Gender Potion

Chapter 12

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While walking to the tenth division barracks, Ichigo was trying to come up with a good apology. "I'm so sorry that I yelled at you. Bleh. No. What if he doesn't accept my apology? "

Before she could come up with an apology, she already arrive. "Crap! I need more time to think!"

She stood outside the door to and raised her hand as if to knock. With her doubts still in mind, she pondered if she should knock or just forget about it.

Toshiro was sitting in his office staring at the paperwork. He wasn't thinking about his paperwork for once, instead it was Ichigo he was thinking about. He regretted yelling at her, because after all, she wasn't his property.

Just then he felt Ichigo outside her door, due to her spirit energy. "Speak the devil" he thought and waited for her to knock or come in.

Finally after a while of waiting, which Ichigo stilling outside thinking, he finally got up and opened the door. "You should calm down you know. Your spirit energy is all over the place."

Ichigo jumped, being so engrossed in her thoughts to notice her surroundings. "I want to say that I'm sorry for….yelling at you.."

Toshiro opened to his mouth, about to apologize also, when Ichigo bent down a little and kissed him. ( A/N I just realize how short he is 4'4…AHAHAHAHA HE IS SHORTER THAN ME!)

Toshiro pushed Ichigo away and glared at her. "DID RANGIKU TELL YOU SOMETHING? ARE YOU TRYING TO PLAY AROUND WITH ME AS PAYBACK?!" with that he slammed the door.

Ichigo blinked trying to process what just happen. By then a crowd had gather around, attracted by the shout. Ichigo bit her lips to stop the tears from flowing, refusing to look weak.

Rangiku ran up to Ichigo and gave her a hug. She glared at everyone, and slowly the crowd dispersed. Once everyone was gone the dam broke, and Ichigo sobbed softly.

After she finished crying, she went to find Orihime. Ichigo found Orihime walking around, looking for something interesting to do.

She walked up to her and asked "Could we return to the world of the living early than plan?"

Orihime was about to ask why when she noticed how red her former crush's eyes were, indicting she had been crying. "Okay then. I'll look for Chad and Uryu" she agreed, worried for her health.

Once she gathered up the others, they prepared to leave. They went through the Senkaimon and returned to the World of the Living. Immediately, Ichigo walked home, where she knew she would be questioned about her appearance. Uryu and Chad were also giving her strange looks, but she pretended not to notice.

Once she opened the gate to the Kurosaki residence, her father came flying to attack her.

The sound of Ichigo hitting the ground resounded through the area. "HAHA! You-"

Isshin stopped at inspected his only son. "Who are you?" Yuzu and Karin, ran out seeing what the commotion was. When they saw the orange hair, they immediately knew it was Ichigo.

"Ichigo!" Yuzu ran up to help her up. "Welcome-" she stopped when she noticed Ichigo's appearance.

"I'm back Yuzu, Karin" Ichigo lifted her one of her arm in greeting. The only reply she received was silence. " for how I look..I lost a dare and has to dress up like a girl?" It was more of a question than answer.

However, Yuzu and Karin seemed to accept the answer, with Karin being a little doubtful. Isshin just narrowed his eyes and didn't say anything. Suddenly, his mood turned in a 180 degree. "Well daddy is not going to let any other male look at you while you are a girl" He ran to hug her.

Ichigo sighed in relief. They seemed to accept her explanation. She evaded him, though no before punching him in the head and walking up to her room.

She threw herself on the bed and closed her eyes. Suddenly she shot up and walked over to the window. Outside of the window, there stood Espada 6, Grimmjow. "What is he doing here?" she thought and pressed her badge to her chest to transform.

(I suck at battle scenes, so I'm going to skip it.)

Ichigo was not using to her new body in combat, was overpowered easily. "I wonder why he is interested in you?" she heard him mutter under his breath. "You're pretty cute you know.."

Just as Grimmjow was about to knock her out, Toshiro appeared and block him. "Toshiro!" Ichigo looked up in shocked. In the end Uruhara, Yoruichi and the others appeared, and Grimmjow was overpowered, returned to Hueco Mundo.

"What were you thinking you idiot!" Toshiro hissed at Ichigo. Ichigo adverted she eye, feeling uncomfortable because everyone else left claiming they want to "leave the love birds alone".

Toshiro sighed and ordered Ichigo to look at him. Ichigo obeyed, though reluctantly, turned and faced Toshiro, looking down a bit.

Toshiro stood on his tippy toes and kissed Ichigo. Ichigo widen slightly, but she didn't make any comment and allowed herself to be kissed.

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