Gender Potion Chapter 1

Author Notes: Hello Everyone! Yes, I'm still alive. I apologize if any of you hate gender-blender. I wanted to write yaoi but gender-blender came easier to me. I have this contest with one of my friends to see who has more likes for their story. I'm sorry about all the grammar mistakes here to, it is just that I hate spelling and grammar. I want to thank everyone who will read this Fanfiction, but most of all, I want to thank Windninja1000 for helping me with this story. I'm also sorry if I made at characters a bit OC. :)

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"Truth or Dare?" Renji asked Ichigo as the bottle stopped, pointing at Ichigo.

"Dare" Ichigo reply without thinking. Renji smirked evilly "I dare you to ask Captain Kurotsuchi to make a gender changing potion and drink it."

Ichigo's eyes widen and then shouted "HELL NO!"

Renji smirked and said "I knew it. You are too chickened!" Ichigo growled and went to the door. "I'll show you who's chickened."

"You wanted me to make a gender changing potion?" Mayuri Kurotsuchi, the captain of the twelfth division smirked evilly

"Sure, I'll have it ready by the next day" Captain Kurotsuchi then dismissed Ichigo.

The Next Day

Ichigo barged into the Twelfth Division as soon as he woke up. He kicked open the door in his rush.

Captain Kurotsuchi looked up and didn't even look one bit surprised, expecting Ichigo to do something like that. Wordlessly he handed Ichigo a vial with a clear liquid.

Ichigo tore off the cork and chug down all the contents.

"Expect the results in an hour" Kurotsuchi said while thinking "Good luck in living your life as a female, because I'm not turning you back"

An Hour Later

Ichigo was sparring with Renji when he collapsed. Worried, Renji carried Ichigo to the fourth division.

Isane Kotetsu, the lieutenant of the fourth division took Ichigo from Renji and laid him down on an empty bed.

Renji was about to leave when he heard Isane shout. He turned around and saw Ichigo changing. His hair grew longer, his body became more femine, his eyelashes became looked, and he even grew a pair of breast.

Renji started freaking out, not knowing what or why Ichigo transformed. Suddenly he thought back "I dare you to ask Captain Kurotsuchi to make a gender changing potion and drink it." He started laughing and said "So the idiot actually did it. Well I hope he can persuade Captain Kurotsuchi to change him back, or he'll have to live his life as a girl."

When Ichigo woke up, he thought groggily "What happen? I remember sparring with Renji… then everything went black. Did something happen? No way that bastard Renji could have beaten me that bad…right?"

Ichigo then grab his clothes and stood up. He saw something in the mirror and stop. He walked over the mirror and waved his hand. The reflection in the mirror waved her hand also. Ichigo looked down slowly at his body and screamed.

Isane and Renji ran into the room ready to attack. They realize when they only saw Ichigo.

Renji started at Ichigo and blushed. She was really pretty as a girl (description on Chapter 4) as the clothes she was hiding did nothing to hide her huge breasts. "No disgustings thoughts! Pull yourself together!" Renji thought trying not to get a nosebleed at the view.

Ichigo shouted at them "WHY THE FUCK DO I LOOK LIKE A GIRL!?"

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