The Delinquent Love Life

Chapter 1

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Annabeth's POV

I stood there, feeling 3 main emotions: shocked, sadness, and especially anger towards my parents. Please, as if I can even call them that. It was more like my not-so-caring dad and she-devil step-mother Helen. Ugh.

"You're sending me away!?" I yelled at them causing them to slightly flinch but I didn't care I was furious.

"I didn't even do anything wrong!" I yelled even though I know I probably did but right now I didn't care.

"Annabeth" my father said calmly "this is the seventh time I've got a call from your parole officer. You stole from a dollar store." He continued to say calmly but I knew deep inside he was disappointed in what I had become.

Helen just stood there smiling victoriously. She had been trying to get my dad to agree and send me to a boarding school. She won.

"Annie sweetie it was either this or juvy and I want your future to be better than it was for Malcolm and going to this boarding school could really help." He said resting his hand on my shoulders but I jerked them off and took at least 2 steps back glaring at him.

"Don't you bring my brother who also don't forget is your son into this he has a good life even after all the mistakes he made yet you still bring up the past!" I nearly screamed at him.

"Anna-"He started but I didn't let him finish and ran up the stairs towards my room and slammed the door shut letting it echo for a few seconds.

I stood in front of my mirror gripping the dresser that was attached to it so hard my knuckles were turning white. My gray eyes that were usually light were a really menacing dark gray and were red and blotchy. My blonde hair was a messy and I couldn't take I cried tears streaming down my face like a river.

I walked towards my bed and laid down looking up at the ceiling. The only good part of me going to this boarding school would mean that I wouldn't have to see my dad, Helen and I would be 8 hours away for them to come and see me. Bad part would me that I would have to make new friends but going to a school full of delinquent so I should blend easily. There was a knock on my door but I ignored probably my dad trying 'apologize'. The person knocked again but this time spoke.

"Annie it's us." 2 identical voices said and I knew it could only be my twin step-brothers Booby and Matthew the only people who actually care about me. I opened the door and looked down to at them and they had sad faces. I crouched down so that I was their height.

"What are the matter guys?" I asked.

"Are you leaving Annie?" Bobby asked sadly.

"Well… yeah I am." I said sighing.

"Is it our faults?" Matthew asked looking at me getting teary eyed.

"No no no no." I said shaking my head.

"But why then?" Bobby asked once again.

I sighed and looked at them. "I just need to get my priorities straight then I'll come back home but promise me you'll be good ok?" I said holding their hands.

"We promise." They said in unison and I pulled them both in for hugs.

Someone cleared their throat and I looked up and my dad was looking down at me with his blue eyes sympathetically.

"Boys it's time for bed." My dad said clearing his throat once again.

I gave the boys a kiss on their foreheads and they walked down towards their room.

"Umm… you should start packing tonight we're leaving early so you can get there on time, and here are a few boxes to put your things in" He said. I stiffly nodded and grabbed boxes. "You know th-"He started but I didn't let him finish.

"No don't say that this is best for me, I get it you want me gone I'm leaving." I said glaring at him, I pushed him out of my room and slammed door in his face. I heard him sight and walk away.

I opened two suitcases and started folding and placing my clothes and shoes neatly inside them and inside some duffel bags. Once done with that I started putting my books and notebooks inside the boxes along with 2 comforter sets inside. As well as a few framed photos of my dad, and I or Malcolm, or the twins and I took a few things out of my closet that were on the floor but something caught my eyes. It was a small rectangular brown dusty box. Curious I opened and a letter that was dusty was there. It read From your mother to Annabeth in neat handwriting. I opened it up and read the letter.

Dear my little Annabeth,

I'm sorry I wasn't able to see you grow up. I know right now you're angry that I wasn't there for you I have my reason and it being I was diagnosed with breast cancer a week before I found out I was pregnant with you.

I felt my eyes began to water with fresh tears but I continued on.

I was so happy that I gave birth to you before I died. Soon, about a month after you were born I only had 2 more weeks to live. I hope when you find this letter you and Malcolm are okay and you know that I always love you no matter what mistakes you make. I'll always watch you and hope you reach your dreams.


Your Mom

When I finished reading my letter and saw the tear marks on it more tears were falling. Wow all these years I was mad at my mom for not being around only knowing that she died 16 years ago now I was feeling mad at myself for being mad. I felt something else inside the envelope. I looked in and gasped. It was a silver locket marked with the let ' A' and a charmed bracelet marked with the initials 'A.C'. I opened up the locket and it was a picture of my mom I'm guessing carrying a baby I smile at it and laced it around my neck and the charm bracelet around my wrist. I took an old picture of my mom and placed inside my suitcase.

I finished packing and changed into my pajamas and laid down. I looked down at the bracelet and smiled.

I Love you mommy.


I woke up at 6:30 in the morning and got ready to leave. I put on some ripped white skinnies jeans with a chain hanging from the belt loops. A gray flannel shirt and a pair of gray vans. I tied my hair into a ponytail and grabbed my purse and slung across my body. I took one last glance at my room and closed the door behind me. I went downstairs and put the rest of my things in the back of the car. I turned around and faced my brothers and Helen.

"We're going to miss you Annie." The twins said taking my hands.

"I know I'm going to miss you guys." I said hugging them.

"Then don't leave please." Matthew said.

"I'm sorry but I've got to go." I said to them.

"Promise you'll call us?" Bobby asked.

"Promise." I said giving them one last hug and kiss on their foreheads.

I glared at Helen once more and entered the car sighing. I put in my earphones and listened to some Clarity by Zedd.


I woke up to my dad shaking my shoulders.

"Wake up Annabeth we're her." My father said getting out of the car.

"Great" I muttered unbuckling my seatbelt and stepping out as well.

I went and got out my 2 suitcases and dad got my boxes. I saw a few student walking around and not noticing me (thank gods) but seem to stare a bit. I followed my dad to the office where man sitting in a swivel chair was.

"Um excuse me sir this is my daughter Annabeth Chase the new student." My dad said.

"Ah yes the new student here for 'misbehaving' well here is your schedule and your room key and don't worry you have no roommates every student is entitled to their own room." He said.

" Thanks." I muttered grabbing the key and exiting the office. My dad went back to the car to get my last box and I told where I was so he'd find me. My room was on the 3rd floor room 308. I put the key in the keyhole and unlocked the door. When I entered I did not expect our living quarters to look so… good.

I had a single bed meant for one person. I had a bathroom that was the size of my old bathroom which wasn't that big but big enough. I had a study table and chair along with a dresser and small kitchen. I heard my door open and close and father's figure emerged carrying my last box.

"Well looks like you're all settled." My father said. There was a moment of awkward silence till my dad decided to speak.

"Well I'm going to go and leave you to get adjusted." He said reaching for the doorknob.

"Bye Annabeth." My father said smiling a little.

"Bye dad." I said and then he was gone

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