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Fairy Tail Omniverse Invasion

Chapter 27: Rivalry of Fairy Tail; Finding the Ultimate Rival! Part 1

Girls Dormitory/Juvia's Room


The sun rose within Juvia's room, which was unexpectedly normal in comparison to the other tenants living in the dorm. It was a nice quaint decorum, with a silently slumbering blue-haired beauty almost sprawled on the bed, spooning a little plush stuffed toy. Once the sun peered through the veils, the beauty underneath the white and blue covers stirred awake again. Juvia groggily got up, rubbing the sleepiness and eye crust out of her eyes, as she sat up on her knees, leaning on her right hand, while her left pulled back her hair from her face. She was wearing a light blue silk shirt that draped over her left shoulder, showing she currently wasn't wearing a bra and matching blue and white striped panties.

She looked down on her bed and saw the plush toy… which was a cute mini version of Ben dressed up in a miniature white shirt, green jacket and navy blue pants. He had dark green buttons for eyes and had a smile in stitches. She personally had someone had someone custom make it just for her to her great delight at having her first plushie of her crush.

She smiled, as she scooped him up by his arms, and spoke to him like he was a real person, "Good morning, Ben." And planted a kiss on the doll's cheek as she scooted over to the edge and sat down. "Another great day and an even better event as well." But then she set the doll down, and walked to the bathroom. "But first, I need to go clean up."


The running hot water sprayed down upon Juvia, rinsing off the suds of the soap she scrubbed on her flawless figure. She gently caressed her body as she washed herself down. But before that could even happen, she heard the door opening, as she called out, "Hello? Who's there?"

The door suddenly opened to reveal to Juvia… Ben, in nothing but a towel. Juvia backed into the wall, blushing madly as well as covering herself up, "Ben?! Wha…. What are you doing here?... In a towel?... In my bathroom?... In the shower?"

However, he didn't seem to be flustered or embarrassed. Instead he smirked as he replied, "Hey, Juvia.

But Juvia was just too flustered to comprehend the notion of a hello, as she asked, "Uh, hi, Ben. You still didn't answer me on how you got in my room or shower, let alone why you're here?"

It got even more flustering for her, when he stepped into the shower, closing the curtain door behind him, "Well, there's something I needed to tell you. And I figured I needed to say it before I lost the nerve."

Still worried on it, Juvia backed herself into the wall, her back touching the shower pipe and realizing there was no way out as the shower rained down on her. Her vision becoming a bit obscured by the water over her eyes. She looked slightly alarmed, but puzzled, "Um… what is it?"

Ben looked at her, blushing a little bit but spoke out, "I've been doing a lot of thinking, and just as I already knew…" Juvia looked a little worried at what he was trying to say. Until he finally said it, "The truth is…I'm in love with you, Juvia."

Her eyes went wide with shock and surprise, as her cheeks blushed a little. "R-Really, Ben?" She was shaking in nervousness and blushed a little bit at what Ben had told her.

She nearly tearfully cupped her mouth, as she confessed, "Ben, I… " but then realized that in using her hands to cup her mouth she had released the hold on her towel which wasn't properly secured as it fell to the floor leaving her completely exposed. "Kyaaa!" she shrieked before quickly bending down to grab the towel and cover her body again. She sighed, as she stated, "I think I should get a…"

But Ben got on top of her, preventing her from leaving the shower, but shielded her from the raining water. He looked at her with a wanting in his eyes; like a predator sizing up his/her prey. Needless to say, this made Juvia pretty nervous, as she tried to get out of this before something went further, "Wait a… Ben, wait a minute! Please just stop…"

He leaned in to her face, a glimmer in his eyes, and a smile, "Sorry, it's just… I really wanna kiss you."

Her blush only intensified, as she tried to get away, fearing things were going too quickly for her. In which this case, they were, as Ben prevented her from running. Her thoughts were running crazy in her head in this situation, "I can't believe this is happening. Ben… loves me?" Her heart was racing the moment she smelled his cologne and blushed even more, "Wait a minute! There's something strange going on. It's all too sudden. I mean I've wanted something like this to happen, but this… this is too quick! And why does he like about me to love me? I'm nowhere near as attractive as Erza, Cana, much less even Mirajane, nor as experienced as them. And I'm so foreign in such things; I've never even slept with a man before."

She shook her head after thinking about this, "No, this isn't right! I don't want him to think of me and him like this! He has his home to think of, a place I can never join him in; I can't do this! I…" She then felt his right hand go behind her head to bring her closer to him.

She blushed now that they were closer; close enough to kiss. She saw the look in Ben's eyes that showed a lusting for her, and that caused a shiver to go down her spine. She began to lose focus as her thoughts began were literally starting to swim, 'Ohhh, would a seventeen year old guy have that look in his eyes when he's about to kiss someone? There's something wrong here! Ben's not like this!'

She had gotten to know Ben a good bit since joining Fairy Tail and from her fight against him when she was still in Phantom Lord and this wasn't like him. Ben was nice, caring to his friends, had a streak of mischief that resulted in a love of pranks, loved smoothies and most noticeable of all was that he was easily embarrassed by beautiful woman who teased and flirted with him. He was not exactly someone who tried to charm or seduce women, she should know cause she's tried charming him and has seen Cana seduce him into near submission. The guy just didn't seem to have it in him to be the one making the flirter.

But despite all these reasonable arguments she couldn't argue as she closed her eyes, as Ben's lips got closer to hers. Her hands were on his chest when she tried to push him off, but they stayed there just holding him up. She thought as a stray tear started to form, 'I…I…I can't! Ben …if you're in there…please…stop…'

But before Ben could respond, a hard spray of water awoke her out of the dream and back into reality.

"GAH!" Juvia screamed for a moment as coughed up a storm when she resurfaced from the bathtub when she felt the shower water raining down on her. It seems she had fallen asleep during her bathing and unintentionally caused her body to turn into water. She ended up sinking into the water filled tub and stayed that way until she began to turn solid again and felt the shower pouring on her, which gave her a good wake up call.

She shut off the shower before getting up and then blinked before looking around. No sign of Ben, nor any presence available. She finally sighed, "Another daydream… great."

After her shower, Juvia was currently wearing a blue towel and drying off her hair, as she walked to the closet. But her mind was focused on the daydream she had in the shower. A small blush on her face was present, as she opened it up to get her clothing for the day. "What did that mean? The daydream," she asked herself, as she grabbed her clothing and undergarments for the day. But just remembering the scene before her, her face blushed even more.

She looked at the mirror, as she resolved herself, "Snap to it Juvia. Today's the big day. The day that you and Ben become the newest team in Fairy Tail!"

After a while, she got dressed in her usual white and blue dress outfit attire that she had started wearing since joining Fairy Tail. Once she put the towels in the hamper, she looked over to the bed, and walked over as she was greeted with her treasured prizes. After getting her first custom made Ben plushie, she had gotten the desire to obtain more which is why she used her knitting skills to make more of them. It had now become something of an enjoyable hobby for her as she had fun making them. She could've made one for each of Ben's forms but chose to make the one she found the coolest and cutest looking. This was why she now had plushie Chibi versions of Water Hazard, Big Chill, and Ditto, which had little versions of himself stuck to him with Velcro. But her most cherished one was that of a chibi version of Ben with black button eyes that she made after seeing how the first one was made.

She scooped him up, as she nuzzled him so they were cheek to cheek, as she cooed, "Out of all the forms you have, this is the cutest one yet. Next to Ditto of course." She then planted a kiss on his lips, as she set him back down, and smiled, "Wish me luck. Ben and I are going on our first mission together."

She then went for the door and opened it, but turned around to look at her stuffed plushies, as she cooed out, "Oooh, this is going to be the best day of my life! EVER!" And then quickly closed the door, as she was off.

The residents of Magnolia were as usual going about their business, although some guys did stop to stare at her. Mostly because she was walking to the guild with a smile and a spring in every step she took. She couldn't help it because she was just so happy at the moment, she felt like nothing could ruin her day which would be her first day with Ben as a team. As Juvia happily made her way to the guild, she thought back to the special moment yesterday night. To the day when Ben had asked her to be a part of his newly forming team.

However, little did she know, that something bizarre was about to happen in Fairy Tail that would put her and Ben to the point of realizing something more than being mere guildmates.

Fairy Tail

Guild Hall

Ben, Neb, and Lucy were sitting at the bar, with Ben enjoying his latest smoothie, while Lucy was down in the dumps. Apparently, she was just bored and in need of some work… and some money for the rent. Neb was currently eating smoked tuna with rice, with a bowl and a pair of chopsticks, while Ben was taking a sip, looking at the door. It was obvious he was waiting for someone to arrive, but whoever it was he was the only one to know who it would be. But Mirajane had an idea, as she was working the counter, and walked over to everyone with a smile on her face.

"Well, aren't you the vigilant hawk, Ben," Mira smiled. "You look like a boyfriend waiting for his date to arrive. Or at the very least, a husband waiting for his wife."

Ben went wide eye with shock on that, as he looked to them, shocked, as he stammered, "Eh. Wha… huh?" He shook his head, as he stated, "No! I'm just waiting for Juvia! It's got nothing to do with waiting for…!" However, it was too late, as Mira and Happy were looking at him all starry-eyed and hearts flashing around.

Ben frowned, as he grumbled, "Don't get any ideas from it."

"Awww, but I think you two would make an adorable couple," Mirajane gushed out.

"You luuuuv her," Happy chimed out.

Ben's forehead was sporting a few veins, as he annoyingly responded, "Not gonna happen!" Deciding to change the subject, he looked to Lucy, and asked, "Hey, Lucy, how goes the job hunt? Anything interesting?"

At that moment, Lucy sighed as she lay chest first on the table, chewing at a straw, "Tons of them. But Natsu won't go with me. Says he needs time to let some steam off."

Neb and Ben looked to one another on that, and then turned towards the dining area. There, they saw Natsu standing on a table, wiggling his butt out, making the dumbest pose ever. Everyone was laughing out loud at the scene and his stupidity, while Lucy, Neb, and Ben were sweat dropping and grimacing at the sight before them. It got even more ridiculous when Happy joined in on the scene, shaking his cat tail in synchronicity with Natsu.

Ben just grumbled, "And the insane stupidity once again reigns supreme in this place."

Gray, who wasn't all that happy, stomped forward, as he shouted, "NATSU! QUIT BEIN' AN IDIOT!"

Even Erza scooted in, as she scolded, "Has what's left of your brain burnt up into a lump of charcoal?!"

"Nah, nuthin' like that. Just bustin' a groove here to relax," Natsu chimed up, as he looked down at Happy. "Ain't that right, Happy?"

"Aye, sir," Happy chimed out.

"QUIT BEIN' STUPID, NATSU," Gray shouted… with his shirt all gone.

Ben, Neb, Lucy, and Erza all caught that, as they all teamed up together, and shouted, "WILL YOU PUT ON A SHIRT, GRAY!?"


Juvia was making her way to the Guild, as she took her time through the streets. She had her umbrella with her, but not because it was raining, but because she merely felt like twirling something in her hands. As she passed the markets, everyone seemed to greet her with a smile, as she did them. They could all tell something was making the girl rather happy, as she continued her way to the guild.

'Today's the day… Ben and I…' Juvia thought as she blushed. '… start our own Team!' She cupped her face, desperately trying to hide her own blush, 'It's just too much that he suggested we would become a team already.' She giggled, as she reminisced, "It all happened yesterday, after the shopping spree…"


"Well, about the night before… when you were resting and I…." she bowed apologetically to him, "I know it was a bit sudden. I'm sorry for burdening you with that…"

Realizing what she meant, he shook his head in response to that, and apologized to her as well, "It's alright, Juvia. It was just a bit…sudden, that's all."

He scratched the back of his head, slightly blushing for some odd reason to him, "Well, there was something I wanted to ask you on, since a lot's happened so far…" he then took a deep breath; not knowing if she would get heartbroken by his answer. "And I think that if things are gonna run better, I better ask it now while I have the nerve." He then stopped up, and looked at her with a hopeful smile, "Juvia… would you like to… become a part of my team?"

She looked at him with surprise, and inside, she was elated that he didn't hate her. But curiosity struck her with an odd cord, as she asked, "Really? You want me to join? But… why me?"

Ben, whose confidence was now tucked away, seemed like an awkward kind of guy, as he scratched the back of his head, as he tried to put his finger on the best idea. "Well, I've been thinking about it and I while I've been able to handle all the missions I've done on my own, I feel that it wouldn't hurt to have some back up. Do you remember that story I told you about the partner I had on my homeworld?"

Juvias eyes wandered up in thought for a moment before she recalled the memory from the hotel's beach where Ben told her of his origins and some tales of his life when they stayed there for a few hours together. She had found them to be quite entertaining and amazing to hear as they were on things she didn't think were possible.

"Yes I remember you mentioning that. You said you had a partner named… Rook was it?" Juvia questioned not sure if she got the name right.

Ben nodded. "Yeah that was his name. Anyway thinking back on it, he and I were a pretty good team together so I figure why not form one here as well much like everyone else does. I mean there's Natsu's team with Lucy and Erza and Gray who seemed to have joined up, Levy's team with Jet and Droy and I was told Elfman used to be on a team with his sister. So I figure why shouldn't I form one as well. Although considering my choices are kind of limited since I only want to recruit some of the best wizards. Most of which are already spoken for so I decided to ask you since your still available…, but another reason…" he looked to Juvia, as he half-smirked, "Is that I wanted to ask you to be the first member of my team." Juvia turned away for a moment, hiding the blush forming on her face, as Ben sighed deeply, "That, and I'm starting to get attached to you, but I can't even say it to your face without blushing like a madman or breaking our promise of just being friends."

Juvia turned to Ben, as she generally asked, "W-Well… is um… is there possibly another reason?"

Clearing his throat, "Well, aside from the fact that the added company would be a lot better if we had more than just me and Neb…"

Suddenly, Neb popped up from inside a barrel and glared at them both, as he shouted, "What the hell?! Are you saying you get lonely even when I'm around on the job?! You Mook!"

She looked at the scene in front of her, and just couldn't help but smile, and inside she was so happy that he didn't hate her. She blushed as she gave him a big grin, "Sure."

Juvia thought about it, and smiled, gushing with a blush, as she giggled, "Hehehehehehe. This is the best day of my life." But then a thought struck her while she continued to make her way, unaware that a fellow was rushing quickly and in a panic in her direction. "Wait, but won't that mean if Neb doesn't come along…" She then blushed like crazy, as it hit her, "Then Ben and I will go on the job… alone… together?!"

Suddenly, her mind flashed the biggest fantasy her imagination could come up with. Both she and Ben had become soaked from accidentally flying through a water fall and then crashing into a lake, leading them both being soaked to the bene as bad weather moves in. Swimming out, they managed to find an abandoned shed in the forest they were traveling nearby while waiting out the storm since they were still wet, and the scenario in which Ben's vehicle was watered out and needed to dry out before it could move again. The two of them huddle together with a large blanket in the shed, as they sat together with nothing but their underwear on, as their clothes hung over a fire to dry off. As they huddled, they felt the warmth of each other as nature took its hold on both of them, as she and Ben drew into a kiss that led to more, with Ben on top, kissing her from her lips to her neck… and further down as Juvia moaned in pleasurable bliss being caressed and loved by her one true love…

Back to Reality

Juvia was blushing up a storm, releasing a large amount of steam from herself. She finally cooled down, as she sighed, "Wow. I think maybe I could tell Lucy that idea. Might give her some ideas on that novel she's been writing…"

Suddenly, she was bumped into by an elderly wizard, as he collected himself right away, and took off. But Juvia noticed a bottle down on the ground, as she picked it up, and called back to him, "Sir! You dropped this, sir! Sir?!"

But he continued to run away as fast as he could, lugging on his back a large camping backpack, as he took off without even turning around. Juvia blinked at this, as she shrugged, "Nevermind." And then proceeded to walk to Fairy Tail Guild Hall, carrying the mysterious bottle she had picked up.

Little did she or anyone know, that the bottle Juvia was carting with her would contain something that would nearly bring Fairy Tail to its knees.


At Fairy Tail

Juvia had arrived at the scene at Fairy Tail, chipper to see Ben and go on their first job together. However, that soon stopped, as she saw another fight break out, as she dodged a chair heading straight for her. She made it to the bar, as she and Mirajane took cover, as she asked her, "What's gong on? Did Natsu and Gray go into another fight?"

"Actually, Gray kind of started the fight by himself," Mirajane replied, as a chair flew past them, smashing into the bar.

Juvia sighed, "Just how does this happen every time in the guild? We never had things like this happen in Phantom Lord. And if they did, Gajeel would always beat them into body casts for six months."

Happy, who was hiding along with them, simply shrugged, "That's the kind of place this is. A madhouse."

However, the Mad House soon was put to an end, as they heard a flashing sound, and peeked up. There, Terraspin was shown, he unleashed a whirlwind to stop the fight, unaware that he had blown the liquid from the broken bottle that was set down on the counter by Juvia, had been blown into certain members of the guild. He transformed back into Ben with Juvia and Neb behind him and Happy on a railing eating a fish.

"Come on everyone," Ben called out, as he arched an eyebrow. "Gramps still needs time to recover from the Fantasia parade! Can't we all have one quiet day for him?" But before the usual fight could begin, he noticed that some of the members were oddly quiet compared to others. He blinked, as he asked aloud, "Everyone?"

While most members were knocked out cold from the blast of wind, some members, namely Gray, Erza, and others were acting strange as they picked themselves up. Their expressions looked as though they were mesmerized by something.

Neb hopped over to Ben, as he asked, "Ben, what did you do to them?!"

Ben merely shrugged, as he replied, "I just blew them aside to stop their fighting like I did the first day I came to Fairy Tail. That time there were just quiet before cheering."

Gray began to approach the group, namely Juvia who looked confused by Gray's actions.

"Gray, are you all right," she asked, stepping back, as he was getting close to her, in a daze. 'This is odd, he's never shown any attention to me since I joined, but now he's acting so strange. Almost as if he's about to...' Juvia gained a shocked expression as a new scenario played out in her mind.

"Juvia," Gray started, as he knelt down on one knee and held out a bouquet of flowers for her. "Since the first day you came to Fairy Tail… I've loved you."

The blue haired mage became shocked by this news, as she stuttered, "Thank you, Gray, but my heart belongs to Ben."

Gray then got back up. "I know," he then turned away to face Ben with his magic ready. "That's why I shall fight Ben for the right for your hand in marriage!"

Ben frowned, as he reached for his Omnitrix, "Very well…" he pushed the lens down, and transformed into Heatblast. "I accept your challenge!" he then charged at Gray with Juvia watching in shock at the scene of her beloved fight a fellow member for her as other members took sides to see who would win.

Juvia shook her head to snap out of the day dream. 'No! I couldn't live with being the cause of such a conflict in Fairy Tail and to my beloved Ben!' Juvia saw Gray was getting closer to her. 'Oh please let that day dream be wrong.' She cringed with her eyes shut as Gray was nearly in front of her… only for him to walk right by her which she noticed as she looked in the direction he was heading.

He arrived in front of Happy, who was still eating a fish head first as he turned to see Gray. "I've had enough of it," Gray said in an angry tone. Suddenly Gray had a thin purple bruise going diagonally across his nose along with strange pink aura all around his body, as he roared, "You're always flying around, showing off your wings, saying you better than me!"

Happy became shocked as he dropped his fish. "Say what?!"

"Huh?" Ben and Juvia asked in unison, both looking confused on this.

Gray pointed to himself, and back at Happy, "Out of the two of us, I've always been the stronger one, but you've been the only one that can fly! Right now, it's a draw between us, but that's all about to change." He then pointed to Happy, as he declared to the shaking cat, "Listen up, cat! From this moment forth… you are my RIVAL!"

"AAAAAAAAAHHH" Happy screamed in fear and confusion.

Ben and Neb were left in shock by Gray's challenge to Happy of all the members of Fairy Tail. "What the heck has gotten into Gray of all sudden," Ben asked. "What the heck has he been smokin'?"

Neb shrugged, "Maybe he's brain finally froze over." But then smirked, "But whatever it is, I want some of whatever he's getting."

Juvia sighed in relief, as she placed a hand over her heart, bowing her head in relief, 'I'm just glad he wasn't going to confess to me and challenge Ben to fight over me to the death.'

Gray was pumped up now, as he roared out to Happy, "Come on, cat! Let's see what you're made of!"

Happy was left with a panicking expression on his face, as he cried out, "Somebody help! Gray is going crazy and he wants to fight me!" he then went flying past Ben's group, as he cried, "Please don't let him hurt me!"

Juvia was stunned the same way as Ben and Neb, as she deduced, "There must be something wrong with Gray. From what I've seen he would never act like a bully to anyone." But then she remembered when Gray accidentally insulted Mira's plans for the new guild. "At least, not intentionally."

"I agree, Juvia," Ben agreed. "What's gotten into him?"

"Probably what's gotten into the others," Neb shrugged, as he pointed to the guild mates, "Look!"

Ben and Juvia looked and saw that some key members were acting in a similar way as Gray over different things and having the same purple bruise and pink aura.

Macao threw a punch at Wakaba who caught it as they both glared at each other with the same purple bruise going across their faces, as Macao jabbed, "Are you saying that you made more jewels last month than I did!?"

Wakaba smirked, "No, I'm saying I made twice as much as you did last month!"

"Yeah right! You only wish you raked in the jewels the way I do," Macao argued.

"Everybody here knows that I'm worth a lot more when it comes to completed jobs compared to you," Wakaba countered.

Macao sneered, "Remind me why I waste my hanging out with you?!"

Wakaba replied, "It's because you want to keep an eye on your rival! Eh?!"

Juvia had a surprised expression but is also relieved, "Well at least those two aren't arguing over something crazy like Gray is."

"I didn't even think they had anything to argue about to begin with," Neb confessed.

"As odd as it is, the way those two are arguing reminds me of two co-workers back home," Ben replied, as he thoguht of Blukic and Driba back in his world.

Juvia and Neb looked towards Ben, curious as to who Ben was talking about. But before they could ask him...

"I do the drinking around here not you!" Makarov shouted, as he was pointing to a barrel of alcohol. "Now listen you! You're nowhere near strong enough to drink me; I'm strong enough to drink your well-fermented hide though! It was fate's decision that we would be lifelong rivals!"

The trio just blinked at this, as Juvia commented on this, "Just when I thought Gray's was odd, but the master's is..."

"Completely random," Ben finished.

Neb tilted his head in confusion, "I hope this doesn't mean that he's going to ban alcohol from Fairy Tail. Otherwise Cana is going to be finding a new place for employment."

"You think you can drink me," Makarov roared out, as he grabbed the nearest mug and chugged down, as he shouted, "I'LL NEVER LET THAT HAPPEN! GGGARRRGGLLLAAAAHHH!"

"Curse you wretched pillar," Erza shouted, getting the attention of all three, as they saw her pointing in anger at the pillar in front of her. "You dare obstruct my path through this part of the guild?! Preventing me from fulfilling my dreams of travelling through here unhindered?! Answer me you fiend! Is your silence you way of challenging me!? I knew we would be rivals the moment I saw you!

Juvia arched an eyebrow, "Erza, this is ridiculously. Makarov's rival is odd enough as it is, but this is downright crazy."

Ben then asked, "What were you expecting a pillar of wood to say? 'This is payback for chopping me down as a tree.' This rivalry doesn't makes the less sense of all of them so far."

Happy flew up next to them, as he pointed out, "I bet it would make sense though if she was talking about a caterpillar though."

Neb just sweat dropped, as he groaned, "I don't think it would make much a difference, Happy. Considering what she fights on a daily basis."

Mirajane suddenly popped up, with the same purple streak on her face, as she chimed, "Come on, Red! Let's fight like when we teenagers! Only this time, I'm not holding anything back this time when it comes to my life long rival!"

Juvia seemed confused, as she asked, "Mira actually fought before? I heard that she was an S-Class wizard, but she doesn't look like she has a violent bone in her body to fight her guild mates."

Ben then chimed in on info that he heard once from Elfman when the two could actually talk without him going all 'Manly' on the guy, "I remember her saying that she was called the She-Demon before she retired as a field mage when Gajeel destroyed the guild, but I still can't believe it."

"I can," Neb defended, as Ben and Juvia saw him with a nervous look on his face.

Ben asked about his friend's nature, as he asked, "Neb, what's wrong?"

"I saw her fight Freed when he made the mistake of pushing her angry button," Neb explained, shaking from the mere memory. "If she fights Erza, than there won't be a guild hall left to stand in!"

Juvia gulped, as she asked, "Are you serious? Is she really that strong?"

"I don't know how strong," Neb explained. "But I know she took Freed down in just a few moves, and she probably could left him in the same state as the others if she continued to let her rage fuel her!"

"Well, things get any worse or stranger, right," Ben said. But then he gained a shocked look on his face. "Oh no, I said it!"

Neb looked at him credulous, "Oh come on. Like saying that is a trigger for that to happen."

Lucy suddenly shouted out… at the screen, as she declared, "Are you listening to me, Stone-Man85 and MasamuneX23!? You call this a story?! You took out some of the best moments in Fairy Tail universe! I could do a better job making one than this! From this day forward, I am your rival!"

"MasamuneX23? Stone-Man85," Juvia asked, even more confused. "Who are they?"

Ben shrugged, "I'm not sure. It sounds like names used by people on the internet back home."

Juvia even more confused, asked, "The internet?"

"It's like a giant electronic library that updates every minute of every day," Ben explained the best he could.

Neb arched an eyebrow, and asked to make sure he heard right, "Is she saying that we're all characters in some kind of story? That were the product of the imagination of two or more writers who are acting as gods in this world? Does that mean that all are feelings, actions, and even our words are all decided by those two?! That were just acting out a set script for the entertainment of the writers and others?!"

Ben and Juvia looked at each other in confusion by Neb's words, as Ben shook his head, "That sounds too crazy, even with today's events Neb."

"I think we should just assume that Lucy is more out of it than the others right now," Juvia logically deduced, but thought to herself, 'I know that my thoughts are mine alone. No one has chosen them for me. Most of all though,' she looked towards Ben, as she smiled warmly and placed a hand over her heart, '… I know that the feeling I have when I'm here in Fairy Tail with everyone and with Ben is where this feeling of warmth comes from.'

Happy, meanwhile, was floating around, trying to find Natsu, "This is crazy, I don't know what's going on! Natsu, where are you?! Everyone's gone mad, even Lucy!"

Suddenly, Gray got in front of Happy, freaking him out, as he declared, "Where do you think you're going?! It's time to settle this cat!"


On the Roof of the Guild

Gray had dragged the freaked out Happy to the roof. At the moment, the two were at the ledge, with Gray crossing his arms out and puffing out his chest, stating, "Just watch me, Cat. I'm going to prove to you that I can soar through the air way better than you can!"

"Don't do this, Gray" Happy advised his friend. "It's way too dangerous!"

"Shut it cat! I can do it!" Gray shouted. "Against you... my rival... I won't lose, no matter what it is!

Happy was left with anime tears with his arms up in a questioning pose, "This stinks. Why is everyone acting like this today? Where's Natsu when you need him!"

Ben, Juvia, and Neb followed the others up to the roof to insure their safety.

"It's official, his brain is frozen completely," Neb concluded. "Gray isn't seriously going to try flying is he?"

Ben sweat dropped at the idea, as he confessed, "I'd say isn't going to, but he might considering how Erza and the others are acting."

"Why is this all happening though," Juvia asked, mostly out of concern for the guild. "Could the form you used have some secret ability you don't know about?"

Ben thought about it for a moment, very carefully examining the idea, "I don't think so. Especially not Terraspin. I met the creature that I got the DNA for the Omnitrix. His species have dabbled in magic in the past, but I never saw them use it any time when I was around him. Plus, he's along with his species are pacifists. They hate conflict all together."

They heard more noises coming from the guild hall, as Neb stated, "Sounds like things are getting crazier down there."

Juvia turned to Ben, looking rather sympathetic to him, as she thought, 'My darling Ben must feel so guilt ridden with the thought that he may have caused this even if he didn't. I must help him somehow.' In her mind, she imagined a scenario of her comforting him, but she stopped before it became too perverted. 'No! Now's not the time to be imagining things like that,' she steeled herself, as she spoke up, "I can stay here and handle Gray if you two can keep the rest of the guild from getting into trouble."

Ben asked, "Are you sure?"

Juvia nodded, "Yes. I'll use my magic to stop Gray if he tries jumping. Plus I'm near the ocean so I have more water to use if he ends up in the ocean."

Ben decided to agree with her on that, as he and Neb left for the Guild hall, "All right. We'll be downstairs if you need us and we'll be up to help as soon as we can. Thanks Juvia."

Back Inside

As Ben and Neb once again entered the mad house that was their guild hall, they saw that it had turned into even further madness. At the moment, Cana was challenging Master Makarov in a drinking contest, while it was clear that it was one-sided with Makarov clearly duking it out with the barrel from before.

"Master! I've come to challenge you," Cana shouted out, holding her own mug. "It's time we've settled who holds the title as the heaviest drinker in Fairy Tail!"

Makarov stopped his drinking, as he declared out, "You're nowhere near worthy enough to be my rival! Alcohol is my fated rival for life!"

But Cana was oblivious to his claim, as she shouted out, drinking, "You'll never win!"

Both Ben and Neb sweat dropped at the scene, as Neb stated, "At least Cana isn't doing anything crazy and out of the ordinary." He then turned and looked at Macao and Wakaba, "Plus it looks like Macao and Wakaba are fine with comparing their income numbers from their jobs, so that's another group we don't have to worry about damaging the guild."

"So it's three against three," Freed stated, as he and the members of the Thunder Legion stood all cool and read for what was coming, "Both teams may have the same numbers, but the skills of the Thunder Legion are clearly superior the skills of Shadow Gear."

Levy scoffed at that, as she, Jet, and Droy stood ready for what was coming, "Whenever anyone talks of teams of three in Fairy Tail, our team is always the one that's the first to be thought of! Let's battle!"

suddenly, the Thunder Legion struck dramatic battle poses, as Freed shot out, "Our Thunder Legion against your Shadow Gear! It's time to determine which three man team is the best in all of Fairy Tail!"

Shadow Gear did the same, with Levy in the center, as she declared, "You better get ready for a huge load of disappointment because we're the ones who are going to be on top after this fight!"

Freed comically shouted, "What?! Damn you!"

Levy smirked, "You have no idea who you're dealing with!"

Both Ben and Neb sweat dropped at this, feeling exasperated at the scene before them, as the little green cat's eye twitched, "All that build and it looks like their just having a pose off... Only in Fairy Tail."

"You said it, Neb," Ben groaned. "Let's just be glad that's another group we don't have to keep an eye on."

Neb then asked, "So who does that leave than?"

"Where are all the real men in the guild!?" Elfman shouted defiantly on top of a table, roaring at the roof, nearly scaring the pants out of the two, as Elfman continued, "I can't find anyone here worthy of being my rival! This situation makes me sad! So very violently sad!"

Ben whispered to Neb, "Is he looking for a rival to fight… or just a man?"

"I don't want to stick around to find out," Neb answered very quickly. "It is too late to switch jobs with Juvia?"

"If Gray actually tries flying, he'll end up either crashing into the ground or in the ocean outside the guild," Ben explained in good reasoning. "If that does happen, Juvia's water magic can prevent him from getting badly hurt or doing something crazier like saying Gray switching to being Happy's swimming rival."

Neb then decided to play a little, as he taunted, "You sure you aren't worried that Juvia will fall into Gray's arms instead?"

Ben glared at the little green cat, "You really want to bring that up at a time like this?!"

"Requip! Heaven's Wheel Armor!" Erza cried out. Once she was in armor, she started to stab the pillar multiple swords into it. "Curse this pillar!"

Ben just groaned, "Come on Erza, cut it out! It took everyone forever to rebuild the guild the first time!"

Neb slapped his forehead, "What's the big deal? Can't you just change it back using your Clockwerk form?"

"It takes a lot out of me," Ben stated. "Plus I don't want everyone getting lazy when it comes to cleaning if we're away for long periods of time on jobs."

Erza's purple aura ignited even more so as the bruise spread even more across her face showing the effects were getting stronger. "SILENCE YOU TWO! THIS WRETCHED PILLAR CONTINUES TO INSULT ME BY STANDING IN MY WAY! I NEED TO GO FURTHER INSIDE IN ORDER TO GAIN A NEW CUP FOR MY STRAWBERRY SMOOTHIE, YET THIS PILLAR STANDS IN MY WAY! IT MOCKS ME BEHIND MY BACK AT HOW I MUST SUBMIT TO IT BY WALKING AROUND IT! By being so relentless in obstructing my path to my strawberry drinks, it proves that it stands as my greatest rival!"

Neb sweat dropped at this, as he groaned, "She can't be serious. All this rival talk about the pillar is about her strawberry food!"

"I get that you're set in your ways Erza, but this is unnecessary," Ben stated.

Suddenly, Happy popped up, as he stated, "I think what's really making Erza angry is that her rival is as stubborn as she is."

Neb shook his head, "That's... possible." But then snapped out of it, as he asked, "Wait Happy? What you are doing down-"

Mirajane suddenly punched everyone aside leaving Happy out cold, as she fumed out at Erza, "Get over here and fight me, Erza! It's time we settled this rivalry once and for all!"

Erza ignored her, as she pointed at the pillar, "My life long rival is this pillar! I won't fight anyone else until I've seen it's defeat!"

Ben groaned, as he got back on to his feet, "Erza, it's just a pillar that is unable to fight back. What's good a rival that can't fight back at all?"

Mirajane's aura increased even more, as she roared out, as a dark ring of magic surrounded her, and her eyes glowed red with rage, "I refuse to be ignored! SATAN SOUL!"

Neb paled at this, as her transformation began, "Oh no! She's turning into the form she used against Freed again!"

Erza sneered at this too, as she roared out, "That tears it! Requip Purgatory Armor!"

Both Ben and Neb shouted hopelessly to stop the fight, "Come on girls! Stop this already!"

Mirajane roared out, as she charged for Erza, "Face my Wildcat... PUNCH!" But instead, she knocked both Neb and Ben to the side again as they moaned in pain.

Elfman charged in as well, roaring out, "Where's my rival?!" And then he transformed into his Beast Soul form, as he roared, "I have to find a real man!"

Mirajane: Punches him out of the way. "OUT OF THE WAY!" Is throwing random punches into the air while Erza continues to swing her sword at the pillar.

Neb looked at the situation before them, and then looked to Ben, "Looks like you're going to have to use that over grown alarm clock after all."

"Great," Ben sarcastically sighed, but then explained, "The worst part is though, we still don't know what caused all of this. I don't see how things could get any worse." After he had said it, he had gained the same stunned look on his face, as he gulped, "Oh no I said it again."

Neb shook his head, as he explained, "The last time was a coincidence. There's no way things could get any worse!"

Suddenly, a huge fiery roar shook the guild, as the two paled at this. They turned to the doorway, as they saw Natsu, in battle mode, as he cried out, pointing right at Ben, "GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! COME ON, BEN! IT'S HIGH TIME WE SETTLED THE SCORE ONCE AND FOR ALL! AFTER ALL… YOU ARE MY RIVAL!"

The two blinked at this, as Neb felt a chill down his spine. He turned to Ben, who was now glaring daggers at the cat, as he shrugged, "Okay, so I was wrong. I'll never say that again when things go really bad."

Next Chapter: Rivalry of Fairy Tail; Finding the Ultimate Rival! Part 2