Rick confronts Albus and Minerva about leaving his youngest grandson with Petunia.

ZAP The two magicals where very familiar with the vomit colored portal that appeared.

"Just perfect." Minerva said with two fingers on her nose bridge.

"You A-Holes (buurp) have a lot of explaining to do." Rick said angrily as he came through the portal.

"Mr. Sanchez please, I know your daughter's passing has upset you but-"

"I'm not talk(burp)ing about Lily's death, I've grieved, held a muggle service for her and moved on. My beef with (buurp) you turdballs is that you put my grandson with PETUNIA."

"How do you-?"

"Know? Because one night last (buurp) month I hear my doorbell ring after coming home from the inter(buurp)galactic flea market and what do I find? My youngest grandson on my doorstep. And a note from PETUNIA! You A-holes KNOW she hated Lily! Hell I would have preffered him raised by Beth and Jerry than Petunia and V-Bag." Rick used his little nickname for Vernon. A combination of Vernon and Douchebag.

"The Bloodwards will protect-"

"You know damn well that tllhat kind of blood magic only works if the (buurp) home owners actually care about who the wards are protecting. I have no doubt that had Harry been "Raised" by Petunia and (burp) V-Bag, he'd probably be in a cupboard or some kind of bullshit."

"Where is little Harry now?" Albus asked.

"Beth's watching him for me while I pick my bone with you two." Rick told the old man. "He's having a blast petting baby ponies."

"To be clear, in our own universe with Bethany and not in a universe full of pastel colored pony people right?" Mcgonagall demanded.

"Of course. I'm not exposing him to alternate universes till he's at least 5." Rick said with a raised hand. Just letting you know he's safe with family that will actually love and care for him. Especially since he's the only one of my grandkids who inherited my genius."

"Pardon?" Albus raised an eyebrow.

"I (burp) performed a brain scan on every one of my grandkids, Harry's cousins, (buurp) and none of them had the particular brainwave pattern that gives Ricks our genius. My Lily was booksmart, but she wasn't Ricksmart. Harry though, is. It skips a generation you see." He took a swing from his flask. Buurp. "My grandpa had it, I had it, Now Harry's my legacy. I (burp)'m the only one qualified to raise this kid in the world. So I'm say(buuurp)ing this only once. Try anything, and you'll regret it."

And with that Rick shot open another vomit green portal and walked through it. Then his head came back through.

"And don't even think about getting the Ministry of Magic involved. Some hi(burp)gh up shitheads owe me a few favors. Just a little friendly advice. See you assholes in ten years."

And with that Rick Sanchez left a very shocked Albus Dumbledore and Minerva Mcgonagall.

"Call a staff meeting. Let them know what is to come." Dumbledore groaned as he rubbed the bridge of his crooked nose.

End of Confrontation

I am enjoying this! I like Ricks character!

Luna Eclipsed part 2 will be up soon.