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Akane POV

A woman that I presumed as Tsunayoshi's mom opened the door. "Oh are you Tsu-kun's friends?" Before I could answer, she opened the door wider and told us to enter. She told us that Tsuna was in his room. I thanked her before heading upstairs. I opened the door to see Tsunayoshi, the silver head, the brown haired air head, and another silver haired guy with a bandage on his nose, and there was also two girls. One light browned haired an one dark brown haired. Even two infants, a Chinese girl and the cowkid. All eyes were on us.

"Ciaossu Akane" I turned to see Reborn on Yamamoto's shoulder. I nodded and Kisa said hello. Reborn told us to sit on the bed and told us to introduce ourselves. First was Tsunayoshi Sawada. "H-hi my name is T-Tsunayoshi S-Sawada!" Then he bowed. '..How cute' Next was the silver-head who calls Tsuna 'Juudaime' "..Gokudera Hayato" okay then? Next was the air head. "Ahaha I'm Yamamoto Takeshi! Nice to meet you!" Next was the silver-haired dude with the bandage. "NICE TO MEET YOU TO THE EXTREME! IM SASAGAWA RYOHEI! MY MOTTO IS EXTREME!" I winced at the volume. Next was the light brown haired girl. "Hello! My name is Sasagawa Kyoko! Nice to meet you!" 'Wow are they really related?' Then it was the other girl. "Hi! My name is Haru Miura desu! Nice to meet you!" Then it was the cow kid. "I'm the great Lambo-sama! Gyahahaha!" Last but not least, it was the little Chinese girl. "Ni hao! My name is I-pin! Nice to meet you!"

Kisa smiled slightly bowing, "hi, I'm Kisa, Fujimori Kisa." The infant on her head jumped down into her arms. I-pin looked up, "master!"
"Its been quite awhile, I-pin..." he said with a smile. I saw Kisa's eyes widened looking down, "eh!? You can talk!?" He gazed up to her, "how else was I conversing you?"
Kisa's lips curved into a soft smile, "what's your name anyways?"

Reborn cleared his throat. "Hmph, last but not least.." Reborn' voice trailed off. Everyone's eyes were on me. I can see Reborn smirk in the corner of my eye. I scowled. Damn you Reborn.. I was not in the mood to introduce myself anymore. "Ahaha don't worry about her," Kisa giggled. "At first she may be distant and not social but actually that's because she's shy. I find it really cute" "EHH she's just shy?!" I glared at Kisa, a little blush appeared on my face.

"I-Ichikura-san?" I looked up to see Tsunayoshi with a worried look on his face. I looked back down as I fiddled with my skirt.

"..Akane" I muttered. Tsunayoshi looked surprised. He blinked once. Twice. Before tilting his head. "H-huh?" I sighed before looking at him straight in the eyes. "..You can call me Akane." Tsunayoshi blushed at the way I looked at him. Suddenly, the door opened and Tsunayoshi's mom was smiling as she entered with some sweets. "Hi everyone! I brought some sweets! I'll prepare some drinks so please enjoy yourselves!" As she said that I stood up and bowed. "Thank you for letting us stay. I'll help you with the drinks." Tsunayoshi's mom smiled. "Thank you." Before I went out of the room to follow her, Tsunayoshi stopped me. "Y-you don't h-have to!" I looked at him with a little smile on my face, "it's okay. I want to. Lets just say its my way of saying thank you for letting us stay." I glanced at Reborn before walking out the room.

"Thank you for helping." Tsunayoshi's mom placed the cups on the table and I made the drinks. "It's no trouble.." I muttered.

Tsunayoshi's mom just smiled at me. "and.. Thank you for being Tsu-kun's friend." I turned to look at her. "..What do you mean by that? Doesn't he have a lot of friends?" She just sighed as she smiles. "Tsu-kun used to be alone. He was shy and didn't have any friends. He would skip school and stay in his room all day. I worry about him so much. But then ever since Reborn came to tutor Tsu-kun,

he made lots of friends and I'm happy for him. He's been more cheerful than usual." I smiled at how she loved Tsuna so much. If only my mother was here to do the same.. I sighed as I poured the juice into the cups. I told Tsunayoshi's mom that I'll take the drinks the his room but before I did, I turned and smiled at her. "You don't have to worry, since I don't think I'll go anywhere else soon... nor everyone else." and headed towards Tsunayoshi's room failing to notice a certain infant touching his sideburns smirking.

I walked in, holding the tray of drinks. Once I'd set the tray down, Reborn tripped me. I froze as I landed on Yamamoto's lap. Kisa snickered from the other side of the room. I glared back at her, a blush threatening to show, and stormed over to Kisa clenching my fist, "sh-shut up!" Before my fist hit Kisa, Fon protected her from the blow. "F-Fon!?"Kisa exclaimed surprised. He crawled into her lap afterwards.

Suddenly, Kisa yawned and glanced out the window, it was sunset...
Kisa smiled standing up, "I'm tired Akane, I'm going to head back..." I nodded and said, "You go first I have things to do here still..." She nodded and turned to Tsuna with a bow, "thank you for having me over... please excuse me..." Kisa smiled raising her head and left.

An hour later, Haru and Kyoko had to go home but Ryohei and the rest of the guys stayed. So all night, we discussed Mafia matters. So now I was officially in Tsuna's family. Gokudera disapproved, Yamamoto was just happy that someone joined their Mafia 'game', Ryohei was satisfied as I was a strong person and wanted me to join the boxing club which I rejected politely, and Tsuna who really disproved because he didn't want me to get involved. Reborn just hit him and made it final that I was in his family. Some time that night, I got sleepy and fell asleep. My head landed on Yamamoto's shoulders and I was fast asleep.

I woke up to the sound of birds chirping. I quickly sat up. 'Crap! I fell asleep instead of going home! Shit! Kisa must of been worried sick!' I then realized I was on a bed. I examined my surroundings and saw all the guys asleep on the floor. I slightly smiled as I got out of bed. I looked at the clock and saw that it was 4:00 A.M. in the morning. I quietly walked passed the sleeping guys, and out the room not before writing a note to them saying 'Thank you for letting me stay and sorry for staying for the night. P.S. Tsunayoshi take care of your mom.' I then went down stairs to see the lights open. I walked towards the light to the kitchen to see Tsunayoshi's mom sitting on the table drinking some hot chocolate.

"Ah, good morning Akane-chan!" She smiled. "Uh good morning.. Sorry for staying here over night. I never planned on stay too long.." "It's okay! Sit down, I'll cook you some breakfast." "Oh no that fine, I'll just be on my way home." "Oh now that's not good! You should eat something!" I hesitated before nodding, "..if you insist." She smiled satisfied and went to cook breakfast. 'I guess it wouldn't hurt to stay a little while.' I smiled as I sat in the table waiting for the breakfast to be served. After breakfast, I thanked her before going out the house to head home.

(At the boys)
Tsuna stirred in his sleep before opening his eyes. 'Eh? Oh right everyone is still here.' He looked at the bed to find an empty bed. He was now wide awake panicking to where she was. "I-Ichikura-san?!" He yelled a bit too loud that woke the rest of the boys up. They asked what was wrong and Tsuna told the that Akane was missing. He was about to run out of the room to find her but was stopped by a kick to the face. "Oww! R-reborn! What did you do that for?!" "Shut up. Akane went home already. She left this note." He threw the note to Tsuna who sighed in relief and read it. "Damn woman! Troubling the Juudaime!" "Haha maa maa!" I am sleepy to the EXTREME!"

(Back to Akane)

"A-choo!" I sneezed as I rubbed my nose. I went inside the house to see all the lights out. 'Guess Kisa is still asleep. Well we don't have school today so ill just go back to sleep after I take a shower.' I went upstairs to my room, took a shower then went back to bed.

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