This story is going to have some very sinister points, hence the title, it wont really be for the faint hearted, so long as I do it justice. It is rated T because of the themes in it. Leave me a review, good or bad, I am open to any criticism. Thanks for reading :) This chapter isn't very long the next one will be longer. Thanks as always to JoJo2604 for the hints and tips, you were great!

Chapter One

The definition of Sinister is giving the impression that something harmful or evil is happening or will happen!

Saturday March 1st 9.40pm

The rain had been falling for days, weeks even, it was bitterly cold outside but the flat had a warm feel to it, even when empty you could feel her presence, her warm and loving presence. The living room was huge with an open fireplace, there was a few pieces of wood but by the looks of them they had burnt out hours ago. He was well aware she was still at work, she was working on a tough case, she always looked so stressed but then people always did from afar, today had been different, she had looked saddened and touched by the case she was working on was obviously a hard one, he wished he could approach her and offer her comfort. He lifted a card from the mantle piece and read over the words 'Happy Birthday, Love Mum xx'. The card was clearly old, her birthday was in August, he did ponder on why she would keep it up but then some things you like to as a keepsake, that's why he was here, he needed a keepsake of her, something to have when he watched her, when he thought about her, when she walked past him and barely acknowledged him, when he sat in the pub watching her with her friends, laughing and joking without a care in the world. One time she spoke to him, only a quick sorry as she made her way back from the toilet, she was tipsy and she had bumped into him, she had giggled a sorry before she was pulled away, by a man, a man she saw frequently, he wasn't sure who he was but he was sure he wasn't her boyfriend, although this was his first time inside her flat he had spent many a evening sat outside, waiting until sunrise when she left again. He placed the card back to the fire place before heading through the door the other side of the room and into the kitchen. Glancing round their was an empty wine bottle on the side, but he had seen her come in with that the night before, the empty wine glass in the bowl told him she had drank alone. He moved to the flowers resting in the vase on the table, he had seen them delivered but had no idea who they were from, he had been furious, not knowing who had sent her the flowers or why. He had followed the delivery driver who had been unhelpful which is how he had ended up in this predicament, the body in his car, that was a problem he would have to deal with at a later date, but it would have to be dealt with. Moving to the fridge he opened it up, there wasn't much inside, some orange juice, a packet of ham and some cheese and a small carton of milk, he took it out and unscrewed the lid, taking a long sip before screwing the lid back on and placing it into the fridge and creeping through the flat, he made his way into her bedroom, it was exactly as he would imagine. Lilac walls with a huge picture of big ben centred above her bed. A dressing table with her makeup and perfume sprawled out, a small pink chair in the corner, her nighty had been chucked on it and he had guessed she had rose from the bed late and had been in a hurry this morning, the bed was unmade but had been quickly pulled up, he slipped his shoes off and moved over, pulling the cover back and sitting on to her bed and sinking under the covers, he let his head lay onto her pillow and exhaled deeply, there was sort of a faint smell of her perfume, that reminded him, he pushed from the bed, pulling the covers back up and letting his feet find his shoes. Making his way to her dressing table, he picked her perfume up and sprayed it into the air and breathed it in. Placing it back to her dressing table he moved to her chest of drawers and opened the top one, glancing inside at her underwear he couldn't help the smile that pulled gently at his lips, curling further as he lifted her underwear and brushed it against his cheek, it smelt fresh and clean, this wasn't what he wanted. He moved to her wardrobe and opened the door, glancing through her clothes, the top she had worn to the pub on Thursday evening, it was a faded red colour with thin straps, she had been revealing just enough and had managed to get a glimpse of her pink bra. Hearing the noise he stepped into the wardrobe and pulled the door shut, glancing through the slats, now all he could do was wait.

Dropping the contents of her handbag over the floor she leant down and scooped her belongings up, she placed it onto the coat hook before turning and studying her features in the mirror, she looked tired but then she had had a long day. After a morning filled with paperwork she had been called to a murder case, the young child involved had only been three years of age when the father had struggled to come to terms with an affair and shot both the mother and child, before himself. She had to attend the scene and then inform the mother of her loss when she had awoken from her life saving surgery, that was a tough day in anybody's books. She headed through to the kitchen and reached up for a glass before moving to the fridge and pulling out her orange juice and pouring the glass, she placed it to the side and pushed up next to it, leaning her head against the cupboard next to her. She gulped it down and closed her eyes and thinking of her shower and her nice warm bath, it had been the thought of that, that had kept her going throughout the day. She pushed down off the kitchen side and began to walk through her flat, she moved into the bedroom and to the bed laying down, she shut her eyes briefly. Her mobile buzzed away in her pocket and pulling it out she answered "Hello"

"Hi, its Mum, how are you?"

"Fine thanks, but its been a really long day"

"What happened sweetie?"

"I cant discuss it-" she rubbed her eyes before pushing to her feet "I am just about to have a shower, can I call you tomorrow?"

"Why don't you pop by tomorrow, for your dinner after work?"

"Dinner tomorrow sounds great about eight?"

"Bye darling, love you"

"Love you too, bye".

She hung up the phone and as he stood watching through the slit he felt his anger boil, who did she love? No one deserved her, no one was worth her attention, not when she looked straight through him. He watched as she pulled her top up and over her head, he eyed her slim curves as she stood in her blue bra and jeans, he could feel his body begin to excite, he watched her sit down at her dressing table and begin to remove her make up, he rubbed at his slight erection, the thought of her naked excited him, but then it would any man with a pulse. She stood up a few moments later and she unbuttoned her jeans and slipped them off, chucking them into the wash bin with her top, she turned and he rubbed harder at himself as she flashed her behind to him, in her tiny white thong he had never seen anything so beautiful. She bent over picking up her shoes and moved towards the wardrobe, he held his breath, was he about to be discovered. No, it would seem not as she placed them in front of the door and she stretched round and unclipped her bra, he felt his erection grow further as he stared at her breasts, they were full and bigger than he imagined, her nipples were slightly erect but then many women had that feeling when they removed their bras, from his experience anyway and he'd spent much time watching from afar. She bent over and slipped her thong off and there it was, his reason for being there. He watched as she discarded it with her bra into the wash basket and headed into the door the other side of the room, he heard the shower start up and he waited a few moments before he opened the door and stepped out into the bedroom once again. He moved to her mobile and lifted it to his eyes as he scrawled through, a slight smile curled at his lips as he stared at the word 'Mum'. Maybe her mum was becoming to much, he hated to think of her stressed, maybe this woman was a reason she always looked straight through him. Creeping to the laundry bin he dug inside until he found it, her thong, he lifted it out and to his nose, inhaling strongly, just as he imagined, he moved it to his lips and ran it along his tongue, she tasted like he imagined. He undone his jeans and pushed his hand into his underwear, rubbing the thong against his erection he moaned softly, he needed to get out, he turned to the door, he paused in the doorway and glanced to the open bathroom door, he had come this far, moving over he stepped into the door way, she was facing away from him and she was rubbing her body with a sponge, he leered at her, moving her underwear back to his nose and his hand back into his underwear. That was what he wanted next time, that sponge would be his. Turning to the door he moved out of the room and crept back through her flat and towards the front door. She was it, he had thought it before but now he knew it for sure, he had many victims in his time, he didn't class it as stalking, he didn't class it as rape or assault, he didn't even class it as murder, it was his duty to remove women like her from the world and when he had finished playing with her, he would murder Stevie Moss just like all the others.