Ash and Harry Ketchum's Pokémon Journey.

Summary- Harry since he had first been placed with the Dursley's had lived a miserable life with no chance of happiness. Something that Magic herself will not stand for any longer; especially once she finds out the plans a certain headmaster has for her chosen. Plans that Magic has no designs herself to allow to happen. To stop this from happening Magic decides to send her choice child to a new world altogether. One where he would finally be loved and have a chance at a destiny Magic wants for him. Not to mention it gives magic a chance to give some gifts to her favorite child. Now what changes will Harry bring to the world he's now part of and how will Ash's journey change now that he has a brother that's coming along for the ride. Not to mention what happens when the wizarding world finds out just what happened to the boy they called their savior and the fact they have no chance of getting him back, unless magic herself allows it; something that is highly unlikely to happen.

Disclaimer- I do not own Harry Potter or Pokémon nor do I make any type of profit off of them.

Chapter One

Nearly blacking out from a combination of the injuries he currently had and all the blood he had lost because of said injuries, Harry found himself once more thrown into the cupboard under the stairs. By the person who had pulled him out nearly an hour ago and by the same person given him all those injuries in the first place.

However odd it may seem considering the circumstances, Harry felt grateful for being thrown back in the cupboard to begin with. Seeing as it was a place which was quickly, had becoming the only safe heaven Harry had.

As even if he was always injured in some way each time, he was thrown back into said cupboard. When it came down to it, in the end, he was actually never hurt while in said cupboard; making him feel safe of all things while he was in it.

As when he was in the cupboard, he was more often the not ignored by everyone else and no matter how lonely that maybe it was still better than the pain that awaited him when he did have someone's attention directed at him.

Something that even made Harry rather sad when he thought about it. At the same time Harry couldn't help but wonder just why the dark, damp and, even at his young age, rather cramp cupboard was the only safe place Harry could think of. And why he felt safe in it anyway considering he could easily be pulled out of it; just like had been moment ago to be 'punished' for whatever reason his so-called family decided he had done wrong.

It was on this line of thought that Harry found himself thinking back on just how he had ended up in the situation he had been in, in the first place. The one that had ended up with him being as injured as he was and thrown into his so-called safe place to begin with.

You see, today was Harry's sixth birthday. Not that he had expected his oh so loving family to celebrate it, not in the least bit. He'd have to be insane if he thought they would do that, as had they never really celebrated anything with him before; especially not his birthday of all things.

As more often than not when it came to his birthday, or any other holiday that was normally celebrated by families, they went out of their way to either make Harry as miserable as possible; taking great joy in doing so in fact. Or if not that, they ignored him in such a way that Harry felt completely isolated at times. So, no he didn't think they would ever let him have something like a happy birthday.

Instead, Harry had, for some strange reason completely unknown to him, hoped that perhaps instead of treating him how he usually did that his uncle might take it a little easier on him then more normally did; even if it was by the smallest amount. Or if not that it would be a day where they did ignore him completely. As while he didn't like being ignored, he still did prefer it to how they treated him otherwise.

This however turn out to be a real fool's hope and Harry, now that everything was said and done with, felt that he should have honestly known better than to even hope that. Because as it turns out Harry's uncle was as harsh as ever to young Harry. Perhaps even harsher than he normally would have been, on the account that Harry had dared lived another whole year in his household.

Something Harry got the feeling would happen more and more often as Harry refused to be what his uncle seemed to want him to be. As he continued to refuse to just lay down and die, broken and beaten; as everyone in that household bar Harry himself seemed to want him to do.

But this truly wasn't the reason why Harry was in the situation he was currently in; though it may have played a part in it. No, the reason why Harry was as severely injured as he currently was came in a little later, and it was that, that stuck in Harry's mind the most out of everything else that had happened that day.

You see, while Harry had been a bit depressed that he hadn't been given even the smallest break, be it physically or mentally, on his so-called special day. He hadn't been that surprised about that fact; despite what he had hoped for.

Just as he hadn't been surprised about his 'family's' reactions for the last two birthdays that he could remember. In fact, if his memory wasn't failing him each of his birthdays were steadily getting worse than the one before it.

So now that he thought of it his uncle's behavior to him should have been expected. After all he was usually good at predicting the mood his so-called family was in, so why he felt it would have been any different when all the signs screamed the opposite of that Harry had no idea. Perhaps this was what they called hindsight?

However, what he hadn't been expecting, and what was most certainly at least one of the reasons he was in the condition he currently was, was how his Aunt had treated him during the day, or how his uncle would take said treatment.

Normally Harry's Aunt Petunia was completely cold to Harry or if not that she spent the time completely ignoring Harry's existence. Often times acting like Harry was completely invisible to her or not even there.

Making Harry feel more alone than ever each and every time she did so. In fact, Harry had often found himself wishing she would pay more attention to him, even just a bit more than she did before. Which was something he now regretted wishing in the first place and really beat in the lesson be careful what you wish for at the same time.

Seeing as, on this particular day, for some reason unknown to Harry, his Aunt decided to do something different then what she normally did to him. Sadly, for Harry, who often dreamed of her suddenly changing her behavior towards him, it wasn't a positive change like he had always hoped.

Instead, she decided to be spiteful, hateful and as cruel as she could to the newly turned six-year-old. On what was supposed to be a day of celebration for him, she did everything she could to make Harry as miserable as possible; not only that but she also seemed to take joy out of doing so.

In just the first couple hours of the day she did whatever she could to squeeze the little happiness Harry had out of him. Starting off with throwing the little food he was allowed to have, which wasn't much more than some burnt toast, on the floor and tell him to eat it there like the freak he was. to make it worse she stomped on it, crushing the toast her heel and grinding it into the floor, when Harry tried to pick it up off the floor to actually eat it.

Not only that but she purposely slammed his finger into things and pushed him aside hard enough that he would always go slamming to the ground. As well as going out of the way to literally trip him while he was doing the numerous chores, she had assigned him. And this were only a few of the many things she did. As she went out of her way to make sure to hover over Harry like a malicious cloud; out to destroy his life in any way she could.

Compared to how she usually pretended that Harry wasn't there, this was a big change in her behavior. A big enough change that her Husband, and Harry's Uncle Vernon, most definitely could tell the difference; as it was impossible not to.

It was because of this that Harry had ended up in the state he was in. Locked up in his cupboard, badly bleeding, nearing unconsciousness and crying his heart out. Once more wishing with everything he was that he was somewhere, anywhere, else. Forgetting for the moment that it was wishing for his aunt to notice him that ended him up in the situation he was in, in the first place.

Because as soon as Vernon noticed that his wife was acting differently around his very much hated nephew, he immediately blamed all of it on Harry. Even if he did approve of how his wife was now acting and hoped that she would keep it up; after all it would better teach the boy his place. At least that was how it seemed in Vernon's mind.

But by blaming what was going on with Petunia on Harry, this gave Vernon the excuse he had been looking for all day to finally do something about Harry. And by doing something this meant that he immediately began to tear into Harry as best he could. Both verbally as well as physically; his wife smiling encouragingly behind him as he did so.

Vernon had started his so called 'rightful' punishment up, with picking the young six-year-old up by the back of his throat and slamming him hard into the nearby wall. All the while demanding to know what the freak had done to his darling wife.

What he had done to anger her so much when she was usually so 'generous' to his ungrateful hide. Getting no answer from Harry, besides a wide eyed shocked almost disbelieving look, did nothing to improve his temper; if anything, it made it worse. Which in turn made things even worse for Harry.

It was then that Vernon truly rained down hell on the, now cowering Harry, as he threw blow after blow at Harry's unprotected body; hitting at places he knew from experience would cause Harry the most pain.

Screaming at the crying child that he wouldn't put up with it. That he, Harry, should have learned that by now. That he wouldn't have any freakiness in HIS house, and that if the bloody worthless freak of a boy, aka Harry, didn't want to get thrown out on the streets then he better stop doing whatever he was to his wife or so help him. By this time Vernon's scream had begun to get incoherent and Harry couldn't understand a word he said, only feeling as blow after blow hit his vulnerable body.

It took Vernon a lot long than most would think, giving his weight, to actual be finished with the 'punishment' he was giving Harry. And by the time he was done, with what he believed to be a justified punishment of the freak, he was panting heavily, and Harry was bleeding badly. Not to mention he had bruises covering most of his body and had at least one broken bone.

It was a state Harry had been finding himself in more often than not lately. Worse yet, Harry got the feeling that it would only get worse as time went on if something didn't happen. Especially as most of the time his injuries ended up healing a lot faster than they should.

More often than not om a couple of days instead of the weeks or in some cases months it would have normally taken. Something else his so-called family felt was freakish about him, and demanded he stopped it; Via another punishment.

Vernon seeing all the damage he had done to Harry this time, found himself paling slightly once again. Not in guilt, like he should have done, but in fear of getting caught. As he had yet again forgot to go for places that were easily covered by Harry's clothing.

Before shrugging slightly and reminding himself to call the school later and tell them that the boy was sick or something. That and to keep him hidden from everyone's eyes, at least until the bruises had healed enough to stop any questions from being asked.

Then after thinking on this for a bit and cursing the freak for putting him in such a situation, as it was obviously the boy's fault this all had happened, Vernon picking up the barely conscious child; before throwing him headfirst in to cupboard that made up his bedroom.

But not before spitefully whisper out to the still aware boy that he deserved what was happening to him, deserved worse in fact, and that he, Vernon, was actually being generous to the worthless freak that Harry was. To stop Harry from getting any ideas about telling anyone about what was happening to him; just as he did every single time he had punished the boy before.

Harry hearing this and remembering a lot of similar things like what had just happened to him over the last couple of years, all of which led to similar conclusions as to where he currently was. Couldn't help but close his eyes and just thinking about what had been said to him.

Laying there crying, bleeding and about to pass into the sweet blackness of unconsciousness once again. Worst yet, starting to believe what his uncle had just said to him; wondering if perhaps what had been said had been true after all.

Despite what he had originally believed; after all no one else seemed to care. And Harry knew it was rather obvious as to what was going on in this house. So, someone had to have noticed, and like Vernon had said so many times before; just didn't care.

Unknown to Harry though, over the years that he had been at his so-called family's house, doing his best to actually survive there, he had been watched by an immensely powerful force. One that had been watching him since the day he had been born. In fact, she had played a rather vital part in his actual birth, and to say she was angry at the way Harry was being treated would be a huge understatement.

It would be similar to saying that the ocean was a little wet, or the sun was slightly warm. To put it bluntly she was ticked off beyond all belief. More so then ever when she looked a little further into the future and saw what his future would have been like if she didn't do anything about it. What it would be like if she didn't do something now that would change it.

Fortunately, for many people and creature alike, this powerful being decided to focus her anger. Instead of using it, to power her own unique style of justice on those she felt deserved it.

To do this, the being decide that she would help Harry out from the hell he was currently in. As well as majorly screw with several different plans from several different people; that were just begging to see her darker side.

This powerful Being was called Magic, or Mother Magic as the majority of her people know her as, and she had decided to focus all her power, all her might, on one thing. Which was getting Harry, her true child of both magic and blood, to someplace where he would be safe.

Making it so all her magical power was directed on getting her child, her only living child at the moment, somewhere he could finally be happy at; like he deserved. Despite what all the others of her world seemed to have planned for him. But in the face of Mother Magic, all those plans where for not, if she had any say about it; which unfortunately for others she most certainly did.

But first she wanted, no she needed, to talk to her true child. The first one that she had given birth to in the last five hundred years. And if this was what happened to her children when she wasn't there to protect them, then he may also be the last on she gives to this world for a long time.

That in mind, and seriously wanting to get her Harry away from the living hell he had been forced to call his home for the last couple of years. Magic called on her power and gently, but firmly, pulled Harry out of the house, and there for out of the really weak wards that were barely clinging to said house.

As she did this, Magic took great pleasure in destroying all the ward a certain manipulative old headmaster had put up. Like a magic damping ward, several submissive wards, a minor repelling ward, as well as a strong magic draining ward.

Making sure to twist her magic in such a way as she did this that the headmaster wouldn't find out about any of the wards falling for at least another couple of year…just around the time he had been planning to pick Harry back up in fact.

Knowing, with a smirk clear on her goddess like face, that she was disrupting every single one of his careful set up plans with what she was currently doing; and feeling nothing but pure enjoyment about doing so.

Once Magic had Harry with her, like she had wanted all along, she quickly went to work healing all the wounds the now unconscious boy had. While at the same time fixing all the other problems his body had. Like his weak eyes, brittle bones and malnourishment he had suffered through; all due to the oh so tender care his so-called family gave him.

This took her more time than she had first thought it would have. As it turns out Vernon had given Harry quite a bit more internal damage than either of them had though.

Not to mention she had to be really careful when healing the more delicate parts of his body, like his eyes, or she could end up causing him even more damage than he already had. Like permanently blinding Harry instead of fixing his eyes like she wanted to.

Once she was finally done healing Harry of all his injuries he had, which much to her distress including re-breaking a couple of bones; that had healed the wrong from previous punishments. And worst yet pretty much regrowing his eyes and lungs due to how badly they had been damaged. Magic channeled some more of her magic into Harry; waking him up as she did so.

Only for the earlier anger she had been feeling, and that had been slowly draining away as she healed Harry, to quickly spring back up, then double what it had been. As upon waking up Harry immediately curled up into a ball defending his internal organs from the blows, he was positive were going to come his way.

After all, he had never felt this good before, at least not as far as he could remember, and that must mean he had done something freaky to make it so. Which meant he was going to be punished for it really soon. And so soon after his latest one meant that this one was going to be even harsher than ever; especially as his uncle hadn't had the chance to calm down yet.

Counting down slowly in her head, the Mother of Magic took a deep breath to calm herself down, knowing it wouldn't do anyone any good. Especially the terrified child currently in front of her. Then once she felt she was calm enough Magic would be able to start talking to Harry. But first she needed to do her best to calm down the terrified child within her arms

Knowing this Magic instead began to slowly stroke Harry's hair; trying to calm him down from his semi-hysterical state. Much to her joy this seemed to be working as Harry slowly untensed and began to unroll from his defensive position.

Carefully and cautiously moving until he was completely unrolled and looking at Magic in pure confusion; as well as a bit of wonder. Awed that someone was treating him kindly and that their touch didn't actually hurt him; like his family always did.

Never before could Harry remember feeling such a warm, caring touch before. It was something he had always thought a mother's touch would feel like and he so wanted to lean into it. But at the same time was afraid to do so, as if leaning into the touch would cause it to change or disappear altogether.

Magic seeing this, and biting back her anger when she realized just why Harry was giving her such a look of pure wonder. Gave Harry a heart-warming motherly smile, before gently putting a hand under Harry's chin and lifting his head up, until he was looking her right in the eyes instead of at the ground like they had been.

Eyes which to Magic's joy showed that he wasn't broken and still had a lot of fight in them; if only given a reason to actually fight that is. Seeing this Magic's smile got even bigger before she released Harry chin and began to speak to him.

Noting with a sense of pride that he still hadn't looked down, that he didn't bow his head again. Despite the fact Magic had removed her fingers that had been keeping his head lifted to begin with.

"Harry, first I want to say I am so sorry. If I had known this would have happened to you, I swear I would have been a lot more careful to just who I gave my gifts too in the first place." Here Magic gave Harry a sorrowful look to a now rather confused Harry who didn't have time to say anything as Magic continued on with what she had been saying.

"And second I want to know; how would you feel about getting away from here? Away from it all? About getting a new family in a whole new place where no one can drag you back to your so-called family's oh so 'generous' caring hands ever again? Where you have a better chance of having a happy life? Where you can actually have a life and live it the way you want to? How would you feel about that?" As she said this Magic continued to stare into Harry's impossible green eyes, watching as they got wider and wider with every word she was saying.

Watching as those oh so green eyes filled with wonder, hope and a good deal of curiosity; as well as good dose of disbelieve. Seeing this disbelieve Magic sighed. She should have guessed, given how he was raised, that he wouldn't believe her out right.

That he wouldn't think such a good thing could ever happen to him. Because despite the fight that was still in his eyes, he had been starting to believe what his so-called family said about him. It was nearly impossible for him not to have, considering heard it repeated over and over for years.

But then again, she really hadn't given him much of an explanation about what she had meant when she had said all that she had now had she. In fact, now that she thought on it, she had been rather vague about the whole thing when she had tried to explain things to him; hadn't she.

Knowing this and knowing that Harry wouldn't fully agree until he knew more information on about just what was going on. As well as answers to the question he was going to have, Magic began to explain just what she meant in more detailed; before Harry could even ask her to do so.

"What I mean is, I had a wonderful life planned out for you here. Where your family, your real family, would have loved you and taken care of you the way you were supposed to be; the way all children are supposed to be." Here Magic looked into Harry's large watery eyes and pulled him into a tight hug as she continued.

"I had planned for you to have a happy life where you would make big, but amazing, changes in the future. Changes that would bring the world you were supposed to be part of into what could be called a new golden age."

Again, Magic paused as she thought of the world Harry was supposed to have grown up in and how Harry would have brought the wizarding world into some of the best times it had before. Then her eyes got stormer and trying to fight to keep the anger out of her voice, Magic began her explanation once more.

"But because of a certain old goat, who seems to think he can play with people lives like he is some sort of God, and a certain snake loving creep that I had hoped would have turn out better…both of which I plan to deal with personally in a little bit. You didn't get this, and the future I planned for you before was destroyed. I am now planning on fixing this. You are one of my true children and I will not let you suffer like you are any longer; not if I can help it!"

Here Magic gave Harry a motherly look, one that warmed Harry down from the tip of his hair to the very ends of his toes. A warmth that didn't disappear in the least bit as magic resumed speaking.

"But no matter what I do here, no matter how I try to change things for the better for you, I get the feeling you will not get the peaceful love filled life that you so long for; at least not for long. As no matter what I do, all I see is something or someone would do something to ruin it for you in the name of that old goat or crazy snake loving maniac that I mentioned earlier."

Here Magic got a gleam in her eyes as she began to think of just what she was going to do to those two for all the suffering her child had gone through because of them. Not that she let those thoughts show or slow her down as she kept speaking to her son.

"Nor do I get the feeling that you'd want a rather boring life, like you would get if I went through some of my other plans, I had for you. For some reason I see that you will be like my other children and have a craving for adventure; as well as the need to help others. That is why I asked if you would like to go to a whole new place…"

Pausing slightly, Magic stopped once again to see how Harry was taking everything, and upon see the fact he looked really interested in what she was saying, Magic took a deep breath before finishing up what she had been saying all along.

"What I mean when I say a new place, is would you like to go to a whole new world? One where no one knows who you are. One where I can guaranty that you will find love, that you will have a family, and that you will both be able to help others; while having the time of your life. I just what to know how you would feel about that, and if you would agree to it?"

Harry, after hearing all of this, gave Magic a nervous look and bit his lip before managing to get out the only things he really wanted to know before he agreed with the goddess in front of him.

"If I do this, will I actually be free? I could be me and not be punished for it like I am here? And would I really be able to have both friends, and family; without my cousin scaring them away or my Aunt and Uncle taking them away?" Magic hearing this felt her eyes soften a bit, and after mentally cursing and promising to rain down retribution down on the Dursley family, answered Harry's questions.

"Yes, Harry you can, and you will. I promise you that. I will make sure of it in fact. Now do you want to go to this new world. Because once your there, there isn't much chance of you ever coming back here." Harry not even hesitating a bit, after all what did he have here to begin with and answered Magic with a positive.

Magic seeing this and seeing that Harry was actually excited to be going to this new world smiled at her child and without asking again began to gather her magic to send Harry to his new world. As well as to give him several little gifts; one of which would ensure that he would always have a friend with him no matter what. Just like she had promised him just moments ago.