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Tris's POV:

Tobias doesn't return for the longest amount of time, and I get very bored with myself. I think about all sorts of different topics until my head hurts. And I stared at the ceiling until my vision was blurred with tears from straining my eyes. My body hurts less, but my neck and right side still ache with miles worth of pain.

After what seems like hours, Tobias strolls into my room with a look of panic painted on his face. "What's wrong?" I immediately ask, afraid to hear the answer.

"Should I start from the beginning?" he replies. I nod in agreement. Tobias kneels down to my bedside and whispers, "But first." Then, he pulls my face closer to his and wisps his lips against mine, just long enough to send a shiver down my back.

"Really, what's wrong?"

"It's the city, Peter," he takes a slight pause before his next answer. "And Uriah."

"Wait, what? What about the city."

"The Allegiant. They're having weapon raids, and about to start a war with the factionless. Since my parents are on different sides, I was going to erase one of their memories, you knew that." I nod, worry filling in every pore of my face. "And I chose to give it to Evelyn. Well, I gave her a choice. Stay here and fight and lose me forever, or take it and form a closer bond between us. She chose me."

"So, what's concerning you?"

"You didn't let me finish. She wanted to talk to Marcus about a compromise. She said that she would lay down her weapons and leave the city and not return. And his side of the agreement would be for him to not take control of the city, or attack it, and let people live and be who they want to be."

"What did he say?" I ask, eager for more information.

"Marcus said no. But, then Johanna stepped down and said that she was the rightful leader of the Allegiant and that she makes the decisions. And Johanna agreed to the compromise."

"Wait, the Johanna. The leader of Amity?"

"Yep. It's surprising, right?"

"Very. Is that the last of the city problems?"

Tobias nods, and continues on with Peter, "Peter, he doesn't quite know who he is."

"What exactly do you mean by that?"

"He drank the memory serum. Wanted to be a different person, I guess."

I pit forms in my stomach. What exactly happened to Uriah? Did he die? Tears spring to my eyes at the thought. Tobias starts kissing me again, comforting me for what he's about to say next. I pull away and mutter, "What happened to Uriah?"

"He won't wake up. Ever." Now the formed tears in my eyes roll down my cheeks, and Tobias wipes them away. "Zeke and his mom know and they came here. They're actually with him right now. And one last important detail, he's being unplugged tomorrow."

The way he said 'unplugged' makes me want to curl up into a little ball and cry. Cry that I couldn't convince Tobias not to help Nita. And cry just because I need to. Tobias sees my pain once more, and comforts it. Not just by kissing me, but by talking to me and making me feel like this will all be over. And I know it will, at least someday.

Tobias stays with me all night, and he falls asleep with his neck dangling over the side of the chair next to my bed. I wake up, and rub my fists against my eyes and look over my shoulder to Tobias. I grasp his hand and press my lips to it, softly. His eyes flutter open, and he manages to grin, while I keep my lips firmly on his hand.

Tobias sits up in his chair and plants a small token of his affection on my forehead. He says, "How do you feel?"

"Better. Now only the places I got shot hurt. You must be sore from sleeping in that chair all night."

He looks at me and whispers, "It was worth it. Do you think you'll be out by tomorrow?"

"Maybe. At least I hope to be." His gray eyes seep into mine, creating a movement of music soar through my veins.

"I wish I could stay, but I need to take care of some issues. I promise I'll be back tonight."

Then it hits me. Uriah's "event" is tonight. I give him a slight nod, and he leaves. With a mountain of tears welling in my eyes, I sit back into my bed, and heave out a sigh. What did Uriah do to deserve this? The only thing I can think of is making people laugh uncontrollably. Otherwise, he is a sunshine of a soul. Before I can try to stifle them, the mountain of tears crumbles down my cheeks.

Tobias comes to take me to Uriah's "event" a few hours after he left. He guides me down several hallways, his strong arm steadying me. Once we get to Uriah's room, I see multiple more bodies circling around his bed. Uriah looks so peaceful, the beeps of his heart monitor blocking out the screaming inside my head.

Zeke and his mother stand at Uriah's side with a river of tears flowing down their cheeks. The doctor talks for a little while, then he works on his breathing machine. And suddenly, the line on Uriah's monitor forms a thin, straight line.