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Beck POV

What the Hell just happened?! I can't believe this! Jade... Oh, Jade... I hope she's okay. I shouldn't have left her. Trina, I hate her. She did this! She hurt my Jade.

"It'll be okay Beck, it'll be okay" Cat said. We're at the waiting area, waiting for the doctor to come out. My whole body's shaking, I feel kinda numb, my heart's beating faster by the second.

"I know Cat" My voice broke when I told her that. What if they're not okay? What if? Oh, I don't know what to do. I hope they're okay.

"When is the doctor coming out? He's taking too long" Cat asked me. She's right, where is the doctor? We've been waiting for hours. I don't know what to say to her.

"The doctor's coming out soon Cat, I'm sure" I said. Cat looks like she's about to cry again. Even I feel like crying. I held Cat in my arms, she as sobbing in my chest, making my shirt wet and soggy. After a minute, our friends came.

Tori and the other ran to us, all of them carrying a worried look on their faces. Tori hugged us. Saying she was sorry for her sister's doings.

"I'm really sorry Beck, I hope you understand, I'll take care of Trina, it won't happen again, God. I'm really really sorry Beck" Tori said, looking at me like she was the one who caused this. Trina is lucky to have a sister like Tori. A sweet, caring, understanding and a forgiving sister like Tori.

"Tori, stop apologizing, it's okay... It's not your fault, but I'm still mad at your sister, if something bad happens to Jade and my kids, I don't think I can forgive Trina anymore" I told her. She nodded in understanding. Just in time, the doctor came.

"Relatives of Mrs. West?" The Doctor asked and looked at us. We rushed to the doctor, waiting for the results.

"I'm Beck Oliver, her fiance, is she okay?" I asked the doctor. The doctor gave me a small smile which I gave back by smiling too.

"Well, Mr. Oliver, I'm Dr. Nicolson, Your fiance experienced extreme stress, and there's an impact that may have hurt her womb. The bleeding is not a major problem right now, but good thing you brought her here before she bleeds out, because that may cause a certain death for someone inside her. we've done some operations for her and the baby, and I'm glad to tell you that both of them are in good condition. Just let Ms. West rest for a couple more days then she'll be better." The Doctor explained.

I'm kinda relieved about the news, Jade and our baby are safe. Thank God.

"When can we see them?" Cat asked the doctor. The doctor looked at our little red-headed friend then back to me.

"You can see Ms. West in a moment. After you fill out some informations in the lobby. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to get back there and check her conditions. Good day Mr. Oliver and to all of you" And with that, the doctor went back to the room where he did the operation.

I looked at Cat, then smiled. She hugged me tight and I hugged her back. Andre patted my back. while the others smiled and giving me nods.

"I'm so glad Jadey and the baby are okay!" Cat said.

"We all are Cat, we all are" I said.


Oh my gosh! Jadey's alright! And the baby too! I'm so happy right now! I can't wait to see Jadey! When I see her I will wrap her in a big hug, but hey, wouldn't that hurt her.

Oh no! I can't hug Jadey! It'll hurt her and the baby. How sad. Oh! One time my brother hugged a cactus plant, and then he started screaming at the cactus and putting monkey-nut blast icecream on his entire body. Heheh!

Beck's just finishing something right now in the lobby, then we can go to Jadey's room! Oh, wait! Here comes Beck, Yay.

"Soooo" Tori said. Looking at Beck then at us.

"Soooo" Robbie said too. Heheh, Tori and Robbie said the exact same thing!

"Soooo" I said looking at them with a smile, because I'm excited to see Jadey, but don't worry I won't hug her for now. Hey! Tori, Robbie and I now said the exact same thing, Funny!

Beck chuckled at us. So did the others.

"We can go Jade's room now" Beck announced.

There's a chorus of 'Yay's and Tori clapped her hands. I took a look at Jade's room then ran there as fast as I could. I heard the others call me but I didn't listen. I ran to the elevator and got inside, my friends caught up and got in too, they were breathing heavily, and so am I.

The elevator stopped then we got to the floor where Jadey's room is. We searched for the room number then I found it. I stood in front of the door, standing there frozen. Not bothering to open the door. I was scared to see Jadey. I'm not afraid of her, I'm just afraid to see her in a condition that's not good.

Tori POV

We saw Cat in front of Jade's door. Just standing there like a statue. We went to stand by her side, waiting for her to open the door, but she's not doing anything. Just staying still. I wonder what's up with Cat.

"Uhhh, Cat? why aren't you opening the door?" I asked her. She turned her head to look at us, then back to the door.

"What if Jadey doesn't want to see us?" Cat said quietly while looking at the doorknob.

"She'll want to see us Cat" Beck assured her. "Come on Lil' red" Andre said.

Cat sighed then opened the door slowly, she peeked her head through the small opening of the door then opened it wider for us to get in. Cat rushed to Jade's side, sobbing a little, seeing her bestfriend lay in the hospital bed, sleeping soundly.

I know Cat and Jade has different personalities, they may look like Yin and Yang, one's good while the other's bad, but like Yin and Yang, they balance each other out. I may not know them long enough but still, I can see, and feel they're love for each other. They're like sisters. Jade will always be there for Cat and Cat will always be there for Jade.

We walked closer to Jade's bed. Beck sat beside Jade, holding her pale white hand, kissing it softly. Seeing that made me feel something inside, jealousy may be? I don't know if it is. But who knows maybe I am jealous, I want to have a man like Beck who will love me for who I am and will always be there for me through thick and thin. I smiled at the sight, I've seen.

"Look, Snow White's sleeping now, she looks so peaceful, so calm" Andre said suddenly, breaking the silence that filled the room just a moment ago.

"Yeah" I said. Beck and Cat smiled.

"Whenever Jade's with Beck or Me, she's not the tough Jade we know, the one we see at school, the mean, sarcastic, cold-hearted Jade. She's actually the opposite of that, she's fragile, sweet, caring and not mean. She just puts up an act so that people won't bring her down, to protect herself." Cat said off-handedly. Looking at us, with little tears filling her eyes.

"I did not know that" I told her while looking at Jade.

"Me neither" Andre said.

"Same here" Robbie said.

"She doesn't like to show it, she doesn't want to get hurt anymore even though she's hurting already." Beck said.

Me, Andre and Robbie looked at them with understanding filling our faces. Then suddenly...

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