I li... Love you

"She's bossy." Eska said to Baddap. "Rude, violet, annoying, mean, and all that stuff."

"You're talking about Mistrene, right?"

"Yeah, who else."

Baddap sighed.

"But you know what else?" Eska continued.


"It's because of those things that makes me like… love her."


"She maybe all of that, but besides that, she nice, sweet, loving." Eska then put up a finger. "And if anyone makes her sad, they'll be welcomed to death."


"I really don't know how to tell her how I feel."

"Just go up to her a say, I love you. Go out with me." Baddap said boldly.

"That's too bold!" Eska screamed.

"It's not that bold. And plus, not telling Mistrene that you li- love her is bothering you and is making you feel uneasy and you're not focusing on practice."

"True, but I just can't be that bold to her! Can't I just say I love you, PLEASE PLEASE, GO OUT WITH ME!"

"You noticed that's pretty much no different from what I said."

"Yes there is!" Eska screamed at the top of lungs. "I said PLEASE, you DIDN'T!"

"…just goodbye." And with that, Baddap walked away from Eska, leaving him alone.


And before Eska could finish!

"So, I'm bossy, rude, violet, annoying and MEAN?!"

Oh shiit.

Well, we could wish Eska – oh what the heck, it's his problem now.


"YES, NOW YOU'RE GOING TO HELL!" Mistrene charged at Eska at full speed, and she punched (or rather lightly hit) on the cheek and tears formed at Mistrene's eyes.


It was very unlikely for Mistrene to cry…for no reason that is.

"You should've just told me you loved me." Mistrene tears suddenly disappeared. "IDIOT!"

Giving Eska lightly punches, Eska did not know what to do. He didn't know if he should be very nervous and faint, or he should shut her up with a kiss.

And guess what he did? Or what someone else did.

Suddenly, a soccer ball hit Eska's back, pushing his towards Mistrene and…

He gave Mistrene and warm hug. [Nanami: Expected a kiss right XD AHAHA NOPE.]

Mistrene stopped her punches, and hugged Eska back, which made Eska's face more like a tomato shade.

Mistrene smiled.

"I li- love you too."

A/N: I totally felt it was kinda…weird. I mean, as much as I love MistrenexEska, there aren't many FanFics about them, so I didn't know how to write them…desu.

So…I hope you enjoyed it Nebula-san!