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Akane's POV

"KISAAAA! HURRY UP! WE'RE GOING TO BE LATE!" "A-akane! W-wait up!" "It's your fault that you overslept!"

"W-wait! I still need to make my oolang tea!" Kisa called out as I was about to leave out the front door. "Screw the tea! We're going to be late on the first day! Let's go now ya lazy ass!"I hissed and grabbed her wrist, dragging her to school.

I practically dragged Kisa all the way to school.

"Kisa! We would be faster if you use your legs!"

"Hmm, nah I'm good!"

"Lazy ass.." I muttered.

"Hm? What did you say?"

"Nothing!" I growled. I looked at my watch and saw we had only 3 minutes left!

"AHH we're gonna be late!

Kisa held on for dear life as I sped up quickly and we got to Namimori middle in less than 2 minutes ironically... Kisa laughed the soreness off as we were led to our classroom.

Normal POV

As they walked through the hall Kisa saw this really cute little baby eating a dumpling. He had short black hair with a long braid cascading his back and dark brown eyes. He wore this little red tangzhuang (Chinese suit) which was really cute... upon seeing Kisa, the little guy jumped onto her head unexpectedly. "Kisa! Hurry up before we leave you!" Akane called out. Kisa flinched and nodded jogging back to the door where Akane was walking into.

The teacher called them as they entered the room. They saw a bunch of unfamiliar faces. The teacher told them to introduced themselves. Kisa was the first one. "I'm Fujimori Kisa, pleased to meet you. Please take care of me well!" Kisa grinned and gave them a peace sign. Akane looked at the infant on top of her head. "Wdf is a baby doing on your head?" Suddenly, "Ciaossu Akane." 'That voice.' Akane looked around to see where the voice came from. Suddenly two shurikens aimed at her and she acted quickly dodged and landed on both feet in the back of the room. Everyone stared in awe. She glared at the infant in the black suit with a chameleon on his fedora.

Kisa smiled, "My quite a reunion over there Akane, but please do not forget about the self introductions." Akane sighed and faced the class with a bored face, "...Ichikura Akane." Kisa grinned and walked over to an empty seat by the window. Taking a seat she placed the infant that was on her head on the desk, "how cute!" The little guy pushed her wrist away and turned to the infant that Akane was glaring at, "Reborn."

Akane POV

Reborn smirked. He touched his cute side burns as he looked straight at me. I continued glaring at him before I turned around and walked towards my seat; in the way back next to the window. The teacher was shaking in fear and called a free period. As he left the room, my classmates surrounded Kisa and started asking questions like, "Where were you from?" "Do you have a boyfriend?" Etc. I suspected everyone was scared of me but I didn't care. I rested my head on my hand and stared out the window. I felt someone staring at me as I looked at the person. It was a boy with brown spiked hair and brown eyes. Our eyes met but he quickly turned away. He was hanging out with two guys. One was a silver-head yelling at the other as the other guy laughs.

I sighed as I got up from my seat and walk out of the classroom. I walked in the halls and went upstairs till I was at the roof. I decided to take a nap here till lunch. I closed my eyes and went to deep slumber.

Normal POV

BRIIIIING! The bell rang for lunch as a group of certain people walked towards the roof to eat lunch. "Juudaime let hurry! I'm starving!"

"G-gokudera wait!"

"Haha, come on Tsuna!" The brown haired boy opened the door to see someone lying down in the corner. "Who dares to take our spot! I'll get rid of them right away Juudaime!" The silver head started marching towards the person before being stopped by his 'Juudaime'

"G-gokudera hold on!" Tsuna slowly walked towards the the sleeping person. It was none other than Akane Ichikura.

She had a peaceful yet cute sleeping face. Tsuna blushed as he got a closer look. Suddenly her eyes opened quickly and pinned Tsuna down. She glared at him before her eyes softened and releases him from her grip.

Akane POV

"I-Ichikura-san! S-sorry!" I saw him bowing down repeatedly as the silver head glared at me and the browned hair laughed. '*sigh* so annoying.' I got up and offered my hand to help him up. He stared at my hand for a few seconds before taking it. Suddenly I sensed something cutting through the air, coming our way, fast! I gripped his hand and pulled him to my chest and dodged the so called bullets coming our way. I placed the boy with his friends.

"Stay back." I muttered. The boy's eyes widened but obeyed. I nodded to myself before shouting, "Reborn! I know you're here! Show yourself."

On cue, "Ciaossu!" I turned around to see Reborn on Sawada's shoulder. I glared daggers at him. "I believe you have answering to do" I said. "Same goes for you.. Akane." "Ehhh! Reborn! You know Ichikura-san?!" Reborn kicked Tsuna on the face and sent him flying to the other side of the roof. "J-Juudaime!" "Tsuna!" I almost forgot that the other two was here. "Akane." I turned to face Reborn. He smirked. 'He's planning something..' "Come to Dame-Tsuna's house. Then we'll talk." Before disappearing to some unknown place.

School was over. Kisa smiled walking over to me, "so how was your first day?" I grimaced gritting my teeth, "boring... how about you?" Kisa smiled slightly chuckling, "something pretty weird happened to me when I was napping in the infirmary..." I raised an eyebrow before shaking it off, "I'm not going to ask... anyways I'm off to Tsunayoshi's home, you coming or are you going home?"

Kisa shrugged, "I dunno, sure." Along the way I saw a certain infant jump into her arms, making her blush. I rolled my eyes at that.

"Kisa we're here."

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