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Jade POV

"NINE! TEN!" He didn't open the door. My heart broke. Beck broke up with me. I don't know if I should, I'm not gonna wait for him. He let me go. Bye Beck Oliver...

I walked away from Tori's house and went to my car. Tears streaming down my face. I can't believe that he let me go. We've been dating for almost two years and he let me go. I heard my phone buzz many times, I ignored it, it was probably Cat. I can't help it, I'm broken, the tears won't stop. I sobbed and sobbed.

'Maybe it's for the best' I thought to myself. 'I should let him go too, He doesn't need me'.

I'm about two blocks away from my house when I zoned out and saw a bright light facing me, a REALLY bright light. I also heard some honking but I didn't care. My ears can't hear much but my cries. The next thing I knew I'm in so much pain and everything went black.


Jade and Beck broke up. I know that Jadey's hurt, badly. I texted her a hundred times but she won't reply, I tried to call her, her phone's ringing but she won't answer. I tried and tried but it's useless. I'm starting to get worried. I knew I'm about to cry. I don't want her to get hurt. She's like my sister.

"Guys, Jadey won't answer, I'm getting worried" I told them, little tears streaming down my face. As I hid under Robbie's embrace.

"She'll call you later Kitty-Cat" Robbie said to me, his hands on my back, trying to calm me down.

"But Jadey, She- I don't- want her to get hurt" I cried. Now everyone is comforting me. But I want Jadey! I'm not gonna calm down until I know that she's okay. My phone began ringing, I took it out of my pocket, hoping it's Jade. I turned to see who it was, It's my brother Frankie. 'Ughh, what does he need now?!' I thought.

I answered his call. "Frankie? What do you need?" I asked him, my voice breaking twice.


I cried as I quickly got into my shoes and grabbed my bag. "GUYS! JADEY'S IN THE HOSPITAL! I NEED TO GO NOW!" I screamed at them, everyone tense up, grabbing their phones and their coats, and went to their cars. I went to Andre's car because right now I'm mad at Beck. I'm never gonna forgive him if something bad happens to Jade.

"Andre! Please drive fast! I need to see Jadey! She needs me!" My voice raising in every word. I'm seriously freaking out. Beck,Tori and Robbie were in Beck's car behind us.

"Shh. We'll get there, just calm down, and stop crying" Andre comforted me. I calmed a little bit because I remembered that I promised Jade that I'll never freak out.

We're at the hospital, I ran inside, going to my brother and my Nona. They were worried too. I cried as I run faster. The others followed me. Trying to catch up.

"Where's Jadey?" I asked my Nona. She quickly turned around to see me.

"She's in the emergency room, she was hit by a car on her way home, good thing your brother saw her and called an ambulance immediately, and got Jade here then called me" Nona said. I can't help but cry, I hugged my brother, thanking him so much. I turned to look at my friends and they got sad too. I looked at Beck, who's face were full of regret. 'He should be' I thought.

They all sat in the waiting area and I kept standing waiting for Jade's doctor. The door flew open, revealing a blood covered doctor and a nurse. I turned to him, also everyone else, worried look on our faces.

"Are you Jade West's companions?" The doctor asked. We all nodded.

"What happened to Jadey?! Is she okay?!Tell me she's okay!" I told the doctor.

"She's in good condition now, good thing that you got her here fast or else we can't save them.I'm Doctor Xien, Miss West's doctor" The doctor told us. 'Them' what them? I'm confused...

"What do you mean by 'THEM'?" Beck asked. Looking seriously worried, panicked and confused like me and everyone else.

"Didn't you know? Miss West is caring a child, She almost lost the baby, but like I said we saved them" The doctor said, we were all shocked. We didn't know Jadey's having a baby.

Now I'm super worried. My body's shaking like crazy! I can't help it!

"You can see Miss West later, she'll be awake by then. Does anyone know who the father of Miss West's baby is?" The doctor asked

''I am. I'm the father" Beck walked forward and said that. 'Beck is the father?!And They just BROKE-UP!What about JADEY and the BABY!?' I thought.

A few hours passed, we all filled up a form that says, we can enter Jade's room...

We entered Room 143, we saw Jade lying on her bed, sleeping heavily, her arm were full of scratches and also a bit on her head. I ran towards her and held her hands tightly as I cry and wish her to wake up.

Beck's came beside me, I'm mad at him but I'm not in the mood to deal with him right now. I turned to see him, He's crying, I never saw Beck cry.

"I thought you don't love Jadey anymore? I thought you don't care about her? I thought you left her behind?" I whispered quitely enough to let them hear my voice crack. I sobbed and sobbed. Beck kneeled down with me and put his hand on my back.

"I always loved Jade, I always cared, I thought if we have a little break it'll be good for us, but I guess it's not. I love Jade, Cat, I always do. Please forgive me for hurting her. I never wanted this to happen, I know you love her, but I love her too, please forgive me Cat" Beck told me, his voice were cracking also. I didn't respond,

I just cried beside Jade, I felt her hand twitch. I stood up so did the others. Jade's eyes were fluttering open, revealing her beautiful blue eyes.

The room was filled with 'Jade's.

"Jadey? Are you okay? It's me Cat" I called, tears streaming down my eyes.

"Cat? Where am I? Where are we?" Jade asked, confusement filled her eyes.

"We're at the hospital, you got in an accident Jadey, Frankie brought you here, You're stable now, Jadey? Why didn't you tell us?" I asked her, while I squeeze her hand.

"What are you talking about? I- I- d-don't get it" Jade said, still confused. I looked at Beck and He got to the other side of the bed near Jade.

"The doctor said that you're pregnant, and you almost lost the baby, Why Jade? Why didn't you tell me?" Beck said looking at Jade. Jade turned to look at Beck, her eyes, they're starting to fill with tears.

"Beck? What are you doing here? And I'm not pregnant, it's impossible" Jade said her tears streamed down her cheeks.

"Your results were positive Jade, you're having a baby" Sikowits told Jade. Jade just cried. As I hug her tight.

"Oh Jadey!Don't you ever do that to me again!Please! I love you Jadey!" I pulled away and looked at her in tears.

"Cat, I'm sorry, I promise, i'll never let you feel this way, now, don't cry, shhh don't cry" Jade says to me, I completely calmed down. I listened to her, I don't want to make her sad even more.

"Jade, I'm so sorry for you, I hope you'll get better"Tori said. Jade looked at Tori and smiled at her before saying,

"Thanks Tori"Jade smiled again. We all smiled when she all felt relieved.

"Children, I think we better leave Beck and Jade alone to talk things over, Come on everyone, let's give'em their privacy" Sikowits said, opening the door for us, I sighed, but got out anyway. I looked at Jade, she just smiled at me, letting me know that she got it. We left the room and let them have a conversation.

Beck POV

They got out of the room, leaving me and Jade alone in the room. I turned to look at Jade, her eyes refusing to look at mine. I sighed and said,

"Jade, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to let you go through this, baby, please forgive me" I'm waiting for her to speak, but she didn't answer. I held her hand, I'm glad she didn't push me away after what I did a while ago. I looked at her deeply, she's hurt, I don't want her to ne hurt, it's all my fault!I'm a JERK! I hate myself!

"I thought you don't want me anymore, we broke up right?" Her voice cracked when she said that. I shook my head, and sat on her bed. I kissed her forehead. She just cried.

"No baby, I never want to let you go, and for the record, we NEVER broke up, we just have a little misunderstanding that's all, baby, Jade, please forgive me, I want you, I love you babe" I told her, I kissed her hand and looked her in the eyes, Those eyes, they're full of hurt.

"I love you too, but, b-but, what about the baby?" She asks me. I kissed her lips lightly and looked at her again.

''I want the baby, We'll take care of it, I'll love the baby like how I love you, I promise you babe, I'll never leave you" I assured her. Holding her hands tightly with mine. She smiled at me and sighed.

"I still can't believe this, I'm having a baby, and we're 18, well I'm 18 and you're 19" She said looking a her stomach.

I chuckled, I rubbed her stomach and kissed it. I took her in my embrace, rocking her lightly, I looked at her, she'd fallen asleep. I placed her on her pillow and tucked her nicely with her blanket. I stood up and went outside the room. I saw Sikowits and the others sitting at the waiting area. Cat walked towards me so did the others.

"Jade's asleep, we're keeping the baby, you better go home now, our parents must be worried" I told them.

"I don't want to leave Jadey! Can I stay with her? Please?" Cat said, her eyes filled with hope. But before I say anything, Cat's brother and their Nona, walked towards Cat.

"Cat, Deary, Jade needs to rest, we'll come here tomorrow, I promise"Nona said. Cat nodded and hugged me. She whispered something.

"Please take care of Jadey, If she already forgave you then so will I. Take care of her Becky, please" Then released me from her embrace and went home.

"So, we'll come visit tomorrow I guess." Andre said patted me on my shoulder.

"Yeah, see you Beck, tell Jade to get well soon" Robbie said. Then Andre and Robbie left, leaving Tori and Sikowits behind.

"Beck, I'm sorry, Are you staying here? With Jade?" Tori asked, looking at me.

"Yeah, I already texted my parents that I'll stay here in the hospital with Jade" I told her. She nodded and then walked away with Sikowits.

I went inside the room to find Jade awake, looking at me. I quickly went to her side and sat on her bed.

"Babe? why are you awake? you need to sleep." I told her, caressing her hair. "I just want to know if Cat went home, did she?" She said, looking worried.

''She went home, she said she'll visit you tomorrow, so did the others" I told her. I kissed her forehead. Then she smiled.

"I love you Jade West" I told her, I kissed her nose and then pecked her lips. She smiled at me.

"I love you too Beck Oliver" She said, as she went back to sleep. I watched her sleep for a few more hours, I can't help thinking about her and our baby.

'I'll take care of them no matter what, I love them' I thought before going to sleep on the couch beside her bed. I dreamt of her all night. I'm having a baby, with the girl I loved the most. I'm a one lucky man.

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