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Robbie Shapiro: I hope this certain red-headed girl whom I like, likes me back...

Mood: Crushin'


Rex Powers: She doesn't like you back!

Tori Vega: Aww, Robbie, I'm sure she likes you back... btw, that's kinda mean Rex!

Trina Vega: Is it me? Because if it is, I don't like you back Robbie...

Andre Harris: It's not you Trina, you're not even a red-head...

Trina Vega: I can be!

Rex Powers: Yo cheekbones, make your crazy sister go!

Tori Vega: Trinaaaaa! You're embarrassing me!

Cat Valentine: Hi guys! What'cha doin? :D

Robbie Shapiro: Hey Cat!

Tori Vega: Hi Cat! We're just talkin' :)

Andre Harris: Hey lil' red!

Rex Powers: Yo babydoll!

Cat Valentine: Eww, gross Rex. :)

Rex Powers: What? Don't like my cool-hot personality? suit yourself girl.

Robbie Shapiro: Ugh, Rex just shush. I'm sorry about him Cat.

Cat Valentine: It's okay Robbie! Ummm, guys will you help me with something?

Tori Vega: Depends on what it is. What is it?

Andre Harris: No funny business with your brother Kitty

Cat Valentine: No, no! It has nothing to do with my brother! It's something else!

Rex Powers: Just tell it

Robbie Shapiro: What is it Cat?

Cat Valentine: Well uhh, you see, I like this guy at school but I'm not sure if he likes me back.

Tori Vega: Awww, maybe he does Cat, who knows.

Andre Harris: Just ask him baby girl

Cat Valentine: No! I want him to ask me! but I think he likes another girl... :(

Tori Vega: Why would you think of that?

Cat Valentine: Because it's obvious, he always looks at her, and she's so talented and prettier than me :(

Andre Harris: I'm sure he likes you Cat, just wait for the right time and then you guys will end up together.

Cat Valentine: Like Beck and Jade?

Andre Harris: Yup, like those love-birds.

Tori Vega: Yeah...

Cat Valentine: Kay Kay! I gotta go now, I have to take of my brother's peanut butter gown! Byeiii!

Tori Vega: Peanut butter gown?

Andre Harris: I don't know why but it sounds yummy.

Tori Vega: Lol, hey...is Robbie still on? Robbie?

Andre Harris: Maybe he left... Yo Robbie? Dude?

Tori Vega: Robbie!

Robbie Shapiro: I have to go now. Bye guys.

Rex Powers: Peace out people!

Andre Harris: Later

Tori Vega: Okay, bye guys!

Well, there's chapter 7. No BADE? Yeah, sorry. Don't Worry tho, the next chapter will include Bade.

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