Mrs. Montez looks at her husbands and sighs. "They did a DNA test on the body that was found in the lake and it isn't Annie's body. The body belongs to Jennifer Ashley a girl who went missing-" "When we moved here." Gabriella finishes her sentence. "W-What does that mean." "There's no proof that Taylor killed Annie, so the judge threw the case out." Mr. Montez finishes. Everyone silences. ... The parents were in the living room talking while their kids were in the backyard sitting by the pool. "I have a bad feeling about this, something isn't right." Zeke says sighing. "What about everything that's been happening. Is that all a lie?" Sharpay asks. "I thought this ended." Chad says. "I feel like this is someones sick joke, they're playing on us." Gabriella says crying. "B-Because we helped kill her." she whispers. "Everythings is going to be okay, guys. We have to stick together. Like last time." Troy says rubbing Gabriella's swollen 9 month stomach. Right after he said that their phone all started going off one at a time. They opened it and read the text message. You can't end everything so easily. This is just the beginning. I'm going to ruin you all, for once and for all.

-Annie 7 Days Later

"Congradulations, it's a boy." the doctor says holding the baby screaming at the top of it's lung. He wraps the baby in a blue blanket and hands him to Gabriella. "Oh my gosh, he's beautiful!" Gabriella cooes happily. The baby stops crying when he gets to his mother's arms. "Whatcha gonna name him?"

Sharpay asks holding the video camera. "I don't know?" Gabriella looks at Troy who is smiling brightly at the little boy. "He's perfect." "I like the name Lorenzo." Gabriella smiles. "Lorenzo is perfect." Troy says. "Lorenzo James Bolton." Gabriella smiles. As the nurse puts the name on the birth certificate. She picks Lorenzo out of Gabriella's arms. "We just need to run some tests, clean him off, and put some clothes on him." "Okay thank you." "Blue, red, green, or yellow?" The nurse asks. "Blue!" Gabriella says smiling big. "Blue, w-what about wildcats?" Troy asks confused. "He's a boy and he should be wearing blue!" Gabriella smiles. "Aw young love. It's beautiful." Sharpay says stopping the camera. "Congrats on the baby boy!" "He's gonna be a soccer player!" Gabriella smiles. "Try basketball." Troy says and the two girls laugh at him. "Oh shush." Gabriella says. Troy rolls his eyes and kisses her. "Okay, I'm leaving to get everyone else!" Sharpay says and she walks out. "Congrats, you survived through your pregnancy babe." Troy says picking up a small gift bag from the ground.

"What's this." Gabriella smiles at the bag. "You didn't have to get me anything." "Just open it." he says smiling big. Gabriella pulls out the tissue paper seeing a small velvet black box in the there. Her eyes widen and and she opens it seeing a pair of earrings. "I've always wanted some earri-wait Troy you can't be serious!" Gabriella scoffs. "These are my earrings! I bought these like a month ago!" she says and looks at him. He smiles at her. "I love you." he says and kisses her. "Okay, now can you explain why you're giving my earrings as a gift to me." she says annoyed. "I thought it was a ring!" "A ring." he says and chuckles. "A ring like this." Troy says flashing a very sparkly diamonds on a gold band in a dark purple velvet box. "Yes a ring, like that, I thought you were proposing!" she cries and covers her eyes."I just forgot-" "Forget the pact." he says. "Forget it, b-" "Gabriella Montez will you marry me?" Troy asks. "Ow!" The door swings open and Sharpay says and falls into the room, Zeke falls beside her, and Chad is standing in the doorway his eyes wide looking as if he just got caught then he smiles and points at Zeke and Sharpay. "Guys, I-I told you not to eavesdrop!" he says and winks at the couple smiling stupidly. "I just wanted to hear the damn proposal and then the damn answer!"

Sharpay snaps. She looks up seeing Troy and Gabriella staring at her. "Uh oh, I blew it didn't I." "You almost did." Troy said and glares at her. "I just needed you to watch the door." he groans fustrated at Sharpay. "We wanted to meet the baby, then Sharpay had her ear pressed up against the door!" Zeke points at Sharpay. "No, guys come I wou-" She starts trying lie then Chad cuts her off. "She was like shhh he's proposing now, shut up guys!" he says mocking her. "Okay whatever!" Sharpay snaps. "Did she say yes?" "No." Troy says and everyone gasps. "Because I didn't even get to answer." Gabriella says and everyone looks at them. "We'll just be excusing ourselves n-" Sharpay starts until Gabriella scoffs. "You mean close the door then push your ear against it and eavesdrop, you mine as well stay in here." the brunette says sighing. The three of them smile bigger and go sit on the couch across from the bed.

"I love you, so marry me." Troy says smiling. "OH EM GEE! SAY YESS!" Sharpay and Chad squeal. "Ugh, you two don't shut up!" Troy snaps. Gabriella gets up and whispers in his ear. "I'd be honored to marry you." she says. "I'm honored to call you my fiance'." he whispers in her ear. "Can you guys speak louder, we can't hear y'all!" Zeke says. "Ugh Yes! I said yes!" Gabriella hisses fustrated. Sharpay's phone goes off and she reads the text message. She looks up at Gabriella and Troy. Then to Chad and Zeke. "It's starting again." she says simply.

"This time I think we should be afraid."