Rin's POV

"That's right, you little bitch!" She hissed.

"Let me go!" She slammed me on the wall again.

"Not until you tell me where Miku lives..."


"Because I want to kill her..." Kill Miku!?


"I want to kill her front of Kaito so we can be together forever..."

"Okay, I'll tell you where she is." She smiled. As I opened my mouth to say something, I kneed her in the stomach, she fell to the ground in pain. "Do you really think I'd tell you where Miku lives so you can kill her?" As I started to walk away, she grabbed me by my leg, I tried to shook her off but ended up kicking her in the face. I ran but because of the fog, I couldn't see where I was going. Suddenly, I bumped into someone and fell.

Meiko's POV

"Uh, little Rin, always plays the innocent one. I'll get to Miku even if I have to kill you and Len."

Rin's POV

"Rin?" I heard a familiar voice.

"Len?" He offered me his hand and I took it but as he picked me up, I began to sob.

"Rin, what's wrong?"

" I saw...her."

"Come on, we'll talk about it at home." I nodded. We walked to Len's house and when we arrived, me and Len sat down on the sofa. "Rin, what happened out there? Who did you see?"

"Meiko..." I whispered. Len's eyes widened.

"Meiko? What did she-?"

"She asked where Miku lives, then, I asked her why." I sobbed. "She said she wants to kill Miku!"

"What? Why!?"

"Because she wants to be with Kaito, Len! She even said she'd do it in front of him! She even she'd kill usif she needs to!"

"Oh god, Rin, we need to call the police." I nodded.

Miku's POV

I sighed, looking up to the ceiling.

"Something on your mind, Miku?" Kaito asked next to me.

"No, not thinking." Kaito got on top of me.

"About what?"

"Nothing much, Kaito. What's the time?" He turned back to look at the clock and turned back to me.

"About 4pm."

"Okay, what about we go downstairs and make hot chocolate?" He smiled and nodded, we got out of bed and put on our clothes. As we headed downstairs, Rin and Len looked at us with shocked faces. "Ahem, are you guys okay?" Rin sighed.

"Miku, Meiko...attacked me." My eyes widened. "She said she wanted to kill you and do it in front of Kaito." I looked down.

"But we called the police and they said that they were going to arrest Meiko right away." I sighed in relief.

-Time Skip-

Me and Rin were in the living room, watching some random horror movie whilst Len and Kaito went out to buy pizza.

"Miku, I forget to mention...I might be having a friend coming around..." I rose an eyebrow.

"Oh really, who?"

"Piko." I widened my eyes.

"Rin...Piko has a grudge against me!"

"What? Why?"

"Well-" Before I could finish my sentence, I heard the door bell rang. Rin went to the door and when she opened it, it was none other than Piko.

"Hi, Rin!" Piko shouted.

"Hey! Come in!" Piko came in, I couldn't stop staring at him. Since high school, I hated him for various reasons.

"Miku..." He hissed at me.

"Piko..." I hissed back at me.

"Rin, can I talk to you in the kitchen?" She nodded and they went off to the kitchen.

"Bastard." I hissed before I went up to my room.

Rin's POV

"So, Piko, what did you want to talk about?" He rubbed his neck and blushed.

"Rin, I love you. Will you go out with me?" I opened my mouth and widened my eyes in shock. This couldn't be true.

"Are you serious?"

"Yes, Rin. I love you and want to be with you." He said while putting his hands in mine.

"I'm sorry, Piko but...I'm dating Len."

"Len?" He said in disbelief. "Your brother!? Why your fucking brother, you sick fuck!?"

"Piko...please calm down..." I said with tears in my eyes. He slapped me really hard, making me fall to the ground.

"I came all this way to find out you're dating your brother? You incest little shit!" Suddenly, Miku came in with a baseball bat in her hand.

"Get the hell out." She said quietly. "GET THE HELL OUT!" Piko casually walks over to her with a smirk on his face.

"Oh, is Miku getting all moody? Where's the Miku we all know and love?"

"I'm going to kick your ass if you don't get out!" I hear the front door open, Len? Piko stormed out of the kitchen and rushed to the kitchen. Please, don't hurt Len.

Len's POV

"Piko!?" He grabbed me and slammed me against the wall. "What the hell!?"

"Why the hell would sweet, little, innocent Rin be dating a scumbag like you!?"

"Piko! Stop!" Rin shouted, everyone stopped in motion as we all stared at her. "Get out and never come back, Piko. There was a time where I loved you but I'm past that."

"But Rin...I lov-" Miku swung her bat on Piko's face, leaving a bruise on his cheek. He fell back on the floor in agony.

"You heard Rin, get out!" Miku yelled.

"I'll be back..." He said before leaving. As soon as he left, Rin sobbed.

"Rin, it'll be okay. Next time I see his face, it won't be a bat." Rin chuckled.

Piko's POV

"Stupid Rin, goes out with her brother and leaves me in the cold." While I was in my thought, I bumped into someone with brown hair.

"Hey, watch where you're going, asshole." I recognized that voice anywhere, Meiko?

"Meiko?" She looked at me and noticed.

"What happened to you?"

"Freaking Miku beat me with a bat."

"Miku, that little boyfriend-stealing bitch hit you? I fucking hate her."

"Hey Meiko, what about we form an alliance?" She raised an eyebrow.

"I'm listening." After Piko explained his plan, Meiko sighed in annoyance. "Piko, the plan only benefits yourself. How does it help me?"

"I don't know, gives you a chance to kill Miku, I don't know." Meiko pulled out a pistol and aimed it at my head.

Normal POV

"Now, Meiko, you don't want to do something you would regret!"

"You know, Piko, I want people who want to deal with Miku and Kaito and not Rin and Len."

"What!? But-"

"No buts, Piko. We're both after different goals and you'll just get in the way." Meiko steadied the trigger. "Any last words?"

"Don't do this."

"Too late." She pulled the trigger, the bullet went through Piko's head, between his eyes. His lifeless body laid on the floor in the alley as Meiko walked away.