Lucy's POV

Two weeks had gone by since Blaze had joined the guild; I sat at lonely table in a dark corner of the guild hall waiting for Wendy to get there so I could tell her about my latest dream. Ever since I told her about my dream with the Stargazer Lilies, she asked me to tell her about all of my dreams. I smiled while I thought about the dream I had had the previous night; I felt like Wendy would get a kick out of it.

"Lucy-nee, I'm here! Did you have another dream?" asked Wendy. The young girl took a seat next to me with Carla on the table between us; this was how our little group always sat in order to avoid being hit by flying objects (mugs, tables, people, ect.)

I nod and began the tale...


(A/N: Remember: ...'words'... means that something is happening around them in the dream)

Good morning Lulu, how are you today?

Good morning nee-san! I'm fine, thank you, and how are you?

I'm fine, as well. Are you ready for mother's class today?

Yes, I can't wait! We're going outside the gates; it's going to be so exciting learning about all the different herbs and how to create potions to help our spirits recover so they don't go back to the Spirit World! 'Little Lucy stood as proudly as she could in her gown,' I want to be the best Celestial Sprit Mage ever and help all my spirits, because spirits are friends, not tools.

That's right, I'm glad you were paying attention to the lesson yesterday, and do you remember that the potion we learned about will not only help the spirit heal, but will also help reduce some of the strain on our magic.

Of course, nee-san!

Do you remember why that is?

Hm… it's because they use our magic to sustain themselves on our plain right?

Yes that's right. So you have been studying in there not just playing with your little doll.

Nee-san, stop teasing me! You know better than anyone how much I study. Also, I only play with my Michelle doll as much as you play with your Victoria doll.

I know you do Lucy, but your reactions are always so funny.

'A young woman with chocolate brown eyes, a heart shaped face, and blond hair that is curled up into an elegant bun leaving two tresses to frame her face entered the room slowly, watching the girls in their playful banter. However, she knew being an adult she must stop it.'

That's enough, girls; it's time for your lesson.

'Both girls look up, startled out of their thoughts'

Yes mother! 'They responded at once with giant smiles.'

Good, now let's get going we have a lot to do today!

'The three of them go out the large, white gates and into the forest that surrounds the mansion.'

Mama what herbs will we be looking for? 'Younger Lucy asked.'

We will be looking for Clear-eye-Clary Sage, Bloodwort Yarrow, Herb of Grace Vervain, Dragon's Blood Calamus, Lady's Glove Foxglove, Dog's Mouth Snap Dragon, and Golden Star-Avens. These herbs are needed to make the potion I'm going to be teaching you about today, 'responded their mother.'

If I remember correctly the Golden Star Avens is what binds all the ingredients together and also is what makes it suitable for the spirits to use. 'said the blonde who the Young Lucy called nee-san.'

Oh yeah, I remember that too, nee-san! Now we just have to find all the ingredients in the forest, right mama? 'questioned a young Lucy who was bouncing on the balls of her feet excited to know something her older sister did.'

That's right, sweetie, 'her mother ruffled her hair,' Now, let's start looking so we can make the potions after lunch.

~End Dream~

"The dream ends there fading into the woods," I blinked and refocused back to reality. "So, Wendy, Carla," I acknowledge each I turn, "What did you think? Crazy, right?"

The duo always tried to help me make sense of my dreams. I told them about every one of my dreams so far, but the results of the meetings draw to only one clear conclusion: the girl I call nee-san isn't Michelle. Her identity is a mystery, and in all my dreams the girl's countenance are clouded and foggy like a long forgotten bothers me to no end!

"That's so cool, nee-san!" my much, younger blunette friend nearly sprung up from the table and into the air, "I've heard of every one of those herbs expect the Golden Star Avens," she told me, "I wonder if those herbs have ever been made into a potion before." Wendy's shouts were loud and clear, ringing through the guild hall, but were quickly shush with a swift reprimand from Carla.

"I don't know," I ignores the strange, loving and caring relationship the two shared—after a while you go used to strange displays of affection," but I am dreaming of my mother; I haven't dreamt of her in a long time," my brows met, and I focused on not crying at Mama's mention. These dreams were bringing back unwanted pain, pain I never knew I had.

"I don't know about you two, but that dream was pretty bizarre. Why would celestial spirits need a potion to help heal anyway? Aren't they immortal," Carla states her tone sounded as though she knew more and quite obviously was proud of it.

"Well," I crush the exceed's hope and dreams of surpassing me in any path of knowledge, "if the potion was used to help heal wounds that would send them back to the Spirit World, then the potion could heal them, and the spirits could continue fighting," I muse while staring at Carla.

"I wish I could make potions like in your dream," Wendy sighed, "Then, we could do all kinds of things together!" Wendy's face fell to the table, but shot up a few seconds later. "I almost forgot! Nee-san, will you help me gather herbs today?" she asked.

"I'm sorry, Wendy," I could never stand up to her downcast face, so my eyes darted away, "I wish I could—I really do—but I have to find a job, so that I can pay for my rent this month. I would go with you—don't doubt it—and It's been so long since we went to gather herbs together..." I risked glance at Wendy's tear stained face, "Maybe...when I come back we can go and gather herbs together, sound okay?" I hoped to reach a comprimise.

Wendy's POV

"Of course, nee-san, I still need to get some today though, but I'll wait to collect the rest of it with you! So, good luck and come back soon!" I eagerly hugged her goodbye hoping to speed it along, so I could see her sooner—I would even push nee-san out the guild doors if it would make her come back faster. You see, although many people offer to go with me to get herbs, I wouldn't dare dream of going with anyone else—seriously it would have been blasphemy! She's the only one who seems even remotely interested in them, anyway. My mind span. Maybe I could teach her how to make potions and salves. I'd have to ask Carla to see what she thought, but I knew that she enjoyed Lucy's company, too; she might even help me teach her.

"I'll see you later Wendy, Carla," Lucy-nee's voice brings me out of my thoughts. I shine a smile at her to acknowledge I had heard. "I think I remember seeing a job that I would be able to handle on my own," Lucy thinks aloud, subconsciously walking towards the job board.

"See you later, Lucy-nee!" I shout, waving at her retreating figure. I wait until Lucy leaves to go tell Mirajane I'm also leaving for the day.

"Wendy, have you noticed that Lucy's dreams are getting longer and more detailed?" asked my long-loved friend with delicate, white paw under fuzzy, white chin—she is quite skilled at posing elegantly in my arms.

"To be honest, I hadn't noticed until you mentioned it. I wonder if it means something..." I began to think of the infinite possibilities.

"Hm, you said that you've hear of all of the ingredients but one, correct?" I noded, though she continued without needing confirmation, "We should do some research on the potion. It could be real for all we know, or our friend could be completely insane," she twisted her lips to form a smile; Carla scared me at times.

"That's a great idea!" I told her, but something in the arch of Carla's lips said she was faking her sadistic wills. These dreams of Lucy's were beginning to bother Carla for some reason. I scrunched my lips; I'll get her to tell me why eventually. "Now, though, we really need to get these herbs. I know for a fact that some of the others are coming back from hard missions and will need pain killers!"

We walked for a while before another question bubbled up. "Carla, when do you think Natsu is going to ask Lucy on a mission again? I know she misses them." Right before we left the guild, I smelled Blaze and Natsu enter with Kyo and Happy, and my mind began to whir.

"It's hard to tell, hopefully soon." I could have almost felt her mind recalling the faint voice of Natsu asking after Lucy just as we shut the doors behind us.

"Well that's enough about Lucy's strange dreams for today; we need to get going before everyone comes back." Carla chided gently.

At the same time with Natsu and Blaze…

Blaze's POV

I was woken up by my overly energetic younger brother jumping on the couch. I was not happy. Accentuating a terrifying glare, I punch my brother right in the gut; he didn't even wasn't that hard anyway. "Natsu," I growled, "why the hell did you wake me up?"

"It's about time you got up, come on let's go!" The hyper-active fire ball threw clothes at me. I grumpily pulled them on. As I was finishing my morning preparation (a.k.a pulling clothes on and shoving food into my mouth) I noticed a little calendar with only one date marked—today if I wasn't mistaken. Why's that marked? I wondered before my brother's obnoxious voice pierced my ear drums—I swore he could break something with that roar.

"We have to get to the guild!" came his oh-so-urgent message, "I just remembered that Luce needs to pay rent!" Was that the large red mark on the calendar; he had to pay rent for his girlfriend?

I watched him while I picked up Kyo. "Lucy needs to pay rent?" my faithful exceed asked in a sleep doused squeak.

"Aye sir, she has to pay 70,000 jewls for her apartment every month," Answered a far too overly-ecstatic Happy.

During these last two weeks, I had learned a lot about the guild and about Natsu. Happy had told me that Natsu has his own team, and that it's the strongest in the guild. I've also learned about Lucy. It would seem that not only Natsu but Happy talks about her frequently. What I could learn front their fast-paced, excited babble was that Happy consider the blonde his mother and Natsu seemed to like her, but when I asked Natsu about the latter fact, he said they were just friends. Happy, Natsu's ever faithful exceed, covered his mouth snickering and saying: "He liiiiiikes her!" Surely enough it got a rise out of my dense twin brother. I now know for a fact that he does like this girl—you would have to be denser then him to not figure that out. The oddest thing I knew about Lucy was that Natsu didn't seem to realize that he talked about her even when he hadn't talked to her in over a week. That got me curious about the girl's feelings towards my brother—I felt a bit defensive, actually. My brother seemed to almost love her, and if she didn't reciprocate his feelings, not matter how dense and impulsive he was, I would find her and destroy her...Happy saved Lucy's life by telling me that she felt the same, but the two were still only best friends.

"We need to go and find a mission to take Luce on!" Natsu bounced down the road, "so that she can keep her apartment" he informed me.

"You've told me five times already Natsu." Suddenly it hit me, why he kept repeating himself, it wasn't because he was so stupid that he forgot the last five minutes of any conversation, but that he wanted me to go with him and Lucy. It wouldn't have been my first mission with Natsu; he dragged me on a quest to kill a monster that was attacking a town. I was further horrified to find more damage was done by Natsu than the monster. If Natsu liked Lucy so much, she must be like him in some ways, but then again, the way they talked about Lucy, the girl needed to be save more often than she destroyed a village or town.

"Fine," I conceded, "do you know what mission you want to go on with her? Or are going to ask her?"

"I know what mission we should do; Happy saw it yesterday when Lucy was looking at the board," Natsu replied.

"And what kind of mission is that?" I questioned while crossing my arms—Kyo was asleep on my head, and Happy was flying along trying to land on my shoulder so he could sleep too.

"It's a mission where bandits are pillaging villages and robbing mansions. Lucy would be helpful with the mansions," Happy supplied, "Can I pleaseeee sit on your shoulder?" I glared at him; finally, he sat on Natsu shoulder with a satisfying scared look adorning his maw.

"Why would she be helpful with the mansions?" Asked Kyo as he tried to roll over forgetting he was on my head. I caught the little guy and placed him back on my head; he didn't even notice—the lazy bum!

"Luce used to be a really rich heiress, but then she ran away from her demanding father and her fortune to find where she belongs," he says. He sounded like her finished, but he continued, "she's really strong in that way. Selfless, she'd do anything anyone...well to a certain extent," he sighed, "she's just really awesome."

"Aye Sir!" Happy happily harped.

"I don't see how the rest is relevant, but if she used to live I a mansion so she might know the basic layout of them, is that what you were trying to say?" I questioned with an arched brow.

"Yeah, that or she will know where the best places for the bandits to hide and enter are," he really was dense.

We reached the guild, and Natsu kicked the doors open. He shouted his usual greeting—I will never get used to the ruckus he causes. Then he started looking around, for Lucy I guess, while Happy flew to the request board to get the mission.

I went and sat at the bar. I glanced around for said blonde as well, but didn't find her. Natsu came over and asked the barmaid, Mirajane Strauss I believe, if she had seen Lucy.

"You just missed her Natsu. She took a mission just few minutes ago," the woman's kind voice always astounded me every time I heard it in the loud, booze-smelling, destructive, always-brawling guild hall.

"With who?" Natsu asked.

"She went by herself. Would you like something to drink?" To say that Natsu was surprised was an understatement. He was couldn't believe it; she took a solo mission! At least that was what I was inferring from his slacked jaw and wide eyes staring meaninglessly at the barmaid's smiling face.

If it were any other time, I would have laughed at him; instead, his actions made it obvious to me that he wanted to be with her. There were flashes of emotions other than shock that proved it to me; he was worried, afraid that she wouldn't come back.

My sensitive ears picked up something interesting: "Lu-chan gave me her newest chapter just before she started talking to Wendy like they do almost every day now. I don't think she'd like you to read, Gajeel." Wendy, eh? If I wasn't mistaken she was a small blunette who called Lucy nee-san. Now that I think about it, I heard something just before entering. There was a brief mention of Lucy's dreams and a potion. Apparently, Fairy Tail was even crazier than I thought.