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WARNING. This story will contain violence, suggestive themes, blood, and use of strong language.

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Dying sucks.

You have no control over it and it happens when you least expect It.

Not that I had control over anything in the first place - hell not even my own damn life! I fucking died on my way to my father's funeral. My father's funeral! Do you know how messed up that is?! And now my mom...she's all alone now...

I'm sorry Mom. I didn't mean to leave you.

Then again no one really does...

"Congratulations, Oyamada-sama!


"She's so cute! That's to be expected from Oyamada-sama!"

"Oh, thank you all so much!" my new mother said as she was endlessly praised by our servants. We had just gotten back from the hospital. They would have called the family's personal Doctor or whole staff, but my birth took place somewhere where they couldn't get to us, a plane. A mother fucking plane. Yeah. You heard me. We had stayed in the hospital for a few days before being taken by our medical staff back home. And during that time in the hospital, Mother did nothing but complain about how only the middle-class and those lower used hospitals. Or some shit like that. I don't know. I really wasn't paying attention to her at all. No, more like flipping out due to the fact that I had been reborn.


No. No. I don't think you understand.

I died. And then I was reborn.

That's some shit right there.

Oh. And apparently, my name is now Manta.


Anyway, here we were. Inside our fucking mansion (Honestly, what did I expect). Mother said something about meeting my new Daddy. Where the fuck was this prick when I was being born?!

"Ah. Keiko. In here please."


Mother carried me into a room that was most likely an office of sorts. Father's office.

Time to meet Daddy.

"Bring her here, Keiko," he said to her...where ever he was.

"Yes, dear," she said, lowering me down - hey, what do you think you're doing?! He said bring me to him, not set me on the fucking floor! Suddenly, I felt smaller arms wrap around me. What the-?

"Hm. So this is Manta..." which was a statement, not a question. I looked at the man holding me.

DUDE. This man was small. I didn't even see him.

Oh shit, he's still talking.

"...this will be the child to inherit everything I have," he finished. Wow, he must have said some important or deep things. Or not. I wasn't listening.

I wonder if he's going to hold me up over the balcony and have the butlers and maids cheer and bow down... Sorry. Lion King reference.

I took a closer look at the man holding me in his arms. His face sort of reminded me of a bull dog with all the wrinkles. His hair was grey and parted to the side and his clothes looked like typical rich guy clothes.

My mother on the other other hand, was tall as dicks (or at least in comparison). She had shoulder length black hair and had a slender build. Like her husband, she also wore typical rich people clothes.

"Here, take her into the nursery, love," he handed me to her.

"Yes, dear," She smiled and took me from him. I wonder if my room will be huge too.

It was.

And it was ridiculous.

There was pink everywhere. There was toys everywhere. There was pink toys everywhere.

I couldn't even crawl yet! What was I gonna do with a rocking horse?! Though, it could be for when I'm older. But then again, Mother seemed like the type who would throw away things just because they were dusty. Oh! And don't forget the mini kitchen!

I was lowered into my crib as mother called for my nanny (who showed up fast). My new nanny did a 90 degree bow and stepped aside for my mother to leave the nursery, but not before she looked back and smiled at both my nanny and myself. "Take good care of her, alright?"

"Of course, Oyamada-sama!" the nanny quickly replied.

Then mother gave me one final glance and left.

The nanny sighed and looked down at me. She smiled. "I guess it's just you and me now, eh?"


"Ahh!" I called out. That was my stomach you just heard. Feed me.

The look from my face must have said it all because she picked me up, took me into the mini kitchen, and popped an already prepared bottle into my mouth.


This shit sucks.

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