Reid's Point of View

"No no no no noooo"

I rummage through the drawers in my kitchen, looking for my heat suppressants. I thought I had another box left after I finished the strip in my bag yesterday. No apparently not.


I open up my laptop and get the pharmacy website up, placing a rush order for heat suppressants, good, I can get them delivered to work by lunchtime, hopefully that will be soon enough, otherwise I'm going to be sitting in a office packed with alphas, absolutely stinking of omega heat. It's not the best idea to be an unbonded omega on heat while surrounded by alphas … pretty much a recipe for sexual assault. Hell even in your own home it can be dangerous, alphas could be drawn in from the street, that's why the FBI offers bodyguards to it's omegas when they have their heats … if they have heats that is.

I refuse to have heats if I can help it, I didn't ask to be an omega and I certainly don't want to get pregnant. I mean it's not like I don't want to find a nice alpha male to bond with but I just don't want to be like most omegas when they bond, barefoot and pregnant, looking after all the babies and cleaning the house, it's not who I am. Omega's aren't supposed to suppress their heats all the time, most gynecologists recommend only skipping up to 2 cycles in a row and allowing the 3rd one to happen unsuppressed. It was a fight with my doctor to get her to prescribe suppressants all the time, because "omegas aren't supposed to have gender identity issues".

Well I do and so I suppress all my heats and the rest of my cycle. I've been trying to find a surgeon to do a complete hysterectomy because I really don't feel like I should be forced to go through all of this when I don't want to be any alphas breeding bitch. But doctors won't even consider it without a lawyer or psychiatrist signing off on it for me. God I just want to get shot in the line of duty so they have to … but I couldn't tell the bureau shrink that … all I'd get then would be time off and mandated therapy. I want to talk to Hotch about this because I know he'd help me but it's just so embarrassing, I don't know how to talk to my boss about "omega business", maybe I'll bring it up at the next psych assessment Hotch does (he does the teams assessments, because profilers can just run rings around regular shrinks, Hotch scares you into being truthful, he can see through the bullshit … that's why he's the unit chief).

I head off to work hoping that the few hours between now and getting my suppressants delivered don't make too much of a difference … I really don't need a sexual assault today … or any day for that matter. I really don't need the discomfort of an unwanted heat either, I'm sure I could deal for a couple hours till the suppressants arrive, but I don't want to, I shouldn't have to, but this is my fault for not keeping track, you'd think with an eidetic memory I wouldn't forget things as important as this.