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Chapter 1

Hey Lucy do you want to go stargazing with me?

Of course Nee-san! I would love to!

Let's go Lucy, we can go sit in the gardens.


Don't you want to sit in the gardens?

No let's go to our secret spot.

Alright Lucy to the forest clearing we go!

I woke up to find my bed surprisingly vacant of the usual pests, also known as Natsu and Happy. For once I'm alone, lost in the dream from the previous night. I wonder who that other girl was. I know I called her Nee-san, but was that because I had always wished I had a sister? I thought about this for a while then just shrugged it off. "It's time to get ready for a new day!" I got up and did my normal morning routine and made myself a quick breakfast. Just as I was about to leave I heard my window open and Natsu pop in.

"Morn'in Luce!" said Natsu, followed by an "Aye" from Happy. I know should be used to their antics by now but old habits die hard.

"Natsu what have I told you about coming in through my window? How many times do I have to tell the two of you to use the door?" I yell at them.

"Aw come on Luce that's no fun. We just wanted to walk with you to the guild" Natsu replied with a cute pout. All I could do was sigh, and accept that this is just their routine.

"Alright, fine. Let's go to the guild, but go out my front door so I can lock up." But as usual he jumped out the window with Happy flying out behind him screaming that we needed to stop and get fish before we got to the guild. All I could do was smile and shake my head, lock the door and meet them in from of my apartment.

"Natsu what do you want to do today?"

"Hmm, how about we look for a job for just the three of us, like old times?" he asked with his famous grin on his face. It made my smile, but when I was about to answer I was cut off by Happy who shouted,

"But Natsu you said we could go fishing today!"

Natsu sheepishly replied, "Oh that's right, come on Luce let's go to the guild then go fishing!"

"Ok, does Mira still have your fishing poles boys?" Luckily I have my rent paid for this month so I could afford time to go fishing with them.

"Yeah of course she does weirdo, so come on let's go!" As Natsu said that I failed to notice Happy coming up behind me. He shouted "Aye sir!" and grabbed me to fly me to the guild faster so we could go fishing sooner. As we took off Natsu ran below us and we were soon at the guild. As Happy set me down, Natsu kicked the door down and screamed, "Mira we're going fishing!" As Mira turned around she had two fishing poles and a picnic basket in her hands for us. "I figured you three were going fishing today, after all it was all Happy talked about yesterday" she commented while handing the boys their corresponding poles and the basket to me. She winked at me and told us to bring back a few fish if we managed to keep any away from Happy.

When we were just about to leave Happy hollered to Carla, "I'll be sure to bring you back some yummy fish Carla!"

When we finally left I realized that I didn't have a book to read while the boys were fishing, when I was about to mention it Natsu pulled a book out of his pocket and handed it to me. When I asked how he knew I needed a book, he just replied "you always have a book on you and you didn't have one when you left so I grabbed one off your desk". I was touched that he would remember that I would need a book while they fished. With a smile we headed to the stream that ran by their land in the forest.

They boys ran and cast their lines and were telling me to hurry up. Just as I was about to sit down, a black exceed came and barreled into Natsu, crying about being lost. As we looked at him he started to calm down and take in his surroundings. "Who are you? Where is he? Am I really lost?" shouted the little exceed in a panic. Happy went over and said "you're in Magnolia. I'm Happy, this is my partner Natsu and that weirdo over there is Lucy".

"I heard that cat."

"Anyways what's your name?" Natsu asked.

"I'm Kyo" replied Kyo. He has a black body with little white dots on his shoulders and a crescent moon shape mark in the center of his forehead.

Just as I was about to ask who he was looking for I heard a voice call out "Kyo what are you doing over there?' before a boy our age jumped down from several trees. Natsu took one look at him and broke out into tears.

"Natsu, do you know him?" I asked while trying to get a look at him, but he was hidden in the shadows.

"Yeah" he replied and ran to tackle the mystery person.

"Oi, what are you doing get off me" was all I heard before Natsu got sent into the stream almost taking me with him. I got in a battle stance ready to fight, but then I heard Natsu jump out of the stream and say, "Long time no see twin" with a huge grin on his face.

"What!" I scream at him. His supposed twin brother looked at me and said "I'm his older twin brother Blaze" while Kyo was flying circles around him.