties.

There was the five genins with two of girls shaking like a leaf in anxiety, the last sweating as she gulped, and the two boys grinning arrogantly at their opponents.

'Their lost.' he thought as he turn to the other.

The duo were doing fine with Naruto lazily twirling his naginata in his hand while Minato leaned on his long scythe that he was using as a support beam with the blade on the ground pointing at the genins maliciously.

Without anymore waiting, he dropped his hand and called.


And with that, the twins disappeared and reappeared behind the five with Naruto with his right arm cocked with the naginata strapped in his back and Minato flipping into hand seals.

The genins didn't saw it coming until they felt a shift of wind behind them but turning around was least of their problem as Naruto smashed his chakra enhanced fist on the ground destroying and creating a large crater making them stumble and then hearing Minato's voice.


Violent winds struck them all and sent them sailing into the air with the duo not far behind.

Minato cocked his scythe arm and threw his scythe with chakra chain intact.

He then pulled it to the left making the flying scythe turn in mid-air and wrap around the two boys securing them in place.

He then used two hands and pulled again and deactivated his chakra chains watching the two boys sail into the ground and knocking them as they landed, hard.

He was pretty sure that was gonna be a pain for them later.

He then activated his chains once more and caught his scythe and skidded into a land.

He then turned to witness his brother disappear from sight and reappear behind then and with lightning quick strikes, the three girls fell unconscious and rolled on the ground as Naruto struck some of their nervous points.

Naruto then lands then lands beside his brother and crosses his arms as he waited for the next match.

Next were two chunin level ninjas with a standard katana in their backs.

"We will not be defeated that easily."

One of the Uchiha said.

Naruto gave them a feral grin while Minato look calm as he slowly pulled his hood completing the samurai Shinigami look.

Naruto just kept twirling his naginata for a moment, then he snapped it in front of him point the blade at them while holding it in the middle and said, "Then prepare yourselves. Shit just got real."

With that said, Naruto disappeared with pure speed while Minato tightened his gloves and sheathed his scythe in his back as he jumped and smashed his fist in the ground creating another shockwave.

While the two Uchihas stumbled, Naruto appeared on top of them with two red-handled tantos and engaged them in kenjutsu vs. taijutsu battle using the Uzumaki and Namikaze clan kenjutsu style: Spinning of Blades Death. (like Killer Bee's kenjutsu style with only two swords)

The two chunins barely had time to pull their swords as Naruto engaged them in high speed kenjutsu in a very uncomfortable ground as he didn't let them have at least a single footing.

Minato charged them from behind as he smashed his fist again in the ground making it shake once again and using it to his advantages as he saw the two stumble.

He pulled his scythe, spun it really fast above his head and then stabbed it in the ground using it as a launcher as he launched himself at Uchiha chunin guy 1 and socked him in the face knocking him out before he fell into the ground.

Meanwhile, Naruto, seeing the distraction Minato gave him against Uchiha chunin guy 2, stabbed his naginata down and flipped back and landed on top of it bending it like rubber and launched himself at him and then pulled his shoulders and threw in into the ground as he landed, knocking the poor sap out.

With the two K.O. chunins being dragged away, six jounins replaced them with arrogant smirks etched on their faces as they eyed them with their three tomoed sharingan.

The duo suddenly lost their good mood with seeing them with their arrogant smirks thinking they can outmatch them.

Activating one of their bloodlines to even up the match, which made the crowd gasp, they quickly fell into a chain of hand seals which even the opposing sharingan could not copy or follow.

Of course, with their methods of training and everything that has happened in their lives, it was enough proof that they can take care of themselves.

Besides, the bloodline they activated was of course, a sharingan too.

Although theirs is a bit more harder to gain these days.

It was Mangekyo Sharingan, the part where you have to loose someone close to you to unlock.

And most Uchiha interpreted it by killing someone precious to them, like their parents, brothers, sisters, friends, anyone is not safe.

Naruto's had a shuriken-like design with three scythe-like blades designs combined.

Minato had a bio-hazard design with a six-petaled flower design.

Both were spinning at a slow pace unnerving all the Uchihas not knowing there was more than Kakashi whom posses the sharingan outside the clan.

With a new resolve to prove that outsiders should be weaker than them, the six attacked with a single but combined jutsu.


They all reared back and blew fireballs the size of a grown man which all combined into a house-size inferno.

Meanwhile, Naruto and Minato just stared at it unimpressed as they did a single hand seal.


As soon as the words came out, the ground shook violently as highly pressurized water tendrils shot off from the ground and formed an impenetrable wall of water and blocked the humongous fireball creating a large steam like fog.

Not letting an opportunity go, the six charged in blindly and then moments later, all were spat out by multiple wind style air bullets in various body parts.

When the fog cleared, they were greeted by the duo with battle hardened faces.

Minato was in their kenjutsu technique's basic stance.

Knees apart and bended ready to pounce, left hand in front of him, and his weapon of choice behind him, pointed back

Naruto was just standing there with his naginata's blade resting on the ground as the whole spear hid behind his back.

His head tilted shadowing his eyes as they pun and glowed menacingly.

"What is it you all want to show? The power of the great Uchiha clan? The might, maybe? Or the sheer arrogance you all seem to possess? Pathetic. All of you rely too much to your precious eyes that you all simply forgot to train, to make your own jutsus to grow stronger rather than constantly stealing your enemy's or opponents power. I mean, its okay it use it against them, but… at least try to master it upon their memory of hard work as they fought tooth and nail just to perfect them." Naruto said as his chakra levels started rising to kage-level while it became more visibly and took the image of a blue fire covering his entire being.

During his speech, Sasuke and most of the Uchihas suddenly felt guilty as they thought that their clan was the strongest and was to be treated like royalty.

Until now, such hidden lies of the corrupt Uchiha elders was suddenly bought to light.

All heads turning to said elders, whom was now considerably paler than usual, the entire clan glared, gritted their teeth, or smashed their fist together and made an advance at them but was stopped by the clan-head himself as he raised his hand.

"I believe it is the elders' turn to battle and show the Uchiha will and honor." Fugaku said emphasizing the wretched teachings and ways of the elders.

Minato grinned evilly as he straightened himself while Naruto merely frowned as corruption and greed seemed preeminent in the air.

There was five of them…

Two of which were as old as the Sandaime himself while the other three were veterans of Second and Third Shinobi Wars.

All five grinned evilly as they activated their own Mangekyo Sharingans earned from different and vile ways.

There was a large puff of smoke and the five elders were know wearing samurai and five different but very elegant and expensive looking katanas were in their hands.


They all stared at each until one decide to the two.

"Hmm… I must say, your father was sure was a lucky brat… Scoring on a bitch like the Uzumaki. If we got her first and if he wasn't always in the way, we would be enjoying that whore day and night till we break her as we have our way with her. And you two wouldn't be here causing us such problems for us to worry about."

The duo narrowed their eyes as the bastard openly insulted their parents and spoke of such towards them after all of they had for the village, including them.

Outside the mat, every last Uchiha, may they be men, women and children alike feels disgusted with themselves for being related to such filth.

Heck, Mikoto was mad, no wait… she was damn furious.

They had the gall to bad mouth her deceased best friend who sacrificed her own life, her own dreams, her own desires, and her own two children for the sake of the village they swore to protect with their own life and this is how they would repay her?

Sasuke, Itachi, and Shisui were angry as these fat, lying, sick bastards that bad mouthed their auntie/sensei right in front of them.

They hoped the two would dish-out something that will show that it is not right to bad mouth the deceased.

"I must say too myself, such fantasies of old bastards like you are quite amusing. All I can hope is that you can dodge this and may the Gods have mercy upon your foul souls. For we shall not…"

With that said, Naruto pulled his naginata in a fighting stance with his brother doing the same and attacked.

Minato went in with a battle scream as he jumped and did a 720 flip and reared back his scythe and launched it with the intent of painfully impaling one of them with his weapon.

Naruto spun his naginata above his head with his body doing the same to get a momentum and struck, hell-bent on puncturing their crinkly, old assed bodies.

One of the Uchiha elders proving that they aren't someone to be trifled with, blocked the scythe and rolled to the side only to jump away from Naruto's naginata as it went for an arc sweep.

Naruto spun the naginata again and cocked back and stabbed only to hit the other Uchiha elder's flat of the sword.

Minato spun his above his head as he jumped, doing a 360, and kept the scythe spinning as a hail of kunais and shurikens made it known to him.

Doing a quick hand seal, the elder reared and called.


He then blew aiming for Minato, whom had just landed, and watched as it collided creating a large smoke screen and earning a shock gasp from their clan members.

When the smoke cleared out, he was just standing there looking fine but extremely pissed.

He smacked away the dust that had clung into his robes and said.

"Very well then…"

Doing the 'horse seal', he reared back and called.


Out came was an enormous wall of flames that took two of the Uchiha elders' lives as it angrily scorching the ground it traveled making most of the Uchihas that were in the way start forming hand seals and was about to call their jutsu until Naruto beat them to it.


With that said, four beautiful, gleaming white pillars shot from every corner of the mat and then formed a transparent wall that stretched towards the sky as it raced with the flames and then quickly created a roof-like section completely containing the attack.

Meanwhile, Sasuke and the other Uchihas watched in awe as the deadly high ranked fire jutsu was entrapped by the beautiful rectangular glass-like box and turned to Naruto who was panting with his hands in his knees.

Naruto turned in his back as he felt eyes on him and saw Sasuke looking at him with awe and admiration and smiled at her getting a beautiful smile of hers in return.

'Beautiful? … yeah, that fits in just right.' he thought adoringly.

He took in more deep breaths to calm his system as the seals he bypassed and overloaded took its toll upon him.

He went to look back at her and saw her smile still intact but, as fast as it came, it dropped and was replaced by a look of horror and he knew what it meant.

Quickly turning his head forward and tilting it to the left and then ducking and jumping to the right as one of the three left elders tried to kill him as he took a small break.

He knew taking a break in the middle of the fight was bad but what can he do when fifty seals on his body held back his full power?

Heck, each seals are stronger than the other so it left him with kage-level chakra and his strength, speed, power, and reflexes all seals with it.

Twisting the handle of his naginata at different sides, he kept his eyes on the three elders that were still alive as he was pushed back at his brother's side.

Minato, at the other hand, was already feeling the powerful drain as kept himself at his feet with his scythe as support after taking down two of them down in one go.

He was quite disappointed that he didn't got to make them bleed with his blades but shrugged it off as stood back up straighter.

Concurrently, Naruto's naginata had transformed into a massive sword with a foot long red handled, a large rectangular guard, gears under it connected to a massive blade that was a foot wide and five feet long.

All of the Uchiha's looked shocked at the former naginata's transformation because one: a blade like that size is just the right size for the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, two: it looked too heavy to wield, and in Naruto's case, impossible, and last but never the least, three: how the hell does he carry it like that?

Meanwhile, Minato spun his scythe above him as black mist started covering him and when it dissipated, he was holding a nodachi.

It had a foot-long black handle connected to a golden guard, and a six feet long silver-like blade that gleamed threateningly in the sun.

The last three Uchiha elders stared at the weapons sizes in disbelief at the sizes and the strength the two displays as they held it like feather weight.

One of them decided to taunt them again, "Do you really think that you two can defeat as with that trash?"

Minato decided to take this one to save his brother's own spit.

"We took two of your gay-ass, fuck buddies at one hit. What makes you three think that our weapons won't cut you three down like butter?"

The Uchiha elder seethed as his taunt was shot back at him with an insult as an extra.

Naruto shouldered his weapon as Minato changed from his right hand to the left.

All stared at each other to make sure they aren't afraid.

The two Uchiha elders charged as the one last left started forming a long chain of hand seals.

Naruto slashed diagonally downwards but the elder sidestepped and attempted to stabbed him from behind but he spun to the left following the elder and elbowed him hard making the old man loose his breath.

That was all Naruto wanted to do as he changed the way he held the massive sword from hammer-grip onto ice pick-grip and locked the stance as he trapped the offending limb under his arm.

He elbowed the elder again in the head making him see stars and then he held the limb with his free hand an yanked it on the way it wouldn't go earning a pain scream from the man behind him.

He then hopped forward and lashed high.

Sasuke gasped in fear as Naruto expertly and effortlessly sliced the head of the Uchiha elder of his body without so much of a single speck of blood on his sword, person or anywhere and watched as the newly decapitated body slowly fell to the ground.

She then felt a strong hand on her shoulder and saw her older brother giving her grim, but encouraging smile and nod.

"Sasuke, it our world and way of life… we are expected to kill. No matter they be man, woman, or children alike. But know this, the day you start enjoying your kills, is the day you loose your humanity. Therefore if you had your first kill, don't be afraid to come to us. Me kaa-chan, tou-san and the rest of the Uchiha clan will willingly listen to you at the time of your need."

Sasuke smiled but it quickly fell as her brother poked her on the forehead again, painfully, as he smiled at her teasingly while she gave him glared at him with a cute pout.

During the interval, Minato sidestepped and blocked a strike and swung his own which pushed back the elder at he power behind it.

He then followed it up with another powerful strike upward throwing the elder back, whom landed on his back but he quickly rolled back and stood up to his and jumped high it the air with both hands cocked back for a power slash but Minato wasn't having any of that.

With a quick decision of where he wants to hit the elder, he stabbed hitting him below his right shoulder and barely missing the lungs and anything important.

Everyone watched as Minato kept the elder up in the air showing a great deal of muscle strength and waited on what he would do next.

Minato then threw injured elder to the ground who screamed in pain as he held his extremely deep wound.

"Oh shuttup, will ya? Suck it up and take it like a man. Besides, didn't we tell you we wont have mercy? So be a good bitch and die quietly, okay?" he said as he placed the long sword a the quivering elder's neck and raised it up for a good slice and then swung.

"W-w-wa-wait… d-do-don't y-you w-want t-to-to know m-my n-name f-f-first?" the elder stuttered.

Minato paused mid swing and stared at him hard unnerving the elder an said, "… No…"

With that, he sliced the head off the elder who had a look of fear forever etched on his face.

After killing their opponents, the two turned to the last elder and saw him gone.

Suddenly, both of their eyes widen as they quickly turned around and saw two copies of the last elder.

Naruto blocked with his weapon and back flipped and struck, blade-locking at the elder while Minato jumped in the air narrowly avoiding the katana that was meant to stab him and instantly turned around and sword-locked at the clone/original.

The two, moving faster than the sharingan could track, punched and head-butted their opponents making both dispel on a puff of smoke.

The pair of cerulean eyes widen as they rapidly went back to back watching their surrounding looking for the last one.

The Uchihas outside the seal watched on the tip of their toes and suddenly jumped back as the ground to the two were standing on rose from the ground.

Naruto was forced to stab his sword into the rising wall of earth while his brother instantly evaded as he jumped from the other side.

"None of you will kill me that easily. Hehehe… right now, I could have escaped, but what would be the fun in that? So I chose to stay and kill you two myself."

Naruto smirked and said cockily, "Please, if you think you can escape from this seal from under ground, think again, teme. This seal stretches thirty meters below ground-level and is sealed just like above us. The only way for you to truly escaped is to kill me." 'which is highly unlikely and nor is very much true' he lied with the last part.

He stepped on his massive blade as he maintained balance and separated another weapon from it.

"Then I will have to do just that"

He then stabbed it on the ground to balance himself better and watched as the top of the ground he was hanging from exploded sending large debris falling down towards him.

"You can try…"


He dropped himself off his swords and held firm on the blades as he jumped back from the ground and started free falling as he sliced the pieces of rocks into two. (imagine in Advent children when Cloud was free falling from a building Sephiroth destroyed saying it was his present/gift)

Minato, seeing his brother falling, ran from the walls of the lifted ground and jump to the nearest debris and flipped higher to the other while slicing pieces on his way up.

On Naruto's place, he balanced himself up from a falling debris hundred meters up.

Naruto's POV: (ya'll never expected this didn't ya?)

I stared at my surroundings which weren't many as all I could see was falling debris and rocks everywhere.

And out of all the sudden, I felt danger close behind me to the left and leaped away landing to another slab of rock using chakra in my feet to stick and saw him.

He was old, sure, but he had this crazy gleam in his eye that my brother and I knew too well: Bloodlust.

I then jumped towards him and engaged him in battle.

I can sure say that he is by far more harder to kill than his colleagues as he is faster and wields a smaller weapon, but that has not stopped me before so I swung and slashed harder, faster and more unpredictably coordinated.

I was rewarded as he seemed to have been having trouble keeping up eve with his Mangekyo Sharingan darting around his eye-socket. (imagine it like Cloud's fight on the falling building)

He then jumped away and I, being a man of war, followed.

He engaged me again as I spun both swords at fast rotations at different timing so that he can make mistake when he tries to strike back.

Although expecting the unexpected my great-grandfather used to say, I never expected my brother, Minato, to slice the ground I was fighting on in half with his sword slash which resulted of me being flung out.

Thinking quickly, I summoned my Uzumaki bloodline, chakra chains, and threw it at the bigger rock and pulled myself back inside and saw my brother already engaging him on battle. (imagine Sephiroth fight Cloud)

'Asshole threw me out to steal the party…' I thought dryly of my brother.

Running on a large slab and then jumping to another, I stopped as the entire thing shook as another piece of the thing exploded.

Running as fast as I can again, I jumped and swung my buster sword/fusion sword at the bastard hoping to slice him in half but instead, a stupid log took his place and made my weapon collide with my brother's.

Nodding at him, charged up chakra at my weapon and watched as it was engulfed by blue flames.

Meanwhile, my brother concentrated with a 'ram seal' and then jumped at my nine o'clock and me following his black ass.

We then started moving downwards and I was suddenly rewarded as I saw our enemy leaping down trying to get down fast.

I was about to get momentum to get back at him until an explosion shook us again, and this time, it was closer, and made more debris rain down from the sky.

So my brother being a better seal master from the two of us, flashed us at our enemy's position not before telling me that he had marked the guy with a Hiraishin marker.

With me feeling extremely pissed at almost getting squashed like a bug, I did a 720 spin and watched the world go round and round before I slashed at his left above his hip and just in time as my brother swung in the right, right under his chin.

The feeling of my blade going through him felt good after they insulted our parents.

Then next thing we knew, we were kissing the ground with the bastard in three pieces and the seal already faded with Sasuke rushing up to me as Fu (forgot she was there too) placed something soft under my head.

"So… we won… huh?" I asked as I saw my brother struggling to stand up from pain using his sword as a support.

"Yeah…you were great. Just a little bit brutal and a little bit careless and reckless too, but great nonetheless." Fu complimented.

I tried to smile at her gently as my whole body, including my whiskered face, ache from pain.

"You know… I wanted to thank you for ridding my clan with those vile men. So… thank you, Naruto-kun. For everything…" Sasuke said as she too smiled at me as she shed some tears.

Looking back at my brother, whom was being supported my Itachi, I felt at peace knowing we won and took down another evil.

Nodding to myself, I turned to the girls who had watery eyes and said, "Well… I think I'm going to take a nap. Good-night…"

And the last thing I saw before it went black was the two beautiful girls above me look at me in fear and panic as they thought I was gonna die.

'I ain't gonna die that easily, fate-bitch'

The next time I opened my eyes, the first thing that came in my face was a mop of green hair and something pressed on top of me, light enough to not hurt me, but heavy enough to feel the presence of it.

Said body moved and I suddenly felt two big (but not overly large), soft and squishy mounds press on my person and is enough to make me squirm as I fought for control as Kurama seem to have a different idea.

'What are you doing, foxy-chan?'

"PAYBACK." she said plainly.

'Uhh… if you don't mind me asking… WHY?' I asked.


'You know, you could have told me and I would have gone there and thought of something.'

"HMM… MAYBE, BUT I FEEL A BIT SORE AT THE MOMENT. I FEEL WHAT YOU FEEL, REMEMBER." she reminded me as I remembered that we now share all my senses after we became partners/lovers a week after I defeated her.

'Yeah… sorry bout that. I cant seem to function better with all these seals on my person.'


I mentally nodded as we came to the memory lane.

After finishing our talk, I felt Fu slowly stir and lifted her head up as she stared at me with her orange eyes.

The moment we locked eyes, hers widen as she sat straight up and straddled me and grabbed my collar and said, "Are you all right?! Does it hurt anywhere?!"

I lifted my arms and gently took her hands of my collar and said, "Hey, its alright. Calm down. I'm fine. And as interesting as the position we are in, I'd like to get something to eat so that we can go take the bloody test."

She blushed and quickly got off me and gave my a tray of ramen making me raise an eyebrow.

"You made it?" I asked a she nodded happily.

I smiled as her's and the Ichiraku's rivaled each others ramen recipes.

Sitting up straight, I finally realized I was on the Uchiha infirmary room with my brother already fixing his armor as he flashed me a grin which I returned.

"Feels good of winning, yea?" he said to me.

"You ain't got any idea. Although I would firmly bet that you enjoyed sending them to Shinigami-sama with that blade of yours, huh?" I said.

He flashed me another grin before he shouldered hi scythe and started walking away.

"I felt better knowing Shinigami-sama dealt with them right." and with that, he disappeared in a black mist.

I turned to Fu and said, "Well, we better eat. And before you ask why… Kakashi-nii-san never ordered us to not have breakfast. He only suggested. After all, look underneath the underneath." and with that, I ate with her.

As we exited the infirmary, I saw my other teammate, Sasuke, at the door leaning on it with a new outfit.

She was wearing a dark blue sleeveless turtleneck shirt that ended two inches below her C-cup bosoms, white arm warmers suspended by a pair of arm guards and black metal-plated fingerless gloves, black belt with two circular lock in front, extremely baggy pants suspended by white bandages with two wakizashis strapped in her just above her ass and blue ninja sandals with her hair pulled back in a pony-tail (Anko hair style).

All in all, she looks hot.

I felt my cheeks heat up as I stopped dead in my track.

"Like what you see, Naruto-kun?" she asked me as she walked swaying her hips with extra sway making it hard for me to think.

I spluttered some words incoherently but everything failed until Fu, my savior, saved me from a hard time in my life.

"Sasuke, stop that before he drops dead again."

Sasuke didn't seem to like her fun being interrupted but agreed anyway.

This girl will be the death of me someday.

Without anymore interruptions, I placed my hands on their shoulders and flashed us in Training ground 7.

We arrived in there and saw Sakura sitting under a tree ready to fall flat in her face with the way her head would nod every now and then.

We walked towards her making her wake herself up as she heard our loud footsteps.

She quickly stood up and her face contorted into a look of anger and yelled, "YOU THREE ARE LATE! I HAVE BEEN HERE FOR TWO HOURS AND …."

I quickly interrupted her screeching and said, "Is Kakashi-sensei here?" she shook her head no, "then we aren't late, got that? Good, dattebayo!"

I grimaced as my verbal tic acted up again.

Moments later, Kakashi-nii-san arrived in a swirl of leaves and ninja smoke.

"Good morning my cu-…"


All of us winced as she screeched once again.

"Hmm… ah, well you see, there was this black cat so I have to take an alternate route around the village so that I wont suffer from bad luck."

Sasuke leaned on me and whispered, "Is this guy for real?"

"No, that's his habit of being 'cool' and 'hip'." I answered.

She nodded with Fu doing the same in understanding.

"Alright, as I was saying before I was rudely interrupted. You have until noon to get these bells from me." he said as he showed three bells at us.

"Uhh, sensei, there's only three bells." Sakura said timidly.

Kakashi-nii-san eye smiled her and said, "That's right Sakura. For if one of you doesn't get the bells, you'll go straight back to the academy. And before you interrupt me again, my test, my rules. Ohh, and come with me with intent to kill."

"B-but sensei, what happens if we accidentally hurt or killed you?" she asked once again making me face-palm at her retardness.

"Sakura, he isn't a jounin for nothing. Here. Watch and see." said Fu saving me and Sasuke from the pink banshee's stupidity as she threw a pair of shuriken at him which he easily caught while setting the timer with his back on us.

"Thank you, Fu. For your educating example by throwing shurikens at me... even though I haven't said 'Start'."

"So when do we start, sensei?" Sasuke asked.

Kakashi-nii eye-smiled her too and said, "Now…"

Naruto POV end:

With that, all of the girls disappeared leaving Naruto with his blood-brother.

"Aren't you going to hide like your team, ototo?" Kakashi asked.

Naruto grinned at him and said, "You know I don't do good at hiding. Besides, where's the fun in that?"

With that, Naruto charged and was about to engaged Kakashi who was about to pull his book out but remembered that his brother's no push-over.

Before Naruto could reach Kakashi whose already in defensive stance, he exploded puffed in a large smoke.

'Shadow clone?!' Kakashi thought as he frantically looked around.

Under the bushes, Sakura watched in shock as the only male population in their team exploded in a large smoke.

'Where did the baka go now?'

Then, a pair of arms wrapped around her and both disappeared before she could even scream.

Up in a tree branch, Sasuke watched as Naruto suddenly disappeared with confusion etched on her face.

She forgot to keep an eye on her surroundings as a mysterious figure slowly and silently dropped down behind her and quickly wrapped an arm under her bosoms and another to her mouth and both disappeared in a flash

Meanwhile, Fu watched from the distance behind Kakashi as Naruto disappeared and looked around looking for her blonde teammate until a pair of gloved hands wrapped itself in her body from behind with the other hand going to her mouth completely shutting her as she was pressed from an armored body from behind.

She squirmed in fear but was silenced when she heard a familiar voice.

"Fu, its me. Naruto. And please stop squirming so that you don't hit or touch anything important. I got a plan, and I need your help. C'mon."

With that, Naruto let her go and flashed both of them in a clearing with the other two girls.

The girls glared at him but all of the gasp when Naruto narrowed his eyes and said, "We can't beat him with frontal attacks so this is what we're gonna do…"

Back with Kakashi, he was almost tempted to go and look for them until a pair of arms shot off from the ground with the intent of pulling him down but was avoided as he leaped to the side as Naruto dropped down into the ground where he was seconds ago with his fist cocked and launched it in the ground making the whole area Kakashi was on shatter.

Kakashi's visible eye widen at the amount of power behind that strike and knew that a single hit would end his life if it didn't shatter his entire body first.

He then back flipped as another Naruto dropped from the air and went for a punch missing him a mile but the force was still there as it pushed him and forced him to do the back flip to absorbed the force impact.

He raised his hands to defend as he revealed his sharingan eye which made the clones smirk as they activated theirs showing their Mangekyo Sharingans.

His breath hitched as he finally saw one of his younger blood-brothers blood-limit and to tell you the truth, it scared him.

He didn't know if the two killed someone close to them to gain the level but he didn't have time as he ducked and flew into a chain of hand seals.


And a four sided wall rose from the ground incasing all of them inside and he engaged them all in taijutsu.

"Ninja lesson no. 1: Taijutsu."

He prayed to Kami that he could take them out easily but was disappointed when the clones were harder to hit as they seem to be more powerful and when he did hit, they didn't puff out like the normal Shadow clones but kept on fight.

After a few minutes of fight, they jumped at least a good then feet and encircled him in a triangular position and all said, "Ba-bye!"

Kakashi's eyes widen as he only had one thing in his head, 'Explosive clone?!'




Kakashi placed both his hands in front of his face to shield himself as three powerful explosion forced him to jump and use chakra to enhance it.

When he removed his hands, his visible eye widen again as he saw Naruto with his naginata already cocked and then swung it so using his experience, took a pair of kunai and blocked it but was thrown towards the unforgiving ground as he fell in his feet, again with chakra enhancement, and skidded a good fifteen feet.

The next thing he knew, Fu and Sasuke were already there waiting for him to land and then attack with everything they got throwing jutsus here and there as Sakura appeared from behind which Kakashi didn't notice as the two girls in front of him had all his attention as Naruto landed creating cracks on the already abused ground and joining in the fray.

With almost a good meter away, Sakura leaped and did a nose dive and used a kunai to cut the bells off her sensei while he was preoccupied and narrowly avoided Naruto as he jump and did a 360 flip in the air and smashed his naginata on the ground with a heavy cling.

Naruto skidded on the ground as he landed and shot his free hand on the ground to stop his speed faster.

After that, he jumped in front of Sakura followed by Fu and Sasuke further more making Kakashi confused as to why were they crowding in a single place.

Naruto grinned at him as Sakura giddily raised her hand and showed him the bells making Kakashi patted his hip and found no bells.

He eye-smiled them and said, "You all pass. You may eat the bentos I had brought you four, which I had forgotten to tell you all about, "cue face faults, "as I go to the Hokage and submit our team papers. Goodbye!"

And with that, he disappeared.

The three girls cheered as of now that they were real ninjas.

But they all stopped as they saw Naruto standing there with his back on them.

"Congrats guys. Anyway, Kakashi-sensei wanted me to tell you guys something, "turning to them with serious expression, "Those who break the rules are trash… but those who abandon their comrades are worst than trash."

With that said, Naruto bowed at them and disappeared in a flash towards Ichiraku Ramen.

All of the three girls separated with Sakura going to look for Aizen to ask him to go with her in a date, Sasuke going home to tell her family she passed with flying colors and to get extra training, and Fu going home to write a letter to her adopted family back in Taki and to get some well deserved rest and something to eat.

One month later:

The life of the newly formed Team 7 could be described with one word: Hell.

At the first week of their jobs as ninjas, they quickly went from ninjas to freaking servants.

They did stupid as chores the Hokage called missions.

Sasuke nearly killed a civilian who got too comfortable with the gem of the Uchiha clan.

Fu on the other hand was dedicated at her job, even though she would silently agree with Sakura and Sasuke that these are more of chores rather than missions.

Sakura, on the contrary, screeched so much that Naruto was tempted to sew her lips sealed with the help of Kurama who was as tempted as him on doing the did.

Naruto, while not caring at the chor- I mean missions, was getting pretty annoyed at the fact that they weren't training and was doing these pain in the ass shit the lazy ass villagers file.

So at the second week, he went to Rin, one of his father's students, and told her what her husband been doing that ranges from reading his porn, being two hours late, giving lame-assed excuses, and converting his brother to an another mini-Kakashi minus the getup.

To say that Rin was angry would be stretching it.

No… she was DAMN FURIOUS!

That night, when her husband came home, she showed him what the saying 'Hell has no fury like a woman scorned' meant as she trashed him in the house and made him sleep in the couch, and no touchy-touchy for two weeks and absolutely no Icha-Icha for him.

The next day, Kakashi became the proper sensei as he used Shadow clones to train the three girls while he caught up with Naruto and almost shoved a Raikiri at his ass with the combination of 'Thousand Years of Death' when he found out that he was the one that caused all the trouble he was going through.

So anyways, the second week came the real training.

Kakashi asked Naruto to make him three chakra sealing weights but Naruto refused and said, "I'll make you a gravity seal instead."

The sound of gravity seal made Kakashi interested as he had heard rumors that it can make ones body reduce all fat into muscle in just a few weeks or months but never seen what it can actually do so he betted all in it and accepted.

When Naruto introduced the gravity seals at the girls, he almost died at laughter when all three ate dirt as Naruto charged each seal twice the normal gravity on them.

It too Sasuke an hour to get used to, Sakura two hours as she was as flimsy and useless as a flat board, and Fu thirty minutes as she had a higher endurance cause she's a jinjchuuriki and all, earning her a smiled from Naruto resulting for her to blush very badly with Sasuke glaring at her jealous that she can make Naruto smile his real smile at her rather than the fake he usually wore.

It was her largest and most hidden secret that she had a crush on Naruto since they were four cuz he was funny, a joker and was cute too back then, but now, he was still funny and joker, but handsome too.

She never told her brother for she was scared he might scare him off and loose her chance or her mother as she would never stop teasing her about it.

Oh, don't get her started with her father, the man has a stick up his ass higher than the monument as she had already tried everything to impress him but all he does was compare her to her older brother.

Kami, the guy, her father, rubbed her the wrong way as he always compared her to her older brother whom was an ANBU Captain, now jounin sensei.

'No shit Sherlock' she would say cuz her brother's fought in the war handing them the reason of early sharingan and getting up the ranks faster.

Sometimes, she thinks her father was a complete and utter idiot.

Her mom was cool as she always made her feel good inside with her compliments at her works.

She also knew that her mother was more powerful than her father because she had been training under Lady Tsunade and with Konoha's Red Hot Habanero whom was twice, if not thrice as strong as her dad.

Meanwhile, Sakura complained and whine so much that Naruto actually lost his cool once at her.


"Baka! Cant you loosen this thing?! I feel like I'm being crushed my boulders here!" Sakura screeched as she forced herself to do or at least reach half of her designated amount of push ups.

Naruto, on the other hand, merely lifted his head from his sealing book and stared at the three seeing Sasuke and Fu dedicated to their work while Sakura bitched more than a dog in heat.

"No… look, these seals on your person isn't for my amusement or for Kakashi-sensei's, even though it is quite funny seeing you all try to move with it, but for you for the real world holds no place for useless people. Each people born this world are born with a purpose. That was one of the many saying my great-grandfather passed to us on our travel." Naruto said as he sighed peacefully as he leaned back on the tree after he shut and gently placed his father's book on the ground.

Sakura seem to be on bitch-mode as she said, "Then I guess your purpose is to hold that demon in your gut while people leaves you and your brother one by one. Therefore resulting for you two to be alone."

Naruto cracked an annoyed eye which narrowed on the whining bitc- I mean girl.

"That may be so, but I never let that hinder me for every step I take, I gain more precious people that I hold dear in my heart. I remember this one time when I met a girl our age name Elena. She was a beauty to behold. Heart as kind and soft as a newborn baby. Skin smoother than silk. Eyes the beautiful shade of red; like the finest ever made wine. Voice as precious of a goddess. Lips, as full as the sweetest plum. Hands, as tender and as firm as warrior's grip. Determination, as powerful as the 'Will of Fire' as it burns brightly within her. She was the one that ignited my drive to train and get stronger than anybody to protect everybody. I hold her dear to my heart even though we are thousands of miles apart." Naruto said getting everyone's attention within the area as he took out a heart shape golden locket.

Opening it, he showed a picture of a girl clearly their age far more beautiful than any girl in the entire village combined.

"I bet the reason she gave you that is to keep away from a demon like you." Sakura taking her insults too far.

They saw Naruto lower his head shadowing his entire eyes as the tree behind him slowly withered as ice extended from his being and

"Yes… I was and still is the demon that took thousands of lives in my travel as we battled wars left and right. Besides, the saying to defeat a demon…" lifting his head showing her his normal cerulean eyes turn to slowly turn to crimson red as Mangekyo sharingan appeared in them further scaring the shit out of everyone, "is to be demon yourself."

And with that, the ground around him exploded with a force that forced Kakashi to jump in front of the girls to protect them from the shockwave as Naruto slowly stood up from his place and started walking towards them.

"And you know what, Sakura? I totally enjoyed being ONE!" Naruto said as his KI rose to terrifying heights with his chakra level following suit.

The ground he was walking in started cracking as if some powerful entity was trying to break apart from him.

Kakashi knew that even though the Hokage arrives with a battalion of jounins and many more, they would survive the wrath of his Ototo.

So standing right in front of her quivering body, he turned his head down to look at her as he glared bloody murder at her and sneered, "I have fought, killed and completely annihilated an entire army twice, if not five times larger than Konoha's entire population before and the hell more harder to kill than any shinobis and kunoichis of this insignificant village so next time you dare speak to me… pick your words right. For they might be your last."

He then turned around and saw almost all of the ninja population of Konoha right in front of him with Sakura's parents looking at their daughter in disappointment.

This did nothing but further fuel the boy's anger as he yelled, "WHAT?! YOU WANNA SAY SOMETHIN?! THEN COME HERE AND SAY IT TO MY FACE RATHER THAN LIE TO YOURSELF JUST BECAUSE MY PARENTS WAS YOUR YONDAIME AND THE RED-HOT HABANERO! IS IT CUZ YOU WANT TO SPIT AT THE DEMON THAT CLEAVED HALF YOUR VILLAGE? OR TO SPIT ON MY PARENTS GRAVE?" and with that, he quickly flew into a few hand seals making most of the ninjas tense up as they too went into hand seals frenzy trying to catch up to him as they prepared their jutsus.

Although they never expected the words that came out of his mouth as he bit his thumb and slapped it in the ground.


A large smoke covered the entire training ground as the Hokage and his ninjas waited for it.


Their blood froze as the smoke cleared and revealed the Kyuubi in its full glory with its nine tails swaying menacingly, its maws twisted in an angry sneer, its crimson slitted eyes glaring at them making them all feel insignificant and dead.

Suddenly, there was something that smashed in front of the Kyuubi making the entire field shook in tremors and the dust to pick up.

When the dust settled down, they saw Minato fearlessly standing in front of the giant fox with his hands clapped together.

Behind him, about twenty meters away, his team and the rest of the Team 7 members stood frozen in fear as they stared at the great beast that almost wiped them out of the map.

"NARUTO! ENOUGH OF THIS! I KNOW THAT YOU ARE FURIOUS AND IS CLOSE INTO ACTUALLY DECIMATING THIS PITIFUL EXCUSE OF A VILAGE, BUT KNOW THIS, THE MOMENT YOU MAKE A WRONG MOVE, I WILL NOT HESITATE TO SUBDUE YOU!" Minato said knowing full well that his brother was suffering from emotion overload as all his bottled up emotion came spilling like a river.

Everyone was tense as they were ready to fight the beast again while the villagers scream in terror far away behind them.

The Kyuubi suddenly tensed its hind legs as it leaped at them with its claws out for the kill.


Minato stayed still as he kept his eyes at his brother knowing what he'd have to do.

And with a large puff of smoke, the Kyuubi disappeared as Naruto fell from the sky and landed rolling in the ground as he slowly got up as his shoulders shuddered continuously indicating that he was tearing up.

Minato moving faster than everyone, appeared beside his brother and placed his brother's left arm around his shoulders as he picked him up and made his way slowly towards the crowd and into their house.

Sasuke and Fu placed their hands on Naruto's back as they followed the two to the Namikaze compound.

Hiruzen tried to say something to comfort the young broken boy but was stopped in his tracks by Minato's sharp and intense glare.

"Save it."

And with that, all four disappeared in a flash.

The Hokage gave a defeated sigh as he turned and glared at the trouble maker aka Sakura Haruno.

Said girl nearly shitted her shorts at the intense glare of the Hokage as he moved towards her and said, "You and I has a lot to talk about. I expect you to be my in office at 1800 hours today. Arrive later than a second and you can hand me your papers as a ninja of this village and will be immediately dropped out of the program and I will personally make sure that you suffer as much as those two did."

And with that, the Hokage disappeared with most of the ninjas present started going away.

Sakura's parents walked towards their frozen daughter and said, "I don't know what you did, daughter. But you have gone too far with your attitude. When you return home from your talk with Hokage, we shall discuss of your punishments."

Sakura couldn't do anything as tears rolled off from her eyes as she walked towards her best friend's/rival's house to ask for advices and spend a few hours of talking.

Flashback end:

Everyone was scared shitless at Naruto that training was postponed for three days and when did come back, he was darker than ever.

The only emotions he showed were of anger and seriousness.

He became very serious, as he would punished them the moment they make mistakes and that he would not spare anyone from his wrath.

It took them at least another week to make Naruto warm up to them again and it also helped when Sakura apologized to Naruto in font of her parents, the Hokage, and their jounin-sensei whom was very offended at what the pink-haired girl said to about his Ototo.

Naruto replied with, "I sure am good at pranking, eh Sakura-san?" everyone face-faulted as he added that he had calmed down after he had talked all about it with his brother, his Kurenai-nee, an Sasuke and Fu.

From that day, Sakura made sure she can be strong enough to survive in the outside world as she trained twice as more although she still kept her fan-girl-narism.

Fu on the other hand, like Sakura, improved by leaps and bounds as she now can talk to her bijuu and have Nanabi cooperate with her like long lost best friends because of some of their similarities, of one: both are females, two: both likes the rhinoceros-beetle, and three: has a massive a addiction to green things.

Present day:

Team 7, team 8, team, 9 and team 11 were all in the Hokage office, which was surprising for it had never happened before, making Hiruzen excited of what' to come.

At it was, all teams had finished a good amount of chor- I mean, D-rank missions that they are now qualified for a low to mid C-rank.

Drawing a scroll from his desk, he looked at them all in the eyes and said, "I will be giving all four team a joint-mission. Here is the scroll., "taking a quick glance to his left, he saw Iruka ready to protest so what better way to shut him up is to send him away, "Iruka-kun…you seem eager to do something. Why don't you get Tazuna for me, will you?" she said making sure it was as sweet as ever.

Iruka nodded as he stood up and bowed as he left, running as fast as he can.

The Sandaime turned to the four jounin -senseis and said, "Now I am doing this for I do not quite trust the description and details in this mission request but as you can see we have two choices… Refuse, and our village will look bad to our customers and therefore, I cannot allow that for most of the missions we receive allows our village to survive and improve its economy and whatnot. And so… Kakashi, I inquire you to entertain and ask our little friend Tazuna of the reasons to hide crucial details to us, understood?" Kakashi nodded as he and a few others caught on the hidden meanings of the statement the Sandaime said.

Naruto started making plans of what he would be needing to bring as Minato tightened his hold at his scythe knowing there would be trouble as his craving for blood kept rising and getting to this mission was making him nostalgic as he remembered their past light in their travels as war raged on left and right as they fought and lost comrades at every step of the way to their bitter sweet victory.

Meanwhile, the others felt excited as this would be their first day outside of the village in a mission and was in the process of bolting through the door to tell their parents the good news.

Hiruzen analyzed the reactions of the children and saw Naruto and Minato having a strange glint in their eyes, Sasuke, Fu, and Kiba had a look of excitement, Shino looked the same and stoic, Shikamaru look bored, Choji looked hungry, Sakura had the look between excitement and nervousness he deduced as lack of experience from the outside world, and Hinata whom was starring at Naruto with a noticeable blush in his face but still had a very nervous look in it too.

As if on cue, Naruto snapped his head at Hinata and said, "Hinata-hime, is there something on my face?"

Hinata's almost exploded when Naruto called her 'Princess' as she went full blush mode while stuttering, "N-n-no N-na-narto-k-kun."

Naruto nodded completely oblivious to the girl crushing on him as his brother face-palmed himself at his brother's obliviousness or lack of care with Sasuke, Kiba and Fu glaring at the lavender-eyed girl making said girl look at them with smug look which made Kurenai raise an eyebrow as her student was stuttering and was a nervous wreck one moment ago and was suddenly smiling smugly at the Nanabi container, sister of the Inuzuka heiress and the little sister of the Uchiha heir.

And at an instant, she suddenly understood what was happening.

Her little brother was becoming a game between these three girls.

She suddenly felt nostalgic as she remembered the man of her dreams becoming a game of three major and powerful goddesses and millions of minors in their years of traveling. (to understand, go to my other story related to Naruto as it is a crossover.)

There was a brief knock on the door before Iruka opened it to reveal an old man in his fifties whom had grey haired, a large beard and dark eyes, he was wearing a sleeveless v-neck shirt with an obi, pants and a pair of sandals.

He also wore a towel around his neck and a pointed hat on top of his head and a bottle of rum in his hand.

He stared at all of them as his gaze landed on Kurenai and stayed for quite the time making her uncomfortable until he heard someone talk to him.

"It is not polite to stare at a lady like that, old man." Naruto said as he adjusted his naginata in his back.

Tazuna snorted and went back to look at Kurenai again until the naginata made itself known as it pierced the wall an inch from his neck and stared at Naruto whom had his right hand in front of his chest holding a demonic shuriken in his hand and other hand almost hiding in his side as his body was turned but you could see a tomahawk spinning painfully slow making Tazuna gulp and stare at him in fear.

On the contrary, the Hokage found it interesting at the break neck speed that Naruto displayed as he pulled his naginata from his back and threw it unimaginable strength for his age and then pulling out a demonic shuriken and an axe-like weapon simultaneously in a matter on a fraction of a second.

Kakashi and the other jounins, except Kurenai whom was smiling gratefully at Naruto, and chunin inside the room were shocked at the power and had their respect for the two doubled as they imagined the two a potential sparring partner.

Oh, if only they knew…

The genins on the other hand were all now looking at Naruto with fear as he just threw a weapon at the size with unimaginable ease and then taking out another two in its place.

"Meet me at the gates in an hour." he said as he practically ran away from Naruto as far away as possible at the moment.

Naruto just smiled and said, "Yep, still got it. Well, I'll see ya all in an hour! C'mon guys." he said as he placed his hands on Fu and Sasuke and disappeared on a flash followed by Minato with his naginata following at its master.

The jounins changed their thoughts and said to themselves mentally, 'Or maybe not so much of a good idea.'

An hour later, everyone arrived at the gates and saw the twins already there with Fu and Sasuke glaring at each other as sparks came visibly between their faces.

Looking at Naruto, they saw he was wearing the same with an O-katana with a golden, almost orange, guard and butt strapped in his left side of his waist, and his red tipped bow with matching quiver and a really large brown scroll strapped in his person.

Meanwhile, Minato had was two tachis, a more tattered cloak giving him the Death's image, a black bow with red tipped arrows inside his equally black quiver which was opened below.

Asuma, Itachi and Kurenai then felt a familiar signature and saw Kakashi walking to the reading his book much to Kurenai's ire as he lazily greeted them with a waved.

With that, everyone stated walking towards wave which would take one and a half days to get there with a civilian.

A few hours later, Naruto saw two puddles and sniffed the air quickly and found no musky smell that the rain should have left making him look at his brother first, whom nodded in understanding, then at his team and saw Sasuke and Fu give him a discreet nod and then to the jounins and saw them discreetly moving to anti-flanking positions.

As Kakashi walked between the puddle, two purple liquid covered chains shot from the puddles and wrapped around Kakashi whom only had a second to look at his team before he was brutally ripped to pieces earning a few screams of terror.

"One to go, and the old mans dead." said one.

"And the bitches are the bonus." the second one added with lecherous thoughts that made the twins blood boil to unimaginable level as they disappeared and reappeared right in front of the two.

Sasuke seeing the twins charge did too as well as she threw a shuriken at the chains and a kunai lodging it in the tree behind them.

The two brothers quickly detached their gauntlets that held their chains and tried to swipe at the twins as Naruto flipped in the air and landed behind one of the brother's head and used it as springboard as he activated his golden chains and threw it in an arc making it wrap at the stumbling brother as he pulled himself towards him earning a pain scream from him.

He then pulled his naginata from behind him and spun it above his head expertly and brought it down the man cutting off his struggling free arm off gaining him a scared gasp from the genin platoon.

When he landed and then skidded a few meters away from the already kneeling man, who was screaming pain, he charged with the intent of finishing it as the man stood up and charged as well as he saw red.

Naruto deactivated the chains as he used to hands to spin his naginata building momentum as he jumped and spun in the air horizontally before bringing his naginata down slicing the man in half showing just how much powerful he can be.

Minato ducked as the other brother swiped at him and jumped into the air as a fireball, courtesy from Aizen, made its way behind him barely missing him as he spun horizontally above it picking momentum for his scythe and tachi combo attack.

The nukenin jumped high in the air as Minato spun bringing a hand on his tachi and his other hand spinning .

Minato then pulled the sword and threw it at the vulnerable man pinning him on the tree behind him as he threw his scythe with as much power he could beheading the man at an instant.

He heard a lot of scared gasp behind him and looked at the direction and saw his brother finish killing the hostile as Sasuke looked a bit green knowing she helped kill both men.

He then walked towards the headless body and took his sword and using the headless body's clothes to clean it as he re-sheathed it and then taking his scythe as well.

Tazuna felt relieved that he had both of them as allies rather than enemies knowing anyone he hires to protect him against the two would be dead in an instant.

Kakashi then dropped down beside Naruto whom was hugging and comforting the crying girl whom was feeling very guilty knowing she had the blood of both men at her hands as well.

The genins were shocked to see Kakashi still alive with Tazuna following their lead and they received a reply that he had used a substitution to escape death and such cheap-stake C-rank chunins couldn't kill him.

"Chunin level C-rank nukenin from Mizugakure whom followed Zabuza Momoichi against the failed assassination of the Mizukage. Good at taijutsu, water ninjutsu, some genjutsu, and team combo attacks. Won't stop until the target is killed or destroyed even though both are highly injured. Bounty, fifty thousand ryo. Well done boys, and Sasuke, spend the money well, okay?" he said as he eye-smiled the horrified girl knowing she would be collecting and sharing the money on those two's heads.

Kakashi then lost his smile as he turned to Tazuna.

"I guess we earn an explanation, hmm, Tazuna-san?"

"I-I-I don't k-know w-w-what y-your t-talking a-about." he lied.

The next thing he knew was a very sharp and very bloody scythe with a very fearsome handle was placed next to his neck again making it the second poled weapon of the day.

"I believe this would make you re-think that again, hmm?" Minato said as he held his scythe behind Tazuna whom was already sweating so bad.

"Y-you w-wouldn't k-kill m-me!" he stuttered.

"Oh? And please tell me who's stopping me from doing so? Even if I kill you, I could easily get the information from your bleeding corpse. So what's it going to be, you do the talking or my scythe do the reaping? Chose wisely… or it may be your very last." Minato said in a calm and emotionless yet taunting voice.

"I-I-I'll talk a-alright!"

"Then talk dammit! I don't have all day dammit!" Minato shot back.

"Please, I did it because my country has been enslaved by this horrible man know as Gato." Tazuna pleased.

The jounins and the duo raised an eyebrow as Kakashi asked, "Gato? As in the Gato of the shipping industries?"

Tazuna nodded so fast that everyone was worried he might snap and kill himself by accident.

"Yes, him! At first, we thought he came in to make our country prosperous, but as time pass, he showed his true colors as he charged more than the usual, took most of the business deeds, kidnapped and made some of our women into sex slaves, drug trafficking, and killed my son-in-law." the old man cried as he kneeled in front of them.

"Please, you got to help us. If not for me, but at least for my family and the people of Wave. Gato had probably sent reinforcements… Please, if I die, then the hope of Wave dies with me! What do you think my family and the people of Wave think of your powerful village? My daughter would hate Konoha for sure as my grandson would cry himself to sleep knowing I died on the way and that I had failed. Please, I beg of you!" he continued squeezing the hearts of the girls and making the boys feel conviction to give the people of Wave their long waited salvation.

Naruto walked towards the crying man and placed his hand on his shoulder as he helped him to his feet.

"Do not despair, old man. Konoha is there for everyone. No matter they be useless civilians, outsiders, and jackasses. Besides, you said it yourself… you're the only hope your country has left after this Gato man took everything. Do not worry no more, we Konoha-nins will do everything in our power to bring your country to salvation. Right guys?"

A chorus of 'Hai's were heard in the entire genin platoon as their senseis watched in pride and awe as their genins started working as one to free an entire country against a greedy businessman gangster-wannabe.

With that settled, the entire platoon (cuz their big) set out to the nearest harbor.

Upon arriving a few hours later, they went straight to the only boat that was going to Wave.

Said boat looked big enough to carry all of them if they all squeezed together.

So doing the math, Team 7 goes up front, Team 8 behind them, Team 9 gets Tazuna, and Team 11 at the back with the ferryman.

So all getting comfy for a four hour sail to Wave, they set on.

Being at the front made it hard for Sakura to be less nervous as they started entering a thick fog that only allowed her to see up to a foot in front of her.

She heard Hinata activate her bloodline and then Ino making small conversation with the Master bridge builder.

"So how large is the bridge, Tazuna-san?"

"Well, look in front of you and you'll see." Tazuna said as he pointed his index finger forward.

Sakura and Ino doing the same gasped at the sheer size of the bridge.

It was the size of the Konoha walls if they were ever placed horizontally.

Massive stone pillars and support beams held the whole thing fifty meters above the seawater.

They could see large metal framework inside the bridge.

No wonder Gato wanted Tazuna dead.

That bridge can easily destroy the shipping company if it ever opened as the sheer size can easily let so much people and traveling vendors and still make more room for more.

Meanwhile, Naruto and Minato stared at the bridge thinking a certain goddess could be jizzing her tunic if she ever see this.

When they arrived after four hours of sailing, the ferryman bid his farewell and luck to Tazuna knowing the man will really need it.

So setting out for at least an hour and a half, they walked as close as possible so that they could easily see each other.

Kakashi and Itachi frowned at this.

The mist is visibly laced with chakra making them tense up knowing they are already walking on a trap.

Kurenai and Asuma kept a close eyes at their surroundings as the whole situation audibly screamed 'Ambush'.

At the back of the group, Aizen was seething as everything he did to be on top kept on landing him at the bottom when the twins came.

He turned to said twins and saw them both walking together as they talked about something discreetly pulsing chakra every once and a while.

Suddenly, a shuffling was heard at the bush next to him a meter and a quarter to his north-east making him throw a kunai as he gripped his katana's handle tightly.

The whole group stopped as Kakashi walked towards the bush and pulled out a dead and bloody rabbit with white fur.

Yakumo seeing the poor dead creature turned to Aizen and was about to berate him for killing such poor creature until Minato appeared beside them and placed his hands on their shoulder making Aizen glare at the boy silently screaming to let go.

But Minato's eyes shut him up as instead of the warm baby blue color, it was icy and narrowed.

The next thing he knew was his body hugging the ground like everyone else as a massive sword flew over their heads.

He saw Naruto make a seal less clone as he grabbed Sakura and Fu away from the zanbato while the clone threw the Uchiha above the air making her spin horizontally above the sword that was a foot below her before it dispelled.

When the massive sword imbedded itself from the tree, a tall and very muscular man that you could only see in kunoichi magazines that were labeled as 'hunk of a shinobi' landed on the handle.

He was shirtless showing his pale skin, short spiky black hair, brown eyes, and small eyebrows, bandages like mask under at the bottom half of his face, his forehead protector sideways on his head.

He wore baggy pants with the striped pattern typical of Kirigakure and mimetic wrist-warmers extending up to his elbows, with matching leg-warmers.

He stared at all of them blasting them with his KI at full.

He chuckled menacingly and said, "Hand over the old man and I won't have to kill any of you."

Meanwhile, Naruto was thinking, 'Why are all the villains follow the typical villain-bullshit?!'

Minato on the other hand was spinning his scythe as he calmly walked to his brother's side and said, "Then you'll have to get through us."

Zabuza was impressed at these two teens were able to wave off his KI in full blast and make it look like nothing.

He scanned his opponents and saw Itachi of the Uchiha clan, an S-rank ninja.

Asuma of the Sarutobi clan, A-rank ninja.

And Sharingan no Kakashi, another A-rank.

The woman in white though was new but she sure damn now how to make sexy, hot and dangerous flow in one go.

Then at the genins… all of them useless.

Except the two in samurai armor.

He could sense kage-level chakra from the two and by the look in their eyes, they can either be used to much more amount of KI, if the weapons don't go by, or that they had fought someone stronger than him and survived or had been trained in death-like situations.

"You know, for a wannabe villain… you ain't very good at ambushes." Naruto deadpanned making Zabuza adopt a tick mark on his forehead.

"Oh…? And why is that?" Zabuza gritted out of his teeth.

"Cuz you should have attacked instead you letting us make plans of counter-attacking you. And besides, its six-to-one. So your chances of leaving alive is slim to none." Naruto explained as he unsheathed his naginata.

Kakashi on the contrary was both impressed that they can wave this much KI and not shit their pants while worried that they might have just signed their death contracts.

So pulling his headband up, he said, "Enough of talking boys, we have a job to do, remember?"

"We haven't forgot so don't need to remind us. Wasting your time of that would cost you your life in a well pulled ambush unlike this pitiful one." Minato scoffed brooding making his brother and Kurenai hold themselves before they slap the chiznits outta him.

Zabuza painfully ignored the insult on his way of ambushing and focused on Kakashi.

"The sharingan already? I'm honored." he then jumped off the tree while pulling his sword in the process.

Itachi seeing Kakashi did the same.

Zabuza started sweating seeing the Uchiha activates his sharingan was very intimidating.

But that's when shit hit the fan…

Naruto and Minato activated their Mangekyo Sharingans and made them spin slowly as Naruto held his naginata at his right while unsheathing a demonic shuriken from out of nowhere.

Minato shouldered his scythe as he pulled out an axe inside his robes with the same demonic design in it.

Zabuza started thinking what the heck had he signed himself when Kakashi dashed out at him.

Itachi then followed as the rest of the jounins did while Naruto and his brother stayed.

"Why aren't you joining, dobe?" Sasuke asked.

Naruto closed his eyes as he relaxed and said, "Cuz we are surrounded. I can leave ya'll unguarded, ttebayo!"

Minato nodded as he disappeared and reappeared at Tazuna's left blocking a massive cleaver from an another Zabuza and then smashed his axe at its temple and saw it bleed out water instead of blood.

Naruto vanished and reappeared at the top of another water clone and spun vertically and brought it down killing it.

The other genins seeing the attacks went on defensive positions with Kiba using her nose, Shino with his bugs, Hinata with her eyes, Ino with her sight, Aizen with his sensory, Yakumo scribbling on a drawing pad for her attack, Sakura with her kunai at the ready, and Fu with her ears using the sound waves' echo.

Naruto turned to the jounins and saw Kakashi trapped in a circular water bubble-like prison, his Kurenai-nee struggling with the similar seals on her body like theirs with only half the amount of theirs, Asuma dodging a water dragon, and Itachi blasting fire jutsus after jutsus at the water jutsus.

He held his demonic shuriken tightly and threw it with everything he was worth and saw it cleave the water clone in front of Zabuza and then get caught by the original whose hand was keeping the water prison up.

So giving his brother a signal, he leaped into the water and started running on it towards them and started running in hand seals.

Zabuza seeing the annoying brat running to him doing hand seals as fast as any jounins and ANBU, smiled as he had been having the urge to kill the brat after insulting him multiple times.

Naruto smirked as he caught Zabuza's attention. So after finishing the chain of hand seals, he leaped into the hair and held the 'ram' seal in front of his mouth and called.


When he blew, eight fireballs the size of a fist came out like the phoenix immortal flower jutsu and then drastically increased on size as it grew to the size of the fireball jutsu.

Seeing that multiple fireballs coming his way, Zabuza's eyes widen as he leaped away cursing as Kakashi was freed from the distraction and saw Naruto landed on the water and then charged at him with his naginata at the ready.

Zabuza brought his sword to an horizontal slash and saw Naruto jump and flip vertically above him and knowing what will come next brought his cleaver up but soon found out that it was a crucial mistake as another Naruto appeared in a small smoke and then round-housed kicked him in the side making him spin from the impact and then the original then tried to stab Zabuza with the spear-head like end of his naginata but Zabuza refusing to loose easily bended his body a bit getting a deep gash on his right shoulder blades.

And then, the next thing Zabuza knew was his back planted on the tree he was on a few minutes ago with the rest of his body feeling like lead.

He stared up and saw Kakashi and the rest of the jounins with Naruto walking towards him.

Kakashi brought his kunai as Zabuza asked if he could see the future making Itachi mentally scoff.

He replied, "Yes, and your future is DEATH!" but before his kunai could make an impact, two senbons flew out of nowhere and struck Zabuza in the neck killing him in the instant.

Kakashi walked to the body and checked for pulse and found non.

Moments later, a boy wearing a hunter-nin garb and mask dropped down and picked up the body and said, "Thank you for your help. I have been trying to get him for a while now. Farewell." and then disappeared using Shunshin.

'That kid was the same age as our genins but already a hunter-nin? He seems like Naruto and Minato… already war veterans.' Kakashi thought as he looked at his blood-brothers seeing them talk to each other.

Then, he felt something way too familiar: chakra exhaustion.

The genins, except the twins, panicked and seeing them like that, Kakashi saved then the trouble.

"Don't worry, its just me exhausting myself after using the sharingan at extensive time."

He then turned to Tazuna and said, "So… how long till to your house?"

"Uhh… half an hour here on out."

And with that, everyone left to Tazuna's house.

well that's that.


Should Zabuza die or not?

Should Kin enter earlier or later?

Should an OC enter with a fight and then be Naruto's slave after loosing, yes or no?

Should Sarutobi Hiruzen die yes or no?

thank you

ps: I really need a beta-reader to make my stories a lot better although I don't know how.

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