Hello again folks. I know I have a lot of stories that need to be finished, but this one keep popping into my head recently so um yeah! Hope you all enjoy it. It is AU, but I tried to keep as much of the original BBC Merlin in it as I could.

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Magic had been young once. It had filled people with new wonder as they worked to learn how to bend it to their will. The Lord of all Magic was pleased with their joy and sought to further it. He started with the kind-hearted spirits of the fairies and unicorns. The creatures brought smiles to the peoples faces and made the Lord of Magic even happier.

Yet with all his kind-hearted nature, he loved to cause mischief. He was the ruler of all magic after all and sometimes the forces suggested that he stir a little trouble into his doings. Being bored one day he crafted the dragons and their kin and unleashed them to the unsuspecting world.

Things had been peaceful enough for a time. The dragons gathering knowledge and offering help to ones in need. They had a preference for riddles, a trait they shared with their creator.

The dragons however soon grew too strong, casting enchantments on their young to protect them from any harm, they horded knowledge for themselves, they even started to attack the homes of innocent people simply because it amused them to see what the humans would do to get them to stop.

The Lord of Magic heard the cries of the people he cared for so dearly but there was just too many dragons taking advantage of their power and he could not bring himself to destroy any of his creations. So he turned to his sister and asked her to send visions telling the people to climb the tallest mountain and sing for three days at the top, and to feed a Merlin should one appear before them, for the Merlin was his symbol. She complied and sent the visions through out the land of mortal man.

The dream reached hundreds of people who stopped at various points in the journey wondering why they ever set off in the first place. Fifty men made it to the top of the mountain, all of various social classes. Several of royal and noble blood sneered and turned back seeing the peasant folk that had arrived and by the end of the first day, only thirty men remained at the top of the mountain singing the songs sent to them in their dreams.

The following day saw the leaving of fifteen more men who all saw no reason to continue to serve the whims of a being they would never see. The fifteen that remained continued to sing into the night that cast a storm that held fierce and sent one more away from the chorus.

Of the fourteen remaining, one was a young royal of the family Pendragon. It was halfway through the third and last day that he stopped singing and turned from the circle of thirteen peasants. He looked back at the circle for a moment before beginning his decent down the mountainside. Fate had something in store for his family, but he knew in his heart it was not what it in mind for the thirteen men he left behind.

The end of the third day drew to a close and the thirteen men fell silent. They looked to the skies as a Merlin flew overhead in a lazy circle and landed near them. Each one offered the bird a piece of meat that it gobbled up.

Once feed, the bird changed into the Lord of Magic. Cloth of rich blue guarding him from the elements, golden eyes dancing with mirth and the magic he was. "It pleases me to see such loyalty." The men fell to their knees and bowed their heads lowly to him. "Kneel not, for I have come to reward your loyalties. When you return home guard your first-born sons well. Teach them the songs you have song these past three days. When they become men, you will see the reward I have given you. Teach them to follow but two simple rules. Keep the Song, and Feed the Merlin." In a flash of light the Lord of Magic disappeared from them taking the form of a Merlin once more and flying away. The men returned to their homes and guarded their sons well, teaching them to Keep the Song and to Feed the Merlin.

Years passed and the boys and all grown into fine young men. They all left home, feeling something calling to them. They all arrived at a city that was being ravaged by a dragon. The thirteen young men stood in a large circle with their backs facing the crowd that had gathered around them. The dragon landed in the middle. "Is this another foolish attempt to stop me?"

"Your time of free range has ended." One of them said. He had been the son of the man who had feed the Merlin first.

The dragon let out a laugh. "The lord of magic created me to be free." He answered looking at all the men around him. "Yet he sends boys to subdue me?"

The young men started to sing, the sound coming as a rumble from their mouths. It didn't sound human. The dragon could sense the magic coming from the men around him. "What is this?" He cried out as he was forced to submit to the circle around him.

"We are the Dragonlords." The man spoke once more. "You are to leave this city or we will make it so will never harm another again."

"You would kill me? Ha!" His laughter stopped when a spear hovered over his chest on the right side. He looked at the man before him seeing the molten gold that had replaced blue eyes.

"We are the Dragonlords, and you will obey."

"As you wish." The dragon said before taking off into the air. The men gathered closer together watching the dragon fly away.

A Merlin flew down to the young men and they each in turn offered it a piece of meat. Once feed the Merlin transformed into the Lord of Magic wearing a warm smile. "Your fathers have done well." His smile dropped when all of them dropped to one knee kneeling before him. "I tell you the same as I told your fathers. Do not kneel to me. Yet for a different reason. My creations do not kneel to anyone, least of all me. Stand my Dragonlords. Stand and remember that though you be of humble birth, you are the caretakers of my beloved Dragon kin. You must guide and protect them, yet at the same time let them be free. You must also keep to the two rules I had your fathers teach you. Keep the Song."

"Feed the Merlin." They answered him as one. It made him smile once more.

"This exchange, 'Keep the Song' and 'Feed the Merlin' shall be what you say to one another when you part. My dear Dragonlords go forth and settle the dragons that I have created in my stead, they have grown restless and need the guidance you offer. With this, I bid thee goodbye. Magic's time has just begun, and many more prosperous years lie ahead."

The Lord of Magic took to the skies as a Merlin leaving the Dragonlords to part ways and begin to calm the wayward dragons. Peace settled in the lands once again.

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