My Muse

By Mathieu Leader

Doctor Who is owned by the BBC and not by me

It was midday in New York and I sat down just outside a café and ordered a black coffee and biscuits writing the manuscript for what was to be my first novel I saw a flutter of l saw something that was impossible it was the TARDIS except it was a lighter shade of blue.

An older portly man with white curly hair wearing a greenish tweed jacket popped out from the TARDIS.

The man ran across the sidewalk and sat in the vacant chair at my table and he said cheerily "Do you remember me?"

"Yes but you've got a different face, and how is it your back here anyway you said it would cause a temporal implosion?" gasped Amy with surprise

"Well you might say I'm a very different man than you knew me, as I'm essentially a new man so the timeline won't affect me. I just want to look at a few people I have not seen in a while. Also this visit is important as if you use my old self the Doctor as a character my enemies might literally make a character assassination," the Doctor grumbled coldly.

"If I cannot call the madman in the box would should I call him?" Amy said annoyed at this incarnations of the Doctor

"Oh borrow my name the Curator it'll do," the Doctor answered cheekily giving Amy a wink and then darting back into the TARDIS.

This is the last time I would see him but to me the Doctor to me was far more than a Doctor he was my muse.

Story Notes

In my mind the Curator is essentially a transitional incarnation of the Doctor essentially a Watcher the phantom character seen in Tom Baker's story Logopolis

I was inspired to write this story as the BBC released a limited edition Doctor Book called Summer Falls was an e-book released to coincide with TV: The Bells of Saint John. It was based on Summer Falls, an in-universe book featured in the episode that was meant to be written by Amelia Williams. Instead of the Doctor it's a character called the Curator I decided to link the canonical Curator with the fictional curator I hope you enjoy it.