*The whole chapter will be two flashbacks.

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Two little white kits were running by some Twoleg's roof. They were playing, luckily unnoticed, and chasing themselves by there. ''Fire,'' one of the kits meowed seriously. The other kit- Fire- stopped running around. ''Ice? What's wrong?'' she asked, a little bit scared.

''The thing that's wrong is...'' Ice meowed seriously. Then, her eyes gleamed with happiness and satisfaction. ''That I'm going to get ya!'' The little kit leaped on Fire, who looked very, very scared. The two kits tumbled over, down to the hard stone floor.

Fire stood up and shook her fur. ''Sis, this is why you shouldn't do these things,'' she meowed superiorly. ''Then why do you believe the younger sister?'' Ice asked playfully, skipping from one place to another. ''Oh, I'm gonna get ya, alright, but we could wake up Twolegs,'' the bigger sister meowed and sat, head high and eyes closed.

Ice sighed. A hard, colliding sound was heard as the little kit pricked her ears in alarm. She sat up, with her eyes wide with alarm and ears pricked. ''What's wrong?'' Fire approached carefully, her ears perking up a bit. Ice glared at her sister, and continued watching the distance.

Now, a tiny black thing fell near Fire with such force, it left a hole in the ground. ''Go! Go! We must go, now!'' the little kit yowled, and both kits were soon sprinting across the streets. A huge, angry Twoleg was out, with a large black thing. The Twoleg looked at the two kits, put the large black thing in their course, and another little black thing shot.

The two kits yowled in fear as the Twoleg began running after them in the quiet and lonely town. ''Run! Run!'' yowled Fire. Suddenly, they were pulled to another street by... a cat? A bigger, about 9 moons old, black she-cat with beautiful wide green eyes was staring at them.

''Who are you?'' Fire spat at the cat. The cat stared at the littler kit. ''If you haven't noticed yet, I just saved your lives. Bullets could kill you in less than a heart-beat. If you wouldn't want your lives saved, then respect me. I'm older than both of you,'' she meowed. ''Then, what's your name? Why did you save us? We're just... kits,'' Ice meowed fearfully.

The cat looked at the two little kits. ''My name is Love. I was from the Lion Tribe, where we were fierce, strong and clever as lions. We fought in battle with mercy and cleverness, never killing an opponent but we had if he or she was an evil cat, or something like that,'' she explained. ''Do you know anyone called Flick?''

''Uh... no,'' the oldest kit meowed simply. ''Then, I'll go. Just be much careful!'' the black she-cat stood up and began padding slowly away from the kits. Fire turned around, while her little sister kept looking at Love. ''Ice, lets continue playing, we don't need anyone to tell us what to do. Race ya to the roof!'' the white she-kit yowled and began running. But, Ice kept looking at the black she-cat who had turned to face her.

Fire noticed this and returned. ''Uh... Ice? Back to the roof?'' she asked, nudging her sister a bit. The littler kit took no notice and continued staring. ''I want to go with her...'' she managed to whisper. ''What?'' her older sister exclaimed. ''And with all that Tribe-whatsoever thingy? Seriously, we can do better things like that. Just, being 7 moon old kits.''

''But think about protection,'' Ice argued, her soft voice was almost a whisper. ''Or even hunting, we could learn something from her. We also could learn how to fight. Don't you want to learn that?'' ''We can do that ourselves,'' Fire hissed. ''Learning our own methods would be better than learning someone else's.''

The littler kit looked at Love again. ''I'm going,'' she announced. ''Well, I'm staying,'' Fire hissed as Ice padded towards Love. They both seemed to have a short talk, Ice took one last glance at Fire, and they began walking away slowly. The older kit looked at the two cats furiously, and then took off to the park.

''Flick? That's you?'' Love meowed tentatively. Ice was trembling with either cold or fear. ''Show your stupid face so I can claw you!''

A white tom took a pace out of the bushes. ''Why, why, old friend. Love, we meet once again,'' he meowed. ''Flick, I came so you must explain what you must!'' Love spat at the tom. ''You ruined my family, killed my friends and when I thought you would take me in your home, you left me alone.''

''Did you have a kit? I think you're a bit too young...'' Flick meowed, changing the theme completely. ''She is Ice, and was a rogue kit that I found,'' the black she-cat spat. ''Now, Flick, tell me! I demand you to explain, right in front of us.'' Love raised a paw, almost going to strike, and the white tom was younger, so he didn't have the advantage.

Flick growled. ''First off, name's Snow. Not Flick,'' he hissed. ''And I will explain you my reasons. You see, first I was born to a kittypet mother. My two older siblings were the most perfect, for her, kits in the whole house. How did she treat me and my little sister? Like we were some catmint toys. If we even played, she would grab our scruff and leave us to a dog that 'ate' kittens. It didn't eat us, but it tortured us.''

Ice opened her mouth to say something, but the white tom started again quickly, ''My two older siblings were called Brown, a brown tom, and Drake, a ginger tom. They were very bad towards me and my little sister, who was a gray she-kit called Kitty, and we couldn't take it, but we had to live with it. They killed our father when mother wasn't looking, and my mother blamed me and my sister.''

''She leapt on us, and would've hurt us when I attacked. I killed her and my brothers because of all my and my sister's suffering. They weren't meant to live at all. We stayed in the house, and I once or twice strayed to your territory, Love. I wanted to make everyone pay, even if they hadn't done anything to us. So, I killed as many cats I found on the way. When I returned to my Twoleg's place, I saw some stray cat being with Kitty, and she leapt off the fence and went with him,'' Snow continued angrily.

The white tom shook his head sadly, forgetting all the anger he had. ''I never got to see her again. She never returned, and, no matter how my Twoleg's called and called her, she never looked back. I turned rogue, determined to both make cats pay and find my sister. Now, I see I was very wrong. I changed my ways, and I'm now living here,'' he finished.

''And I want to believe you?'' the little white she-cat meowed suspiciously. The black she-cat nodded in agreement. ''You should, I've been alone and without company, almost starving. If you truly want to have a life, you just must have a littermate or friend, or else, your life won't take course,'' the snowy white tom explained.

Love sighed. ''Can we stay, for one night?'' she asked. ''Sure, but there' one more question to be answered,'' Snow meowed. ''Can I travel with you, and learn your techniques?'' The question seemed to have stopped Love completely. Until she sighed, ''Fine. Come on, Ice,'' she meowed to the little kit. ''Let's go inside the den.''

''No,'' Ice whispered. ''I'll stay outside tonight. You can go in.'' The black she-cat and the white tom exchanged glances, shrugged and entered the little den.

'Fire, Fire, why did I leave you?' Ice thought quietly, wanting to nuzzle her sister's fur and share tongues with her once again. To feel the wind in her fur with her sister at her side, to tumble around roofs, to be the trouble-makers of the town... 'Why did I leave you?'

These are two flashbacks, both in Ice's POV, I think. At least I'm positive the second flashback is with Ice's POV. Snow, or Flick, is Snow, Ice is Ice, Fire is Fire, Love is Heart...


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