Shadows. Shadows lurking by the streets at the nights. These are alley cats, or rogues, as you could call them.

A white pelt flashed through the night. The pelt- it was a cat- wasn't stopping at all, and it had its eyes narrowed, looking for somewhere to hide. The cat jumped over a gray Twoleg thing, and it crashed. Everything went dead silent.

Until another cat appeared from the shadows. It was black, and his amber eyes betrayed his camouflage spot. It looked directly at the other white cat, its eyes not moving from it. The white cat who was laying down opened its eyes, and began backing away, but the gray Twoleg thing had hurt her a bit, so it winced when it moved away from the other cat.

''Ice,'' the black cat snarled at the lithe and small white she-cat, ''We finally see each other again. After all this time, you were hiding in the Twoleg streets, are you crazy? But yes, yes you were. Now, you got no escape. You'll need Fire to rescue you. You're weak without each other. But, if you tell me your secrets I promise I won't tell anything.''

The white she-cat- Ice- looked at him in both fear and determination. ''You'll never get our secrets! You're just a filthy piece of dung!'' Ice spat at the tom. ''You aren't meant to be a leader! You just sit there, watching warriors fight over you, queens starving and kits dying! Haven't you even noticed that your own kits died yesterday? Oh yes, you weren't there because you just couldn't have time!''

''That was the past, today is today. Those kits were weak, they should never have been born. Neither those queens and those warriors, they are as good as you, piece of dog-dung!'' the tom growled back at the young she-cat. But Ice didn't back down. ''You are stupid! We should live in harmony and perfection. But you, you made it all go away. Birch should have stayed as leader,'' the she-cat's voice cracked with grief, but the tom didn't seem to notice.

The tom sighed and snarled, ''I expected you to become like me, your mentor, the best fighter, the best hunter of the Gang. But no, you chose Birch's path, and she chose you to apprentice you on how to become a leader! The Gang should've been ranked by pelt colours, black would be superior and white would be the lowest rank there ever was. You, would be the dirt-cleaner.''

''You can't! The Gang has never been ranked like that before! Everyone must choose their own paths!'' Ice yowled, then murmured in a wiser tone, ''Being more different makes you more special, being more special makes you different. Every cat is the same, whatever path they take at the end.''

The tom chuckled at her wise words. ''Even kits are wiser than you! You need to be taught a lesson of being wise. I am the one who is allowed to be wise, to be funny, to be good, to be bad, no other cat can be like me!'' ''Then what? We are supposed to be there, standing boredly, doing nothing?! Think again, Black, because that will never happen,'' the she-cat meowed at him.

''But I would be leader, and leaders command!'' Black meowed, sounding falsely scared. Ice looked at him seriously. ''True, you may be the leader, so what? You may tell the Gang what to do, what not to do and what to do, but not do afterwards. You can give them orders, they'll follow them. But cats have their minds, their spirits. Every cat can do what they want to do, you cannot control them. Good and bad. Honest and distrustful. Clever and dumb. I got one question for you: black... or white?''

Black looked at Ice in surprise, then meowed in a superior tone, ''Black, obviously. Black cats are perfect,'' ''No, they aren't,'' Ice told him. ''Black and White: balanced like a river flowing. They will change, but black symbolizes bad, dumb, distrustful. White is good, honest, clever. You have just told me what your destiny was all about: for your black soul to kill cats with white souls.'' With that, Ice slashed her paw across Black's nose, which begun bleeding.

Black looked at Ice, not angrily, but furiously. Fresh blood was dripping to the ground from Black's nose, while Ice, just realizing what she had done, was backing farther away. ''You. Will. Pay. Now.'' With that, Black yowled a fearsome battle cry and jumped to land on Ice. Ice was trying to slash Black again, but he was way too quick and strong, especially for an injured she-cat.

Another white cat came out of nowhere, and attacked Black. They both fought like lions defending their own pride, like hawks fighting viciously over a rabbit, like dogs barking and attacking each other. The white cat finally pinned Black, and he snarled at her.

''Fire! Why do you always interrupt my plans? Remember, we are best friends...'' Black meowed innocently, but the white cat- Fire- wouldn't believe it. ''Black, I am no longer a friend you can consider. Now, tell what you got to tell before you die, piece of dog-dung!'' she hissed.

The black tom looked at Fire, his gaze not moving away. ''I, now, will set a curse upon Gang cats. They will want their ranks to be by pelt colours, and white cats will be at the top, with black cats at the bottom to know how white cats ruined my life. Now, every cat will want this when you come back, and nobody can save you from destruction.'' With that, he closed his eyes, and laid limply, dead.

Fire and Ice looked at each other, confused. ''I don't understand anything, sis.'' ''Me neither. Well, I gotta get ya to camp. You are badly hurt Ice, you just need someone to grab your scruff, like me!'' And Fire grabbed Ice's scruff, and Ice struggled all the way from the abandoned streets to the full camp. As soon as they entered camp, cats gathered around them.

''Ice! Fire! Heart received a prophecy!'' a young gray cat yowled. A black she-cat with green eyes pushed the crowd in order to face Ice and Fire. ''Ice. Fire. You have come, finally. As young Street have told you, I received a prophecy. A strange cat told us that we must be ranked by colours: white first, then ginger, then gray, then brown and then, black.''

The white she-cat who wasn't injured immediately let go of Ice, who wasn't very amused. ''What?'' Fire asked, her intense blue eyes looking directly into the black she-cat's green eyes. ''Heart, this can't be! I know Black was a terrible leader, but-'' ''Was?'' Heart interrupted. ''What do you mean by 'was'?'' ''It means Black is dead,'' Ice answered.

''As I was saying, Heart, before you interrupted me, I don't know why our ancestors must want this,'' Fire meowed at her. Heart only blinked once, and meowed, ''Leaders must be white or ginger, deputies the same and medicine cats can be ginger, gray or brown. The rest, gingers, whites, grays, and browns, will be warriors, while the black ones will be assistants for warriors.''

Fire was still disbelieving, but said nothing more. Moonlight streamed into the camp, and stopped on Ice, who was illuminated with moonlight. With that, Heart meowed, ''Ice, you're our leader. Fire, the deputy. I will continue being healer until my death. StarClan does accept this.''

You like it? I hope you do, this story will present you the main character on Chapter 3 or 4! I repeat: this is just a simple and innocent prologue.


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Did you know Ice is based on Elsa, Fire is based on Anna from Disney's Frozen?


If you had a story about a rogue, what would the rogue do: create his/her own Clan, join the Clans or continue living as a rogue?

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