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This events is after the season 5 where it is confirmed that finn is already 15 when it ended.

Finn is sitting in a hill as the sun sets down he begins to think of himself and those around him.

-Finn POV-

Why do every girl I like has their own reasons, I tried reaching bubblegum but she keeps saying
that our age gap is way to big but I'm 15 now, Marceline never takes me seriously , and Flame Princess has her own issues I cannot understand. "Does everything has to have a reason?" I question myself.
"What if I just leave? Will they miss me?" Thoughts of everything that has happened is in my brain
After my break up with FP, Slime Princess needs my help to act as her lover.
"Can't they see how much it hurts.." I don't understand PB either
she kisses me sometimes but act like its nothing and she keeps treating me like a child
"Enough..." Marceline when I need her the most, treats me as if I'm not taking anything seriously
Flame Princess too when she ask for my help to stop the coup attempt by Don John,
She just ask me like nothing happened between us, as if I was a person who would just gladly accept anything she would or any of them ask me to do.
"I know being a hero doesn't mean I'll get something in return like a girl or treasures"
The pain that I'm feeling right now, It hurts so bad, I don't like it, I just wanna get rid of these feelings
"I guess leaving this place for a while will be good for me, a little break from all this hero stuff."
I stand up and head towards the treehouse, I realize that tears were dropping from my eyes as I think
of how or if even they do care for me or think about me.
I started to put all the books that I have on the table at the same time my bag and my provision,
pulling out all the maps that I have I start to look for a place that none of Ooo has ever seen.
I've searched for hours and found nothing, but just as I'm about to take a break from researching
a paper fell. It's ancient probably a thousand years I guess.
"World Map...uh I guess this is the world before the mushroom war." I grab every detailed map of Ooo and start comparing it to the World Map.

As finn is researching his newly found map, Finn did not notice that his bag is wiggling there came out
BMO and his friend worm.
"Why was finn crying?" BMO ask
"I don't know why he was crying too,I guess he forgot that we've been playing hide and seek."
"I better tell jake when he visits us here"
"but will he believe you?"
"I have recorded everything that finn had said." BMO said.

As they both sneak their way out finn has already finished his research.
"The world sure is big, Ooo is just a part of a huge land and I can't read it it's too blurred."
Then finn look confused as if something is missing
"Fire Kingdom, Nightosphere, Lumpy Space are all missing?"
Finn begins to wonder as to why there is no location of portals to the map.
"Weird..." as he marks an island with much more little islands around it "I guess that's where I'm going"
"Guess I'll leave a letter so that jake won't worry too much when I leave without saying a word."
Finn started to write a letter for jake and anyone else that might look or worry about him.

"Dear Jake,
I'm just gonna go on an adventure alone. I need it badly
Don't worry about me I'll be fine and I'll return someday


"hehe I guess it's kinda lame but it will do."
Finn heads out with his sword and bag and posted the letter on the door.
as finn was walking towards the sun, BMO look out the window looking at finn who is fading as the seconds gone by.
Finn is about to pass the candy kingdom
"Should I-" Finn hesitated at going to the kingdom before completely leaving "No, I just want to be alone."

It took finn about a week to reach the coast, there are a few boats, and fewer people, I approach an old man who looked like a human but has furs and he seems to own one of these vessels.

"Hey gramps, can that boat take me to this island?"

"Now why would a young man like you go to an island like that only a few cities and most part of it is nature"

"just wanted some time alone.." finn looks to the ground.

"I see girl.. problems eh? haha! no worries I'll take you there and for free, guys like you deserves a break."

"Uhh... Thanks.."

As finn arrived he noticed that the city has little population most of them traders.

"Sure is quite lonely here.."

"Well yeah most of them are at Ooo, the people that live here just want serene and quite place"

"Perfect..." As finn gets his sword and bag and wave his hand to the old man " see ya later grandpa"

It was perfect for finn a place where nature rules and the people around him also wants the same
a peaceful and quite place to stay, at night the people at the cities gather around the beach and sing songs of different sorts they dance around bonfires. During morning he goes around the island he trains or just look at how beautiful nature was, he jumps at waterfalls, swims at lakes , and the food there can be seen anywhere fruits vegetables and animals of all sorts. He started to learn how to hunt and use a bow and a spear.

One night he attended the night party which is held once a week.
As finn look at the people around he sees couples, married people dancing together
it reminded him of his romance as to where everything has failed even when he tried to do everything.
And before finn could notice it, It was already three years ago.

In a bar within the city finn is drinking
"It's been three years since I left Ooo, wonder what has change or who has..." as finn sighs and drinks another glass.

Finn has changed since the past three years he's hair, height , face, he himself has made huge changes
not too muscular and not too thin just the right body, his golden hair grew a little longer just a little.

"I guess I've been gone for far too long.." as he speaks to himself he overhears two people behind him.

"yeah I guess Ooo's in trouble huh? The Flame princess being kidnapped by her own father."

"Excuse me but what are you talking about?" Finn interrupts the two people.

"tensions grew as flame king starts to retake his kingdom and with his daughter kidnapped that Cinnamon guy has no options left but to surrender."

Finn's eyes widened not because of hearing FP is in trouble but Ooo itself is.
"If Flame King has made this bold move, does things took a wrong turn while I was gone?"

"I have to get back!" As finn hurriedly grab his gear and rides a boat towards Ooo.

It took days to get back to the coast of Ooo, The ship has just stopped and I hurriedly jump out
and to my surprise.

"Princess Bubblegum?"

"Finn!" as the princess and a few banana guards were with her

She run towards me and gives me a hug.

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