I don't own Truth Or Dare, and I don't own South Park. I thank the makers of these things for making them, because they are awesome.

Me: Welcome to the South Park Truth Or Dare game! Now, this will be slightly different than the others, because instead of just making them say the stuff, I'll make a little drabble on the things. I'm not sure if anyone else has done this, I might be doing something really new. Now, to bring everyone in!

Everyone appears

Tweek: Aah! Don't eat me!

Me: You can do any character in South Park, including adults if you want!

Kyle: Who are you and who are you talking to?

Me: I am the All-Powerful Authoress! I made this story! Don't question mah authoritah!

Kenny: Dies

Stan: Oh my god! They killed Kenny!

Kyle: You bastards!

Me: So send in your Truths and Dares. Be original! Also accepting OC's into drabbles! Don't forget to include any handy info!

You see that little box, right down there? Put a review in it! Anything accepted, apart from flames. Constructive criticism is good though.