Most of the rainclouds left over from the storm was gone one dark cloud still hung over the Dukefarm.

Meanwhile outside Jesse was just getting done feedin' the chickens when thought to give Cooter a call.

Meanwhile Cooter was working still on the General Lee when he heard the phone ring.

" Howdy Uncle Jesse what can I do for ya ?". asked Cooter

" First of all you can stop calling me UNCLE JESSE I ain't your Uncle Jesse". shouted Jesse

" Sorry Uncle...I mean Mr. Duke what can I do for ya sir ?". asked Cooter

" Cooter I need you to bring your wrecker on over to the farm to get the pick-up out of the ditch ". asked Jesse

" Okay Mr. Duke I'll be there in two shakes of a lamb's tail on account of I don't have a watch". explained Cooter

2 hours later Cooter arrived an Jesse showed him where the pick-up was , Cooter pulled it out of the ditch.

" Thank ya Cooter now Daisy , Me can go see the boys I sure hope that Luke pulls this mess okay". worried Jesse

Meanwhile Daisy was just now hangin' some laundry up when Uncle Jesse if she wanted to see the boys".

" Sure I'd love to Uncle Jesse is the pick-up running good it ain't gonna break down on us is it ?". asked Daisy

So Jesse, Daisy hopped into the pick-up an headed on over to Tri- County Hospital to see the boys ".

Meanwhile O'l Bo was sitting in the out in the hallway while Luke's doctor examined him ".

" So he got out his penlight , lifted up Luke's eyelid he shined the light in hoping to get a response there was none.

" Then he checked out Luke's reflexes an they were a little sluggish then he wrote on Luke's chart".

While out in the hallway O'l Bo was trying to wait for his chance to see Luke again , pray that he was okay ".

" Excuse me miss I'm here to see Lukas Duke he was brought in yesterday ". explained Jesse

" Well sir if you will have a seat the doctor should be out to see you soon ". explained the nurse

Meanwhile O'l Bo was still sitting out in the hallway waiting for the doctor to come , tell him how Luke is ".

Bo saw Luke's doctor coming out he didn't look very happy he was wearing a frown ".

" Hey Doc so how's my cousin doing is Luke gonna wake up soon ?". asked Bo

" Well I wish I had better news for ya Bo but Luke ain't woken up yet , I don't know if he will". worried Doc.

" Doc you ain't sayin' that Luke is gonna be a vegetable are you ?". asked Bo worriedly

" No I ain't saying that but the sooner Luke wakes up the better ". admitted Doc. Witherspoon

" Maybe if I went in , talked to him some maybe he'll wake up then ?". asked Bo

" Well hearing is usually the last thing to go so feel free to talk to him ". explained Doc. Witherspoon

"So as Bo was fixin' on tryin' to get through to Luke ."Jesse, Daisy was still waiting for word on Luke's condition ".

Jesse , Daisy had been waiting for what felt like an eternity ". What in tarnation is going on ?!". fumed Jesse

having been told that the doctor would update him on Luke's condition shortly... and that was several hours before. ".

" Mr . Duke I'm Dr. Witherspoon your nephew's overseeing physician began the doctor.

" What took you so long ?". , what happening ?". asked Jesse

" Mr. Duke please sit ". asked the Doctor.

" To be honest due to the fact that your nephew Luke's brain was deprived of oxygen he slipped into a Coma".

" He will wake up won't he doc ?". asked Jesse

" um..., well so far he ain't shown no signs that he is coming out of Coma , I don't know if he will". explained Doc.

" You ain't saying that my boy is a vegetable are you doc ?". asked Jesse

" um No I ain't saying that sir but most comatose drowned patients stand a 30% chance waking up". explained Doc

" Can we see him now doc ?". asked Jesse

" Um well you could but um you'll have to wait a second his cousin is seeing him now ". explained Doc Witherspoon

Meanwhile Bo was inside Luke's hospital room pleadin, begging Luke to wake up so far it ain't working ".

" Luke please cousin I'm begging you please open your eyes , Luke please come back to me ". begged Bo

" The only sound that met Bo's ears was the gentle hiss of the ventilator".

"Seeing the tube snaking out of his cousin's mouth only drew more tears to the young man's eyes ".

" Now patience was never one of Bo's virtues so he was fast losing his patience ".

" Now Cousin I'm giving you a fair warning you wake up right now or I'm selling the General". warned Bo

Just like last time there was no response the only sound that met Bo's ears was the sound of the vintilator pump".

As the nurses was starting to make there evening rounds in the ICU they were happy to see them sleeping".

Then she came over to Luke's bed in the far corner of the room an she saw he still remained unconcious".

" I'm sorry Bo but your time is up honey you can see Luke tomorrow okay ?". asked Bambi

" He is gonna be okay ain't he I ... mean he ain't gonna become a vegetable is he ?". asked Bo

" It's hard to say with comatose patients I'm sure he'll wake up eventually I just don't know when".said Bambi

don't worry now honey it's all gonna be okay Luke'll pull through , wake up you'll see ". assured Daisy

" " Just when y'all thought things couldn't get any worse all the lights , the power went out in the hospital ".

" Well let's see here now O'l Luke is still outcold , now the Dukes is in the dark dang ain't nothin' ever goes right".