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"Talking/flashback talking/Dream"

'Thinking/thinking' in flashback

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Hahaha! What silly fools.

Did they really think that she'd be so stupid- just letting them waltz right in and steal her money?

Think again.

A black haired women, no older than thirty four, stood in front of a monitor with an amused smirk on her face. Her brown eyes scanning the screen.

She chuckled as the intruders tried to open the closed volt in a panic.
From the inside.

'Looks like I caught me a few new toys.' She thought as the smirk on her red lips grew wider.

"Having fun, boys?" She asked through the intercom, surprising thieves. They froze in shock and terror, realizing that they had been caught.

"You know...your not the first ones to try to break into my house a steal my money... And I doubt you'll be they last." She stopped, as she continued to watch her prisoners throw themselves at the volt door in a desperate attempt to escape.

The woman's grin grew wider.

"You really think that that's going to work?" She laughed. "Hahaha! Don't worry, I won't turn you in!" She said in a light hearted tone, causing them to stop in confusion.

"Well, goodnight!" She told them, in a cheerful voice. The men dressed in black looked at each other in confusion before one of them banged loudly on the metal door.

"Oh? What now?" He continued to beat on the door. "Oh nonono! I'm not going to be letting you out any time soon." The man stopped. "I mean, why would I do that? You tried to steal from me, no?" They stared. "Exactly. This is punishment."

The women yawned. "Well! It's been fun, but I'm getting tired."

And though she couldn't hear them, she could tell that they were yelling at her, telling her to set them free.

After all, this has happened before.

"And by the way," she yawned again "this volt is air tight. Wont be long now..."

She switched off the monitor.

"Oh~ ! Manta, put this on next!"

I hate my life.

"You look absolutely adorable!"

I...I really hate my life.

"Spin for your mother, dear!"

Like...Erida, the goddess of hate wouldn't even be able to comprehend how much I hate my life.

Oh. Why, you ask?

Occasionally, Mother likes to take me out on idiotic shopping trips whenever she can find the time. And due to Mother's love of clothes, I often find myself dressed up in all sorts of things: Escaramuza dresses, anarkali dresses, heongsams, kimonos, and Mother's favorite; Victorian.

She's been putting me in different outfits for the last three hours and I'm pretty sure that if I stay here any longer, I'll go insane. And not only that, but it's almost always dresses! May it be frilly, bright, colorful, or all of the above we've got it all! It's never anything with pants!

I just wanted to go home.

"Manta! What did I say about that face!" Mother scolded.

"Sorry," I looked down and grumbled. She sighed.

"Honestly, what are we going to do with you? You don't like shopping, dressing up, and you're not polite at all! If I didn't give birth to you and force you the where these adorable clothes, then I would have thought for sure that you were a boy."

"What?!" I snapped my head back up to look at her." That's not true!" I yelled.

The hell is this lady talking about? I DO NOT look like a boy!

You were supposed to be a boy from the start, remember?

You weren't supposed to be here from the beginning, remember?

"You're Oyamada Manta. Doesn't that name seem familiar?"

Haha. Nope. Not doing that. No matter what, I refuse to believe such bullshit.

Fuck this shit and Shaman King.

Mother, who was used to my...bitching (for a lack of a better word), only responded with patting my head and gesturing to the servants to grab our bags full of an unbelievable amount of clothes and to take them to the register.

"Come now dear, it's time to leave. But before we go, put this on!"


Combining companies?

Is that what they're planning?

"It was nice doing business with you, old friend."

"Like wise," was my father's reply.

I jolted back and took off at the sound of foot steps getting closer to where I was hiding- behind the door of my father's office.

I didn't stop running until I reached my bedroom.

As I closed the door to my room, I thought back to what I had heard.

Apparently, the man who Father was discussing business with was an old friend of his from America. Turns out that not only does he, like my father, own a computer company (which I didn't find out until recently), but is also the father of the boy I'm supposed to be engaged to.

So basically, they plan on marrying us to combine the two companies to make one big company. All for a better future.

Won't be long until we meet.

I walked over the my bed and fell face first into it.

I wish I was born a boy.

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