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Chapter 9...

To say things were awkward after what happened was the exact definition, I mean we were almost about to kiss and if it hadn't been for that volleyball we would probably be making out on the sand, attracting a crowd.

I am upset that the volleyball interrupted our almost kiss, but at the same time I am relieved because I feel as if things are moving too fast, I mean we've only known each for like what a week or so, and we were already about to make out on sand, probably scarring some poor kids' young mind.

Percy and I quietly made our way back to Goode, walking at least a four feet distance in between us.

It was really really awkward at the moment.

We finally reached the school and after a bunch of awkward goodbyes, and one awkward hug, we both made our way back to our dorm room.

I collapsed on my bed with a loud huff, and groan, just reminiscing everything that happened, and when I thought about that almost kiss, i felt my entire body warm up, and I wa so happy I was alone at the moment

*knock knock*

Spoke too soon...

I heaved myself up from my bed and trudged my way to my door. I opened it and I was met with eager faces of Piper and Thalia. They walked into my room and Piper took my desk chair while Thalia planted herself on the floor.

"Yeah sure you can totally enter my room uninvited." I stated sarcastically as I closed the door and made my way back towards my bed.

"Thanks Annie, for inviting us in." Thalia said as she as put her arms behind her head. "Ha-ha, and don't call me Annie." I said to her.

"So..." Piper stated eagerly as she jumped up and down in her seat.

"So, what speak in complete sentences?" I said to her as hugged my pillow to my chest.

"Ugh, very clueless what happened on your not so date with Percy, give me all the details- even the steamy ones." Piper said and that last part of her sentence causing me to blush and gag, and causing Thalia to just straight up gag.

After clearing my head with that sentence I glared at Piper. "There were no such steamy things and it just ended awkwardly." I said to her shrugging my shoulders.

"REALLY! That's it!" She exclaimed. "Well... we almost kissed but a volleyball ended that moment, so we awkwardly just came back here.

Just at that, the moment was broken by a loud squeal from non-other that Piper McLean.

"Ouch Piper, my ears!" Thalia said as she rubbed her ears. "I'm sorry but did you not hear that they almost kissed, Percabeth was almost created." She said.

"What the heck is a Percabeth?" I said confused. "It's you and Percy's ship name for when you two finally get together." Piper said her smile stretching even wider, and I was not even sure if it could stretch anymore without splitting her face in half.

"Whatever, I'll never understand you Piper, but anyways, yeah we almost kissed, but then a volleyball got in the way." I said to them.

"Aww fiddle sticks." Thalia said.

Well, actually I'm kind of happy we didn't' kiss, before you go on a rampage Piper, let me explain. The reason being is because yes I was actually excited we were almost about to kiss, but then that stupid volleyball came out of nowhere, and ruined it. Then I thought about and I realized that maybe we were moving too fast, and everything because we had only known each other for a short amount of time, so yeah, and I barely know anything about the other, and before we start kissing or so we need to at least know each other well enough to take a step like that into a relationship, so I'm not saying I don't want to be with him, I'm just saying can we know each other better that even happens." I said to them and waited for their reactions.

"I get understand, and even though Miss Percabeth shipper over here will be devastated do what's good for you, and besides I'm still rotting for the both of you." Thalia said and I couldn't help but grin.

I glanced at Piper waiting for her to say something.

"Percabeth will still prevail!" She said causing both Thalia and I to break out into fits of laughter.

Thalia, Piper and I made our way downstairs to the lounge where hoped everyone would be since it was the only remotely best place in this hell hole, besides the library of course.

As we stepped off the elevator, and turned the corner there I found Percy and that she devil Olivia lip locked in the middle of the hallway.

So much for relationship...

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