"Y'know there's an old country saying once in a Blue Moon Trouble Comes To You ".

" Now O'l Bo , Luke have been in trouble fore' but the trouble they is about to get they may not get out this time.

It all started on one of the hottest days in Hazzard it was so hot you could fry an egg in the middle of street.

Meanwhile O'l Bo , Luke was skinny dipping over at the Hazzard Pond they, was havin' themselves a good Ol' time.

" Lordy I tell you cousin this water sure feels good I was baking' like a fried egg sitting in the General". kidded Bo

" I know what you mean this is the hottest day Hazzard's ever seen sure hope it don't rain?". worried Luke

" Then all of sudden the sky started to turn really dark , ugly looking an the boys started to worry."

" Um.., Bo I ain't liking the looks of that cloud it looking really , really nasty". worried Luke

" Yeah I know what you mean cuz it's lookin' like it's fixing' to rain we best leave for this storm hits". thought Bo

Meanwhile back at the farm Jesse, Daisy was listening to the radio when a weather bulletin came on".

" A Twister was spotted in Atlanta , is heading towards Hazzard please take caution".

Daisy who was cooking a big pot of shrimp Gumbo started worrying like crazy for O'l Bo , Luke.

" Oh ..., Uncle Jesse I sure hope them boys make it back home fore' that storm hit's ". worried Daisy

" I wouldn't worry none honey but when the boys do get in they is gonna be hungry as bears". kidded Jesse

"Meanwhile the boys was drivin' along when all of sudden the wind started to pick up , then it started raining".

Then all of a sudden the twister picked up the General , started tossing it around like a little play toy".

" O'l Bo , Luke was feeling like a cowchip in a wind tunnel going 90 miles an hour ".

" Unfortunately the General ended up landing upside down on the bottom of HoundDog Lake .

" Look's like O'l Bo an Luke maybe sleeping with the fishes sure hope they can hang on till help arrives".

" Luckily for the boys their luck was fixing to change because Enos Strate just happened coming in from patrol.

When he spotted something floating in Hounddog lake so he figured he best pull on over an see what it is.

" Oh My Lord the General Lee's in the lake I best call an ambulance , wrecker for them boys". thought Enos

" So Enos hurried on back over to his patrol car he called Cooter , told him to bring his wrecker to hounddog lake.

Enos felt like he had been waiting forever when he finally saw Cooter's tow truck flying down the highway.

Cooter wasted no time in hooking the poor General Lee up to his tow truck slowly pulling it out of the lake.

When Cooter went to look inside the General Lee all that was in there was two toads , mud , Turtle.

" This ain't good Enos the General appears to be empty wonder were O'l Bo , Luke is ?". wondered Cooter

Meanwhile O'l Bo and Luke who both had floated down stream , was knocked out cold to boot.

' Then all of sudden O'l Bo started coming around he started coughing up half the water in hound dog lake".

" Oh..., (cough, cough, cough) lordy Luke I feel like I'm knocking on death's door how's about you cuz?". asked Bo

" Luke, you okay uh.. LUke you okay ?". asked Bo

But Unfortunately Bo's comment fell on deaf ears poor o'l Luke was knocked out cold , soaking wet ".

" Lu..ke Lu..ke yo..u okay Luke answer me .., are you okay ?". asked Bo

" Luke .., Luke .., please don't you dare die on me don't leave me please ?". Begged Bo

" Poor O'l Bo , Luke to think this whole mess got started just cause they was trying to cool off.