Author's Note: I love Rick and Morty. Despite his flaws Rick (At least our Rick) is a good grandpa. And you know i love HP xovers so...dadadada! The first concieved Hp/Rick and Morty xover!

Question: How would Hogwarts survive a genius Harry raised by his Grandpa Rick?

Little Progeny

Rick Sanchez walked through a vomit green portal with miscellaneous items in both hands.

"Boy that int(BUURP)tergalactic flea markets a weird place. But i(BUURP)ts the only place I can get crystallized plutonium for my Portal Gun.

Rick took his flask out of his lab coat and drank from it. "Oh (burrp) yeah, straight to the brain!"


"Who the hell would be ringing my doorbell this time of night? I swear if its a girl or boy scout selling magazines I'm gonna..." Rick grumbled something about his portal gun and various alternate universes.

"Oh great this is even (buurp) better." Rick said sarcastically. "You little A-Holes!" He shouted. "I swear kids (burp) today have too much time on their hands..."

He heard giggling as he closed the door. He opened again. "Huh?" He looked down and there was a baby in a basket. "Oh (buurp) great. Well come on, I may be a scientist but I'm not heartless. Let's get you ins(burp)ide."

The black haired baby giggled.

"Huh? Curious. There's a note." Rick unfolded the note as he set the baby's basket on the couch.


This freak is Lily's baby. She went and got herself blown up by that Voldewhateverhisnameis she told us about while she was at that freak school.

Rick frowned. His Petunia took the whole pop psychology middle child scenario to a whole new level when it came to Lily. Out of his three daughters she was the least successful. She became a simple housewife while his eldest daughter Bethany became a successful vetrinarian with her own practice. His Lily though, was extra special. Inheriting his brains and her mothers wit and cheek made her quite the interesting kid. That and the whole magic thing.

"Oh so your my gran(burrp)dson too huh?" He asked the baby. He had four grandchildren now. The oldest, Summer, was female. He had three grandsons now. Morty the oldest boy, Dudley who he had met once and was unimpressed by, and now this little guy.

His name is Harry James Potter. Named after that freak she married.

Not caring to read the rest he tossed the letter away.

"Hey there little man. I'm your grand(buurp)pa Rick."

Harry giggled as Rick held him in both hands.

"Oh you like the way I talk (buurp) huh? I think you and I are gonna get along just fine."

He made a mental note to build his little grandson a special crib.

The End

And so the seeds are planted! Hopefully more Hp/R&M xovers will come!"

I have no idea how Ricks Portal Gun works. I'm assuming its a highly illegal element though. I recommend Rick and Morty to everyone who likes animated sitcoms, comedy and scifi.

I may just do one shots on this.