It wasn't as if Leo was evil or anything. He was still one of Chase's best friends and he would protect his brother no matter what, but sometimes he wished Leo wasn't his brother and was just his friend.

He sighed through his nose and ran his hands through his hair to let out some frustration. It didn't work. Leo was out with Adam and Bree, watching a movie. Chase had declined and said he was trying t make tweaks to the new lab to make it more homely. Tasha had gone out shopping, probably to buy some clothes or shoes.

Davenport strolled over to him, "how are you doing on the blue prints, Chase?"

Chase looked up and smiled, "Okay, I guess."

Davenport frowned, "are you okay? You don't look yourself. Is it because of that 'Cheddy' app? Chase, I'm sorry, but you shouldn't have-"

"No, it's not because of that." I sighed. "We never get to do this anymore."

He laughed... Not the reaction I was expecting. "Chase, we did that neutron experiment last week!"

"That was Leo."

He stopped laughing, "what about the orbs-"


"Preparations for 'the call' last month?"

"Le- Wait, you started preparing for 'the call' without me?!" Chase knew he was probably acting like a child, but this was important! This had been his thing before Tasha and Davenport even knew each other existed, before they went on missions. Chase could feel the hot sting of tears pricking his eyes. "Are you going to give Leo my bionics tomorrow too?"

"Chase, I'm sorry. I-"

"I do so much for you, I defended you when Douglas tried to convince us all to join him, I turned down Douglas' offer to become the ultimate bionic, AND I defeated the trident app by risking my own life twice, but you decide to spend more time with your step-son!"

"Chase, I-"

Chase turned and ran out of the lab, not bothering to look back; more than ever wishing that he had Bree's super speed, but it didn't matter, Donald wasn't following, he was trying to figure out where he want wrong. He knew Chase had a point, but how was he going to make it up to Chase?

Chase found Tasha's old sewing room, ran in, slammed the door, found the darkest corner and started to cry, not caring if anyone saw or heard him.

He may be bionic but he still cried; he still had fears and need for attention.

How was he supposed to find it here?

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