QUEST 3 PART 2: A Dragon and a Reunion

Last time- Batman was caught in killer Moth's sticky- oh wait, wrong story. The Eds discovered the news that a Dragon has made its way to Whiterun. Can the Eds survive?

Jarl Balgruuf paused for quite a while. The hall was quiet along with him.

"You can't believe such stories, my lord." The Dark Elf said, "It's probably just some ambush attempt. Nothing-"

Balgruuf raised his hand, signaling silence to his Housecarl.

"These boys were in Helgen," he said, "When an alleged Dragon attack occurred. Now, one of my men claims the same happened to him. It would be unwise to ignore the possibility that this no coincidence."

He rose from his throne with the face of a warlord.

"Gather the men," he said to the Nord woman, "I want every soldier not signed to post at the gates immediately!"

"What about…Red Death?" the Nord women asked.

"Well," Eddy said as they were in discussion, "I guess we're done here. Let's just get out of your hair."

"You three!" the Jarl said, pointing to the Eds. "I need a favor. My housecarls believe that you three may have something to do with this, since the Dragon attacked after your story. Prove to me that you are in earnest by alerting our best fighter to the situation, a warrior by the name of Red Death."

"Cool name." Ed replied.

"Well alright," Double D agreed, "Where can we find this warrior?"

"Try looking in the Bannered Mare Inn," he answered, "That's the usual spot."

The three nodded and ran off. As they exited the Dragonsreach, Ed began to sing.

"We're off to see Death," he sang, "The wonderful death of…Red!"

"Remind me to tan your hide later Ed!" Eddy yelled, "This friendly favor is becoming a pain in my rear end!"

"We have to do this Eddy," Double D scolded, "the Jarl is suspicious of us. Don't you want these people to trust us?"

Eddy seemed extremely uninterested.

"If we do this," Double D said, shifting to a trickster's tone, "we might have more customers to fall for our asinine schemes."

Eddy perked up.

"Customers? Now that's a word I understand Double D." Said Eddy with a grin. "Anybody see that Bannered Mare place yet?"

"Nah Eddy," Ed replied, "just a place with a horse on it."

Everyone turned around. Ed was pointing to a large Inn, a sign in front that read 'Bannered Mare Inn' and an image of a horse.

"That'll do lumpy," Eddy said, "That'll do."

The three made their way into the Inn, the usual sights and smells associated with one were abundant. The only difference here was that a fight was breaking out.

It appeared that every male in the bar and their brother was caught in some kind of super bar-brawl. Glasses, swords, axes, and anything else was flying in different directions as the mass of fighters moved with ferocity.

"I guess diplomacy wasn't the option here." Double D gulped.

Eddy had something else in his head. He found the nearest table, luckily the last one not being used as a weapon, and sat down on it with the speed of a pouncing wolf. He placed his bag of coins on the table.


Anyone who wasn't in on the fight swarmed to Eddy, throwing their coins at him.

"30 gold for Hansef!" a Nord Said.

"50 gold on Jorgruel here!" another Nord said.

"40 on the Broncos, good man!" said Ed.

"600 gold," said a Redguard, slamming his coin bag on the table, "for the She-devil."

Eddy looked like he was about to weep with joy.

"Alright," said Eddy, "house is bet on…that guy!"

Eddy pointed to a very large Orc in the crowd. He was twice the size of any brawler there, flinging them all away as if they were flies.

"Eddy," Double D complained, "Now's not the time to be squandling off our supply money! Show some self-control."

"Relax hood-head," Eddy said, staring at the wagered gold. "It's a sure thing; no one here could take that guy. He's obviously Red Death. It's in the bag."

As the fighters crawled around the Orc, he just mashed his way through them. Suddenly, a young Nord girl leapt out from the pile of fighters. She had red hair and was close to Eddy's size. She launched herself at the Orc, her fist landing on his face and left foot in his abdomen.

With the Orc distracted by pain, she grabbed hold of his legs and swung his body around. Using the Orc as her personal club, she slammed it against every brawler there, knocking them out in one swift motion. The only one left standing was her, standing on a pile of unconscious or possibly dead warriors.

Eddy was absolutely shocked.

"Wh…who is that?" he said.

"That my Imperial friend," said the Redguard as he slid all of the coins towards him, "is Sarah the She-devil. The true Red Death."

The Redguard chuckled away as Eddy became incredibly nervous.

"No! No! Wait!" he said, trying desperately to grab his attention, "Best two out of three! There's a double whammy round! Come back here with my money!"

"Roll the dice, pay the price my friend." Said Double D.

Ed noticed something familiar about this warrior. Then, like a wagon carrying boulders, it hit him.

"Baby sister!" he yelled as he ran towards her.

"Sister?" Double D and Eddy asked.

"Hey barkeep," Sarah yelled, "can I get that mead before the end times?!"

The barkeeper then rushed to get her beverage. Ed snuck up on her, squeezing her as tight as he could.

"Sister long since lost," he said, "at last Ed has found you!"

Sarah took of Ed's long neck and flung Ed across the tavern, right into the other Eds.

"Ah, the good old days…" Ed said.

"Ed you idiot," she yelled, "who told you to come here?!"

"Hold on," Eddy said, struggling to get free, "Red Death really is your sister?"

"But how can that be?" Double D asked, "She's a Nord and you're an Altmer. So how could she and you be…?"

"Mamma don't judge, Double D." said Ed.

Suddenly, a sword came dangerously close to their faces. It was no surprise who was holding it.

"I asked you a question brother," Sarah demanded, "why are you here? You're supposed to be in Cyrodiil!"

"What's this all about?" asked Double D.

"Lady Sarah," said a voice from the corner. "You mustn't start trouble so often.

From the other end of the room, a rather pale-looking Breton boy came in. He walked over to Sarah with a fancy-looking handkerchief, whipping the cuts and bruises on her face.

"Bar fights are so bad for the complexion." He continued as he cleaned, "Healing potions don't grow on trees you know."

"Why thank you Jimmy." She said, actually smiling.

Eddy then began to laugh.

"Hey Jeeves," he said, "nice hair, going for the sheep's butt look?"

Sarah grabbed Eddy's arm and swung him around, slamming him on the floor six times.

"You leave my manservant ALONE!" she yelled in his ear. She turned her attention back to Jimmy.

"Come on Jimmy," she said, "I heard the trader got a shipment of Hammerfell tea this morning."

"Goodie goodie goodie!" Jimmy said.

They were almost out of the Inn when Double D finally wriggled out from between Ed and the floor.

"Pardon me for keeping you," Double D said. "But we came with a message from Jarl Balgruuf himself."

Sarah stopped and turned with an annoyed look on her face.

"And what does he want?" she asked. "Giants attacking farmlands? Riekling hordes?"

"Not quite," Double D said, finally on his feet. "There was an assault on the Tower on the outskirts of the city. The guard there claims it to be Dragon in origin, and he wants you to dispose of it."

"It's not Dragon in origin," Ed said, "that's a different game Double D."

Double D stared in confusion as Sarah went into thought.

"Alright," she said, "I'll go."

She walked off, most likely near the gate were the other soldiers were gathering.

"Well," said Eddy, still in pain, "I think we're done here."

"I wouldn't say that Eddy," said Double D, who tried to pull Eddy back up to his feet. "We should probably make sure she reaches the gates with the others. Don't want to lose whatever trust these people have for us."

"Do I get a say in anything around here?" demanded Eddy.

"Nope." Said Ed, "Not by the hair on my chinny-chin-chin."

"You don't even have a chin!" he yelled as they started off without him.

The three made their way to the gates of the wall. About 20 to 40 soldiers were gathered here, including Sarah 'Red Death' herself. Irilith, the Dunmer women from the throne room, was in front.

"We are going to take back our tower, and we shall do it as true warriors!" she shouted.

The crowd cheered.

"And these three are going to assist us!" she called, pointing towards the Eds.

"Wait just a moment," Double D said nervously, "we're just messengers, we're not warriors!"

"You survived a Dragon attack," she said, "that qualifies you for this mission. Besides, I don't trust you three wandering off while good men walk into what could well be a trap. Bring them forward!"

Three large soldiers behind them grabbed them and placed them in formation with the others. The Dunmer warrior called for the march to begin, everyone falling suite.

"Smack em' once for me!" said Jimmy, waving as they went off.

"This has been quite a week," Double D said as they marched, "Imprisoned, placed on death row, Dragon attack, on the run, treasure hunts and now drafted."

The small squadron of soldiers made their way to the tower, which looked to be in near ruin. Corpses littered the ground, covered in burns and severed limbs. But there was no sign of a Dragon yet to be found.

"Spread out," Irlith said, "But keep an eye out. Red, keep an eye on those three."

"You've got to be joking." Sarah said in disgust, "Balgruuf summons me to hunt a Dragon and I'm stuck babysitting two chumps and my brother?"

"If they try to run off, kill them." She answered.

"That's better." Sarah replied.

"For who?" Eddy shrieked.

"For whom, Eddy." Double D corrected.

"Congetives!" said Ed.

"Alright then," she said to them, "we'll check inside the tower itself. Whatever was here might be hiding inside. Move it!"

By her command, the Eds made their way to the tower entrance. Inside were more dead soldiers and scorch markings.

"Scout around boys," Sarah demanded, "and don't even think about running off."

"I am having so much fun with my baby sister!" Ed said, hugging Sarah once more. "We can go fishing, lick stamps, sledding, and share a bathroom!"

Sarah then politely introduced her fist on Ed's face, causing him to pummel to the floor.

"You survived a Dragon?" she said, "I don't think you could survive against a Skeever!"

"Joke's on you," said Eddy, "he took an entire swarm of them. And he had enough in him to go toe-to-toe against some giant spiders and Stormcloaks. So you'd better watch your tone, missy."

Another punch was thrown, this time at Eddy's direction.

"I'll believe it when I see it." She said.

"I don't mean to pry," Double D asked, "but what's you and Ed's history exactly?"

Sarah set her sword down as she decided to answer.

"Back when our parents died," she said, "it was decided by their will that I would live with my Godparents in Skyrim, among Nords. He was supposed to go live in Cyrodiil, live with Mom's family. Never heard from him since."

"That's strange," said Double D, "Ed ended up in an orphanage in Chorrol, until he became an indentured servant to my master."

"What?" she said in confusion.

Before anyone could answer, the sounds of panic from outside blasted through the walls. Then the sounds of shouting and blasts of power drowned it out.

Then complete silence.

A great thud then echoed from the roof of the tower, as if a large stone fell from the sky. Scratching sounds followed, like steel on a stone. Once the scratching ceased, the animalistic growling started.

To Sarah, Double D and Eddy, these sounds were just a reason to tremble with fear. But Ed heard something entirely different…

Foolish mortals, the voice from above told Ed, did you think you could withstand me? The great Mirmulnir? I have forgotten what sport you humans are. Once I'm through with you all, I shall destroy the Greybeards, ending the way of the voice once and for all. FOR ALDUIN!

Then the sounds of chaos repeated once more. They heard a great gust of air, as if a flying creature had just soared off the roof of the tower. The four decided it was time to leave, escaping out of the tower.

Finally outside, they saw what was going on. Warrior and archers scrambling, struggling to avoid the powerful blasts from the beast above them. When they gazed up they noticed the beast…

…it was a Dragon.

"By the Gods," Sarah said in disbelief, "It really is a Dragon."

"Do you think it's the same one Double D?" Eddy asked in fear, "The one from Helgen? Maybe it followed us?"

"Nah Eddy," said Ed, "That Dragon was Alduin. This one is Mirmlunir."

"What?" Sarah said, "Alduin?"

"How on Nirn could you even know anything like that?!" Double D asked.

"Mirmulunir just said so, Double D." Ed said.

"What are you talking about?!" Eddy yelled.

The Dragon then took notice to the Eds and Sarah. In a dramatic swoop, he prepared to dive-bomb the party, causing them to shout in terror.

To be continued…

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