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Cannons, pain, blood, motionless body, and the earth trembling roar of the soldiers fighting. The boy who was supposed to be the 'hero' watch as his friends died, for him. 'this wasn't supposed to happen..' he thought 'did all of these happened because I left?' as his thoughts run through his mind, the boy watch once more, devoid of emotions, staring right through the field of blood.

"We need to rescue Finn now!" the pink princess yells as she rides on the back of her friend Lady Rainicorn "Before Flame King could get any nasty ideas!" she added, the two girls and Rattleballs nodded and quickly thought of a way to rescue their friend.

Princess Bubblegum descends with her friend "I've calculated every possibilities of this battle and all of them will bring us victory" she said, somehow feeling something was off.

"And?" the raven haired girl said.

"Well... he could kill Finn, And we all know that Finn will sacrifice himself any time for us, especially what happened after James" she said

"Yeah.. and if someone sacrificed their life for him... well he's never gonna get over it." a voice said from behind them

"Jake!" they all said in unison.

Jake was Finn's best buddy, after returning to Ooo with Lady, the two were just in time to join the fight, he was told of everything that's happened when Finn had arrived, Jake was furious at first when he heard what has happened to his little brother. After calming down a lot, the dog said he could turn into a giant and squish the army below. The problem was once more 'Finn' rescuing him won't be that easy if they force Flame King to kill Finn, surely the king will not hesitate after all it was his last line of defense.

"Marcy, you can turn invisible right?" the dog said "Why not just untie him and sneak him back here?" he added, as soon as the dog finish everyone had the expression of 'Oh yeah!' and started asking Marceline different question, and her motives.

"Guys, please..." the raven haired girl plead "First of all.. I don't like that guy" she pointed towards where Finn was and before she could add anything Princess Bubblegum intervenes.

"LIKE!? What's this? isn't saving him more important!?" Bonnibel snapped, Marceline who had a confusing look tried to answer back but failed as the pissed Bonnibel Bubblegum continues her ranting "And if you don't like him... why did you had sex with him!?" that last part definite caught everyone off guard.

"What!?" they've all said, well Jake was the loudest 'My little brother was taken off his innocence and I wasn't even there..' is what the dog thought
'Wait, why would I be there? I mean didn't know.. or ugh!' the dog's mind run a visualization of him, watching his little brother do his thing with The Vampire Queen. The dog face palm himself and quickly regrets about even having the guts to think about it

"We'll talk about this later" as he points towards Marceline with an aura and a commanding voice of a parent, the vampire nods.

"I'll distract him.. but that's all I could do.. even with Finn and I, that Scorcher is one pain in the ass." the dog said "I'll help you, Jake" Flame Princess joins in as they create a plan to rescue Finn, they all agreed to the plan and before Bubblegum and Marceline took their place...

"How did you know... about what me and Finn had?" the princess of the Candy Kingdom said no words except she replied with a smile, a creepy one, as the raven haired girl saw it she felt something cold run down her spine. but wait that still didn't answer her question

"When we found you out with Finn that morning... you guys did that too!?" yelling at the last part but fortunately for Bonnibel it got no one's attention.

Once more she said no word, but her face says it all. The pink face of the princess turns redder , and that worried Marceline , for the hundreds of years they've known each other she never saw her face blushed like that. Putting that aside she floats her way to the very side of the army, she started to turn invisible and prepares for a quick extraction. Jake together with Bonnibel Bubblegum and Flame Princess charged their way through the opposite side of where Marceline was. Jake turned into a giant dog and stomp the earth with tremendous force, the roar of the soldiers that shook the very ground was nothing to the giant dog.

"Jake, take care of Flame King, me and Flamy here will try to get that Scorcher guy" Bubblegum said

"Flamy? really? are you kidding me?" Flame Princess whispered to Bubblegum

"Don't you like it? Just imagine Finn calling you... 'Flamy' " she said with a naughty tone which gave the fire elemental a chill in her bones.

'I'm never gonna get along with these two when it comes to Finn' she thought, giggling as she also imagines Finn calling her cute names.

"Here we go!" the dog jump long enough so that when they land it'll be exactly where Flame King and Scorcher will be.

Jake's body returned to normal and then once more he grew his fist large enough to hit Flame King, everywhere.

"GUH!" Flame King groaned in pain as he was sent back towards the very rear. Flamy and Princess Bubblegum charge towards Scorcher, who even is wearing a tissue all over his body could see his face wearing a smug.

Scorcher's eyes widened as she saw Flame Princess brightly light up. 'Impossible' was all he could think of. He made sure that his idiot of a king locked her powers long enough so that the war could be easily won.

And with that Finn was left alone, no guards and no allies beside him, a certain vampire girl slowly approaches him, not wanting to get anyone caught her.
Seeing her love, broke her heart, all those wounds, and everything that he had experience was enough for anyone to let out a tear.

'Seems like he's passed out' she said to herself, starting to get rid of Finn's bonds.

Slowly sneaking Finn out of the battlefield, she whistled loud enough for the dog to hear and not anyone else. Once more he turned huge and grab both Flame Princess and Princess Bubblegum and puts them on his back, running back to their allies.

"NOOOO!" was a shout that caught the three's attention as they run back towards their friends.

Jake, chuckling realizing their plan worked perfectly. Flame Princess not wanting to look back, looked back, she saw her father trying to catch up to them with great speed. Sure the King wasn't the most powerful but still his powers must not be underestimated.

"Uh-oh" Jake started running faster, everyone stopped fighting and just watched as the king chased down the giant yellow dog, everyone who was unlucky enough got squashed.

"Don't worry, Jake, I got a plan" Bubblegum said, drawing out what somehow looked like a gun, well a injection that looks like a gun.

"Remember when your powers had weaken?" she said looking at Flamy, who nodded in response.

"Well, It's what we used when you were still a kid so your powers won't go destroying anyone" Flame Princess was shocked, well she kinda expected Bubblegum to be more involved. Seeing how she just forced her dad to lock her up clearly wasn't enough.

"Hey, Flame King! You Ass!" Bonnibel yelled, pointed her gun which is loaded by a injection with a weird looking fluid in it. Then 'BANG' a loud noise echoed throughout the field which was 80% quieter than before. Flame King didn't bother to dodge, seeing himself as some sort of god gave him the thought of him being immortal.

"Fools! that wi-" before he could say more, the king fell , 60 feet was the total height of his fall, and without his fire elemental powers to save him, a loud thud was heard. Finally the king is dead...

Ooo's army roared happily as they've won... seeing as how the enemy army cheered the Fire Kingdom army got on their knees and surrendered, peacefully.

Hours after the surrendering of the entire army of the Fire Kingdom, one thing was on everyone's mind... 'Where's Finn..'

"Wow, she really is low" Bubblegum mumbles to herself, enough that the dog and Flamy could hear.

"Lady, please give me a ride.."

"Where?"(the rainycorn said in her un-understandable voice) "To Marceline's.." she said.


The boy groaning in pain, trying to stand up was a decision he quickly regretted, pain was sent all throughout his body.

"Easy there, tiger" a girl's voice said, Finn look up only to see a bountiful breast was right in front of him, And that's when he realized that he was sleeping on Marceline's lap.

"You're like it?" she said teasingly..

Coughing up to regain his composure "Thanks" was all he replied.

"Finn, I wanted to say I'm sorry... I've used charm on you and that wasn't fair. It's just that I... I-" she was cut off by Finn's lips locking into hers.

Moaning from the feeling she got, she replied back with a more vigorous kiss.

"Did you use charm on me this time?" he said, smiling warmly as the vampire girl hugged him tight

"Mar... can't... ouch... breath..." he said, the raven haired girl let go, blushing ,she remembered when she reminded Finn that it's never gonna work for them and she clearly didn't want Finn to go down that road with her. But now things have changed.. she didn't know if t'was because Finn got matured, or handsome? no.. the reason for her was too.. low to fall in love with him.. No.. it was because even after getting hurt so many times... he still returned to Ooo, might not be for her, but that's what she liked about him.. the boy with a hero's..

"Heart.." in an unknown location, a man was sitting there watching everything, his magic to spy inside Finn's house or anyone kingdom was not allowed. It was one of the things he hated most... what's the point of spying if you can't see the inside.

"Interesting..." he said "He's grown not stronger but more compassionate and more understanding.." the man said, smirking wickedly as he continued to watch the field that Finn had left. 'His powers aren't the heroic type.. his power is to make anyone beside him turn into a real hero...' the man thought for if fighting a hero was bad enough that it could foil his plan, imagine an army of them all with the same heart, the power to protect their love ones is what makes anyone a hero, not titles, not deeds, no.. If you're willing to sacrifice yourself to save the one that you love then that's the true meaning of a hero.

"Soon, boy, we shall meet"

"Glad I didn't have to use charm on you.." she said, as she started kissing Finn once more, the boy caressed her body, he wants her..

"Slow down, champ" she said, giggling to herself she started to get rid of her tank top. Finn's red face was enough for Marceline that he's liking what he's seeing.

"Go on, you can touch the-" suddenly before the vampire could finish, the door exploded, revealing three figures, one was small and a little chubby, the other was slim and have a bountiful body, it was the same for the third figure except the only thing that was different was their head, one was clearly wearing a crown, and the other it was as if a huge flame was on her... 'Flames!? Crown!? and that little chubby body!?' didn't took long enough for Finn to realize who was there.

"What did I tell you about not going to Tier..." the dog stopped, seeing how Finn was beside a half naked Marceline "fif...teen..."

"Oh come on... can't you give us more time?" the vampire girl pouted, as she started to wear her clothes.

"And you Finn I expect something better.." that commanding voice was none other than Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum.

"Yeah..." oh and Flame Princess

"But we did it too, remember?" Finn said, innocently, not sure if he was still an innocent young man, or was just messing with Bonnibel

"Wha-" Bonnie, completely caught off guard, couldn't find her words as both Jake and Flamy stared at her, eyes half closed and just nodding at every explanation she made..

"Seriously, I can explain..." she said

"Uh-huh.." a staring Flamy got her to shut up

"And since you've all spend some time with him alone, It's my turn now" she said, grabbing Finn and winking at them goodbye, It was so fast that none of them could respond, they were all left to dust.

"Wha- Wait for us you thief!" the girls said in unison as they tried to catched up with Flamy...

The dog took a deep sigh both with relief and annoyance.

"First, he was all lost for love, none of them ever work out for him, and now, all of them are chasing him.. Seriously bro.. you have it hard."

The End!

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