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Stan looked at his watch, waiting for his girlfriend. She should've been here by now! He was next to Stark's pond, sitting on a bench, He'd texted Wendy, asking her to come, saying he had a surprise for her. She'd replied 'okay'. He was about to panic when he saw her walking towards him in a relaxed fashion. He quickly yet secretly composed himself, making sure he didn't look bad. He, for the love of god, hoped that he didn't screw up yet again.

"Hey Stan!" She sat next to him.

"Hi Wendy." Stan didn't want to seem eager. He might give away what was going to happen otherwise.

"So, what's the surprise?" Wendy asked him. Stan smirked.

"This." He captured her lips. She gave a small gasp but then kissed him back. He'd actually done it! He smiled into the kiss. But as soon as it began, it ended.

"Wow..." Was all Stan could say.

"You're a great kisser Stan." Wendy smiled. Then, as she was nearing in for another...

...Stan threw up on her.

"Eew! Stan! Oh, what the heck." And, not minding at all that there was puke all over the both of them, Wendy kissed Stan again.

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Wendy: Wait, if I kissed Stan after he'd puked, would that mean...

Me: Yes, you basically ate puke.

Wendy: Eew!

Cartman laughs.

Everyone: Shut up, fatass!

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