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Tris's POV:

Evelyn leads us down to the old Erudite headquarters, and into what used to be Jeanine's old office. I shudder at the lingering thought of her. She commands us to sit, and we do so. I steal a glance over at Tobias, and he looks horrified by his mother's look of delight.

She speaks after several moments of silence with, "Now, I don't want to make too much trouble, but please tell me what you know about the attacks."

I take a deep breath in attempt to calm myself, and answer, "Listen. We did not attack the city. We know absolutely nothing."

Evelyn lets out a small giggle. "Oh, honey. We know you did, for who else would?"

Tobias's brow curves into a furrow. "What, won't you threaten us with 'We have your friends held hostage, and if you don't admit to something you didn't do, we will cut your head off'?"

This time, Evelyn is the one who bears the shock on her face. "I thought only you two came. Who else came with you?"

I shoot Tobias a glance, and he nods slightly, telling me to tell the truth. "Cara, Caleb, and Christiana."

Evelyn leans over on her desk until the edge cuts her off from leaning any further. "We don't have them anywhere. Now, I want you to tell me the very real truth on who might've taken them."

Tobias answers immediately with, "You. That's our only theory."

Evelyn inches back, and her face turns a ghostly white. She swears under her breath before saying, "We've had calls from…from other cities threatening to start a war, but I never…oh my god, but I never thought it would actually…you know…happen."

Then she starts sobbing into her hands, and I reach out to her. "What do you mean by threats?"

After a few moments, she finally lifts her head again, and her eyes are red and puffy from the tears. "They would have letters sent, and stuff like that." Then, she takes a slight pause before asking, "Do you mind if you help us with fighting them?"

Tobias answers for both of us with a reassuring nod. "We just need to find Cara, Christiana, and Caleb. Just get up, and we can get started."

Christiana's POV:

My wrists burn from the pain injected in them from these damned ropes binding them together. I attempt, once again, to wriggle them free of the rope's grasp, but it's no use; it only results in warm blood trickling down my arm. I clench my teeth from the everlasting pain, and reach my hand down to skim Cara's. She sits behind me and Caleb is to my left. He keeps his head down, as if he was in shame, and Cara responds to my movement with a reassuring grasp of my right index finger. Soon enough, one of the rotten soldiers from some place called Des Moines walks in. He stands tall, with a short haircut for his chocolate brown tufts of hair. His eyes are a dark tone of brown, and his teeth are very white, and straight. So, to sum it up, he was extremely attractive.

His voice is very deep, and plays a beautiful melody of music to my ears. "Hello. My name is Noah, and I come here from Des Moines, a city about five hours drive from here. We don't want to cause too much harm, but I just want to know the feel of the city. Now, please, I'd love to know you're names. Starting with you," Noah says as he makes eye contact with me.

I feel my cheeks become hotter as I say, "I'm Christina," I begin, "and I'm seventeen." He smiled at my remark, and moved onto introducing Cara and Caleb.

"Well, I'll just leave you three here, and someone will come back later for your interrogation." And with that, he left the room, and became a distant memory.

After he was sure to be gone, Cara remarked in a mocking tone, "You like him, don't you Christiana?" I sure am glad that I have my back turned to her, for my face was as red as a tomato.

"No. I'd be insane to like someone who captured me." Cara laughed, while Caleb stayed as silent as a mouse.

The next few hours went lagging by, me making my wrists bleed more than they should, Caleb biting his tongue, and never letting a breath be somewhat loud, and Cara trying to lift the spirits of everyone by cracking jokes. Finally, Noah came back in, with another man who seemed to be in his mid-fifties.

"This is Mr. Scotia, the person who is questioning you." Noah must've noticed our frightened looks, for he remarks, "Don't be worried. I got you the least intense one." His tan skin accented his hair and eyes perfectly, as if there were the boy of my dreams standing right in front of me.

The interrogator first questioned Cara. She took a good ten to fifteen minutes for her questions. Noah turned my chair around, and started unbinding my wrists, grazing his hand along the nip of them, and I felt a surge of electricity every time he did. At last, I was free of the cursed ropes, and Noah led me by the elbow, following Mr. Scotia. Butterflies fluttered in my stomach as Noah's soft hand touched my elbow. He didn't look at me very often, but I stared at him maybe a bit more than I should have, taking in every distinct detail of his facial features.

Noah sat me down in a chair behind a table, in which Mr. Scotia sitting directly across from me. His deep voice bellowed as he says, "Now, tell me about this city you call Chicago."

I thought for a moment. What could I share about Chicago, for there was so much to tell? I started with, "Just recently, the factionless changed the faction system into where everyone could live freely, and such. Before, there were factions, Erudite, Dauntless, Candor, Amity, and Abnegation, and when you were sixteen, you took an aptitude test on which one you belonged in. Then, you would normally choose that faction to live, work, and raise a family in. The factionless were normally the ones who missed the qualities needed for initiation. Anyways, the whole process is rather difficult to explain."

Mr. Scotia stays quiet for a moment, then orders, "That is all, you may now go."