This is my first Tranformers fanfic and for the past few weeks has been like my favourite personal project. It's set in the Transformers Prime universe after the events of Legacy and the gaining of the Star Saber and before they have decoded any of the last four sets of coordinates.

Also note that underlined stuff is the mysterious voice.


Chapter 1

To anyone else on the planet it was just a normal, ordinary day, yet to some it was anything but normal. Something very out of the ordinary was happening within a forest situated below the shadow of a mountain range. Hidden in the thick woods lay a seventeen foot tall robotic being. Dark purple armour plating, with a few light blue parts, covered its currently unconscious feminine form.

Slowly she woke, letting loose a groan as she did so. Blue optics opened to look out at the world. Sitting up and hearing metal moving she looked down at her body with surprise and confusion. Had she always looked like this? She did not think so and yet here she was.

"What's going on? What happened to me?" Even the sound of her own voice sounded foreign to her but at the same time familiar.

Trying to process what was happening, the femme repeatedly clenched and unclenched her fists, staring at her hands in shock. Slowly she started to look over the rest of her body, or at least the one she currently possessed. The metal that made up her outer shell was dark purple in colour with dark grey metal at her joints between the purple plates and the occasional light blue marking. On her shoulders she noticed that she possessed some sort of silver marking like a raised tattoo, though she did not recognise what it was of. However, it did seem to resemble a face.

Rising to her pedes she looked around, not recognising the forest around her. She kept wondering what she was doing there – questioning why everything felt strange – and why she came up blank when she tried to remember anything. Even though she did not know her purpose there she had a feeling that she should start walking and not having a better idea, she did just that.

Walking along she was having trouble understanding what was going on but still could not think of what had happened before she woke up. She had no memory of anything before then, it was like all her memories had gone missing, vanished into thin air. There was something about the situation that just did not sit right with her. Something that caused her to feel very afraid.

Drawing closer to the bottom of the mountain, she heard voices. Curious, she decided to investigate. Going towards them, she came to the edge of the trees. Peering out she saw a crash site, but not just of any old vehicle, it was a spaceship's crash site and it was not abandoned either. Other robots were wandering around, the two tallest ones were conversing and just within range of her hearing. One robot was silver while the other was blue-grey and they – or really one – was talking loud enough for her to hear.

The taller one was silver with sharp spikes protruding from his shoulders. His optics were red and glowing. He spoke with a harsh gravelly voice seemingly the leader of these things, "She must be around here somewhere! She can't have gotten far. Find her! She must have the plans in her head! Bring her to me!"

The blue-grey one, nodded his faceless head. Wordlessly he indicated to the other robots around him. These other beings all looked alike with purple and black colouring and a thin red strip where their optics would be.

Run. Now, spoke a voice in her head and not really wanting to wait around to find out what exactly was going on, she did just that. Turning around she run off as fast as she could, hardly questioning what was talking to her. Unfortunately her escape did not go unnoticed.


Glancing behind her, the femme's optics widened in fear as some of the purple robots appeared to replace their arms with some sort of weapon and began firing upon her; while others transformed into jets.

"Get her!" roared the terrifying silver robot before he too turned into a jet unlike anything she had ever seen (or believed she had with no remembrance of her past).

She was unable to keep the squeak of fear from coming into existence, knowing that she could not possibly outrun a jet. What do they want with me?! What did I ever do to them?!

The silver jet roared up behind her, firing a shot which hit the ground in front of her. This time she let out a full scream as she stopped to avoid the shot, her arms automatically raised to shield her from the debris that was thrown into the air.

"And here I thought you were supposed to be a seasoned fighter, from what I've heard of your exploits. I'd expected such great things from you. "

The femme glanced up at the jet briefly before continuing her plight for freedom. What is he talking about? I- I don't know how to fight. I don't even have anything to fight with! Everything was just so confusing, nothing so far made any sense.

Hide in the cave just up ahead, came a voice from inside her.

"What?" she uttered in confusion. "Who was that?" This time processing that it was not just her own thoughts.

Please, just listen, it urged.

"Ok then..." Still confused she kept going and soon enough she did see the entrance to a cave, just large enough for her to walk through.

Ducking into the cave she was sure that her pursuers would soon follow her so she kept going, the cave widening out as she went. Her initial shock was starting to wear off and fear was growing with every step she took; the rattling of metal echoing off the walls from her shaking limbs. The femme did her best to control it but it was a lost cause. The stress of waking up in a strange place, certain that things were not as they once were and then being shot at by some strange robots was all too much for her. How was this not a crazy dream!

"This can't be happening. It can't be real! And why can't I remember anything!"

Calm yourself child, the inner voice spoke again.

"That's easy for you to say, you're just a voice in my head!" she cried back at it, clearly freaking out.

It did not speak again, instead there was the sound of other robots coming through the caves towards her. This prompted her into running again, certain that she was running for her very life from these beings.

"Come out, come out wherever you are, Autobot. You know you can't escape. So why don't you save us all the trouble and come peacefully," called out a voice, one she recognised to be the leader of those chasing after her.

Ducking around a corner the femme hid behind some rocks. She was sure she could not get away with hiding there for long but she felt drained and she could not possibly keep running forever.

"If you play nice, I might just let you live."

Like slag he will, the voice muttered.

Yeah, and you've been so helpful so far.

Just shut up and listen. You need to activate you blasters, that way you can at least fight back and you might be able to get out of this situation.

"What? I don't- I don't know how to do that!" she whispered back.

Relax you mind and focus on your arms, think about them becoming weapons.

Having no better options as the unpleasant one and his minions got ever closer, she took a breath and closed her optics. Trying to calm herself, she did as the strange voice said, to relax and focus her thoughts on her arms.

There came the soft sounds of moving metal like those she had heard from the robots as they transformed into jets. Opening her optics, she gasped staring at her arms in wonder. They were some sort of blaster, just like the voice had said, the weapons having replaced her hands.

Well done, now fire at them.

"Um, where's the trigger?"

There is no trigger you control it with your mind.


Thinking about firing the blaster she was caught off guard when it actually went off, letting loose a shot into the wall, drawing her enemies attention. At first she was elated with what she had done before being filled with dread, realising that it had given her position away.

Scrap, now you've done it.

Whimpering, she scooted closer against the rock face wishing it would swallow her up and save her from this madness.

Just as the footsteps were drawing near a youthful voice broke in. "Come get some of this, 'Cons!"

Blaster fire broke out, earning a growl from the silver mech as he turned to face the intruder. "Get him! I won't have him ruining my plans!" his yell echoed off the walls.

With the idea that 'enemy of my enemy is my friend,' the femme tried to shove away some of her fear and drew on whatever courage she might have to leap from behind her rock. While the large one's back was turned, she fired a few shots in his direction – all of them missed. "Aww..." she whined, disappointed that her best efforts had done nothing.

The mech turned back to her. "Is that all you've got?" Letting out a menacing laugh, he managed to destroy any confidence she might have had.

Lifting his arm towards her, she got a very good look at the large cannon situated there. Instinct told her to run but she was frozen to the spot, unable to remove herself from the weapon's path.

"Fear. I see that it has consumed you. Well let me put some of it to rest. I'm not going to kill you... Not yet anyway..."

Behind the large silver mech was the young bot who had interrupted earlier. Now within sight the female saw that he was mostly white and blue in colour with red trim. Blasting one of the purple trooper robots in the head the young bot shouted at her. "Run!"

However, she was never given the chance to respond, the cannon on the large mech's arm went off, hitting her lower left side. She screamed out in pain, crumpling to the ground. Clutching the wound she momentarily drew back a hand to see a blue substance covering it. I really don't understand... Was her last thought before falling unconscious.

The silver mech grinned, while the other bot fought to get to her. "Take that one with us. He may be useful to me."

"No!" The younger white and blue mech yelled but he was quickly overwhelmed and they were both carried away.


The purple femme came to hours later, waking in what could be easily described as a nightmare; bolted to a slab of metal sitting at an angle, held down at the wrists. The room where she found herself looked like a highly advanced laboratory, even the walls were like from a science fiction setting, metallic with odd symmetrical patterns. Attached to her wound was a thick cable though she did not know of its purpose, whether it was to help or hinder.

"Oh look who's awake. Glad to see you'll be joining us for the procedure." Looking over at who said that she saw a robot with red colouring, what looked like headlights on his chest and car doors on his arms.

"Wh- what do you want with me?"

He did not get a chance to respond as the silver mech that shot her walked through the door. "Lord Megatron, you're just in time. I was just about to prepare our 'patient.'" The red one addressed him.

"Good." The one called Megatron replied, "I'm most anxious for us to get started."

"Of course. I'll finish setting up the cortical psychic patch and you'll be ready get what you want." The red mech grabbed a long cord which he promptly attached the back of the femme's head.

Slag, this isn't good, came the voice.

With a nervous grimace she thought, You don't say. Though she did not fully understand what it was they were doing, she was sure anything where you hook up a cord to someone's head could not be good. The other end of which was plugged into Megatron as he lay on another slab of metal before both their bodies slipped instantly into recharge.


The world they stepped into was a grassy plain with a herd of horses grazing in the distance. A gentle breeze blew against the grass allowing the blades to dance with the wind, while the soft noise of the horses and the twitters of unseen birds added to the sense of calm over the area. The purple femme stood staring over the landscape getting the sense that she knew the place; feeling comfort and peace in the setting. Or she had until Megaton stepped up.

"Now 'Autobot' show me the weapon plans."

Stepping back fearfully, she stuttered a reply, "W-w-weapon p-plans?"

"Don't play dumb with me! It won't help you here for we are inside your mind. So get me those plans!" His gravelly voice growled menacingly at her.

The purple femme's optics grew wide. They were inside her head! Her gaze darted about trying to make some sense of this, before coming to the conclusion that it had something to do with that cord and the cortical psychic patch that guy was talking about.

Megatron took a menacing step forward, stomping his ped heavily, fist held threateningly in front of him. "I'll tear this place apart if I have to!"

"Leave the girl alone Megatron! I know what it is that you want." The voice boomed from all around them.

A look a shock and confusion flickered across Megatron's face as he looked about not having expected to hear another voice, let alone one that surrounded them. He quickly regained his composure, a smile lifting up his face and turned away from the frightened femme. "Now that sounds more the the spirited one I know. Come on out and put away the snivelling little thing before I do it for you."

The purple femme took the chance to move further away from Megatron, letting the voice from her head take over the conversation.

"I cannot do that Megatron. She stays as she is. Unharmed. I might be able to give you what you want though, if, you get out of my head and let me go."

The silver being rubbed his chin, seeming to think it over. "Fine," he replied, "I will consider letting you go once I get the weapons."

A 'hmmm' came in reply before strange writing and diagrams appeared like a screen hovering in the air in front of the intruder.

"You have been most helpful," he chuckled to himself, "But I never took you for one who thought so much of being out in organic life. I expected to find you in you most favoured lab. You haven't turned your back on your beloved science have you? You were talented and it would be such a shame if you had."

"You have what you want, now leave!"the voice yelled, clearly irritated.

Megatron chuckled again, as he disconnected, "Till next time, Violetwind."

Unseen to both was a figure hiding in the shadows, watching...


The femme woke with a gasp, back in the creepy laboratory. Reality was not where she wished to be right then, not in her current predicament.

"Knock Out, start work on constructing the weapons she showed," barked Megatron as he sat up from his own table. "And if there's any materials you require, we have an Autobot that I'm sure would do anything to make sure we don't further harm one of their 'own'..."

"Yes, Lord Megatron."

With a sinister grin the leader left.

Knock Out glanced back at the figure strapped to his table, before turning back to his computer monitor. "Never known any bot to to have something from the fleshies world like that. You certainly seem to be a strange one." He then fell silent as he became caught up in his work; leaving her to her own thoughts.

Violetwind... Is that my name? She wondered.

Sort of, came the voice.

Sort of? That doesn't make any sense.

The voice didn't reply.

Well, is it or isn't it my name?

It is the name you should answer to.

You know that's rather cryptic right?

Once again the voice did not answer.

Nothing else you want to add?


"Fine," she muttered quietly, wondering if she had gone mad. With a sad sigh her thoughts turned to what would become of her if Megatron let her go. She did not know what she was to do once she was free, she did not have anyone to turn to. Then again there was something more chilling. What if he didn't?

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