Summary: So I caught a rerun of Shrek just as Donkey met Dragon and thought….that is so Natsu and Lucy, and this fic was born.

Pairings: Implied Natsu/Lucy, sort of Erza/Gray, mentions of Jellal/Erza, one-sided Juvia/Gray, and Gray/Lucy (all in Erza's head XD).

YouTube Prompt: I keep having ideas of what I like to see (because video wise there isn't much for Fairy Tail) but I have no idea how to make videos. So I decided to do a prompt thing for each chapter; it's up to you if you want to do it or not. This chapter's prompt is a Natsu/Lucy video to Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart because I think that song is perfect for Lucy especially in the Magic Games/King of the Dragons arc.

Lucy cursed her predicament.

Her best friend (yes, best friend, not love interest, for Christ sake Juvia!) the grumpy Gray had dragged her out on a mission to rescue a princess. It was the only way they could save the guild as the evil, and rather narcissistic, Lord Jellal was targeting mages and disbanding guilds. Master managed to negotiate Fairy Tail's safety by agreeing to send his best mages out to rescue the beautiful Princess Erza from a dragon.

Said dragon was about to eat Lucy while Gray was off God knows where.

"Err, erm, hi!" Lucy squeaked. "What, erm, lovely teeth you have. I bet you get this all the time but you must bleach them or something because that's one dazzling smile you have, and do I detect a hint of minty freshness?" The Dragon paused and she swore she could see it raising an eyebrow at her. She decided to carry on babbling like a freak, after all if her compliment could make him freeze then perhaps if she carried on he might get bored and leave her alone….she hopes. "And…erm….your muscles!" she blurted out. His muscles?! Seriously what is wrong with her? "They're so big, and strong, and….erm….nice?"

The Dragon leaned in towards her. Oh God, this was it, wasn't it? She was going to die! He was going to eat her! No he was going to barbecue her and then eat her! AAAAAAAAAA-

He snorted.

She blinked.

He then laughed. "You're a weird one," he said cheerfully.

"YOU CAN TALK?!" she shrieked.

"Aye," the Dragon said cheerfully, "And you're weird, but that's all right, I like you."

"Erm….I like you too," Lucy said hesitatingly.

Well….she would like him if she had a guarantee that he wasn't about to eat her or fry her like the many corpses that littered this tower.

"Great!" the Dragon cheered. "I'll keep you then."

"Keep me? What do you mean keep me?!" Lucy screeched indignantly. Did she look like she was some sort of toy to be kept? The Dragon didn't answer her; instead he just picked her up in one of his great, big, scaly, hands, and slowly moved. "Oi!" Lucy barked. "What the hell do you think you're doing? Let me down right now! I said let me go!"

"Hey, Happy!" the Dragon shouted ignoring her, "I found you a mother!"


Oh God, what the hell has Lucy gotten herself into?


Gray wondered if there was such thing as a normal princess.

Okay, he doesn't know many princesses, in fact Lucy being an heiress was the closest to one he knew, and she was a freaking weirdo, but this one, Princess Erza, really took the biscuit, and he wondered if any pretty, rich, girl is actually normal.

Princess Erza was a striking redhead, dressed like any princess would be, and for a brief moment before he had shaken her awake, she looked serenely beautiful. That was when the resemblance to any normal fairy tale princess ended and the weirdness started. First she punched him for not kissing her awake (surely she should be pleased that he didn't subject her to sexual harassment?) and now she was ranting on and on about….well crap.

"…You should sweep me off my feet out yonder a window and down a rope onto your valiant steed while you recite an epic poem to me," she carried on unaware that he was only just now paying her attention. "A romantic sonnet would be nice or perhaps a ballad about how you defeated the dragon in order to rescue me." He tensed at that. Princess Erza was already in a shitty mood with him but he was certain she would kill him if she found out he hadn't fought the dragon yet. Unfortunately she noticed, her dark eyes narrowed, and a horrible, evil, aura seemed to seep out from within her. "You have defeated the dragon, haven't you?" she growled.

"Erm …define defeat," Gray said as he started to edge away from the furious, and quite frankly terrifying, redhead, "because I find it such an ambiguous term, and my friend thought it would be better just to distract-"

He was interrupted by a loud roar and then a shrill shriek.

"Oh God, Lucy!" he burst out worriedly. Crap! He knew should have taken more back up. Cana was going to kill him, and then Mirajane would bring him back and kill him again, and Christ, he didn't even want to think what Levy and Juvia would do to him after that. "I knew I shouldn't have left her on her own!"

"You brought a girl to my rescue?! Is she your wife? Your lover?" Princess Erza fumed. "Are you trying to start a harem? What sort of Prince Charming are you, you two-timing jerk?!"

"The fuck?!" Gray snapped. "I'm not a prince, I'm just hired help from the lord that wants to marry you."

"Oh," Erza sighed in relief, and then slumped shamefully, "that's disappointing," she murmured. "I apologise for my behaviour, you may hit me in retribution."

"Hell no!" Gray barked. God knows what chaos Jellal would wreck on the guild because Gray had punched his bride. "And now's not the time, Lucy is in danger of being eaten by that fucking dragon of yours!"

Princess Erza nodded. "Of course," she summoned a sword out nowhere scaring the shit out of Gray. "Let's rescue your friend." She stormed off without him, definitely far too ready for battle.

This is definitely the last time Gray will ever volunteer to save a princess. It was too fucking weird for his sanity.


Lucy wasn't sure how it happened but here she was laying on a pile of gold, with a gorgeous, if oblivious and rude, pink haired boy on top of her, tickling her! And a blue, talking, cat was sitting nearby offering encouragement!

"Please," she begged as tears ran down her cheeks, "stop!"

Natsu (aka the gorgeous, if oblivious and rude, pink haired boy, aka the Dragon) merely smirked. "Do you think I should stop, Happy?" he asked his pesky blue cat.

"No," Happy grinned, "I think you should tickle her till she pees herself."

"I ought to tear your whiskers off!" Lucy hissed menacingly.

"Ahhh Natsu!" Happy cried out. "Lucy's going to eat me!"

Natsu merely chuckled and returned to tickling Lucy mercilessly. No matter how much Lucy screamed, wiggled, and begged, he wouldn't relent until a redheaded swordswoman and Gray burst in with an ice sword in hand. "Lucy!" he yelled worriedly.

The redheaded swordswoman narrowed her eyes. "Natsu," she growled, "are you besmirching this fair maiden?"


"Prepare to die!"

Lucy screamed as she rolled out of the way of the redhead's sword. Natsu jumped up and ran as fast as he could while being chased by the madwoman. "Eek!" Happy screamed as he clung to Lucy's breasts for reason unknown. "Erza is angry again! She'll turn Natsu into a skeleton like she did to the others."

"Wait are you saying all of these bodies are Erza's doing and not Natsu?!"" Lucy shrieked.

"Aye," Happy said sagely, "Natsu prefers fish. Not humans."

It was then that Lucy and Gray decided it was best to leave the mad people alone and go home. Surely the Guild would understand once they explain everything to them. Unfortunately Natsu, Erza, and Happy took this as invitation to follow them, and after a mad few days they secretly wormed themselves into their hearts, and they failed the job indefinitely as Erza joined Fairy Tail instead of marrying Lord Jellal.

Gray had to endure Juvia's tears as she thought he had fallen for Erza (this lasted only five minutes as Erza proved otherwise with help of her swords), Lucy found herself living with a dragon and his talking cat (much to the mirth of EVERYONE), and Lord Jellal finally won the hand of Erza after some severe repenting on his behalf.

And they all lived happily ever after!