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Our three day trip turned into five days as we decided to stay in a couple hotels along the way. We used our trip back to catch up and well, be together. On the fifth day when we finally entered the gates of the leaf we were greeted by Izumo and Kotetsu. They didn't seem surprised to have the last of the Uchiha walk through the gates with me. Naruto must have given them a heads up on our arrival. It will only make meeting with him more difficult.

We made our way to the Hokage's tower; silence was the only sound that went on between us as we tried to figure out the proper words to say. Before I knew it I heard Naruto tell us to come in, a quick glance to my right showed Kiba starting to open the door. As we stepped into the office I saw a blur of yellow tackle Sasuke-Kiba down to the ground.

"You did it you baka you made her come back with you! You sly dog, how did you get Sakura to love you again?! I'm glad you're back Sasuke now we can catch up!" A part of my heart broke as Naruto's excitement continued to flood the air. How am I supposed to explain to him that our long-lost team member is now diseased?

Kiba remained silent; he knew that his voice would be much different than the lone Uchiha-My other teammate. So I decided that I should do the talking, "Naruto can we sit please? We've had a long trip back."

"Yeah, yeah! Sure, please sit, I'm sure there is much to tell." Naruto plopped down in his chair and focused his bright blue eyes onto 'Sasuke'. "Man, I just can't get over how great it is seeing you here Sasuke, you're finally back home." I took a seat in one of the chairs across from Naruto and 'Sasuke' took the other. We both glanced at one another and let out a deep breath as 'Sasuke' gave me a small smile of encouragement. The issue I was facing was on whether or not I should come out slow with it or just rip off the band aid. I have been on Naruto's team for so many years now, even when Jirayia was killed, but I still cannot figure out how to tell him of the real Sasuke's death…After all, I'm still not quite over it myself.

"Awe, I saw that look teme, so are you two officially together now? You know I wouldn't mind doing a wedd.."

"Naruto, we need to tell you something. This something is very important." I coughed to attempt to clear out the sobs that were about to become caught in my throat. I could feel the tears try to come to my eyes, but they were still dry from all the crying I had done on and off on the way here. The room was becoming awkwardly silent, I was able to feel both pairs of eyes solely on me. This did nothing to help my uneasiness. I decided to take a few more deep breaths to try and relax myself.





This is it, "Naruto, I am sorry but this…This isn't Sasuke."

I watched blue eyes look from me to 'Sasuke' then back to me. 'Sasuke' turned so that he was facing out the window, for some reason I only now realized how hard of a position this must be for him to deal with as well.

"I don't get it, what do you mean Sakura? He's right here. Sasuke, say something!"

'Sasuke' looked at Naruto before standing up and walking to the back of my chair, his onyx eyes never lingering from Naruto's own blue orbs. "I'm sorry, but she is right."

I continued to watch Naruto's face as he realized that the voice that spoke didn't belong to the figure it came out of. I waiting for Naruto to figure out that the person in front of him is nothing but an image.

"It's really not Sasuke…."I proceeded my staring as the puzzle pieces began to form together in his head. "But that voice, I know that voice." Naruto finally looked away from the man behind me and focused his gaze into my own. I gave him a small nod before placing my hand onto the hand that rested on my shoulder.

"I think it is time, go ahead and release the jutsu please." The man behind me nodded and formed the appropriate hand signs before whispering 'release'.

Kiba stood behind me, clad in traditional Sand shinobi garb, it was the only clothes available under the circumstances.

The silence returned to the room making even harder to breathe than before. Kiba stared at Naruto, Naruto stared at Kiba and I couldn't decide who to keep my focus on so I kept my gaze on the floor. There are no words or emotions to express the feelings from all of us in this room right now, I know I'm both relieved that Kiba-the love of my life- is back and devastated that Sasuke-my first love and original team member- is gone.

There was a loud bang followed by a crash, I looked up to see that Naruto had broken his desk in half, most likely with his fist and noted that there was broken glass on the floor. Reluctantly, I looked up to his face and saw tears attempting to leave his eyes.

"Somebody had better explain what the hell happened, not that I'm not happy that you are alive Kiba. But Sasuke, what happened to Sasuke?" His voice was about to become panicked, and I rose from my seat to come up and hug my remaining team member.

"Naruto, I will tell you everything I promise. But for now, I think we both need time to grieve."