Gmaster12: Hi guys its me again and as you all know I'm back with a new story. And this time it's on Godzillla. Why? Because I am a huge Godzilla fan and I am excited for the new movie thats coming in May. So anyways this story is based on a nightmare I had and man was it terrifying. I decided to take a little break from my other story, but don't worry I haven't given up on it yet. Also I plan to rewrite my New Genesis series as well, So with that being said hope you guys enjoy the One-Shot POV.

It can't be stopped

It can't be stopped. We tried everything, bullets, missiles, tanks, jets, etc. Nothing man made can bring this beast of destruction down. I stood there as I looked around the city were I grew up in, the city were I got married and had a family, the city were my friends and I hangout. Has now turned into a wasteland.

Buildings crumbled, homes were smashed to pieces, people running for their lives as they were trying to get away from what was happening. The sky was red and the clouds were black, the city had been turned into hell. I never thought something like this could happen.

What happened was not caused by some natural disaster. It wasn't an earthquake, it wasn't a typhoon and it certainly was no hurricane. What happened here was not caused by something out of the ordinary.

Load gunfire was heard. The army was doing everything they can to stop it. But what's the use we have seen what this thing can do. We have seen it crushed buildings with its hands and feet, as well as it's tail. That's right the thing had a tail. It looked like a kind of dinosaur but it was huge and it was terrifying.

A blue light flashed from the smoke as its death ray hit its target, causing an explosion to where the military was. I couldn't believe this was happening, as I was experiencing this with my very own eyes. It wasn't a dream or a nightmare that I could just simply wake up from. No, this was real.

As I stood there in my surroundings, all I saw was a huge cloud of smoke. Then I saw it, I saw something emerging from the rubble. Something…huge. As pieces of debris and rubble fell off its back. It turned its head and let out a loud piercing roar that could be heard from a mile away.

I hid myself in front of a messed up car and looked at it. All I saw as a creature that had come from the dawn of time. Its skin was colored charcoaled grey; it had rows of jagged silver spikes from its back to its tail. Sharp claws on each finger and on its toes. Its face was like a carnivorous dinosaur, piercing magma eyes and sharp teeth inside its mouth.

The thing toward at me. It was as big as a skyscraper, I could see it looking at its surrounding. All it saw was nothing but piles of rubble and destroyed buildings. Ounce again it let out a loud roar which I covered my ears. Then it stopped as the thing was walking, moving to the ocean. But before it left it turned and looked at me with those eyes.

Those eyes filled with rage and hatred…Those fiery eyes that burned like the fires of hell. Suddenly it turned its attention back to the ocean and disappeared into the depths. I watched as it left towards the ocean, leaving me with nothing but a destroyed city behind.

I bare no hatred towards the monster, but only fear. This thing was something that came out of our pasts mistakes. It left us with a warning should we ever allow such cruel acts against nature to continue, we would all feel its wrath again.

All I know is that this thing can't be stopped, it can't be killed by man-made weapons, and its power is unequaled. What have we've done? Why did we create such a thing as nuclear weapons? All I know is the He will return…the thing they call…Godzilla.

*Load Roar*

The End

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