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Fairy Tail: Omniverse Invasion

Chapter 1: Stopping a Multiverse Annihilation

Far from Earth's Orbit of the Moon

The Chimerian Hammer Mark III

Orbiting far from the Earth itself and hidden along the Dark Side of the Moon was the Chimerian Hammer Mark III. It was a massive alien spaceship that looked like a dark and red tuning fork. The two front points were vertically parallel with each other, tipped with red glass orbs. As the rear of the ship was a massive red orb encased in the center and two red orbs on the bottom. The helm was atop in the rear, above the red orb center of the ship, with the front and sides windowed with red orb-shaped glass. And the rear of the ship was an insect-shaped claw that was the engine thruster of the ship itself. The front two tips sparked with electrical lightning dancing between them both.

The gigantic warship was the pride of the Chimerian fleet from the home world of Vilgaxia, home world of the squid-like humanoids known as the Chimera Sui Generis. And it was the property of the most dangerous conqueror of the universe, Vilgax.


Main Hallway

Black and red humanoid drones were racing down the hallway, firing palm blasters at an intruder. He was racing down the hallway, making tight turns on a green and white hover board, while fiddling with a watch of sorts.

He was a Caucasian American boy of seventeen years of age, with shaggy brown hair, green eyes, pale skin, and a lean, muscular build and of average height. He wore a shirt which was black and had a green stripe in the middle with a white 10 and green stripes on the sides of his shirt. He wore brown jean pants with pockets at the knees, and green and white shoes. He also wore a white hooded jacket with green stripes on both arms and a green number 10 on the right side. And on his left wrist was a white, black, and green digital watch of sorts, with a touchpad black screen, he was currently fiddling with, that displayed a holographic dial of different faced creatures.

This was Benjamin Kirby Tennyson, or known to the world as Ben 10, the greatest teen hero of them all. Or rather the only one. The Omnitrix on his wrist was a brand new model given to him by its creator Azmuth; a more advanced prototype of the old one's he's used in the past. And right now at the moment, he was fiddling with it, trying to find the right alien to transform into.

His new Omnitrix was a duplicate of his old but with new features to it. It had all his currently unlocked aliens and even had the evolutionary matrix reinstalled to allow his aliens to go ultimate again. Apparently Azmuth said Albedo's early Ultimatrix was an inferior glitch filled piece of tech, but he saw the benefit of the evolution application so he added it to his new Omnitrix design after installing all the proper safety features so that they'll be no chance for any aliens consciousness to awaken like with Ghostfreak and the Ultimate Aliens. He also gave it a network link up system so that it's connected to the Plumber HQ database and able to display information and navigational coordinates by tapping into satellites or recorded charts of multiple planets that have been explored by the Plumbers. He also allowed the new Omnitrix to maintain it's DNA analyzer and genetic restoration matrix to heal unstable DNA codes. Needless to say Ben loved the new watch although he still wished Azmuth would unlock the master control for him to use. He still occasionally tried random codes to see if he got lucky and unlocked it but he had no luck, he didn't even manage to unlock a new alien. We'll if what Azmuth said about giving him the master control for his eighteenth birthday was anything to take seriously then he just needed to be patient and wait for his next birthday.

This year, he had just turned seventeen, and had a pretty good birthday party with his family. Gwen and Kevin had arrived to celebrate with him, along with his partner, Rook Blonko. For old time sakes, they had gone to Mr. Smoothy's, and celebrated with the first smoothie the trio had together: A tropic punch Smoothie. Rook had to admit a tradition as that was much cherished between friends, and he felt honored that he had become part of it.

Ben himself had begun to change over year. He had been taking some karate lessons from Gwen just so he could see her more often since she was still in college, learned some stuff about tech from Kevin so he wouldn't be so clueless about things and had been doing some physical exercise to keep himself in shape after an embarrassing past incident and because he knew that he needed to stay on edge so he's aliens could remain at their peak since he knew from past experience that if he wasn't at full strength then his aliens would suffer the same way. The first ever early example had been back when he was 10 just starting his hero career in the summer and he caught a cold which ended up infecting his aliens forms with the same thing that made them weaker and some useless.

Now Ben made sure to keep himself healthy since like the saying goes "your body is a temple" but there was no way he was going to give up his precious chilly fries no matter how bad people said it was to eat them regularly.

He had spent the year doing more missions with Rook as they connected more as a team. Although he still found his know it all attitude to be annoying and his miss understanding of human quotes was still just as annoying. Nevertheless he's gotten along better with him and come to see him as a new best friend.

Though such a nice anniversary/birthday celebration was halted by a report of the Chimerian Hammer coming near orbit. As well as a report saying that a couple of its drones had broken into Under Town, and stolen a Tachyon Generator engine. A full out force of ships were sent in to infiltrate and stop the ship before anything else had happened. Luckily the PROTO-Truck ship had managed to sneak in close enough for Ben to get aboard and find Vilgax first.

However, his moment of concentration was interrupted by shots fired at him. He groaned, "Ugh! Stupid robots! Stupid Vilgax! How many times is he gonna invade Earth until he realizes one thing: that he can't beat Ben Tennyson, he never has and he never will."

Suddenly, a radio transmission came through on an earpiece he was currently wearing. "Ben! Ben! Do you copy?"

"Read you loud and clear, Rook," Ben answered his alien partner's distress call through the Omnitrix. "But this isn't the best time for a call."

"The Omnitrix timed out," Rook guessed.

"Not really, just guessing on which one to choose," he explained, as he continued to look through. "You'd think I could just pick one that would work well."

"Why not try just Humongosaur," Rook advised. "You always seem to go for him. But right now would require a fast decision right away, if you are to get to the Helms deck and stop the main ship from leaving."

"Why's that?" Ben asked while peeking around the corner only to pull back as he was spotted by the drones and fired at. Seeing that his location was blown he hoped on his hover board and moved out to another cover spot.

"Because outside at the moment, a black hole is apparently being opened by the Hammer," Rook advised, as he told Ben about the situation.

"A Black Hole!?" Ben asked is disbelief. "What's Vilgax trying to do now? Suck up the whole planet in a rip through space and time? You think that's what he's using the experimental Tachyon engine he stole?"

"I am not certain as to what is going on, but you must hasten if you are to stop him," Rook replied, and broke communication.

Ben nodded, as he hopped off his board once he turned a corner, dodging fire. He folded it into a Frisbee-shaped disc, and slipped it behind his back. He then turned the dial to the alien he wanted, and smirked, "Alright. Going hero!"

The Omnitrix lens slipped back, as the activation dial popped up, as Ben slammed down. In a green flash, his body began to change shape, until the green flash died down to reveal his new form. His body was thinned down while his skin turned blue and almost reptilian. His hands turned to three black talons while his body was covered with a black bodysuit with a green chest and turtleneck, with an angular head and helmet. A long blue tail jutted from his back while his feet turned reptilian with spheres in them. The Omnitrix symbol was centered in his chest.

"Let's speed this along!" XLR8 hissed.

Omnitrix Encyclopedia

XLR8 A.K.A. Kineceleran

This species comes from the accelerated planet of Kinec. These are probably some of the fastest people in the universe. They can easily go up to speeds of 500 km per hour. Fast enough to run up walls or across water if they so desire. Ben has actually created tornadoes with his XLR8 form. It is rumored that magnets give Kinecelerans problems to the point where they can't balance. This rumor hasn't been proven yet.

The mask then slid down onto his face, as he zipped out of there like a blur. The drones in front of him as he made his way fired at him but they were no match for XLR8's speed, as he easily dodged them. He zipped right up to them, going fast enough to smash through them, leaving a smoked imprint at them, punching them rapidly with his clawed fists. Or he just hopped in the air, and dropped on them, kicking them into flattened cans, or racing at them and swiping his tail at them like a whip. He did this the whole way until he got to the door leading to the Helm.

"Aw, dangit," he groaned, as he looked at the access panel. He sighed, "Don't worry. I just got to input the right code." He then began to type random codes at an alarming accelerated rate. It almost fried the entire board as he did this. He keep this up for a full minute until finally it clicked online. The doors opened up, as XLR8 chimed with confidence, "Vilgax… I got yer number."

He then zipped through the place, looking for anything or any sign of Vilgax. He stopped long enough, and transformed back into Ben in a green flash. He sighed in annoyance, "Oh great! He's either not aboard the ship and controlling this thing by a remote control on the moon. Or he's somewhere else, and I'm gonna have to look for him all over again."

But then something caught his attention, as he turned towards the navigation platform. The holo-nav platform was flickering on and off, showing what appeared to be diagrams of Earth… or rather several. Hundreds to Thousands of Earths, with the continents formed differently, or colored differently, but still all read Earth. Apparently, whatever was going on, it had to do with this, as on the chart, one Earth was selected, flickering with coordinates.

Ben blinked at this, as he asked himself, "What the…? What the heck is this? The navigation computer broken or something?" But then he took notice of something else. Next to the nav computers: a live display of the many sectors of the ship was shown. Everywhere there was activity, especially outside, as Plumber ships were flying around, shooting down the robot drone flyers in space. But then Ben took notice of major activity down in the engine deck.

There, he spotted somebody hard at work at an unseen spot in the engine room. Once Ben saw who it was, his face grew serious, as he got back on the comms, "Rook. I think I know who's helping Vilgax with the Tachyon Generator." But then he realized there was static interference, as he tried again, "Rook? Rook, come in. ROOK!"

Suddenly, drones shot out from the roof, the floor, and even the door that opened up. They all surrounded Ben, pointing their blasters at the boy, who just groaned at all this. He sighed, as he smirked, "Okay, guys… who's up for a little fun…?"

Engine Deck

Working on a lab console, was a Caucasian American human boy of seventeen years of age, with shaggy white hair, red eyes with black circles, and even paler skin, and a lean, muscular build and of average height. He wore a shirt which was black and had a red stripe in the middle with a black 01 and red stripes on the sides of his shirt. He wore gray jean pants with pockets at the knees, and black and white shoes. He also wore a black hooded jacket with red stripes on both arms and a red number 01 on the right side. And on his right hand was a red and black fingerless gauntlet that went up only to the wrist, worn on the back of the hand with a red and black Omnitrix symbol on it. To anyone that saw him but didn't know who he really was they'd assume he was Ben Tennyson himself with a new look, a long lost twin brother or even someone who just looks like him.

But those that knew who he really was knew different. This was Albedo, the evil twin of Ben Tennyson; a former Galvan scientist that had become the negative version of Ben. And on his right hand was the Ultimatrix, his variation of the Omnitrix; a supposed improvement over Azmuth's technology, his former master.

Albedo had gone through quite a lot of trouble to escape from prison but nevertheless managed to do it by easily deceiving those two fools Blukic and Driba. Honestly those two were an insult to the Galvan race and he wondered how those two buffoons could be trusted with anything important.

His biggest obstacle was finding out how to reverse what Azmuth did to his Ultimatrix which caused him to turn into an 11 year old version of Ben with his differences. That had been without a doubt the most wretched and undignified time of his life and he cursed Azmuth for it. He knew that he did that as a kind of payback for when he took his intellect from him. One day he was going to get back at him after dealing with Tennyson who was still on the top of his list. Thankfully after months of searching he finally found the components to restore himself back to his now 17 year old self and revert back to his Galvan form. Nevertheless he still used his Ben lookalike form for work since he had grown accustomed to it. Unfortunately he still hasn't been able to rid himself of Ben's influence such as his obsession with Chilly Fries. Despite knowing he just likes them naturally he refuses to believe that a being with his level of intellect would actually enjoy those greasy and disgusting fries they dare call food, so he just blames Ben for his addiction.

Currently, he had converted a Tachyon Generator with what apparently a small sphere, with three rings encircling it constantly. He was putting in the final coordinates, as he smirked proudly, "Ha! They thought this was insanity, a fool's dream. Well, I, Albedo: the true Prime Thinker has finally done the impossible!"

"I hope so for your sake." A new deep and gruff voice said behind Albedo who turned to the voice.

The figure was a hulking giant who stood nearly nine feet tall with heavily muscles, although there were cyber implants in the arms and shoulders, as well as in the knees. The big guy was green and humanoid like, with 6 long tendrils for a beard, but with two stocks that belonged to a squid of sorts. He was dressed in red and black armor, with pieces on his shoulders, chest and forearms with cybernetic poles attached to them with the exception of his chest. He wore a pair of arm guards which had what looked like a small control console attacked to his left wrist while he had a yellow jewel attached to the right armguard. His shoulder armor had a pair of large spikes on each side and he seemed to his feet were covered in metallic footwear that had two sharp points for toes. Lastly he had V-shaped headpiece to cover his forehead and eyebrows, but didn't do well to hide his menacing red eyes, that if one looked close, it felt they were falling into the 9 levels of Hell. This was Vilgax, a Chimera Sui Generis, or rather the ruler of the Chimera Sui Generis, the most dangerous being in the universe, conqueror of ten planets, destroyer of five, and creator of a Black Hole… or in this case, two. And Ben Tennyson's most relentless arch enemy.

Vilgax had gone through some changes since his last encounter with Ben. After he had gained his new Omnitrix Vilgax saw that some new improvements were needed to his already great powers. So he decided to make himself even stronger and thanks to his new cybernetic implants he was feeling better than ever. How he was stronger, faster and fiercer than before with a stronger body making it that much harder for Tennyson to try kill him. However despite his self-upgrade he still desired the Omnitrix and Ben's demise to fulfill his goal in ruling the universe. Plus so far he hadn't tested his new strength against Tennyson so it was unknown how effective it would be against his new Omnitrix.

So he decided to come up with a plan to finally eliminate Ben. However his plan required someone with great intellect in order for it to be carried out. That's where Albedo came in where he tracked him down and found him in hiding trying to find ways to revert what Azmuth had apparently done to his Ultimatrix. Now while Vilgax's could've taken it from Albedo he saw that the Omnitrix was the true greatest creation of Galvan Prime and believed it's inferior design wouldn't satisfy him. Especially after knowing all the faults it had with the primary being that the users body becomes a copy of Ben's and Vilgax had no intention of taking in his nemesis's form. So he struck a bargain with Albedo, he assists him in getting what he needs to regain his Galvan form and he would help him enact his master plan to rid themselves of Ben Tennyson forever.

Naturally at first Albedo was judgmental and distrusting in working with Vilgax again after their first and last alliance ended with him being betrayed and imprisoned by Vilgax after he backed out of their agreement. However after Vilgax kept to his word of helping Albedo repair his Ultimatrix and restore his Galvan form he decided to offer his assistance to build what the space conqueror needed to make his plan a reality. After hearing what his plan was he naturally became interested in helping with it. Especially when it meant the end of his enemy Ben. However that didn't mean that Albedo trusted Vilgax, quite the contrary he was still on guard and keeping a close on him for signs of betrayal due to past hostilities.

"You are aware of the risks of doing this near Earth space," Vilgax warned Albedo, as he stepped out of the darkness. "This is Primary Plummer space, and at the moment I am losing most of my forces. Psyphon and his incompetent dimwitted goons can only work as fast as to resupply the drones in this combat. And this plan would be working faster, if you had speed up your calculations."

Albedo huffed, as he groaned, "Excuse me, but do you know of anyone else that can calculate dozens upon dozens of Earths, simply to find Earth Prime? Or at the very least, do you know of any other geniuses that could turn a Tachyon Engine Generator into a Gravity Drive?" He smirked arrogantly, as he stated smugly, "I think not. Although, I must admit I begrudgingly congratulate on your keen observation that I, Albedo, was smart enough to…"

But he was grabbed by the head, and hoisted up to meet Vilgax face-to-face, as the Chimerian conqueror growled, "If you mention how smart you are again…"

Suddenly, they heard banging up from the roof, as they looked upward. Vilgax placed Albedo down, as he readied himself in a defensive stance to smash the fool who would dare to intrude on them. A giant manhole piece of the roof smashed downward only fifteen feet from them. Drone pieces were smashed about, as a hulking figure was pulling apart the last one.

The creature that crashed through the roof was humongous; his body swollen with raw heavy muscle and brownish orange, scaly skin. Its body and facial features were saurian with a small tail coming out from behind. His feet and legs trunk-like and the body seemed to be twelve feet in height. He wore black boxer briefs with white trim on the waist, along with a green belt sash across his chest, and in the center of it the symbol of the Omnitrix appeared.

"Miss me, Vilgax?" the new alien roared, raising his bulky arms into the air. "Don't worry, I'll give you a little trip down memory lane of pain. Courtesy of Humongosaur!"

Omnitrix Encyclopedia

Humongosaur A.K.A. Vaxasaurian

This species comes from the planet of Terradino. They are very strong physically and aren't afraid to show it. They are also highly resistant to injury. A major ability they possess is the ability to increase their mass. They can grow up to sixty feet tall and their strength grows to match it. Their dinosaur features also become more pronounced. A very powerful being to have in Ben's arsenal. However, due to their reptilian DNA origins, like lizards, they're coldblooded, so that alone is an effective weakness.

Humongosaur threw the pieces aside, and looked to the duo, "Vilgax and Albedo. Man, talk about recurring team-ups. What's the matter Vilgax? You wanted to team up with my evil twin, just so you could beat him up when you can't beat me up?"

"Nice to see you as well, Tennyson," Vilgax sarcastically remarked. "Although, I would love to catch up on our recurring squabble, I have much more important things to do than to fight you as always." But Vilgax relaxed his stance, as he smirked, "But honestly… did you, Maxwell, and the rest of the Plummer forces think you could stop me?"

"Depending on how crazy you were, I figured it'd be an easy victory," Humongosaur smirked, feeling an easy victory coming on. "Even though we still didn't know what you were doing with a Tachyon engine, let alone a Black Hole."

Albedo cackled at hearing that, as he asked, "Do you really believe that up there is a Black Hole? It's far from a mere collapsed star." He looked upward, and smirked at his work, "It's actually the end result of research from Azmuth's golden days. Although he was far too cowardly to even go forth with this research, let alone build it."

Humongosaur arched an eyebrow at hearing that whatever was being built was involved with work Azmuth did, as he asked, "So what is it? A fancy space gopher hole?"

"A portal to another dimension," Albedo answered, "Another dimension leading to an alternate Earth. Maybe one where there aren't any annoyingly stupid teenage heroes." He spotted the credulous look on Humongosaur's face. The evil doppelganger put his hands to his sides, as he shook his head, tsking, "Oh, come now, Tennyson. Don't tell me the theory's never boiled inside your feeble head?"

"Alternate Earths? Sounds like another theory gone untested," Ben quirked. But thought about it nonetheless, "But then again… there was that time a year ago with that 23rd Dimension trip."

"I assure you, they're quite real; Azmuth's research stated the obvious, despite him never fully testing the theory," Albedo defended. But as the two were standing by, an unseen figure was climbing from one of the Carrier's inner ladder vents, overlooking the scene. "Think about it, Tennyson: Infinite Earths with Infinite Realities. For instance, on one Earth, our roles are reversed, in which I'm the hero and you're the psychopath. Or in another one, in which mankind has evolved into creatures of the dark. Or others where mankind didn't evolve into what we are, but something else. Or a world where nuclear war wiped out all of humanity, or even one in which Earth was thrown out of Orbit."

"Okay, I get it. I don't need a lecture coming from you of all people," Humongosaur interrupted, but then pieced it together, "The Holo-Nav computer; that wasn't a map of a solar system. Those were the Alternate Earths you were blabbing about. Although I don't get it, you've wanted to take over this earth, or in the very least annihilate it, so why would you…?"

"I mentioned before when I was enlightened by Azmuth's superior brain that we are not universal, but rather… Omniversal," Albedo pointed out, as he opened his palm. Then on display for the Omnitrix bearer to witness was a similar map of the alternate earths that looked like they were all connected by tree roots. "I stated before that even though if I were to destroy you in this Earth… you would still exist in alternate earths."

"But fortunately, there is a way to ensure that Ben Tennyson will never exist at all." Vilgax stated with a demonic smirk.

Humongosaur sighed, as he asked, "Okay, I'll bite. What's the way?"

Albedo made the display scroll up, as he explained, "I believe the secret in all these alternate universes is that with every action is a reaction. Every choice we make or don't make, in itself creates a new world. Or in this case a new Earth. That is the secret of the Universe…"

"I asked for an explanation, not a lecture," Humongosaur groaned.

Albedo huffed at being interrupted, so Vilgax filled in the blanks, "Albedo believes that these universes branch out from a main universe. An Earth Prime, as it were. To put simply, in order to defeat you completely from my life, I intend to destroy the Earth Prime. And once that happens… the branches will fall off with it."

Humongosaur then blinked, as he realized what would happen, "You're gonna destroy all the earths?! That's insane!"

Vilgax smirked, "If it means you and all other Tennyson's from all timelines and realities will die along with it… then it's the sanest plan I've ever come up with. However the planets destruction will happen only after I destroy the Ben Tennyson of Earth Prime and take his Omnitrix. Once that's accomplished I'll destroy the planet and with that all the others will fall with it, leaving no force in the universe to challenge me and the army I'll have."

"Ha then your just going to end up losing cause if that Earth's Ben is anything like me you'll just end up getting your butts kicked by him." Humongosaur laughed.

"Not once we ally ourselves with our Earth Prime counterparts. Since I doubt you or your other selves can beat 2 Vilgax's and Albedo's. Not to mention with the secret plan we have set up for dealing with your counterpart once we have allied them, the only thing that'll await you is imminent destruction and annihilation. I must admit, this Vilgax's plan is certainly quite ingenious and I'm surprised that I didn't come up with it myself" Albedo confessed since he had to admit it was quite a masterful plan. Although he was much smarter than Vilgax he had to admit that the space conqueror certainly knew how to think out of the box better.

Humongosaur snarled, as he charged forward, "Then that's an even bigger reason why I gotta stop you!" But then suddenly, a figure hopped in front of the Vaxasaurian.

The figure was revealed to be a male, lean muscular build that Ben believed was in human form, he appeared to be seventeen of age, with chalk white skin. He wore a black material outfit; a black turtleneck with a black leather jacket with armored shoulder pads, the right sleeve torn off, with a Taedenite chain wrapped around the right arm, with two mean looking futuristic meat hooks attached to the ends, a pair of black leather pants with knee guards that had spikes, and a pair of futuristic boots with boosters on the ankles. His face was covered by a black mask with red demonic lines. Whoever this guy was, he was getting in his way; as Ben 10 was gonna deliver the smack down on him.

Humongosaur didn't look impressed at this guy, as he cracked his knuckles in anticipation. "Seriously? After all the bounty hunters, assassins, and mercenaries you throw at me? Please, Vilgax. You're not even trying anymore; besides, I've beaten all your goons!"

Vilgax smirked, "Not this one, you haven't."

Humongosaur huffed, as he threw a punch at the new figure…. Only for the new guy to catch it, and even hold it down. Humongosaur struggled to break free of this figure's strength, but it proved that the new guy was too strong. He then lifted Humongosaur high in the air, and swung him around and around, until he threw him at the wall. In a flash, Ben reverted back to normal, as he smacked into the wall back first. He slumped down, as he groaned, "Ooh, what the heck is this guy eating for breakfast? Steroids mixed with heroine?"

Vilgax allowed a smirk to spread on his face, as he explained, "My newest associate is an Albeeno-Czarnian. Or rather… the last Albeeno-Cznarian. One in which I adopted and trained for him to be the most ruthless enforcer/bodyguard for my reign once I…"

"BOOOORING! You're talking too much again Vilgax." the masked alien stated, as his mask folded into his jacket, revealing him to have chalk-white skin, short cut black hair, and yellow eyes with black rings around the eyes. "Now then Ben Tennyson I hope you can provide me with some fun." He then pulled out his chain, whipping it around like a jump rope or a ribbon, as they dug into the metal floor. "Because if there's one thing I hate more than fighting weaklings is fighting guys I thought would be tough but instead end up disappointing me." he then jumped in the air, whipping the chains around like whips, spinning like a top in the air at Ben, as he shouted, "BANZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAI!"

Ben paled, as he ducked out of the way, as the hooks dug into the spot he previously was in. Once Ben hopped back onto his feet, the albino alien continued to whip and slash at him, with Ben easily dodging them. He was really thanking his training with Gwen as the results were showing well. He was glad he listened to his Grandpa about not relying on his Omnitrix so much. He not only trained with Gwen but also did some weapons training with Rook and Grandpa and learning to use the Proto-Tool. Though Rook stated that he should get his own, considering Ben had a tendency to fire a laser accidentally at him whenever he used it.

Ben leapt-dodged one more attack, as his opponent stopped in his tracks, and smirked, "Well, well. You're certainly agile for a human. But if running's all you can do then you're better of leaving the fighting to professionals."

"Seriously, dude," Ben asked. "Who are you?"

The Albeeno-Czarnian stopped, as he smirked, "Oh, I'm sorry, Skippy. Introductions are in order. Although you're not worthy enough to know my real name my master Vilgax gave me the codename name Death. It stands for Deadly, Enforcer, Against, Threatening, Heroes. Quite a fitting name don't you think considering what I was trained for? I especially like it when my targets say my name before I end their lives so that when people ask who killed them they'd say it was Death." He then looked to Ben and innocently smiled. "That sounds very ominous don't you think?"

"I think you're a certifiable nut with a big mouth," Ben truthfully commented on to the weirdo.

Death gasped in shock, gasping in shock, until he finally smiled, "Thank you." He also stated, "My name also rhymes with breath, which I can totally assure you'll be taking your last one before Death is through with you… See? it rhymes. Hahaha! I'm a poet and I didn't even know it! Ha!" he laughed hysterically at his own rhymes.

Ben sweat dropped at this guy, and looked to Vilgax, "Seriously? This guy is supposed to be your ultimate enforcer? He's a nut ball. Where do you even find a guy like this? In the null voids loony bin?"

But then Death snuck up behind him and pulled at Ben's underwear, giving him a wedgie as he cried out, "DOUBLE WEDGIE ATTACK! AHAHAHAHA!" He then noticed Ben's underwear, as he commented, "Black spandex workout underwear? Oooh! Why didn't I think of that?" He then whispered, "The black does hide any stains… case I spill juice on it."

Vilgax just groaned at his enforcer's ridiculousness "If he didn't have that warped mind or that mouth, he would make the perfect soldier for leading his armies."

But then before Ben could recover from his surprise wedgie attack, Death wrapped his Taedenite chain around Ben's neck, and slowly started to choke him. "Taedenite's a boy and girl's best friend, Benny Boy." Death maniacally joked, as he smirked at Ben's face turning blue, "You wear it well!"

Suddenly, a com link on Vilgax's side opened up, revealing a white and red-eyed individual who looked like a one horned mask less version of Darth Vader pop up. He was Psyphon, Vilgax's number 3 man, supplier of the drones, and personal punching bag for the Chimerian warlord.

"Sir! The Plumbers are nearly wiping out our forces," the albino horned villain panicked. "I don't know how long we have until the Hammer gives in!"

"Keep fighting," Vilgax roared. "Do not let up! Tear the Plumbers apart!" and broke the com link, and turned towards Albedo, "ALBEDO! How much longer until you find…."

"Found it," Albedo smirked, as he typed in the coordinates, "Destination: Earth Prime."

The three rings then warmed up, as they stopped in the center, forming a bulls-eye of sorts. The circles then lit up creating a blind light, indicating that the gateway was fully activated, and that the Black Hole was becoming a stabilized portal to an alternate earth.

Ben saw this, as he was slowly losing consciousness, as Death taunted in a Hannibal Lector-like tone, "I regret that this was our first and final confrontation, but all things must have an end." He then held the hook part at Ben's chest, as he commented, "You're a brave person to have come this far…" But as he ranted, Ben's hand made it to his Omnitrix, as he shuffled through, looking for the right alien. "I think I'll take that nice jacket you have on, it'll make a sweet trophy for me. And then I'll eat your heart," Death said, and then finished all goofy. "Plus I'll be stocking up on earth's delicious pizzas before we destroy the planet. I'll enjoy the view of its destruction from up here while eating endless pizza."

"Eat this," Ben managed to wheeze out, as he slammed the Omnitrix down, and changed into his alien.

Ben's body immediately swelled up like a balloon. His entire body turned white as his head was pulled into his torso. Yellow plating appeared on his back while his arms and legs turned trunk-like. His mouth filled with short but sharp teeth. His eyes turned completely yellow and it was obvious his muscles became quite advanced. On his forehead was the mark of the Omnitrix.

"Cannonbolt!" he shouted, as he flexed his arms.

Omnitrix Encyclopedia

Cannonbolt A.K.A. Arburian Pelarota

This alien hails from the planet Arubia. Although the planet was destroyed by a cosmic entity in the past, Ben's form is possibly the last one in existence. Its body is covered with near unbreakable plating which can resist heat, laser, and even acid. They can coil themselves into a ball and roll themselves into their opponents. However, they aren't the fastest species in the universe, due to their stubby legs, and cannot turn quickly, giving fast opponents an advantage in agility. However, this alien is a mean opponent to deal with; like getting hit by a cannonball at such a velocity.

Death looked at the form, as the chains couldn't contain his fat neck, as he gulped, "I'm in trouble, ain't I?"

"Yep and you can bet this is going to hurt you more than me." Cannonbolt smirked.

He rolled up into a ball, and spun fast, making velocity, as he sped all around the room. However, the chain was still around him as Death was dragged around, like a skier being pulled by a speed boat. The two raced around the room, bouncing off walls, with Death being dragged around in the process, as he screamed like a little girl. However, the two finally made it towards Vilgax and Albedo, who jumped out of the way to avoid the collision coming towards them. A loud crash was the end result of the collusion. A crash into the computers as the coordinates were scattered and a new Earth was chosen as a result

Albedo groaned, as he saw the coordinates had been swapped. "No! The coordinates! We've lost them!"

"Can you fix it," Vilgax shouted, as he grabbed and threw Cannonbolt and the still attached Death off to the side.

"He just said he lost the coordinates." Cannonbolt stated. "What do you think?"

Vilgax was about to stomp over to Ben and smash him. But then suddenly, they all heard a loud metal roar coming from the front of the Hammer. It had reached the portal, slowly entering it… but as it did so, it was slowly coming apart.

Albedo's eyes widened with fear, as he realized what was going on, "No! I hadn't calculated this."

Vilgax looked to the Ben lookalike, as he roared in anger, "What is this?! What's going on?!"

"The Tachyon generator has targeted the new selected Earth and the systems going into overload causing the vortex's gravitational pull to increase and suck the ship in. Albedo answered full of panic "The portals tearing the Hammer apart and we have no way of pulling back."

Hearing that, Cannonbolt gulped, "Oh boy."

"I do not like this one bit!" Death shouted.

Back in Space

As the remaining Plummer forces safely made their distance, they felt that all was lost on this final mission to take down the Chimerian Overlord. However, as they all backed away, they heard massive explosions coming from the Hammer. They all gazed in fear and awe, as they witnessed the warship being sucked into the supposed Black Hole. The vortex itself was spiking and dancing with lightning bolts; possible discharge of the portal's growing instability. As the Hammer was finally sucked in, the portal began to close; a whirlwind of clouds circling the hole, as it finally started shrinking.

And then, with bright starlight forming from the cracks, a mighty explosion erupted from the closing portal. The black void of space lit up with blinding light, as everyone shielded their eyes. Once the roaring of the explosion faded, they all looked up, to see the clear void of space once again, and only a small dust debris was scattered around the spot to where the gateway was once at. Once they saw the Hammer gone, along with Vilgax, they all cheered in victory. The reign of Vilgax was finally over.

However, to those who knew that Ben Tennyson was still aboard… it had come with a price.

Next Chapter: The World of Magic… Meets Ben 10!