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Beck POV

I'm at the hospital with Jade. It's morning. I recalled what happened last night. It makes me feel bad but happy at the same time. Jade has forgiven me. And now we're having a child. I turned to see Jade, she's sleeping, soundly. I got up from the couch and went to her. She looks so beautiful, even thought for the fact that she has many scratches.

Suddenly, I heard someone came in, I turned to see who it is. It's just the doctor. He smiled at me then walked towards us.

"Ahhh, I'm just here to tell you that Jade can go home later" The doctor said. I nodded at him then he checked Jade and after that he went away.

Jade's awake now, she looked around the room. I looked at her, when she looked at me. I smiled at her.

"What did the doctor say?" she asked me. I walked towards her. And kissed her forehead.

"He said, you'll be able to get out of the hospital today" I said. She smiled.

A few hours passed, I signed the things that has to be signed before we get out of the hospital. Cat and the others were waiting for us at my RV. I told Jade that I'll bring her to her house, but I lied. I want to surprise her and make her comfortable with me. Now that she's having my baby, she have to be with me all the time and I have to be with her to protect her and take care of her.

We're in the car, listening to a song from the radio, I hear Jade singing. I chuckled at her because she's cute when she sings. I felt her gaze up to me.

"Where are we going? I thought you said you're gonna bring me home?We're taking the wrong way Beck" She said, her tone in her voice proved that she is confused.

"We're going to our RV babe. You're gonna spend the night there" I told her. From the corner of my eyes, I saw her smiling. She sighed and sat up straight. We arrived my driveway. I saw Andre's car parked right in front of my garage. I got out of my car to assist Jade. We walked towards the RV and got in.

We saw the gang sitting on the floor holding paper bags. We smiled at them as they smiled back.

"JADEY! I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!" Cat said hugging Jade tightly. I could see Jade having a hard time breathing because of Cat's embrace. Me and the others got worried.

"Cat!I c-can't b-breathe!" Jade said. Cat released Jade and looked at me.

"Hey Becky? Can I ask you a question?" Cat asked. I nodded as Jade and I sat down on my bed. Waiting for Cat's question.

"How do you make babies?" Cat asked. Jade chocked. I tensed, the others looked at Cat then us wide eyes. "I mean, I thought that babies are from a stork, I don't understand why girls have to be huge when they're going to have a baby." Cat continued.

"Well, ummm, it's-I..." I can't answer her question, I thought. Jade looked at me, worried. I think Jade figured it out that I don't have a good answer for her sister-like-bestfriend. She sighed then turned to Cat. She whispered something to me.

'you owe me big time Oliver, good thing I know what can distract Cat' She smirked

"Cat, did I tell you that I love Barbie, do you want to talk about her?" She said. Cat's eyes brighten. Obviously she's happy. Cat has an addiction with Barbie.

"REALLY JADE? OH MY GOD! THIS IS AMAZING!" Cat squeeled. Crawling towards Jade, kissing her cheek slightly. All of us were relieved when Cat forgot her question. "But first Jadey, we have some gifts for your baby" She said grabbing the bags she had and handing it to Jade.

'Aww, Cat you don't have to buy things for the baby, we don't even know what the gender is" Jade said holding Cat's hand.

"Wow Jade! You're being sweet!" Tori said. Jade smiled at her.

"Oh drop it Tori, but thanks anyway" She said. Tori came closer to Jade and handed me the bag she's holding. She smiled at me and then back at Jade.

"Thanks guys, but I think Jade needs to take some rest, we'll open the presents later, okay?" I told them. They nodded and give us their 'goodbyes' then went home.

Jade's laying on the bed looking at her stomach. I joined her and kissed her lightly. She pulled back and smiled.

"What was that for?" She asked me. And I held her hand.

"That's for everything you have given me, for you, for your love, for our baby" I told her, she smiled again. 'That smile could kill me' I thought.

"Sap" She said. I felt her tensed up. She got out of the bed and went to the bathroom her hand covering her mouth. I heard her vomit, I followed her there, I saw her vomiting. I pulled her hair away from her face to let her breathe.

"Babe, you okay?" I asked her once she was done.

"Yeah, nothing to worry about" She assured me. She rinsed her mouth then went to bed. I followed her through and joined her once again. I kissed her hand, her forehead ,her nose, then her neck. She let out a little giggle which caused me to smile widely, then back to kissing her crook in the neck. I felt her shiver and chuckle before pulling away.

"Now, now Mr. Oliver... You already got me pregnant! No need to make twins now!" She says, smiling at me. I kissed her forehead. She cuddled next to me.

"Yes babe... I love you, you know that?" I asked her.

"Yes babe, I do, and I love you too" Jade said. "Awww, babe, you're all sweet now, that pregnancy made you soft" I told her.

She squinted her eyes, then smacked her hand on my chest. But still, I can see her smiling a little bit. After a few moments Jade slept. Jade's sleeping soundly beside me. She slept first so I got to watch her for a minute or two. I can see her smile in her sleep. I don't know what she's dreaming' about but I bet it's good. I also noticed her lips moving and hear her murmur something. I leaned in to listen more, she's singing! IN HER SLEEP! 'How does she does that?' I thought. It's amazing!

I got a little tired then joined her for a sleep.

Jade POV

I wake up to find me sleeping with Beck. I grabbed my phone from Beck pockets, I looked at the time. GOD! It's 1 am! I don't know why I woke so early in the morning. I just felt the urge to wake up I think. But I could also feel myself getting hungry. I stood up and walked to the fridge. I opened it up to find some food, there's icecream, tacos, leftover chicken and some lemonade in a can.

I'm not satisfied at what I saw. I'm really really getting hungry by the minute so I decided to wake Beck up. I went beside him and whispered in his ear.

"Beck, beck?" I didn't get a response. I tried again. This time I shook him lightly. 'Beck? please wake up, I need something" That wake him up. Looking up to me with his worried face on him.

"Why babe? Is something wrong? what do you need?" He said his voice still drowsy.

"I'm hungry" I told him. "You're hungry? Why didn't you just eat something from the fridge, I thi-" I cut him off.

"I already checked but I don't want the foods there" I frowned at him. He smiled and kissed by cheek.

"So what do you want to eat?" He asked. "I don't know" I said.

"What do you mean you don't know? You refuse to eat our food here and you don't know what you want?" He asked me again. 'Well I don't know' I thought. Then the next thing I knew I'm crying! Gosh what happened to me?!

Beck was shocked I think, by the look on his face he's totally surprised that I'm crying, even I don't know why I'm crying!

"Oh, babe, I'm sorry, please, Jade, stop crying" He said trying to calm me down. Which I did, but there's still tears in my cheeks.

"I'm sorry, I won't cry, babe?" I said, I burried my face in his neck. "Yeah?" He said.

"I wanna go to Tori's" I said. He looked at me shocked at first then laughed quietly.

"Babe we can't, it's almost 2 in the morning. Maybe we can go later, now let's just sleep" He said pulling me much closer to him but I stopped him and pouted like a five year old.

"No! I want to go to Tori's! Now!Please babe! Please!" I whined. 'I don't want to whine but I have no choice' I thought. He sighed and got up getting the car keys. It made me smile widely. Then I got up too and kissed him passionately. Then pulled away.

"Thanks Becky! I love you!" I said ' Now I sounded like Cat! What's happening to me?' He smiled and kissed me too.

"Anything for you babe. Let's go?" I nodded and squeeled my way out of the RV running towards the car. I can hear him snickering behind my back, but I didn't care.

Tori POV

It's 1:57 in the morning. I woke up because someone ringing the doorbell. 'Who could be awake this early in the morning?' I thought to myself. Then went outside my room to open the door. When I opened it, I saw Jade and Beck standing there. I'm surprised.

Jade smiled like a little kid. Then went inside hugging me tightly. I looked at Beck with a confused look, he just shrugged then sat on the couch.

"Oh Tori! I missed you! Wow nice PJs!" Jade said complimenting my pajamas. I'm really confused.

"Jade! What are you guys doing here? You do know that it's really early in the morning!" I said. Just then Jade cried after I said that. A real CRY! From THE Jade West!

Beck stood up and sighed then hugged Jade. Comforting her. I walked up to her then patted her shoulder.

"Jade I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you cry, just, 0h- come here" I opened my arms for Jade to let her hug me. Which she did take.

"It's okay Tori! Beck can we stay with Tori for a while?" She said glancing over Beck, then Beck looked at me. I nodded. Then again Jade hugged me.

"Umm, Tori can I use the bathroom?" She asked. I nodded then smiled at her.

"Umm, what's up with Jade? Why is she nice to me?" I asked Beck.

"I don't really know, she woke me up a while ago and said she's hungry and didn't want to eat the foods in our fridge, then I asked her what she want then she bursted out crying" Beck said clearly freaking out a little. I know what's happening. I laughed at his story. I can't control my laughter. He squinted his eyes at me.

"Why are you laughing?" He asked, confused.

"Duh Beck! Jade is having mood swings! That's normal when a lady is pregnant!" I told him still laughing.

"Oh! So I just have to be more careful?" He asked. I nodded, Jade came back from the bathroom, all happy and smiling.

"Careful at what?" She asked. "Babe! I want to sleep!" Jade whined over Beck. He laughed at his girlfriend whose cuddled up next to him. I nodded at them. Jade's all happy when she saw that. I clicked the TV on and watched for a few minutes because I cannot believe that Jade is being NICE towards me! Even though I'm shocked, I liked it! Really!

I'm starting to get sleepy, I turned to look at the couple, I just smiled at what I saw, they're asleep, all cuddly and sweet and asleep. I sighed then turned the TV off. I grabbed a blanket from my room and covered the two. Then I went back to sleep.

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