Chapter 10

A few days later, the staff of the Wight Anything Agency were invited to a party at Pete's farm, to celebrate the purchase of the land. Decking, coloured lights and beer barrels were set up and most of the village had turned up.

Phoenix was standing around, talking to a few of the villagers.

Gladys Wordsworth claimed. "Of course, I knew Pete was innocent all along! I never trusted that Jobs boy!"

Phoenix's daughter Trucy was amusing people with her magic show. She made pigeons appear out of her magic panties and fly in a heart formation above Dina Cashmore and Bud Rose to celebrate then finally being open about their relationship. Dina was so pleased at the trick that all she could say was-

"Wonderful! Stupendous! Magnificent!"

"So, what's next for you, Alice?" Athena asked, catching her at the buffet table. "What are you going to do, now that the theme park's been cancelled?"

"Well, I've been talking to Pete, and he says he'll try to find some part of the land for us to try out a smaller project. Failing that, he said we could charge admission to visit his farm. Apparently, a farmer in England turned their working farm into a tourist attraction."

"That gives you a nice little excuse to stick around!" Athena grinned as she looked over at Pete. Alice turned away to hide her blushing face.

"It's not like that…"

"Suuure it isn't. Ooh! I love this song!" and Athena dashed off to grab a partner.

Apollo talking with Pete.

"I had no idea you made so much." Apollo said.

"Well, I have a few contracts with supermarkets in the city. They pay me a pretty good rate."

"Maybe you should use the money to buy a suit. You'll need one, now that Stella and Steve have invited you to their wedding."

"Oh yeah! I never thought about that! It's the first time I've ever been invited to anything in the village."

"I'm really happy for you." Said Apollo, patting Pete on the shoulder "It must be wonderful, feeling that your really belong."

"It is. Even Marcus told me that he was glad to have me back as a supplier."

All of a sudden, Athena sprang into view and grabbed Apollo's arm.

"Come on Apollo! Let's dance!" she said as she dragged him to the dance floor.

Athena looked over Apollo's shoulder and watched Alice walk up to Pete. There was an awkward silence. Both of them were blushing. An unspoken attraction. Athena loved it. Pete offered his hand. Alice smiled and took hold of it. Then walked onto the dance floor together. Perfect!

Bud and Dina, Steve and Stella, Pete and Alice: Love was certainly in bloom in Greenmore. Maybe Pete was right. That his farm had become a little patch of heaven.

When Apollo and Athena were finished dancing, they went to their table to join Phoenix, Gumshoe and Sheriff Macduff, who was putting the last of the car keys he had collected into a metal box. Phoenix, who had been taking a call, hung up.

"Who was that, boss? Was it about the divorce case?"

"Actually, that was the chief prosecutor. He says that he's going to arrange for Franziska to have anger management therapy and he wants you to help her, Athena."

"What?! Why me?!"

"Well, his exact words were, if Miss Cykes insists on assuming the role of Franziska's mother, she'd better follow through with helping towards her rehabilitation."

"In other words," said Gumshoe, "You broke, you fix her!"

"Better go through with it, Athena." Said Apollo, smirking, "After all, it might screw her up even more if she thinks mommy's abandoned her!"

Athena smouldered as the men sniggered.

"Besides, we kind of want to avoid a lawsuit from these people." Said Phoenix.

"Okay." Said Athena at last "Apollo and I will go and see her first thing in the morning!"

"Wait, what?! Why do I have to go too?"

"Of course you have to go! We don't want her to think we're getting a divorce!"

"Divorce?! What are you…!

Athena gave him a hug, while starting to laugh.

"What do you think I'm saying? You're supposed to be the dad!"

The End

Author's Notes:

Original concept: Originally, this story was going to be a crossover with Harvest Moon, with a working title Turnabout Barnyard and the victim being the Mayor. However, I had trouble picking which Harvest Moon village to set it in. Another problem with the idea was that the characters in Harvest Moon games are (for the most part) so friendly and welcoming that it became very hard to portray any of the lovable villagers as a murderer. So I figured it would make more sense to just make up a bunch of original characters for the story. So, rather than a crossover, Grim Harvest was simply inspired by Harvest Moon, with some of the influences still present in the final version.

Character names:

Peter deBoer: Pete is the default name of the player character in the older Harvest Moon games. Although some people call him Jack, Pete is the default name in the Gameboy Color titles and it's also his official name in Puzzle de Harvest Moon for the DS. DeBoer is a popular Dutch name that means "The Farmer".

Mortimer Cashmore: Cashmore, because he was the richest man in the village. It actually comes from Wilton Cashmore from the old children's series Joshua Jones. Mortimer was chosen as his forename so that it would sound like "More Cash! More!"

Dina Cashmore: Dina, because the character was partly inspired by Dia from the Harvest Moon instalments Save the Homeland and Hero of Leaf Valley. Her maid Gene is also a composite of Dia's maids, Martha (being middle aged) and Gina (the timid nature and similar sounding name). The big difference of course is that Dia was very shy and something of a bookworm, while Dina's tendency to yell a thesaurus' worth of names at someone was given to her to add a funny character tick to fit in with the Ace Attorney games' style of humour.

Marcus Hall: To sound like Market Stall.

Bud Rose: Reverse to names to get Rosebud.

Les Jobs: Reverse the name to sound like Jobless.

Stella Carling: Stella Artois and Carling are two popular brands of lager. It seemed like a fun name to give to a bar maid.

Steven Masters: To sound like Station Master.

Gladys Wordsworth: Gladys is a common name given to old women in fiction, but also sounds like Glad. Wordsworth, because she's a big gossip, so words are worth a lot to her. So Gladys is a gossip who's Glad of Worthy Words!

Alice Dawson: She's based on Alice, the defacto villain of Harvest Moon Hero of Leaf Valley. I chose the surname Dawson, because while I was trying to think of a surname, I caught sight of a Dawson's Creek DVD.

Harris Macduff: Harris is based on fictional detective Hamish Macbeth, who is the protagonist of M.C. Beaton's Death Of A…series. The forename, while sounding similar to Hamish, also doubles as a nod to the Harvest Moon character Harris, who was the town policeman in Friends of Mineral Town. The surname Macduff comes from the character in William Shakespeare's Macbeth.

Thank you for reading and thanks for the comments and feedback!