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Arthur gripped the paper tightly in his hand. Merlin was running away, with the girl he had just attempted to kill. Whilst doing so, he wounded his best friend.

"I'm a fool…"

Freya half carried, half dragged Merlin's bleeding form to the lake. The wound was not mortal but the infection that was bound to set in due to lack of proper care could be. She pressed his neckerchief down lightly on the bleeding wound, Merlin moaned lightly and opened his eyes, wincing slightly. He brought up a hand to Freya's cheek and stroked it lightly.

"I kept you safe..." He smiled, eyes spilling from his eyes and tears from her own eyes landing on his face from her bent over position. His eyes travelled over the location he was.

"Is this the lake?" He asked quietly and she nodded. He smiled peacefully, "It's even more beautiful than you described it. I didn't think it possible." He passed out quickly afterwards.

"I promise you. I will make you better. Or die trying."

"I'm such a fool!" Arthur cried, throwing his fist into the nearest thing, which happened to be a shelf on medical potions.

"Sire!" Gaius cried, grabbing the young prince's arm and dragging him to a patients bed and began tending to his knuckles. "Tell me everything from the beginning."

And Gaius listened. He listened as he patched up his knuckles and further until the story came to a stop at the stabbing of his manservant and the letter. Gaius wiped a tear from under his eye. If what Arthur was saying was true. Merlin may not have very long at all. A stab wound and a rogue cursed woman would not spell out the happy ending Merlin desired.

"Arthur, you need to find Merlin, you need to find him and hear him out. If he is truly wounded in his stomach, infection will set in and he will die. So when you find him, do not hurt his love, I have known the boy long enough to know, he will refuse to be saved if you kill his love. So bring them both back and we will do what we can. I, if I were you, would search the Lake of Avalon first. Merlin described it to me in his letter. He said if I ever wished to visit it was only a days ride." Arthur nodded not fully listening, just hearing the part about Merlin dying was enough motivation to make Arthur get up and start running.

A passing servant was ordered to tell the king he was going to hunt the beast that had escaped. It was only partly a lie, the beast had escaped but under no circumstances would he kill her. He would never do that to Merlin. Images of Merlin attempting to kill Guinevere flew into Arthur's mind. A feeling of dread and hatred for Merlin in this situation buried itself within his stomach. If this is how Merlin felt there was no telling whether he would come back to Camelot after witnessing his prince attempt to kill his love. Arthur saddled his horse quickly and sped off towards the lake Gaius had told him of. It occurred to Arthur that he had not been told the location of him and his love's new home where as Gaius had been.

Merlin did not want Arthur to visit him.

Arthur pushed the thought from his mind and set his mind on getting to Merlin quickly, and then hitting the idiot for ever jumping in front of his blade.

Freya wiped over Merlin's forehead once more. She had tried everything to avoid the situation but infection had set in on Merlin's wound. There was now yellow crust where there had not been and the skin around it had turned red and black in some places showing where the skin was beginning to die. The situation was dire. Freya knew she would need to get him to a physician soon or he would not make it the night. That is when Arthur Pendragon stumbled into their forest home.

It was beautiful, all the trees had grown to full height, their growth not stunted by human interaction and the flowers around were colours of all different types. The white mountain were reflected so perfectly in the stagnant water that they could have paintings. And in the middle of the canopy created by the trees lying on a bed of leaves and grass with a young lady sat on his right was Merlin himself looking pale and sickly.

Arthur rushed forwards ignoring the immense beauty of the area, he was in now. The girl flinched backwards as he rushed forwards at such a speed but he also ignored that. His mind was totally focussed on his dying manservant before him. He pulled back the makeshift neckerchief bandages to see the horrid wound that had festered into the yellow and red mess it was at the time. It made Arthur physically sick to even see his friend in such a sorry state.

It made Arthur actually vomit in a new by bush upon realisation that it was him who put his friend in this situation.

Arthur tore his gaze from his manservant to the young lady sitting opposite. It only now occurred to him that she was naked. It made sense, how would she have gotten clothes after transforming from her monstrous form.

The fear in her eyes was obvious, of course she was scared, the man who had attempted to kill her but instead got her lover had just barged into her hideout. But that wasn't the only thing that was present in her eyes. Her eyes had a gold tint to them and Arthur had to hold back a sigh. It would be Merlin who falls in love with a monster that terrorises the kingdom who also possessed magic.

"Hey," Arthur held out a hand to her, surrendering but welcoming, "I promise not to hurt you or him, hm? Can you help me get him onto my horse and then climb on after him? I am going to take you both to Gaius, to fix his wound and get rid of your curse. Will you do that?"

She hesitated a moment, looking ready to flee but didn't. "My curse is something that can not be cured but I will come for Merlin." At the mention of his name, the boy moaned.

"Freya..." His eyes opened slightly and he reached out a hand trying to reach her. Arthur shed his chain mail and armour off and handed his padded jacket to the lady. It wouldn't be the best shelter but it would offer some warm and coverage. She smiled gratefully and wrapped herself up in the jacket, she bent down and grasped Merlin's hand. Arthur had never noticed it until this moment, but Freya, Arthur was guessing that was her name as Merlin had said it early, was actually beautiful. Her brown hair grew to just below her breast, even though it was dirtied with mud and bruises, her skin was clear and pale like Merlin's. Everything about her screamed that she was beautiful. It was a shame that she had such a dark secret.

"I'm here, love. Arthur has come to take us back to Camelot, keep us safe and heal you up."

Merlin turned his head slightly to look at his prince who was still knelt, now shirtless and he smiled. "I can't believe you came."

Arthur smiled and moved forwards to brush hair from Merlin's eyes,it was a small but comforting gesture and Merlin smiled drowsily up at him but his face was suddenly scrunched in pain. It made Arthur snap back to the situation at hand.

"Come on, we need to get you back to Gaius." Arthur held out a hand and Merlin weakly lifted his own to meet it. "Sorry about this." He pulled the arm and swung the manservant over his shoulder and began to walk back to where he had left the horses, he lay Merlin across the saddle and held out a hand to Freya, "My lady," He helped her onto the horse and began to walk holding the reins tightly in his hand.

"It is only a short walk to Camelot's main entrance but we will enter through the passage in the forest," Said passage was mainly used for escorting banished people out or as an evacuation point. It was about to be used to sneak in a wounded manservant, his lover and the prince.

How times were changing in the land of Camelot.

Arthur was snapped out of his thoughts by pained gasps coming from Arthur and sobbing gasps coming from Freya. Nothing good could come of this.

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