So this is a poem I wrote about the Uchiha Massacre. I was on deviantart and saw this picture. It got me thinking and I have been in a creative drought. I am trying to take my creative mojo by force. XD

picture title: Naruto: A Crack in the Wall

creator: slouph

website: deviantart

A wall, undeniably smooth surface suffer tremors of shooting pain.

Causing a great disturbance and the sovereignty you once did claim.

Pure bloods, originals, beginnings in time twas truly hot air, just a feign.

That wall is breaking, building pressure in the stronghold of your domain.

The professed nobles of true, prided on power now drown in your slain.

That once blood of blue ran red through and through, an act thought insane.

Fortress no longer, an empty shell of the former glory it shall remain.

Some forgotten, while others raw. Never to be repeated again.

Left behind a lost soul, and that cracked wall with the crimson stain.

~ Synn