Hi everyone! I hope that you all like this. I made it because I think that there are too many FourTris fics and not enough of Tris and anyone else. This fic will exclude any war on Abnegation.

Pairing: Eric/Tris (Beatrice Prior)

Rating: MA

The Divergent Trilogy belongs to Veronica Roth.

The Pit was nearly empty at this time of night, the time of night were the moon reached the peak in the sky. And all alone in the middle was tattoo artist Tris, her normal happy attitude was gone for the night as she sat near her parlor. Her head held in her hands as she heaved, the stone underneath her began to wet as the tears didn't stop. Marlene has already left for her apartment the same time Tris did, but the former Abnegation did not expect to find her boyfriend cheating on her.

The home they had made for themselves had now been tainted by his infidelity, and Tris could hardly believed that she trusted Tobias.

He had told her time and time again that she was the only one for her, and she had told him in return that he was the only for her. The only thing that had caused their fallout was her fear of intimacy. It wasn't her fault she was afraid! Tris had tried over and over to get over her fear, but when it came down to it she could hardly handle the pressure and the fear.

Tobias had told her that he was going to wait for her as long as she wanted him too and she was ashamed to have believed him.

It crushed her very soul when she walked into their apartment with some slices of Dauntless Cake only to find him dick deep inside an initiate, and to find her more than happy to run her hands over his bold tattoos. His face when she threw the Dauntless Cake at him was filled with horror after she took her spare key and threw it at him as well.

She never knew that even when she was with Tobias there was another person watching over her.

He was silent, cruel, and deadly on all accounts but never once did he strike her as compassionate. When she first saw Eric it had been at the very beginning of initiation when he had them jump off that building. She had thought him to be a jackass then, but tonight he was her savior.

"What are you doing out so late at night?", he asked as he approached her.

Not bothering to answer she only shook her head, which was a mistake because he grabbed the collar of her shirt and pulled her up onto her feet. His hand grabbed at her chin and he forced her to look up at him. Eric had not been prepared to see her tear-streaked face as she looked up at him with haunted eyes. "I won't ask again," he growled at her, "why are you out so late at night?"

She looked down, only to have him bring her gaze to his.

"To get away," she murmured quietly, her now crumpled tank top had been released from his grip as he held a now tender look in his normally cold eyes. "Get away from what?", he asked putting a hand on her shoulder. Smiling gently as she up at him.

"From Tobias."

"Why? I want the entire answer, the full fucking story," he ordered her as he began to guide them out of the Pit.

"All I wanted was to surprise Tobias with some of Charlotte's Awesome Dauntless Cake, but when I got home from my shift at the parlor he-", she choked on her words as she tried to explain. The reassuring hand on her back was the only thing that kept her talking. "He was with one initiate, they were fucking. In our apartment, and he never came after me," she sobbed out as she fell to the ground in body-racking sobs.

Eric's nostrils flared in anger before he calmed himself down, and then he knelt down and picked her up.

Holding her in a hug he whispered to her, "Well he's a dumbass for doing that."

Walking to his apartment he let her cry it out, and as she was he was lost in his thoughts. They ranged from the most efficient ways to hide a body in the Pit all the way to how to make Tris fall for him. He has the biggest opening in the world to do so, and by God is he gonna take it. When he stopped at his door he shifted the now sleeping Tris in his arms to get his key and open the door, he realized that she was sleeping. A smile adorned his face as he unlocked the door before putting the key onto a nearby table.

He looked to the sleeping angel in his arms and smiled to himself, a plan had begun to devise itself in his head.

Either way she was gonna be his.

Carrying her into the threshold Eric had told himself he was practicing for the real thing. Kicking the door to his room open he laid her onto his bed and covered her with some sheets.

"Time to pay a visit to my favorite douchebag."

Leaning down to give Tris a kiss on the forehead he was again taken surprise when she reached out in her sleep and grabbed him. Pulling Eric down onto the bed with her.

"I guess I can kill him later."

He pulled her closer to him, and inhaled her beautiful scent. It reminded him of his mother's perfume, back in Erudite.

For once Eric fell asleep, a smile on his face that was wide as a mile.


When Tris woke up she was surprised to smell such a light fragrance, it was nothing like Tobias' scent. Tobias smelt like pine trees and fresh air, whereas this person smelt like sandalwood and Bay Rum. Though it didn't matter to her anymore, not like Tobias was here to do something about it. She could barely stand to even think about what would happen when she sees Tobias again.

She didn't have the duty to help with the transfer initiates this year, but who knows about the next?

Tris groaned when she felt a ray of sunshine hit her in the face and pushed her face further into her pillow. She would have fallen asleep too, only if her pillow didn't move or chuckle. Reluctantly she opened her eyes and looked straight into another pair, but instead of the cold eyes she thought she would find they were bright and warm.

"Eric?", she asked dazed as she rubbed the sand out of her eyes.


"Where am I?"

"Does it matter?"


"Well if you absolutely have to know," he said as he stretched, "You're in my place, in my bed, with me." As if in a flash she shot up in the bed, her blonde hair all messed up and everywhere. "What!?", she cried out. Panicking she got out of the bed quickly, immediately alerting Eric.

"Oh no. No, no, no! I have at least twelve tattoos for the morning and not to mention the afternoon! Fuck, I'm so screwed!", she babbled, obviously more worried about her job than Tobias, which made Eric sigh in relief. "Thank you so much Eric! I don't know how to repay you!", she said grateful that he had brought her here instead of leaving her there alone in the Pit.

"I know how you can repay me," he said leaning on the door hinge, his arm crossed as usual.

"How so?", she asked as she tugged a shoe onto her foot properly not really paying much attention to him. Eric pushed himself of the door and walked towards her, a smirk on his face as he closed in on her. "A kiss is all I want... for now at least," he said as he knelt in front of the bed. Knowing full and well that there were cameras in his room and that Tobias should have been in the control room by now.

She actually looked stumped, as if she wasn't expecting this request.

"A-A what?", she asked as she dropped the other shoe she had in her hand. Her eyes looking bewildered and lost at the same time.

"A kiss," he said before he grabbed her chin and brought his lips to her. His eyes open as he watched for her reactions, and hers open in surprise. Though with much coxing from Eric he got her to actually enjoy the kiss. Biting her lip as if asking for an entrance he mentally smirked as she hesitated before opening her lips. He surged his tongue inside her mouth and pulled her into his lap, then ran his hands through her hair. Using his tongue he battled with her for dominance, not like it would matter though. Eric was always in charge.

He looked at her and noticed her eyes were closed and took his chances, bringing his hand into the air he flipped off the camera. Imagining the scream of frustration that would come from Tobias as he pulled her closer with his other arm. Sucking on her lip he remembered that she had to go to work and sighed into the kiss before letting her go.

"Go to work now Tris, and I'll see you for lunch," he ordered as he stood up, gently setting her onto the floor before taking a jacket off his coat rack. Looking to her then the jacket he then threw it to her.

"Wear that for now."


"Because its a direct order from a leader," he told her smirking. He could feel the glare at his back as he turned to the door. "Have a nice day Tris," he said almost lovingly before leaving Tris in his large apartment.

He had to pay a much needed visit to Tobias, and he knew where to find him. Leaving the Complex he headed straight for the control room, passing by the Pit he saw a group of Dauntless children awe at the tattoo parlor. Each of them wondering when they would be old enough to get one, inwardly he smiled at them.

It had always been a dream of his to have a family that he would love with all his heart, and now he had found the perfect person to do it with.

Man was Tobias an idiot, who in the hell would pass up a blonde bombshell for a wimpy initiate?

Making his way through the Pit he glared at anyone in his way, because Eric was on a war path now. Everyone else knew it as well, and stepped aside to keep on the Dauntless leader's good side. Master Key in hand he unlocked the door to the control room and found a seething Tobias all alone.

Slamming the door behind him he was able to get Tobias' attention, the sharp dark eyes of Tobias narrowed further when they saw Eric. "What do you want now?", he sneered at him, but Eric merely shrugged it off.

"Just making sure everything's all right. Why do you ask Four?"

"You asshole! You knew I was watching!", Tobias yelled in anger at the leader who could care less.

"Just to let you know I could have gone further, but she certainly was not ready. Though if it makes you feel better I can wait for her," Eric said, emphasizing specific words as if to trigger Tobias' memories. Cracking his neck and knuckles he prepared himself for the fight he knew was coming. "I was drunk! And that initiate came onto me!", he yelled out.

Acting like the victim as always.

"Fuck it, I'm leaving. Talk to me when you have a better excuse," Eric said as he turned to the door ready to leave, but the punch that was thrown his way stopped him. Eric had given Tobias one freebie before throwing off his leather jacket, and the leader balled his hand into a fist. Ready for the fight that he had known was coming since he and Tris kissed.

Tris was worth getting a few cuts and bruises.


"Three broken ribs and one fractured cheek bone, not to mention all the bruises and cuts. What the hell were you thinking?", Tris demanded angrily as she helped Eric into a seat in the Cafeteria. "I don't care, it was totally worth it," he replied before taking a bite out of a hamburger. She groaned in frustration before sitting down to a piece of Dauntless Cake.

He only smirked at her before polishing off the burger, across the cafeteria he could see Tobias sporting a wicked bruise on his throat and a black eye. His arm in a sling while he struggled to eat with his non-dominant hand, considering the fact that Eric broke his dominant hand's bones. Tobias' tattoos stood out in the black wife beater, hiding all the other faction symbols behind that thin piece of fabric.

Casually flicking the bird to Tobias he then turned to Tris, who seemed to be paying the Dauntless Cake more attention than him. It made him curious though. He couldn't figure out why she liked the Dauntless Cake so much.

"Tris, how come you like the Dauntless Cake so much?", he asked her as she held the chocolate in the air. Analyzing it for some odd reason. "I think it because we never had anything like this in Abnegation. You know?", she said before taking a bite out of the cake. Eric kind off understood where she was coming from, since he was sure that he never had anything as sweet as that growing up in Erudite.

"You still need a place to stay Tris," he said when he finished off his second burger. She only nodded quietly, that haunted look returning to her eyes. "It's okay though," Eric told her, "You can stay at my place for as long as you want."



Hauling himself off the chair Eric motioned for her to follow him, and effectively confusing the hell out of her. "C'mon Tris," he ordered, no bothering to wait for her to catch up with him. She scurried after him, weaving her way through the crowd elegantly. Tris gulped as she followed him to her old apartment that she shared with Tobias.

"Why are we here?", she asked him as he opened the door with the Master Key.

"To get your stuff, come on. Four can come in at anytime."

Together the two worked in silence, Eric helping her get her clothes all together as she looked for anything she could have missed. He accidentally overlooked some of the larger shirts he knew to be Tobias' own, and sound a small bag filled with lingerie from one of Tris' friends. Eric would have to thank Christina later. Putting all of the clothes in a duffel bag he grinned quite happily.

Though he had never been one for smiling until recently, after all Eric did have a reputation to maintain.

He turned quickly when he heard a piece of paper tear, and saw Tris holding a picture of her and Tobias. He had seen the half with her in it and the other half with Tobias, she looked up at him with sad blue eyes.

"I'm ready."

All that remained of Tris ever living in that apartment was the torn picture left on the floor.

Just so everyone knows I have nothing against Four, but I wanted an excuse to make the fic about Eric and Tris.

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