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Chapter 1

Miku's POV

I lay awoke, in my king-size bed. I turned to look at my boyfriend, Len Kagamine and sighed. Out of all honesty, I don't know I started dating him but I couldn't care less. I rolled over and noticed a picture on the drawer, my eyes filled with tears when I looked at it. It was me and Kaito before he had to move school, I still miss him everyday.

"Miku?" I heard a voice behind me, it was Len. "What's the matter?"

"It's nothing, Len, don't worry." I lied, sitting up. Len put his hands on my shoulders and looked at me.

"Miku, I know you're lying because you're crying." I put my hands on my face so Len wouldn't see me cry. "Miku...just tell me what's wrong." He removed my hands from my face and wiped the tears off.

"Don't take it the wrong way but... I miss Kaito." I turned to him, he wasn't as shocked as I thought as would be.

"He's coming back today..." I stared at him.


"Yeah, I'm picking him up today. Also, my sister is dating him now so I have to pick both of them up."

"Can I come with?"

"Of course you can, Miku." He leaned in and kissed me.

Kaito's POV

I wake up to see Rin shaking me.

"Kaito! If you don't get up now, we're going to be late." She screamed into my ear. I playfully pushed her off me.

"Okay, I'm awake. Now, what's the problem?" She smiled.

"Me and you are going on a date with Miku and Len!" Miku...it hit me, the girl I loved so much. "Also, we're going back home!" I started to cry silently. Rin frowned.

"I'm sorry, Rin. It's just...I miss Miku." Rin smiled and as she put her arm around me, I stopped crying.

"Don't worry, I understand." I smiled at her. After we got dressed and our bags were packed, we were waiting outside for Miku and Len.

"Kaito, look!" She yelled as she pointed. I looked where she pointed, and saw Miku and Len in Len's yellow BMW 1M Coupe. We waved and they pulled over. When Miku came out of the car, I stared at her and stood still like a statue. She looked at me with her teal eyes, full of tears. In a split-second, she ran up to me as I held my arms out. She jumped into my arms as I spin her around. I stopped and looked into her eyes, full of happiness.

"I'll pack your stuff in the car..." Len said awkwardly. What would most awkward was Rin and Len were staring throughout the whole moment. After staring at her in a few minutes, she broke the silence.

"I missed you, you know that?" Her voice was like music to my ears.

"Yes, I did." She smiled and I put her down. After Len put all of the baggage into the car, we set off on the road back to Len's house. An hour later, we arrived in Len's modern home. It wasn't as big as a mansion but it would definitely fit in many people. After settling in for a bit, we were all in the living room, watching TV.

"Okay, I think me and Rin will sleep in my room tonight while you two..." He pointed at me and Miku. "Will sleep in the spare bedroom tonight. Okay?" Miku nodded but Rin and I didn't.

"But, Len, I don't want to sleep with you tonight." Rin protested.

"Well, Rin, I think Miku and Kaito should have time catching up." Len yelled. I looked at Miku, she wasn't looking very happy.

"Miku, what's wrong?" I asked her.

"I...I just don't like seeing them fight and argue."

"Why don't we go to the kitchen and I'll make us smoothies?" She smiled.

"I'd like that." I put my hand in hers and we walked into the kitchen. Rin and Len were arguing so loud, you could hear it from the kitchen.

"So, what would you like in your smoothie, Miku?" She sat on the tabletop and put on her thinking face.

"Mango and Pineapple?" I nodded, while I was blending the fruit, Rin and Len were shouting so loud, we could hear it clearly.

"Len, has it come to your attention that Miku and Kaito are probably doing it in the kitchen right now."

"I don't hear moaning, do you?"

"Probably, because you're shouting too much." Miku giggled, that giggle was so kawaii! I finished the smoothie and gave it to Miku.

"But Kaito, what about you?" She asked.

"Don't worry," I went to the fridge and pulled out a tub of Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. "I've got ice cream, remember?" She sighed and rolled her eyes.

"Your addiction to ice cream is worrying but cute." I blushed and Miku noticed. "And you also look cute when you blush. Rin's very lucky she has you."

"And Len's very lucky he has you." She smiled. Once we finished our treats, we headed back to the living room where Rin and Len were sitting on the sofa.

"Guys, me and Rin have been discussing and she finally agrees with me!" She rolled her eyes and smacked Len around the head.

"I said just for tonight." I felt an argument brewing.

"Yes, do you have a problem with that?"

"Both of you shut up!" I yelled and the twins stared at me. "Now, here's a little change of plan, you two sleep in Len's room, Miku sleeps in the spare bedroom and I'll sleep down here." The twins nodded but Miku didn't.

"What about you, Kaito?"

"It's alright, Miku. You'll be fine." She nodded.

-Time Skip-

Miku's POV

I lay in the bed, trying to sleep but I couldn't. The bed was very unconformable; Len really needs to get this room redone. I couldn't take it anymore, I tiptoed downstairs because everyone was asleep and I wouldn't want to wake them up. I went into the living room and shook Kaito.

"...Miku, is that you?" He said through groans.

"Yeah, can I sleep with you? I can't sleep..." Kaito smiled and shuffled a bit to make some room. I smiled and got on the sofa with him. He wrapped his arms around me as I closed my eyes. Even though we were dating other people, it felt like...we weren't dating them at all.